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Fantasy and Reality are Total Opposites
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Remembering a time when my cousin and I Tanikka Paulk would play around with my Aunt’s fabric. The white fabric was used to pretend as if there was a weeding and both of us getting married to our Prince Charming. Reality suggests that Prince Charming rarely exist however there are some good men could be difficult to find but they’re out there. My Aunt would laugh at the both of us and I’m sure she wanted us to marry a Prince or King but oh boy. Fantasy seems so much better than the reality. “Goodness” gracious. Some marry individuals who are nowhere near being a Prince Charming more like a Wicked Monster.

Pretending even occurs in adulthood. Some prefer to pretend than to have to face reality. There’s so much to deal with in reality. Pretending too long can alter perceptions. Most kids will pretend at some point in their lives. Some having imaginary friends oh and the imaginary tea party. Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities. In the teenage years most will think being an adult  is way cool until the responsibility sets in. That’s why so many adults “express” how it’s better to enjoy the childhood years and teen years and to avoid rushing adulthood.

There’s major responsibilities being an adult. Some try not to behave adult like. Some may never experience maturity. For some being immature is a way to cope. They’re still pretending as if every aspect of their lives is grand. There are some who will continuously pretend because they’re actually hoping for the reality. A chance to experience what they’ve never experienced before. The fantasy shouldn’t be apart of a person’s everyday life. There has to be maturity at some point. Imagine a person who is always behaving immature. How can one conduct business if there’s no maturity?

Being a kid or some prefer child isn’t always easy and that’s why some choose to pretend or imagine. “Being” an adult isn’t easy either. Some have to wait many years for a Prince Charming or at least close to one. There are some who will never find their Prince Charming. Sad to think of some simply living their lives alone. Some may feel lonely at times and others may enjoy their freedom. No person wants to be completely alone. Oh the reality can be rough at times.

Good thing there’s memories of some good events. Even if one never marries their Prince or King then perhaps there’s some good times in their lives. Some may choose to never marry for whatever reason. Some have even lost out due to their high standards. The ones who are good are deserving of having the Prince, Princess, King and the Queen. For some waiting is what they’ll have to do in order to receive what should have been received before. The fantasy can become reality “through patience.” In time the receiving will occur.

Sometimes women end up rushing the process because of what has occurred in their lives and end up going through more. Not selecting the right spouse, not taking in any advice given, just jumping into the unknown. Some not looking into family “history” or paying attention to the signs. Most men who are good mates will treat their mothers well. The ones who don’t probably won’t be stable husbands and if they’re not only mistreating their mothers but others then they’re probably not good individuals. “Waiting is Best in Order to Receive the Very Best or at Least Some Good.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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It’s Important to Break Away From the Negativity

Negative environments can make any person’s health decline. Being surrounded by negative people is a sure way to become negative.  Of course there will be some positivity but too much negativity can be quite draining. Taking time to reflect and “experience peacefulness” helps. Some people are always negative no matter what’s occurring. Never giving any positive energy. There are some environments which are controlled by negative thinkers. The ones who have nothing on their agenda but to cause havoc.

That’s why so many have chosen to spend less time online. Online is a place where so many come to vent. To project their frustrations out on others. The main areas where the toxins are spilled out are social media platforms. Some causing so many problems that some of the users have decided to leave. No person should have to. Every person who uses social media or any other platform should be allowed to do so without being bullied or harassed.

Even celebrities have experienced the toxins of so many. Some having to alert the authorities. There are a lot of adults who are behaving like children. Some bullying individuals everyday. Why are some so toxic? There’s many reasons why. For some they’re trying to gain power. Some not wanting to see others get ahead. Some could be going through problems in which they may not know how to deal with. Whatever the “reasons” are. No person should tolerate being harassed and bullied.

Some may try to force individuals to give up on their dreams. There may be some who try to intimidate others. It’s unfortunate that there’s so many who appear to be unstable. To be negative everyday simply isn’t normal. Perhaps there isn’t very many happy people in the world. Some appear to be lost and not enjoying their lives. There are some who are simply trying to create disconnections. More and more are in tuned with other people’s lives.

