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Confrontational Attitudes Should Receive Peace
November 1, 2018

Being a peacemaker is certainly better than being what is perceived as war. There is the balance but it seems as though there are more willing to generate war rather than to project peacefulness. Truces occur when both sides agree to be peaceful. Why have some decided to project war? Perhaps to obtain whatever they’re wanting to obtain. “There are positive ways to battle. Offering peace is certainly a better solution.” (Tanikka Paulk). Focused on the area or areas in which offer the necessary building. “Create.’ Adjusting the negative attitudes but how? Refusing to provide the war using the most effective tactics, strategies, strategy in order to advance further.

There are chances some aren’t admitting to the needing of changes. There’s the opportunities to progress some probably have decided to agitate because they’re in need of. What else is there? There’s peace despite what has occurred and there is also the option of ignoring the behaviors. Ignoring isn’t always effective. Communications could help learning how to communicate “effectively” will offer more solutions. There will be problems but there are also solutions. “Cometh towards the problem solving. Solving problems demonstrates abilities. Rather be a problem solving and peacemaker.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Facing the problems dissecting the problems analyzing has helped. Further investigating the best ways to manage problematic occurrences. There is war when parties participate but if there’s the refusing to become a participant then there will be less confrontations. Some are confrontational because they’re displeased, unhappy, irritated. Attitudes can change and perhaps some should consider changing the way to react, think, and respond. There is still room to learn. Growth continues to occur and “growth” should occur there has to be progress time shouldn’t be wasted.

The attention driven folks want what they want when they want. No matter how many communication there are some won’t understand exactly how to cease their behaviors. Peacefulness can be obtained perhaps thinking before responding or perhaps refusing to respond to disrespectful actions. Conquering has occurred and will continue to occur when there is love. Love conquers. There are the many emotions some are unable to channel their emotions. Stress occurs when the emotions circulate.

Choosing to be apart of more stabilized environments help lower stress. Some are defeated within the mind. becoming more productive has offered solitude. There are choices and what some choose to be apart of will determine the “outcome.” Positivity can occur if allowed. There are so many who’ve chosen to project negatives. There are positives in stressful environments but there has to be the searching for the positives. Attitudes change, transform, God has spoken about transforming and transforming the mind is the most effective step.

“The building of greatness, the ability to conquer, to unify will offer what Nations need and what communities thrive from.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are many “capabilities.” I’ve conquered the complexities. Difficulties can help generate further growth. Learning how to solve problems instead of creating the problems. “Obtaining the necessities by eliminating the overly negatives.” (Tanikka Paulk). The conclusions the ceasing need to occur so that there are the moving up to the different stages and levels. “Continued.”


Unified” (paulk, tanikka)

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The Know how is What Will get you Further
October 30, 2018

To the get to the got and to the determined. There are many followers although they may not appear to be following on the surface but they are. I too follow because a leader has to be a follow. There is proof that there is following by supplying some of their work. I’m aware of what God has said. “Recognizing” others is what God wants, giving, helping is what God wants some never recognize others. My name is what they’ve tried to dismiss no matter what’s said it’s about the what is. What is so. So therefore the words projected aren’t adding any value unless what is said is of truth. “Know what to say when to say what needs to be said.” By: Tanikka Paulk

What is it that I know? I’ve been supplied with lots of information and reading helps to obtain more information. There isn’t any doubt that my journey will incur what some have witnessed and that includes having to handle the competition. Competitors will continue to try and discourage but a virtuous one will try to encourage. Encouragement is of great assistance. To remain confident, determined, and add the “positivity” will carry one further than projecting poisonous words. “Positive words is what so many really need.” by: Tanikka Paulk

I’m aware what can occur when trying to tear People down. There are so many tearing down because they’re miserable. I’ve stated before an example of the ones using you how my example reflects the individuals. There is only one and my oh my have they continuously proven such. My proof has been supplied and if I’m to continue on the set path then I’ll need to focus on the specific areas. Are they frustrated with my progress are they frustrated with my continuing? Perhaps. There are many reasons why there’s progression.

