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To Think or Perhaps Thinking was and is Achieved
November 23, 2018

How many are thinkers? It seems as though the way that persons are thinking these days is out of reach. Some aren’t quite sure how to think and perhaps they’ve corrupted their minds by thinking negatively. Set the foundation of thinking. The pavement has already been laid out. Too many are confusing kindness and weakness. There are opportunities “to demonstrate” what is perceived and what shall be. There is the continued ability to remain motivated what others have though of doesn’t include my thoughts. My line of thinking will differ.

Example of a group of non=thinkers. Persons apart of a breach or breaches haven’t thought and didn’t think. They’ve excluded thinking. They’ve placed themselves in a web in which they are having difficulties coming out of. The overly competitive has lost their train of thoughts by refusing to accept that they are unable to control “one.” There is peace by thinking positively. The mind is sensitive and what individuals decide to put in their minds will set the tone for the outcomes. “Where is my thought process? Where it should be.” BY: Tanikka Paulk

The ability to decline the evils in which so many have demonstrated. There are the mind controllers. The persons are thinking that they can and will take over a person’s mind. If allowed then they are able to weaken the mind but if allowed. There are so many ways to think postively. “Time to face the music.” There is gladness because there are many demonstrations that there is thinking occurring and also that my mind is highly important. They follow my thoughts. If one thinks on a spiritual level then they’ll know to keep the head plate on. The head plate is protection from the attacks of the mind.

Advancement of thinking. There are so many heights reached when there is positive thinking. calmness will incur thinking. Being motivated, rejuvenated, experiencing peacefulness. “Some have decided to invade and there are consequences because they didn’t think.” (Tanikka Paulk). To think can result in further solutions. Perhaps there are some refusing to search for the solutions because they rather indulge in dramatics. More thinking occurring? Indeed.

Think Think Think!

There is a battle and the battle could include trying to destroy a person’s mind. There are mind builders. The sounds of birds providing the melodies in which some have refused to listen to. I’ve been made to think and I’m grateful that there was and is the “ability” to think. Thinkers unite. How many have thought? Observations have demonstrated that too many aren’t thinking. There is peace when war tries to enter. They want to control but God is always in control. God the Father of Jesus Christ overcame the world meaning that He overcame the Universe because He created the Universe. God created mankind.

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