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Still Have my Mind In Tact
December 19, 2018

Have to protect the mind there are so many invasions trying to cause a decline within the mind. That’s why God has said to keep “The Full Armor of God on” The Head plate the attacks are directed at the mind and the heart. In order to become victorious one has to pray, believe, and keep the armor of protection which God provides. There is strength in a person when there are so many trying to defeat the person but the person continues to stand. There is “goodness” demonstrated and mankind can’t handle the light. “Light” can overcome what darkness can not. There is victory because there is God and Jesus Christ.

Prayer will help to push the enemies back. They’re behind because they come after “you.” They’ve have projected the words which could pierce the heart put the protections are what causes a person to continue on the journey. I’m on my own greatness. No matter what’s said I’m growing and gaining what some are without. “I’ve elevated further and continue to shine they’ve documented that it shines and has helped others to shine.” (Tanikka Paulk). What good are they doing? You have lifted up others so that they can be viewed across the globe. Appreciation? No.

However I’m able to smile and although there are many disrespectful and harmful words spoken regarding “Tanikka Paulk” she is able to surpass. While some would have given up. There is no reason to give in there is way too much “determination.” I’m good and will continue to love although there are so many trying to cause my decline. Refuse to become defeated. There is a book which has a title on the front cover, “Good Always Wins,” Always meaning always. Amazement occurs and although most won’t admit that they are amazed by what you’ve accomplished. God already knows.

God has said in the word how He is disappointed about what mankind has and will do. There are wars created to try to defeat the competition. Advancements occur by making the mind stronger. Praying, meditating, keeping the faith. God knows what every person has and will incur. There is a Heaven and there is hell and some have placed themselves at risk to be placed in the pit. They can’t throw me there. There are weaknesses because each day the individuals try to attack but aren’t successful. They’ve failed at trying to defeat thee.

There are some who are filled with the hopefulness and love in which God wants Hos children to demonstrate. Why do they bother you? They’re in need, they need you, they have demonstrated that they’re unable to function without your presence. Perhaps they should be left to help themselves. God said to pray and the enemies will flee. To sit at the right hand to look up at the heavenly gates and to know that my place is set helps to remove the negatives which so many have tried to project.

Is their name with mine? They’ve tried to become what was already designed by the Almighty God. One and sometimes we’re our best friend. To become, to being, “to just be.” There isn’t a fight if they already are. No matter how many times persons try to become another person they can never be. “My mission isn’t complete but God and Jesus Christ have been with me every step of the way there is no forsaking.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’m so blessed to still have my mind. My sanity hasn’t left me my joyfulness is here and wherever I’m to head to my joyfulness will continue to be with me!

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