I’ve continued to be close to my Father the Father of Jesus Christ. I’m close to my Brother Jesus Christ. Haven’t we recognized that we’re spiritual brothers and sisters? Regconition is what come are looking for. Recognizing others is what I’ve “demonstrated” and perhaps some aren’t pleased about what occurs here or elsewhere. There is the movements although there are so many wanting to pull down I’m refusing to accept whatever it is that they want. Distractions is what they’ve tried to produce but a person can move forwardly confidently by blocking the noisemakers out.

To know, to discover, to uncover. What they’ve perceived they are wrong, I’ve recognized when I’ve been attacked there is proof of such. There are some trying to come out of their holes. The chasing of my dreams and their attitudes towards the levels in which need attention. I’m continuing to smile what’s said could cause declines but if one supplies positives then the person is able to move forward. “I’m here continuing to do what I’ve been called to do. Chosen is what has been proven.” (Tnaikka Paulk)

There isn’t a battle with the uncooperative ones. They’re called ones because they’re grouped together. I’m “one” called One. Meaning that the title was administered to you=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to fight but how successful are the persons? There is no time to battle with God’s Creations. I’ve have more tasks to complete and there are objectives to meet. There should be desires to advance and to help others advance. Leadership entails building others leaders but there doesn’t seem to be too many qualified. “Qualify.”

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Haven’t They Convince Me yet?

Perhaps there are so many misguided folks that they’re unable to recognize that they’re placing themselves into a doom, pit, trapped hole. Goodness will win, “good,” will win, and love will win always. To perceive one way when others are trying to convince otherwise can seem daunting. There is hope yet. What a person believes is just what the person believes no matter how many try to convince the persons otherwise. Perceptions aren’t altered unless there’s permission. I’m refusing to accept what is said unless what is said holds value. Valuable information is welcomed but harmful words are to be disparaged.

They continue to invde but there has to be the proceeding of my journey. Oh yes one could be annoyed but then one can learn just how some are willing to behave. The behaviors will only set the individuals back. I’ve been chosen for a reason and God has “chosen you=Tanikka Paulk “because He loves you and He knew that you-Tanikka Paulk would be “declared” anointed. Perhaps they would want me=Tanikka Paulk to pay close attention to their antics but I’m refusing. My name is so and although there will be so many wanting to remove and invade my name my name was set and will continue to shine. The name above!

There is the hopefulness within and they’ve tried to replace my position but unable to do so. No mater how many try to change what has been decided God already decided and mankind can’t overpower God. Shouldn’t they know by reading or hearing how Satan tried to disobey God and was sentenced to hell? Mankind is silly huh? I’m smiling because they’ve tried to out me=Tanikka Paulk but need me=Tanikka Paulk. There is no time to indulge with fools. I’m too focused on where “we” need to arrive to.

There is yet so much to accomplish and there will be the accomplishments. Objectives shall be met and the persons willing to be along have demonstrated that they would love to be apart of “Building.” Advancement occurs and will continue to occur the disruptions help to show that a person is competition meaning that the person isn’t mediocre. So therefore I’m “continuing” on the right path and headed towards the promised abundance. They’ve tried to dismantle my path but they aren’t able to stop God the Father of Jesus Christ. God ordained my titles and my positions.

Glory! The noisemakers probably will continue to make noise. Some have demonstrated that they’re refusing to be apart of the many changes. If they’re trying to sabotage then they’re unwilling to build. If they claim to be builders and are trying to tear down then they are liars and fools. They can’t accept that I’ve been chosen. No matter if there are the “confirmation” of such or the confirmations. Some will have difficulties because they’re unwilling to accept and no person has control over what individuals will believe.

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In so Many Words to Tell

Perhaps there need to be discussions again and again in order for individuals to understand whatever it is which needs to be understood. There seems to be some refusing “to adhere” to the communicated transmission of “leadership.” The words spoken seems to be distance from the ears why are so many uncooperative? Perhaps they’re afraid to adhere to rules, laws, and views. There certainly has to be a stern attitude in order to be apart of leadership. There will be the ones disagreeing with the decision to place a person in leadership.

When the crowd disagrees there has to be ways to incur order. There are some who’ve chosen to cause disorder. There will need to be enforcement. Some believe that they’re so mighty that they can try to overturn decisions made by higher classes. That’s why there are some placed in positions without the public being aware. There are some desiring to sabotage what is to take place. There should be “movements” because society needs to grow. The disruptions could cause delays but the effectiveness can incur what they’ve tried to prevent.

