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What are Some Writers and OthersTrying to Achieve????

My goodness what in the world are some writers trying to achieve? Not trying to be funny but some of what’s posted is like a battle between words and more words. Some writers are trying to achieve greater while others appear to be writing for fun. Some are so focused on where and what some writers are doing or not doing and not paying attention to what’s important. They’re in search of what a certain has or will achieve. Trying to compete when the competition is so out of touch there is no reason to compete. That’s why some choose to keep “certain information hidden.” Some lurking about trying to discover for what reason? To take away. To subtract and make sure there’s no progress.

Sp there will be some writers who will try to intimidate others in order to lower the competition. Trying to see exactly where a person is headed. No person should be going through any individuals personal information or through their financial documents unless was some legal order. They’re acting illegally. So there will be some writers who will try to do so in order to make sure certain writers aren’t getting ahead. Some sites have chosen to hide earnings in order to protect the writers. In my case there’s “a lot of information hidden” because there have been breeches, altering information, and my identity has been stolen. I’m a writer who has faced many challenges. So many trying to seek what I’m gaining in order to gain themselves. That’s me=Tanikka Paulk  Image may contain: 1 person, closeup


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I’m really amazed with how so many aren’t cheering others on so that there can be more prosperity. When some are trying to compete all of the rules and order go out of the window. There are some great opportunities for writers but some are allowing the opportunities to go down the drain because of attacking others or simply just using word games. No writer or any person should have to endure any type of bullying or harassment. What they’re trying to seek may not be found. Who’s trying to seek out? All one has to do is look at the history, background, and the persons who are “surrounded by” the individuals. If there’s greed involved then the one’s filled with the greed are prowling like “wolves.”

Writers must be careful especially online. There some who will communicate in order to try and discover what is obtained or what will be obtained. Some writers have faced many challenges when dealing with their competition. Why is there such a need to find out what a person has or doesn’t have? Well desperation. “Some in need of and want to obtain easily and quickly.” That’s why a lot of identity theft occurs. Some trying to financially gain without putting in the work. “Competitors” will try to seek out what’s going on in order to try and stay ahead of their competition.

No matter how many try to discover what a person has. There are some who will allow their earnings to go elsewhere “for protection.” Some have discovered how desperate and greedy some are. There was a man who received lots of blessings and discovered how many vultures there were trying to take his blessings away. The treats. the bullying, the attacks and what’s puzzling is how in the world so many believe they’re entitled to what another has earned or obtained. “Minding my Business.” Who’s? Tanikka Paulk’s Business.

What are They they Looking for. A Good Question?” By: Tanikka Paulk

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My Journey or Everyone Else’s???????

My journey seems to be a journey so many have chosen to tag along on. Having too many people on a journey can hinder the progress. Not every person should come along on a journey and some may not understand why they’re not welcomed. If they’ve caused trouble then they should be allowed to come along. Some just can’t stand to see others rise up. No matter what they’re trying to do. “I’m continuing on and still blessed.” Tanikka Paulk.

My journey certainly isn’t an easy one. There has been some setbacks and a lot have become very angry. I’m still here for a reason and as long as I’m here “there will be progress.” No person should stop making progress or stop their vision because others aren’t pleased with the elevation. For some it’s the fact that they’re afraid of the movement. Not wanting a person to leave one place to travel to another. If any person expects to advance then they’ll have to make some decisions in which some may not agree with but doing what’s best for the individual is the right thing to do.

There will come a time when it has to be expressed. Some will need to be told to stop tagging along. There are some who will just weigh a person down by performing actions which cause one to slowdown. No person should allow any individual to stop their dreams. So many will try to stop what is taking place out of fear. For some they’re feeling bad for not doing more. “We’re all given a gift for a reason” and there is no reason why the gift or gifts should be hidden. There has to be some boldness.

A time will come when the ones who seem to act as if they’re not understanding why a person has to move forward have to be told no. There should be more people encouraging others to follow their dreams and to try and accomplish as much as “possible.” Some may want to but are unable to for whatever reason. Allowing others to cause a delay or to just stop the vision is a mistake. Individuals have to realize that persons have to move on. Some have difficulty letting go.

So many may listen to what some will say and stop trying to achieve. They’re making a mistake if they’re allowing others to stop their dreams. “My journey will continue as long as I’m here.” There will be a place where there’s comfort and more progress made. I’m trying to get there and although there’s a lot of resistance. That’s what I’m trying to achieve and with the determination it’s certainly possible and I’m believing so.

