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Senorita es Muy Importante? Si

“Senorita Tanikka! es muy importante? Si. Woman is very important. Yes she is because there are so many trying to get at the woman. She seems to be the most sought after persons. Afters are after her. She is called one and no matter how many times her existence is explained there’s the ones without understannding. Perhaps some lack the ability to process. Policias Senora Muy Importante? Correcto. The police said that Tanikka Paulk is Important very important. “Boss is.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Confident enough to proceed on my journey which is also my “Mission”. Oh yes “Mission Statement.” So the many individuals trying to bring down aren’t quite aware of where I truly stand. The line of thinking seems to be off but this prays, prays, prays. No matter what’s said I’m continuing and there are many reasons why. My focus is on what needs my attention. “Follow us Us.” Us=Law Enforcement and other agencies. Everyday the persons try to cause rifts.

The chaotic environments haven’t caused me=Tanikka Paulk to stop. I’m blessed to have been chosen. There’s the competition and so many wanting to cause my decline. The determination continues to lead “Tanikka Paulk” where I’m destined to be. Perhaps so many would have gave up by now. I’m use to individuals trying to harrass me=Tanikka Paulk. They contnue to send out hatefulness but I Tanikka Paulk love.

At least the world is able to see what’s occurring now and then. Although there are so many trying to bother my pathway. I’m able to proceed confidently. The words aren’t a reason to stop my journey. My purpose was purposed long ago. I’m watched all over the world. So therefore there are many witnessing what mankind tried to do. God allows but God can intervene at anytime. I’m strong and built to conquer.

“Where am I headed to next?” All of my movements aren’t to be revealed. Proof of my importance. The reactions and actions of so many proves just how important chicka is. Chicka meaning girl. I’ve chuckled at the many fans or perhaps foes which come after me! There is one of you=Tanikka Paulk. There isn’t any other. Only one! No matter how many times I’m duplicated there will never be another. One is one. I’ve used my brain power to figure out what the true, truth, really is.

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I’m here right now. You are here yes you are. Now!

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

“Be confident and there’s no fret  because I know what I know and I know it is so.” By: Tanikka Paulk 

Featured Image Credited to Pixabay

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