There should be more energy placed in being productive instead of causing havoc. The problem is, there aren’t many rules online. If the platforms get tougher and the law as well then there may be less chaos taking place. Individuals have every right to stand up for themselves. To take action which can include hiring a lawyer and alerting the authorities. Taking “a stand against bullying” can help others who are facing bullies. They’re sitting behind a computer or on their devices trying to control others.

Some sending threatening messages and some will be extra childish and send insulting messages. Perhaps looking for some attention. There are many who aren’t pleased with how their lives are going so they’ll try to destroy others. Many forming a gang of bullies. Any person who is “determined” to get ahead will continue even when the bullies start projecting their toxins. Some latching on to a persons’s vision and dreams and refusing to let go. Something has to be done about the injustices. Even if there’s only one standing up. One is better than none at all.

“Obtaining Peace Will Occur. I’m Certainly not Going to Allow any Person to Take Away my Peace.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Way too Determined and I’m Going to Make it There

With all of the obstacles and resistance some would have given up by now. Giving up isn’t even in the plan. No matter how many battles are projected. I’m not going to let up. Not willing to stop living because there’s way too much in store. I’m trying to get there and yes it’s been a difficult road. With so many trying to stop what should occur. “Individuals have a right to live productive and happy lives.” Although the road may be rough. I’m never feeling defeated.

The challenges which have arisen in my life have taught me= Tanikka Paulk. There’s a lesson in it all and also a blessing in all of the toughness. “There is a light shinning brightly” and even if it appears as if I’m going nowhere. I’m somewhere. There are many ways to get there. One road may be blocked but there are other avenues. Some may feel as if they’re causing a delay or preventing a change but what’s for a person is. The ones who work hard to try and stop movement will be surprised all one breaks through the chains.

To be free from being enslaved is living. No person should have to experience being treated as less than human. Absolutely none even the ones incarcerated should be treated fairly. There is a way. Perhaps keeping the ways within is wise. There just way too many people who are. Looking to trap others. Perhaps not wanting some to advance. Perhaps not wanting some to discover. “Whatever the reasons are.” I’m still here and as long as I’m here. I’m going to keep going. The focus is the movement.

There is progress and even if the days seem a bit slow. There is something accomplished. The drive is too deep to just throw in the towel. There has to be better and “I’m seeking better.” Matthew 7:8 Mentions how we’re to seek and we’ll find. To knock and the door will be opened. What is for a person will be for the person. We’re to ask because asking is the only way we’ll know what the answer will be. Assuming can be a mistake.

There’s been a lot of attacks but through the attacks there is strength and there is still being blessed. When the storm appears to be rough, there is a breakthrough awaiting, there is hope even when a situation looks bleak. Some may not realize how they’re hindering their own “blessings” by trying to hinder other’s blessings. They’re efforts will be noticed and there is consequences for such destruction. Through it all there is a feeling of joy because there is restoration. The restoring of what has been taken away. Soon enough what one is seeking will be found.

“I’m Still Blessed When to Storms Roll in. I’m Still Filled With Hope Through Every Attack and Amen to That.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Work Through the Bullets and Pray

Working right through all of the bullets. Some may wonder whatever does she mean? Well some are like bullets. It’s as if they’re shutting out from a gun. They’re so annoying it’s like they’re deadly. Gosh. Ever heard of some folks being so bothersome? Well there’s a lot who are but some are more than others. As soon as the dust has settles down, here they come once again, oh my goodness. Like trouble in a bottle. More toxic than any alcohol made. More annoying than any child tapping their teacher all day long.

Just seeing some of their names may cause the eyes to become large. Imagine if only having a connect with the individuals online and wondering what are the individuals like in person. It’s as if there’s running virtually. When their name appears, screaming, like a bomb waiting to go off. How can any persons be so annoying? Wait. Not only online. Offline there’s some family members who can be annoying but there’s one who is like a constant torn in my side. Gosh, gosh, gosh.

I’m running away there will be no note. Just going. Bye, bye, bye! “My goodness” is greatly appreciated Father in Heaven. I’m happy to have at least some within. Some of the folks have no thinking power. Almost “Beauty With no Brains.” Duh, duh, huh? For real. How? 1+1= 4 that’s just what some are like. Leave me= Tanikka Paulk alone. No breaks. No stopping. Just continuous foolishness. No matter how much proof there is. They’re insisting on making their way through in on Tanikka Paulk bussiness.