“Never Stop a Dream of Vision Because That’s What Some may Want. Continue to Make Strides.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Photos Belongs to Tanikka Paulk “There is Light When There is Darkness. There Will be ups as Well as Downs but I”m Blessed and Will Continue on my Journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk

How to Deal With the Betrayal and Deception

A lot of people will find themselves being taken back by betrayal and deception. Some will expect certain individuals to be deceptive while others become deceptive due to desperation. No matter how or why a person displays deception, it can be difficult to believe, thoughts how could the individuals be so scandalous? Well, if there’s greed involved then there will be deception and betrayal, some love money more than people. “The need “to gain easily and not being concerned about how the money is being gained or who they’re hurting to gain. Some even risking their freedom in order to make a quick buck. Not really a buck but an expression.

The best way to manage being betrayed in someway is “to think” about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was betrayed by His followers. Jesus was hated and suffered but was willing to do so to save all. So therefore mankind will be willing to betray any person. They’ll turn away from family, friends, and etc for many different reasons. Some for mere pennies. Suppose considering getting out of whatever hole they’re in. Not realizing how they’re actions will cause deeper problems.

Being betrayed isn’t easy to deal with but the Bible does speak about how so many will be betrayed and by whom. Mothers will betray their daughter. Fathers will betray sons. The Children will betray their parents. Some may do so out of desperation. Trying to get out of one hole and creating more holes. Some never get over being betrayed. For some “the best move” is to move away from the toxicity. To take a different route in order to heal and feel free. It’s not easy being betrayed by a mother or any other person but one can heal.

Forgiveness is important and can sometimes be difficult to do. If there is none then one won’t be able “to rest.” There has to be forgiveness in order to be forgiven. Prayer helps to get over being betrayed. There is also professionals who can assist with the healing. Some dwell so much on being betrayed and that’s where the mind starts thinking about some form of retaliation. That’s why it’s so important to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

Some will never admit to their betrayal. Never admit to any wrong doing. There may be further actions to try and make their way out of the mess they’ve created. There may be more lies told and some will even continue to try and setup others in order to keep themselves from being imprisoned. Some are fighting for their freedom. Not considering anyone else but how they’ll be able to stay out of a cage. It’s really sad when some are willing to take their own child or children down in order to gain. Reading “the Bible helps to understand” why so many will become deceptive.

Evil certainly exist and coming into world has made so many become riddled with evilness. Some never turning back. Going so far into the darkness and not seeking the light. Some may not want to come back to the “light” because of not wanting to incur more responsibilities. That’s why some choose to block out certain events and information because of not wanting to deal with what they’ve should have dealt with long ago. Imagine being betrayed by so many. Can be difficult to even ponder but we’re in times of major darkness.

Forgiving the persons doesn’t mean that their behavior is condoned. It’s a way of releasing the pain. To allow healing to take place. For some getting over the betrayal will take a very long time. Some may want to hold on to the pain in order to feel something. God wanted each person to know that when the betrayal comes to not be dismayed because God will never forsake. When the mother or father betrays. God will take up His children. Some move away just to be in place of healing. To discover more and “find ways to live a more productive life.”

In Tupac’s case. The betrayal came from his inner circle. Never know where or when betrayal will creep up. That’s why it’s very important that each person examines who they’re allowing in their circle. Some betray because they’re forced to do so. Some do so in order to gain and some will do so in order to protect certain information from leaking out. Betrayal can produce anger. Anger can create more betrayal.

“Being Betrayed in Someway is not the end of the World. There has to be a Time of Healing and the Healing Must be Allowed in.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Resistance Shouldn’t be a Reason to Stop
horizon-1836480_960_720 peace

Wrong right. So many are in the wrong but believe what they’re doing is justified. No at all. Of course any person who has ever tried to walk “a journey” knows that there will be some who will try to hinder and stop the process. Why? For some it’s mere competition and others envy. Even ones who appear to be on a higher level will display bouts of envy. There are some who are skilled and others who were trained. Born leaders and other placed in leadership positions. The ones who are insecure will try to use tactics to discourage the ones who are trying to elevate.

For some their actions could be revenge but their actions are wrong. Sometimes they’ve based their actions emotions and ignorance. Not seeking information and believing lies. So they’ll get caught up and forever be known as troublemakers. “Some mot minding their own business.” Every person has a right to try to live a dream to try and be prosperous. It’s so unfortunate that the ones who have so much will even try to hinder the ones trying to climb higher. The crab mentality.