There are many reasons why a person would be chosen for such leadership positions. There has to be qualifications however there will always be the cynics disagreeing with the decision to place a person in a leadership position. “There are some continuing to believe that discouraging a person will cause the person to move awat from their path.” (Tanikka Paulk). The challenges faced must be faced. How a leader chooses to deal with the matters makes the difference.

if they’re following then there is at least some interest. Although their actions may demonstrate otherwise there is some interest in the leadership pathway. Yes, when they’re disruptive there can be less productivity or there could be more. There are ways to remain functional when persons are disagreeing with the decisions made. Thinking positively helps and to continue to try to communicate effectively will also help. There will be times when quietness adds the greatest value. Moving towards the objectives is what some of the citizens would desire.

I’ve been chosen by mankind and by God. Yet there are so many refusing to accept. There are other leaders who’ve had to experience what I’m experiencing. They’ve had to deal with the cynics. There is experience although there are some doubters. I’ve obtained “experience, skills,” and have been given but haven’t yet received what I Tanikka Paulk truly deserve. They’ve tried to knock my excelling to the ground but God has kept me=Tanikka Paulk up. Easy? No. There is difficulties being in any leadership position.

They continue to watch every move made. What is it that they’re looking for? There is more to discover. Some would probably turn away because of the pressure. There’s the meditation in order to gather my thoughts. There certainly needs to be focus. What are they to gain? There are leaders who chose to push my path up. Perhaps some have desired to see failure but I’m desiring to see growth. The ability to unify when there seems to be disorder demonstrates that there’s “strong leadership.”

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Disorderly People Need a Reality Check

There are some countries extremely strict about their laws and rules a country lacking both laws and rules could see that there are the most disorderly People. “How to prevent a country from crumbling?” by: Tanikka Paulk. Strong leadership person or persons willing to be the strong force willing to take the punches. There are many who may disagree with the methods and views of a leader but how many are willing to use bravery in order to connect a country or countries? There’s a lot of opinions but there seems to be fear regarding the solutions. The country needs to be put together like Humpty Dumpty.

Leadership isn’t easy there’s a lot to manage when being a leader. Some think that they may want to be in leadership but are they equipped to withstand the ins and outs of leadership> There are so many who’ve demonstrated that they wouldn’t dare be fit for leadership. A true leader won’t need to pull advancement down. There will be the confidence to perform the duties related to “the leadership.” Yes it seems as though the country is broken. There are the disorderly because there seems to be the lack of enforcement. Enforce and there will be less disorderly behaviors.

“A leader will need to focus on developing a strong country. Yes leaders are attacked some have suffered because of their position. There are a lot of People whining. They want their way. There is a science to leadership. “Knowing” how to deal with the cynical ones will help increase the chances of a stronger country. No leader can control what People will say or what they’ll do but there can be implementing of the rules. Some go as far as they’re allowed to go. “Justice prevails and there are needs to produce what the country is desiring.” (Tanikka Paulk).

I’ve had to face the critics. There seems to be more online but out in society the troublemakers demonstrate cowardly behaviors. There certainly needs to be some changes. There are some without knowing how to be just. They’re probably lacking the confidence so therefore they’ll act out. What’s been demonstrated? There seems to be the disconnections which can help incur a more stabilized country. There’s a lot of critics but how many are inspiration? Action is necessary to eliminate disorder.

To be a leader is to be courageous, brave, strong. There has to be enough strength to accomplish the necessary goals in order to unify the country. The reason why so many come up against a leader is because they want the leader to fail. Some have demonstrated their own failure by trying to take down a leader. “Deep meditation occurs when having to deal with the overly critical they’ve lost their way to their own greatness.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

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The Foundation was laid Long ago

Purposed and designed and they still are unable to accept what God has already spoken about. No matter how many try to cause disruptions God is always in control. “God the Father of Jesus Christ.” Mankind seems to think that they have the ability to overpower God. Yes they’ve tried to disrupt my journey but I’m in no way intimated by their actions. There is no time to waste on pity things. They’ve misjudged, misunderstood, lack understanding. My purpose was designed by God. Satan tried to defeat God but was unable to do so. So why does mankind think that they can defeat God/Lord?