Any other person would have lost their composure by now. Some profanity and some punches if in person. Some would have given what some may call a good beat down. For real. Have to be kidding. “Move on” to something else and they’re still on the same things. Try to be productive and here comes some of their antics. Almost like children but even children will settle down. They’ll make the police quit. My name is Tanikka Paulk please explain how a person could think that they can take a name and their name is online?

Not to mention there’s videos of myself and how can individuals try to take on my identity? Become notorious. The most patient person would throw out the middle finger. Bleep, bleep, bleep. Even the Minister, Pastors, Bishops would want to give some of the folks some choice words not meaning Amen either. Factory restore. Just have to be on some dust. Imagine blocking the persons and no matter how many times they’re “blocked.” Here they are once again.

Consider harassment right? “My phone, My work, My name.” The prison guards might quit after they’ve had some contact with some of the individuals. When a person is trying to get away virtually. That’s an indication that they’re some terrible individuals. They’re being controlled by networks and so fourth but even without the networks they’re like the bullet. They’ll make a separate hell for some of the individuals.

Like a disease with not only cure but no way to survive. How can individuals be so, so, so annoying? A good power down of my device is a great way to “generate some peace.” The names are annoying because of they’re annoying actions. Just to think some of the individuals migrated to different locations and it’s like they’re nearby somewhere. Probably getting no rest because they’re waiting to get back on their job and what’s their job? Annoying Tanikka Paulk.

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“Keep Moving no how Many Lies Told. That’s What I’m Doing.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Disruptions Within Productivity may Occur

Of course there will always be some who will try to discourage others from advancing. Try to prevent others from leaving one point to travel to another. There are many reasons why some will try to prevent certain situations from occurring. For some there’s selfishness, persons the need is great, so instead of communicating a need there may be some deceptiveness going on in order to stop the individual or individuals from prospering. If there’s a lot of determination then there can be “prosperity. ”

Some will go as far as to cause harm to another in order to stop what they’re afraid of. For some seeing others advance is hurtful. They’re not “feeling confident” due to the fact some are determined to get ahead. There should be more people trying to encourage others to elevate because doing so will create a more stable economy. Perhaps some refuse or aren’t thinking on such a level.

There may be lots of disruptions and some may try to use tactics to cause a complete cease. The drive will allow the individual “to proceed despite the circumstances.” Some are seeking to gain only and will do whatever they feel is necessary to gain. Even the ones who are suppose to be supporters will try to create the disruptions to either stop or delay what one is trying to do. For the individuals who are only seeking to gain but refuse to learn or do some good. They’ll most likely won’t be prosperous and just because some may try to prevent prosperity doesn’t mean that prosperity won’t occur. There are so many levels of prosperity.

There can still be lost of productivity when there’s chaos. If a person chooses to tune out the noise then a lot can be accomplished. There can be greater rewards when there’s some removals. Meaning some individuals may need to be removed from one’s circle in order to incur “more elevation.” Some will hang around certain individuals in hopes to gain or to try to seek out their weaknesses in order to destroy the individual.

If a person allows any person to stop their dreams, vision, and ideas then they’re weak. There has to be bravery and courage in order to move from one point to another. No amount of words or attacks should be a reason for any visionary to stop not only visualizing but to not “the vision.” What’s said can go through one ear and out the other. The persons who are always chattering but aren’t being productive aren’t doing themselves any favors. It’s better to proceed and try to continue on the productivity path.

“Yes, I’m Proceeding on and so Should any Visionary. Be Confident, Courageous, and Victorious.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Keep Smiling Even When it’s Stormy

A smile can make a brighter day. Smiling helps when it appears as if the troubles will never subside. No trouble will last always but going through so many storms at one time can make it appear as if the storms will never roll over. Through patience so many are able to face the stormy days. There is hope after all. There is joy in knowing that no storm will last always. Every person will have to face adversity and some will go through so many challenges all at once but are still strong enough to get through the troubles. “I’m still standing and I’m still on my journey for a reason huh?”