They’re toxic and their the ones who shouldn’t be in a person’s circle. It’s best to find ways to get around such people. Shouldn’t the ones at the top try to pull others up? Are they really at the top if they’re trying to pull down? No. They’re money may be but their skills aren’t. That’s why they’ll try to pull others down. The ones who are humble or who are trying to be are the ones who deserve to be recognized. There’s a lot of crabs and what I’m saying has be proven over and over again.

“Rise up” anyway, the resistance will be there, eventually the ones who continue to make efforts will reach their destination. No matter who’s trying to stop the persons. Some believe they’re right because they feel they’re helping. Trying to make the journey more difficult because there has to be adversity but not knowing when to stop. So many may disconnect their dreams because of what so many will try to do. The ones who so many may look up to may be the very ones who will try to pull down.

There is hope of course and although there are people who are such crabs. There’s also some very good people out there. May be difficult to find but they’re somewhere. Keep on moving along despite the adversity. The ones who try to make life more difficult for others will have their day. Some may not even be prepared for the consequences. Causing havoc for others because they’re use to the spotlight. Not wanting others to shine. “Let me=Tanikka Paulk Through.”

There are many challenges to face and the road can be pretty rough. Imagine having what appears to be the entire world trying to cause a cease. There are some cheerleaders of course but some days it feels as if the whole world is against me=Tanikka Paulk. To think that their business isn’t my business and my business isn’t their business. They’ve invaded my business. “Tanikka Paulk” business. She/her business. Talking about Tanikka Paulk

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“I’m Bullied, Harassed, Attacked but I’m Still Here for a Reason and Still Blessed.” By: Tanikka Paulk


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Difficulties on the Journey Aren’t an Excuse to Cease

Oh yes indeed there are many difficulties trying to rise up. There will be a lot of resistance, so many wanting their way, perhaps some should take the high way. It’s so unfortunate when so many try to stop others from making progress. Perhaps some wanting to place individuals positions they simply have no right to. Not fair of course but we’re living in a world where there are lots of people who are bullheaded. Yes, trying to create disturbances for others, but should consider focusing on their own “progress.”

Why are so many so in tuned with trying to knock others down? There are many different “reasons” why some will try to knock a person down. For one, envy, not wanting to see others get ahead. Trying to hold back because some are very egotistical and want to remain the King or Queen of the castle. That’s right. So there will be a lot of disruptions. The ones who refuse to live a dream may become irritated with having to see others live theirs.

There has always been competition so therefore there will be some who are overly competitive and will try to make situations more difficult for certain individuals. Not the best position to be in. The have what feels like the entire world coming up against a person has to be quite troubling. There are ways to manage of course. Taking breaks is important. Staying in “environments” which are consumed with a lot of chaos can cause a decline in health.

There are a lot of personalities to deal with so there will be some who will try to be difficult at all times. They’re considered toxic. It’s better to disconnect in order to keep sane than to engage in their foolish ways. The journey is difficult anyway but some will intentionally make trouble for others. Trying to make the individual or individuals stop moving any “further.” There are some who will continuously try  to disconnect others from what can actually generate more growth. Their tactics may not be effective if the persons refuse to give in.

No person should allow any individual to take away their vision. There should be a desire to get ahead. To make some positive changes. There will be a lot of finger pointing and of course some who aren’t even in a position to do so. Oh yes. There’s way too many people who are focused on what others are or aren’t doing. They’re continuing to miss out on “some great opportunities” because they’re refusing to place focus on their own development.

A lot of what occurs may not make any sense. There are times when trying to get others to understand just what’s occurring becomes useless. It’s better to just move on and if some want to stay in a state of ignorance then that’s their choice. Persons decide to change on their own. Some may never change their line of thinking. Some will continue to try and stop “growth” or a purpose. Keep moving no matter how difficult the travel becomes.

“Trying to Stop a Dream, Vision, or Purpose is a Mistake so Many Continue to Make.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Whatever to do? Just Proceed
sunset-111920_1280 (1) a journey

That’s right! Continue on the journey and forget about all of the disturbances which will surely take place. Any persons trying to slow down progress is doing themselves an injustice. No time to be bothered with “situations” which will properly continue whether there’s disappointment or not. Some are simply trouble. It’s better to just proceed but be cautious of course. The fact remains that there will be some who will be difficult no matter what.