The thoughts achieved yesterday and today are my own. I’ve accomplished and will continue to do so as long as I’m here. The disruptions are a sign that I’m on the right path. I’m having, shall receive, because God has already favored “Daughter.” They’ve invaded my journey. Tanikka Paulk never invaded the individuals journey. They’ve tried to take credit for my makings. I’ve made and there is proof of such. There is so much determination here and despite the adversities I’m confident that there will be the accomplishments of the goals.

There is unity and I Tanikka Paulk truly appreciate the ones who’ve helped pave the way. There should be focus on achieving higher goals. There should be thoughts of unity. The ability to unify despite what some try to dish out. The foundation was laid and mankind can try to send out their spears but God has already ordained that. Yes He has. I’ve received the negative words and tossed the words back. My goal is to make the necessary changes. No matter what’s said about me=Tanikka Paulk what’s said about you=Tanikka Paulk “I’m going to keep on moving in the right direction.” by: Tanikka Paulk

Oh how some have underestimated my ability to discover and explore the endless possibilities. I’m functional enough to proceed and some are more in tuned with challenging me=Tanikka Paulk when they should be in tuned with their own dreams. My vision shouldn’t belong to every person. Every person shouldn’t be on my journey. I must remain focused in order to find the appropriate solutions. So many can criticize but what have are they willing to offer?

There are some trying to force individuals to invade my “purpose.” It’s my journey. Tanikka Paulk journey and every person shouldn’t receive an invitation. If they tried to sabotage then why should they be on my journey? There is so much confidence to proceed. I’m truly blessed to have the ones with sense to encourage the proceeding. Soon enough there will be the completeness and I’ll be thrilled. The words have encouraged me=Tanikka Paulk although some probably thought their negative words would have broken my entire body. No!

Imagine having to deal with some of the most cynical People. How would some handle such matters? Some probably would have given up and there are some who’ve decided to hide. I’m able to smile and believe that my gifts have and will continue to make the differences. Yes they’ve tried to force me=Tanikka Paulk to stop but God is allowing the movements to continue. Persons should try to live their dreams. I’m going to continue to try and live my dreams.

Yes that purpose mission matters. I’ve heard and read some of the negatives but I’m in no way discouraged. I’ve been chosen to be in the position I’m currently in. The individuals who’ve tried to ruin my walk will probably regret their actions. Some have tried to discipline me=Tanikka Paulk and really need to be disciplined themselves. If I focused on what the persons have said or will say then there will be less progress when there should be more. I’m going to continue as long as I Tanikka Paulk have breathe in my body. “What’s said about Tanikka Paulk should generate encouragement no matter what words are said.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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Time is Moving Forward the Convincing Hasn’t Occurred

Persons will believe whatever it is they want to believe. They’ve perceived what they’ve perceived and time is precious so therefore there shouldn’t be any time wasted on trying to convince folks that I’m the real. “Real.” Some refuse to admit when they’re wrong so they’ll constantly try to use deceptiveness in order to prevent telling the truth. No matter what’s being said there are “important to matters” to adhere to. Some individuals will try to intervene because they’re aware that movements in different locations would mean that the others are going to be left behind. If they’ve tried to sabotage then they shouldn’t come along on my journey.

There are some ridiculous and trying to commute with the individuals would be like pulling teeth. Every word they’ve placed under a microscope. That’s why so many have chosen to surround themselves around visionaries. “The mindsets are their biggest problems. I’m way too determined to be bothered with the hoopla.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Yes they’ll say some of the stupidest things in order to try and get out of what they’ve caused. In order to remain sane there needs to be thoughts on the elevation and not what they’re saying.

Persons can choose to either focus on what others are saying or to proceed where there’s more productivity. The proof, the truth, and the “right” will win every time. Yes there are chuckles because it’s amazing the lengths some are willing to go in order to conceal the truth. “The name is what they haven’t figured out yet.” (Tanikka Paulk). There are all sorts of personalities and one can choose whether they’ll willing to tolerate certain behaviors but I’m certainly choosing to move forward. To be just is a marvelous thing perhaps there’s not too many having such a character.