Yes indeed. That’s right. No matter how many storms arise. I Tanikka Paulk shall not feel defeated. There’s a reason why I’m continuing on and a reason why I’m “chosen to travel such a path.” Not every person will face the same storms. My storms aren’t like the next. There’s been moments where the storm stood still and there was nothing but continuous thunder, downpours, and rumbles. I’m still here and will continue as long as I’m breathing.

So I’m smiling because of the thoughts of advancement even when so many try to cause disruptions. Some may become discourage when having to face many storms. Of course there will be days when it’s difficult to smile because of what’s occurring. There should be times when meditation occurs in order to remain functional. It’s not easy having to face so many storms. To have to deal with so many who may not understand why the path was chosen for certain individuals. Some may try to stop the growth but remain filled with confidence.

Smiling has helped when the road gets rough. To engage in :positive thinking” and to think about the future. Thinking positively helps relive some of the pressure which can occur when having to face a lot of adversity. Some may not be in control with their emotions and that’s one of the reasons why some may try to cause stress for others. Not receiving what they want and not accepting that some are suppose to be on the path they’re on.

No matter how many try to cause disconnects. I’m still choosing to go on. The problems will arise aren’t great enough to cause me=Tanikka Paulk to stop. No matter what the noisemakers are saying. I’m remaining hopeful. I’m not dismayed by what others are doing because they’re not in charge. That’a right. “God is always in charge (The Creator of Mankind by: T. Paulk).” What takes place may occur for many reasons but the problems faced can be handled in time.

“I’m Pleased With the Opportunity to be Apart of Growth and Movement and Despite What so Many Have Tried to do to me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m Still Here.”  By: Tanikka Paulk

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Taking sometime to just settle down when facing a lot of pressure from the hecklers, naysayers, and critics. Keep the smile. If shutting down all devices and turning down the lights is needed in order to relieve stress then do so. No person should allow others to tear their dreams and their mind down. There is and will be a victory. So continue on, yes it’s rather sad when so many feel the need to try and hinder, or to prevent “progress.” “Smiling.”

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The War the Battle Can’t be won by Giving up

The journey may become extremely difficult and there may be a lot to face. The battle isn’t won when there’s a decision to give up and in. There has to be a drive to become victorious. Although there are many battles some won by a landslide while others are won by an inch. What battles am I Tanikka Paulk speaking about. The battle between good and evil. The battle between first and last. Race wars, religion wars, “the battle to survive.” There may be war every single day because there’s a lot of desperation and individuals who are trying to survive some barely making it from day to day.

The Bible speaks about what’s occurring now. There will be many wars some which can not be avoided and there will be some wars which are started by bullheaded individuals. Some not wanting to accept that they’re not chosen for certain “positions” but are trying to takeover and take down. Some starting wars in which they’re unwilling to fight in. None of the wars are won by mankind’s own hands. There has to be some help from the Creator of Mankind God/Lord.

Some may not understand just how on a spiritual sense. Thinking that wars are won by attacking again and again. Not realizing who Created the individuals. Not considering the Power of God/Lord our Creator who Created Heaven and earth. Why are some so foolish with their ways? There are some who are just following and not following what is good but what can destroy not only others but the very ones who are following the evilness. Some will choose to follow “good” and others will not because of not wanting to see certain individuals in certain positions.

There is a lack of love and lack of understanding. Some may not use their minds to think and will become quite vengeful. Not always considering the reasons why they’re thinking they’re “entitled” to revenge. Too many fall victim of hate. Hating what they’re unable to put down at least easily. Attacking what is good and keeping the bad. Harming the ones who are in positions to offer better. To provide more stability buy utilizing their gifts. There’s a lot of selfishness.

Too many choosing to display evilness instead of trying to help create a better and more suitable environment. Projecting darts and expecting individuals to remain calm. Of course there shouldn’t be any craziness but when some are up against what may appear as the entire world. There may be some choice words spoken and in some cases further actions which can cause more war. There’s so many who are tearing down progress. How can others “grow” if they’re continuously tearing down the help?