There’s a lot to accomplish and why be in tuned with the noise? No need. There are some who actually want to grow in some way. The ones who don’t will properly be the ones causing the most trouble. That’s their problem. The journey is certainly a difficult travel and process. So much to deal with. Some setbacks will occur. The problems are meant to be solved. The ones who are so in tuned with distracting aren’t “moving along.” They’re the ones who shouldn’t be going on the journey.

Not all are equipped to come along. Some will try to hold others back. Focusing on getting ahead is the best way to go. The ones who are supportive will support and the ones who continue to supply trouble will probably continue on if there’s no consequences or intervention. There are some who want to stop but perhaps for some reason they’re unable to do so. The fact remains every person should not be joining in on a persons journey.

There should be elevation. “There are ways to get around the ones who are causing havoc.” The best thing to do is to allow the individuals to think a certain move is occurring but do the opposite. There are so many eyes watching right? Some feeling the need to know every aspect of a person’s life. Some discontinue their travel because there’s so much to deal with. Not wanting to be consumed with stress. There will be a lot of people trying to cause a lot of stress for others.

Although there will be a lot of adversity, no person should give up on their dreams, yes dealing with the cynics is quite annoying but it’s not impossible to get ahead. Even when there’s a lot of chaos. The person or persons who are determined enough will continue on. There must be “confidence and determination” in order to make any progress. “Never allow any person to cause a hold back. Proceed and Eventually There Will be Completeness.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There is way too much talent all around the world to allow any person to remove the talent. There are so many who have thrown their talents, “dreams, and vision” away because of what the critics are doing. They’re criticize of course. Hear and don’t hear. See and don’t see. Don’t focus on what can add no value. That’s the best way to go.

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What are People Saying About you???
cross faith-2209803_1280

People are saying a lot and some aren’t saying much at all. The fact remains that there will always be some who are bugs, meaning they may believe that their purpose is to try and destroy others, the day will come when their antics will cease. There is a lot of chatter about me= Tanikka Paulk. A lot of competition and some who insist that my work belongs to the individuals. There is a continuous need to advocate and yes I’m an advocate. “The Mommy Advocate.” Advocating for many different areas. A lot injustices. It’s not easy having to come up against just about the entire world but it makes me= Tanikka Paulk full of “strength.”

To think that not only is there competition from women but men seem to be just as conning as women. The tactics used really are classified as abuse. Perhaps we’re finding out that there are a lot of undercover abusers. They’re revealed. The attacks which continue to occur are simply expressions that a person is headed “upwards.” Yes, the more achieved, the greater the attacks. Some aren’t willing to accept the achievements of others. It’s amazing that some of the very who have motivational careers will also join in on the criticism.

They’ve said a lot about you. The real you=Tanikka Paulk. There’s a duplicated you, a copied you, and imitated you. There will be a lot who will proclaim to be me=Tanikka Paulk but aren’t like me=Tanikka Paulk. God designed me=Tanikka Paulk His own way. Not to please the world but to accomplish greatness. So there is nothing wrong with brushing my shoulders off. Someone has to give props. There are so many who will try to make me=Tanikka Paulk feel bad for “wanting better.”

Some will try to hinder my movement. Trying to make sure that I’m in their circle. There has to be growth in order to see a better economical system and perhaps some aren’t considering how their actions are causing a whole “Nation” to fall. Coming up against certain individuals may incur greater consequences than others. Mainly the anointed are the ones in which God becomes angry when others try to go on attack. Eventually all monsters have their day.

No matter what’s done. There is motivation here in Miami, Fl. and perhaps soon enough there will be another path to take. One which will incur more than “achieved” here. So there is continuous patience and thoughts of getting from here to there. Oh the attacks aren’t easy to deal with but God continues to provide “The Full Armor of God.” Some behaving as if I’m without sense. Not knowing exactly what’s been discovered and what will continue to be discovered.

My life certainly isn’t an easy one and perhaps there’s more adversity to deal with. Thank “goodness” there’s continuous strength being build. I’m continuing to focus on building up. Finding a more stable relationship for the future and a home where there is support and joyfulness. In the meantime there will be actions taken to proceed to the destination. Sometimes there has to be a move in order to become more prosperous. Believing and receiving. The breakthroughs await.

you “Hasn’t the Proof of my Identity? Tanikka Paulk and Ideas as Well as the Vision?”

