Senorita es Muy Importante? Si

"Senorita Tanikka! es muy importante? Si. Woman is very important. Yes she is because there are so many trying to… Read More

5 years ago

The Foundation was laid Long ago

Purposed and designed and they still are unable to accept what God has already spoken about. No matter how many… Read More

6 years ago

To Properly Conduct Business is to Learn About Business

When there's business there will be focus on the important aspects of business. To conduct business transactions takes concentration. There… Read More

6 years ago

Good Prosperous Complete Moments Ahead

There is joyfulness when analyzing further and finding more than there was before. Even when it seems as though many… Read More

6 years ago

I’m Proceeding Without the Antics

Why should there be focus on the antics? There shouldn't be any focus on the stupidity. There are so many… Read More

6 years ago

What is it That They Want From me=Tanikka Paulk

Do they want my five sons, do they want my eyes, do they want my blessings to come? What is… Read More

6 years ago

Craft Confidence is Extremely Helpful

It appears as though there are so many folks not feeling comfortable within their craft. There's no need to try… Read More

6 years ago

To Remain Confident is the Main key

Having confidence is very important and some will lose their confidence because of what they're going through. There's so much… Read More

6 years ago

My Competitors are so Enslaved

What can I (Tanikka Paulk) say about the competition? A lot can be said but what I'm going to place… Read More

6 years ago

Stay in Control Within Destructive Environments

There are so many who may be quick tempered. Any action could make the persons lose control. When dealing with… Read More

7 years ago