“There is greater awaiting” but some refuse to allow others to reach the point of greatness. There are some trying to stop what they really should allow. Although the wars are formed. There’s plenty of tools used to become victorious. Spiritually, there’s prayer, the word of God. The Full Armor of God. Not every person will believe in the tools and some not believing that God exists. There is comfort through the love and words from Jesus Christ. There’s refuge when in trouble.

There is no denying that there will be days when fatigue sets in but keep on going. Mankind can never do what God/Lord can do. God Created each being and continues to do wonders as well as Jesus Christ. We’re in what may appear as a pit of fire. It can seem as if hell is right here on earth. Dealing mankind isn’t always easy. The armor is the protection from evilness. Just praising and singing the “melodies of soothing” heavenly sounds can help get through the tough times.

No person is immune from such warlike behavior. There may be battles in our homes and elsewhere. There should be thoughts of being “victorious.” Having a defeated attitude will produce defeat. There may be times when crying is necessary in order to remove some of the pressure. Some may not want to stop creating war because for some it’s their pass-time. Think on a spiritual level and get through. Connect with evilness and be swallowed up. “God is in Control at all Times Even When it Appears as if He’s Taken His Hand off of the Situation. God Does not Forsake. The Heavenly God.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Staying Grounded in Deep Waters
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There are environments which are so controlled and so consumed with evilness which may generate some negative feelings if we’re not careful. Having to deal with a lot of unnecessary situations can be a headache. There are some people who are so annoying that they probably annoy themselves. Sometimes there will have to be some annoying involved in order to keep the mind in tact. There’s some who are persistent and will try to drive individuals insane. Stay in tact by removing some of the unnecessary mess.

The ones who are on a mission to make one’s life miserable aren’t very happy people. The best thing to do is to just proceed with the areas which truly matter. To discover more and to believe that there will be progress even when there’s disruptions and disturbances. Someday’s may seem as if there are high tides. The water may appear to be going over one’s head. There may be lots of drama. Some may choose to engage in such recklessness and others may just choose to “be apart of growth.”

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“Trees Represent Growth” By:

Tanikka Paulk

By not engaging in the foolishness one can move further. There can be abundance by not paying close attention to areas which can never add any “value.” Some aren’t even worth taking precious time to listen to their antics. Not meaning they’re not worthy just meaning that there’s no need to be consumed with their antics. The ones who are constantly trying to wreck havoc in persons life shouldn’t even be apart of their circle. They’re the ones who should be removed and not allowed to come back.

Take sometime to gather thoughts because there are some who will continuously try to push a person’s buttons. Always looking for a reason to harass the individual. Stay connected to joyfulness by finding ways to remain whole. Don’t be disturbed by “the actions” of others. There are some who will continue on the path of destruction and not willing to add any value to society or to their own lives.

The key is to focus on the areas in which there will be greater. The areas which will create abundance and prosperity. Not all will want to be apart of the growth which can take place when there’s determination, hopefulness, and motivation. It’s not easy to have to deal with some individuals who are always on a mission to create more problems. Some aren’t really in tuned with being problem solvers. “Disconnecting is necessary at times.”

Not allowing certain individuals in the circle could help minimize some of the pressure. No person has to deal with the pressures in which some “will develop.” Finding a way to not only become whole but to stay whole is important. trying to remain sane is important. Perhaps spending less time in unhealthy environments will help. Not being focused on the opinionated individuals but finding the knowledge. Seeking better can help create even more joy.

The world is filled with a lot of naysayers, doubters, cynics etc. There will be times when we’ll have to face the individuals. There will be environments filled with critics and the heckling will take place. Focus on the good, positives, and the values. The challenges may arise and some may have to deal with some of the most difficult people on earth but there are “ways to get through.”

“Stay Grounded Because There is Abundance Near Even When it Doesn’t Appear so.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Do not Become Weary From Doing Good There’s Hope After all
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The many challenges have not made me= Tanikka Paulk stop the movement. No matter how many weapons are formed. “There is more than diamonds for me=Tanikka Paulk.” There will be adversity as long as we’re here. There is a place where there will be no troubles, no sorrow, no despair and there’s movements to make it there when the time comes. So all the attacks in the world won’t stop what God has for me= Tanikka Paulk. My grandmother would always be encouraged even when being treated unfairly. When some of her children were being disobedient. She kept the faith and kept on believing that someday she’ll make it in the arms of Jesus Christ.