There’s so much to accomplish and if “one” focuses on what is being said then there could be setbacks. There will be the floating of words but what will the words produce? There is the Almighty in charge and no matter what mankind has to say God has all power. Mankind defeating God won’t ever happen. My identity has been stolen but I’m so determined to win back what I’ve worked for. My armor continues to remain. I’m what Jesus has stated, in peace, at peace. Some may wonder how can a person be at peace when there’s so many trying to disrupt their mind.

Prayer helps generated peacefulness going to Jesus Christ and getting closer to God will create the breakthroughs. My purposed was already ordained by God. Mankind lacks understanding and sometimes no amount of communications will get the persons to understand. Some choose to try and cause a break but oh glory to God my faith is way too strong to break now. There is joyfulness because there is a place set for tiki=Tanikka Paulk. They can say, said, saying but my progress “will continue” to move. They’ve tried to insult me=Tanikka Paulk but I’m God’s child and mankind also insulted Jesus Christ. So many are lo.

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Unable to Accept That I’ve Been Chosen

Oh how my position bothers so many. Any person shining, living a dream, has a vision will have to expect that there will be some displeased about where they’re headed and the achievements obtained. “They’re still insisting on trying to pull (Tanikka Paulk) down but God has already declared my purpose.” By; Tanikka Paulk. If they’re trying to create war then I’m going to create the peace. I’d rather be a peacemaker instead of being what so many have decided to become. There are some living as if they’re strapped in hell. In fact there will be so many going to the pit.

They’ve tried to pull me=Tanikka Paulk down what are the results? I’m still continuing and still have my faith. No matter how many times I’m attacked God is allowing my journey to continue. Amen! I’m still smiling because I’m aware of what God can do. My Bible Bibles are being read and I’m meditating. I’ve prayed and will continue to pray for the enemies. Some are lost and they’re unaware of light. There was a Minister who said, “I see the glow of Jesus around you.” The statement was made to Tanikka Paulk. Confirmation of the anointed. Being anointed comes with a lot of responsibility. There will be many unable to accept what God has called you=Tanikka Paulk to be.

They’re unable to cope with my gifts so they’ll try to attack what they are unable to understand. Jesus Christ was mocked, they wanted Jesus to perform miracles, He was crucified. No person  can be Jesus but to demonstrate that the Son of God was attacked my man meaning mankind so therefore who am I? They’ve invaded in my personal information, they’ve altered my “information”, told lies. What will God do? He will do what He said He would do. The reaping.

Although they’ve tried to pull me=Tanikka Paulk down I’m still confident and refuse to believe that I’m unworthy. They’ve tried to convince me=Tanikka Paulk that I’m unworthy perhaps they should look in the mirror. Envy is the reason why so many behave disorderly. Glory! They’ve tried to compete but their competing has landed the individuals in positions in which they’ll be unable “to cope” with. My bravery seems to disturb so many. Continuing because God allows.

individuals observing could think that trying to live their dreams shouldn’t occur but there has to be courage in order to live a dream. Yes the critics will criticize if they’re witnessing growth then they’ll have their say but how many criticize and analyze self? They really need to look in the mirror. Where I’m headed they don’t need to know. Every move they’ve tried to discover but what they perceive could be the opposite. I’m love no matter what’s said, no matter what weapons are projected towards my purpose, I’m continuing to be blessed. Ahead!

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People Have Their own Perceptions

Unable to change the way People think. No matter what’s said People will always believe and think the way they want to think. Yes there’s difficult trying to convince individuals t”o accept “that what is but there has to be movement anyway. Their perceptions are wrong but what can one do about the way that groups of People are thinking? Perhaps there is nothing one can do. The best thing to do is to proceed and understand that their perception doesn’t belong to me=Tanikka Paulk.

I’m going to think whatever it is I’m wanting to think. They’re unable to convince me=Tanikka Paulk that I’m unworthy. No amount of words will prevent my movements. As long as I’m here on earth there will be actions. As long as I’m able. So therefore the individuals “can continue” trying to convince tthat=Tanikka Paulk what they’re trying to convince but I’m refusing to accept their antics. Satan’s first attack is the attack of the mind. Mankind will use the same tactics in order to gain power over their victim or victims.

