Society & Culture

Observe the Actions a Way of Finding

Humanity seems to be lost. There's so much individuals have to adhere to but are they really? If movements are… Read More

5 years ago

Eyes are and Will Continue to see What Needs to be Seen

Everyday there's the battle of what? The battle seems to be what I've became. The competitors aren't recognizing what is… Read More

6 years ago

Senorita es Muy Importante? Si

"Senorita Tanikka! es muy importante? Si. Woman is very important. Yes she is because there are so many trying to… Read More

6 years ago

Prayer is the way the Best way

Prayer helps there's so many troubles in which one faces. There is the ability to be calming. "To experience" peacefulness.… Read More

6 years ago

Yes I Would Love to Keep my Peace

No matter how many times I'm told to give in to some of the most disrespectful People. My answer to… Read More

6 years ago

Still Have my Mind In Tact

Have to protect the mind there are so many invasions trying to cause a decline within the mind. That's why… Read More

6 years ago

Where is the Trust? Perhaps Nowhere

There are some persons who probably rarely trust any person at all. When there's a lot of misfortunes then one… Read More

6 years ago

White People Need Black People Proven

Some may think that certain groups aren't needed but their thinking would be incorrect because all groups are needed. Especially… Read More

6 years ago

What is it That I Know?

I've incurred loads of information in fact I'm called "information." There's the sensitive information in which some are anxious to… Read More

6 years ago

To Think or Perhaps Thinking was and is Achieved

How many are thinkers? It seems as though the way that persons are thinking these days is out of reach.… Read More

6 years ago