So there is good and there is evil. Each person should consider doing good. Even the most notorious person will do some good so therefore there is good within each individual. Do not become dismayed when others try to come up against the greatness. There is a reason so many want to project more adversity upon another. Some are aware of the gifts and will want to take “the gifts” away. There will be plans to make some weak and to stop their gladness. Remaining filled with faith is necessary especially for me= Tanikka Paulk.

They’ve talked about me=Tanikka Paulk attacked me= Tanikka Paulk again and again. “There is still a smile” and I’m blessed even if they try to take away every single thing owned by me= Tanikka Paulk. Some are so disturbed and that’s why they’ll continue to come up against others. Not every person wants to see others shine. There are some who will never try to be happy. There will be more lies told and some may even want to see death occur. Sounds pretty evil but we all must remember that evil exist.

No matter how many project the arrows towards a person. God is always in control. The Creator of Mankind knows all things and will do what He said He will do. “The purpose was already designed” however there may be some changes. God allows each one to make their own decisions. Each person has choice and some may not be pleased with my choices but I’m going to make the choices anyway. The journey will be rough and there may be some fatigue and that’s why it’s so important to rest. Taking proper rest will allow one to remain functional.

There will be heckling going on. The heckles are meant to create distractions. Some aren’t happy when there’s progress especially if they’re not apart of the plan. Not every person should come along “the journey.” Some aren’t mean to travel with another. Jesus Christ traveled alone until His followers were allowed. Even Jesus Christ was challenged and ordered to perform miracles again and again. Although Jesus proved Himself. There were still the unbelievers.

The doubters are allowed to doubt. No amount of doubt coming from another should “be a reason” to just give in. There are way too many people who are focused on trying to cause disruptions for others when there should be focus on their own development. One must be courageous to deal with some of the individuals who will try their very best to cause an upset. Some may believe that they’re doing the right thing. Some may be forced to come up against another.

Build strength and never allow the confidence to fade. The words which are meant to pierce a person’s heart can be quickly removed by replacing the negative words with “positive thoughts.” Some will remain envious because they’re not doing what others are doing. God has a plan for each person and some simply aren’t doing what’s necessary to succeed. “I’m still here so I’m going to do what it takes to make it over there.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“God Still has Me Here.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“Bring That Light, Bring That Light, Bring That Light. Alright!” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“What are we doing here? What is our objective as a society?” By simply taking a gander at the results, we are seeking after neither bliss nor attempting to boost human potential – that is expecting we aren’t terribly uninformed and bumbling.

The objective of our general public clearly isn’t to guarantee human survival. Agribusiness is the foundation of human progress, however we are corrupting soils worldwide at a speedier rate and a more noteworthy scale than whenever ever. It is to the point that in a few places on Earth, one ton of product includes some significant pitfalls of twenty tons of top-soil
The vitality that advanced horticulture relies on upon is in decay as we seem to have achieved the pinnacle of oil generation comprehensively. This spells calamity for a horticultural framework that requires a normal of ID calories of vitality to create one calorie of nourishment.
Add to this the contamination produced by our advanced lifestyle. These issues come to fruition by attempting to drive industrialism upon on Earth. While mechanical production system speculation may have the benefit of being simple for the human personality to appreciate, it doesn’t work with the intricacy of the regular environment.
This natural emergency, revealed joy levels are diminishing and nervousness is expanding. This has happened through our general standard method for living, (materialistic).The period of self.
In the created world, individuals are working in the vicinity of 2000 and 3000 hours per year, yet we should be carrying on with the simple life? Consider the San of the Kalahari Desert. They live in an exceptionally brutal part of the world. They have it harder than us yet they work 750 hours a year to survive. our additional 1250 to 2250 hours a year is to bust our butts for lavish things a thingamabobs and contraptions.
Is this what we truly need, considering that we offer snapshots of our life away to achieve this way of life that makes us dynamically more troubled and restless? In the event that you were offered a suitable option, would you relinquish some of your present way of life to live one that gave you more opportunity for yourself while being more advantageous and all the more naturally capable in the meantime?