In order to keep the mind healthy there needs to be actions taken to incur a healthy mind. Prayer is what I’ve done and will continue to do. Prayer helps produce peacefulness. “Yes peace can be obtained when there’s noisemakers trying to stop a vision” (Tanikka Paulk)  Rest will also help keep the mind healthy. Some are having difficulties accepting my position, titles, and accomplishments. There are some disagreeing but I’m deciding that proceeding is the best course of action. Right!

The challenges aren’t scaring this=Tanikka Paulk. If anything their actions producer more motivation. I’m confident enough to continue and follow my own dreams. There are some trying to convince themselves that they’re my ruler. A good smile and continuous movements will show the groups that I’m determined. Determination will help move a person closer to their destination. I’m holding the key. Life is here right now. I’m able to face the battles because I’m love, loved, loving.

People are without the understanding which is necessary to accomplish the further goals. Oh it appears as though I’m underappreciated. That’s alright because God has ordained my purpose. For many years now individuals have tried to prevent the climbing from occurring. What God proclaims is just. Oh yes there are persons wanting to see me=Tanikka Pualk fail. Failure occurs when there are no attempts made. My perception is my own. I’m thinking with my own mind. “There is the ability to understand and I’ve understood and continue to incur understanding.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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My Determination is too Strong

Tes indeed I’m just way too determined to turn back. There are so many reasons why I’m continuing and it’s funny how so many believe that they’re capable of defeating “love.” Love is powerful just consider what God has said about love. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love conquers all. The power is love changes dark shadows to bright lights. No matter how many times i’m attacked or what’s said about me=Tanikka Paulk I’m going to continue to demonstrate love. There is so much joy in knowing that God has chosen “Tanikka Paulk.” He recognized Tanikka (Tanikka Paulk).

No matter how many times others try to sabotage my journey. There is glory yes indeed there is. I’m smiling because I’m aware of what God has said and I’ve been challenged many many years. When individuals are trying to prove that a person is unworthy or a failure they’ll place the focus on themselves and show that they’re failing. My movements continue and there is upward motion. Despite what’s being said and what some try to do there will always be life. That’s right. They’ve tried to erase my dreams, vision, and ideas but I’m still here.

There is joy when others are trying to attack. Why? Their actions are a sign that a person is headed in the right direction and that they’re marvelous. “Clapping of my hands there is joyfulness. Amen to that is this.” By: Tanikka Paulk. “They said She won!” Regarding Tanikka Paulk. Mankind continues to believe that they’re capable of defeating God the Father of Jesus Christ. Didn’t Satan think the same way? Where was Lucifer sent? Lucifer was sent to hell. Many will go to the pit. While there are some trying to discourage my path. I’m praising, praying, and keeping the Full Armor of God on.

My proceeding is what some are irritated by. Alright! There is the motivation to continue on the mission at hand. Although there are some disagreeing with my position. God already ordained my purpose. So what mankind tried to do to me=Tanikka Paulk God watches and He will see that there is His Discipline. What some may think is easy there will be proof that there are difficulties. God promised that there would be troubles and how each person manages the troubles will determine the outcome. Prayer is the answer and no matter how many times the attacks are projected there is glory! I’ve been chosen selected. They’re demonstrating their lack of understanding. Here I am continuing and continuing to have faith. My determination is mighty. Amen!

What I’ve faced so many would run and hide. There are some lacking the courage to try in the first place. Certainly takes courage to live a dream to be inspired. There are the rough patches but no amount of adversity will make this dreamer stop. They’ve tried to erase my wholeness. There is a smile knowing that God loves me so in fact God loves all but God has favored me=Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps some of the thoughts are that I’ll receive what some dream of receiving.

I’m certainly prepared to receive the abundance. I’m remaining hopeful and dedicated to my pathway. There is focus to continue to head in the direction in which some may disagree but there will be shining. Yes I’ve cried, there is the weeping, but there is tears with joyfulness. There is the abundantly movement occurring right now today! What will hold tomorrow there has to be a wait and see? The challenges have made me=Tanikka Paulk filled with strength. My competitors haven’t intimidated the journey. They have helped to incur more determination. I’m in the continuous motion. How about that?

It’s Tanikka=Tanikka Paulk

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