Some Seem to Have a Difficult Time Accepting What is. By: Tanikka Paulk

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“I’m Going Somewhere Despite What Some may say. Somewhere is now and Somewhere Will be in the Future.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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What makes us uniquely in life

0d746e2490d7df07d9b6257f96b976dcWhat makes us uniquely in life

I choose goodness, integrity and dignity it does not make me weaker.
I understood that goodness is our human instinct, that is one cannot be evil, and if it’s a malicious, such fiendishness act will be accountable by it’s own Karmic forces.

In today’s world, how could we ever comprehend more evidently about the general population who are living appropriate alongside of us? For the most part , these are the people who live like us, who appear like us, however they don’t act or behave like us.

Do we know why there are such a large number of merciless battles against each other, many individuals fight compellingly without any solid reasons. Everyone’s having its own one of a kind, very own unique culture, backdrop and distinctive religions beliefs.

Nevertheless there are so many individuals engaging in a violence, hostile or aggression toward others for the sake of their religion.

These are the ideas of conviction of our present day society:
People will fight for their religion in all causes,
People will die for their religion in all causes,
Yet, unfortunately these people will never learn and practice their religion diligently.

Our Lord Shakyamuni Buddha taught us before, it’s all about the five Kleshas or the five toxic minds.
The five toxins and its key standards are as per the following:
1) Desire
2) Anger, hatred,
3) Ignorance
4) Pride
5) Jealously, envy

These five key standards can be additionally integrated into the three key guideline toxic minds:
1) Ignorance
2) Desire
3) Hatred or anger

How to practice mindfulness and self-reflection ?
How to manage when a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or crisis and emergency?

An authentic and useful mindfulness and reflection techniques do not affect your works and daily life. You don’t need to mastermind time to practice, you can even practice when you are walking. You can take a shot at walking and be aware of the movement onto the foot as the body pushes ahead. You can stroll around at any speed.

Watch your progression and walk gradually and breath in normally. Besides, in reality it can be balanced for strolling around the street, similarly the length of you recall to concentrate in the city lights, different people, and not taking after a machine. This is to evacuate our look and helps you look after core interest.

The practice concentrates on your breaths, breathing in and out tenderly and be mindful. Being mindfulness has helped us to acquire comprehension of how our contemplations interface with. At whatever time, wherever can fundamentally by doing 10 minute reflection and contemplation.

By doing 10 minute reflection and contemplation. Any changes of reality, its inside the methodology of contemplation. This is known as the self reflection. A reflection helps every one of us with understanding our heart, conduct and end up being more prepared and aware of the consistent changes in life.

A reflection, similar to you are taking a gander at the mirror and it mirroring your self, however the mirror itself stay untouchable by any progressions or development. What is touchable is reflecting or looking like of our contemplations .

Take the Dharma as a mirror and investigate yourself, take the Dharma as a scale and measure yourself well before you realize that you are good or evil, otherwise it cannot be distinguished and recognized.
People are selfish arrogance, the eyes see is the shortcomings and inadequacies of others, are their own preferences, they cannot see the benefits of others, but see their own problems.

So constantly accuse others, and do not have the foggiest idea about their own missteps, will not consider each other’s emotions, only consider their own sentiments. In order to practice the mindfulness and reflection meditation, we ought to cultivate these practices daily.

For instance, in the wake of getting up in the morning, you can meditate and reflect for 10 minutes to half an hour. Sit well after the first exhaled out: Inhale, then accompanied by breath, the possibility of the toxic substance minds, such as greed, hatred, ignorance and other negative toxins thoughts from the nostrils exhaled out of the body; this row three times. At that point, unobtrusively stay quiet for some time.

Do not underestimate the more than 10-minute practice, from here to get more settled, will give you an entire day attitude input positive vitality, play a good role in adjusting.

Before going to bed at night, it’s best to meditate for a few minutes. At this time meditation, like through massage to remove the physical fatigue, gently sit for a while, the inner exhaustion and clutter vanish. It can be said that this is a psychological massage that help us to free from stress and anxiety mentally and physically.

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Don’t Hide Gifts and Talents in Order to Please Others

Some may not want to see others shining but the gifts and talents are given for a reason. Every person is given a gift and should never feel bad about letting their gift (s) “shine.” There should be joy in knowing that the gifts we’re given in order to demonstrate how blessed we are. Some are afraid to allow their gifts and talents to shine. Perhaps fear that they’ll be criticized. There will be criticism but no amount of criticism should cause any person to just give up on a dream or vision.

Not everyone will be satisfied with individuals who have certain gifts, skills, and talents. Some may become envious and there will be lots of “competition.” Although there will be lots of competitiveness. There should be a desire to continue forward. No amount of attacks should prevent any person from excelling. The journey will be rough. Anything worth having isn’t easy. There will be a lot of rough patches. A lot of hills to climb but the adversity should be a reason to give up.

Of course there may not be many who are in agreement with a person shining. That’s why there’s so many attempts to try and sabotage a person’s growth. Too many people throw away their gifts because of lack of confidence. Some may continue to listen to the naysayers and some of “the naysayers” may be very close. Trying to stop a person from excelling because they didn’t do what they could have. There’s no shame in trying to rise up.

There should be continuous self encouragement. There’s nothing wrong with “encouraging self.” There’s plenty of inspiration around and although it may appear as if finding the proper inspiration is difficult. Not impossible. If half the world isn’t confident about a person, the person shouldn’t be concerned, the world isn’t living for any person. The world is a temporary living place. There should be gladness in knowing that eventually there will be a breakthrough which will incur abundance.

Reaching the top isn’t easy at all. There will be a lot of struggles and a lot of people trying to prevent the rise. Never give in to what others are saying about excelling. The negative “communications” have no value. Some could be secretly cheering a person on. Not wanting others to know just how much care is within. Afraid of being attacked because of their support. Some will be extremely cruel but in line run they’ll reap their actions.

Continue on and know that soon enough there will be prosperity. No matter what is said. There will always be at least one person who is supportive. Some have risen and suffered a fall but that doesn’t mean that they’re unable to get back up again. The ones who are supportive should be the ones who continue on the journey and although the travel will seem as if the person is the only one traveling. There still just be “hopefulness” because there will be more progress completed and there will be a rise.

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“Believe in Self if no one Else Believes. There’s Prosperity Awaiting.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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If You Were Me, What Should You Do?
May 22, 2017

If You Were Me, What Should You Do?
By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

This is about confession. I have helped three people got employment in the university where I am teaching, two females and one male. Except the other one for she is already a retired teacher in the public school, but the other two became regular teachers. They got an item last year, but none of them said thank you to me. In fact, one teacher is my second degree cousin, but it seems she does not anymore remember how I plead to the program head to hire her. How I like to say in front of her that she has thick face hahaha, maybe more than that. What makes me feel bitter about her is , she was wed last year and never had she invited me. What a shame on what she had done to me. What relieves me is the word of God that we are judge according to our deeds. The word deed inspires me, but you know, I am just human and sometimes I cannot avoid grinding my teeth hehehe.

If you were me, what should you do? Are you going to strike her? I am not a quarrelsome type that is why that relative is so lucky, if nit she will surely be kicked out in school. I hope she will have a better life after marriage. I just remember her but never will I treat her as my relative. I believe she would have a bad karma. I am nit cursing her, but that is the reality, in fact, it is written in the bible and even found in the aphorism of Confucius which stated that : “ Don’t do unto others what you don’t like others do unto you.” The other one I helped is my male friend. One day I met him along the road looking so desperate and depressed.

I have learned that he was removed from the school where he served for five years for some reasons only he knew. So, to make the story short, I brought him to our dean’s office and recommended him verbally; afterwhich, he was told to submit his credentials. The next day, he was hired, so instant; the reason is the dean likes me for I am so sincere and loyal to our head. Every time there is a contest by department, it is always me she recommends to represent a dance number whew, that was not too much for I also like to dance. Whatever dean likes me to do, I obey for it is very important to obey first before you complain, LOLS.

That friend became regular but never had he remembered me during important celebrations. There are many ingrate people in the world. All I can say is there is God that sees all our deeds. Somehow I told myself, I should have not helped them. I better helped some unknowns for they will surely remember me and show some acts of gratitude. The other one already 68 years old, but I told dean to hire her because her pension is not enough for her medicine maintenance medicine. She was hired and given up to this time 5 loads. Better this old lady, every birthday of mine; she always gives me a very nice birthday card. I told her not to anymore give but she insisted for she found some happiness doing it. There are indeed individual differences. I do not know what should you do if you were me.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have found some lessons on my experience.

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