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Senorita es Muy Importante? Si
December 29, 2018

“Senorita Tanikka! es muy importante? Si. Woman is very important. Yes she is because there are so many trying to get at the woman. She seems to be the most sought after persons. Afters are after her. She is called one and no matter how many times her existence is explained there’s the ones without understannding. Perhaps some lack the ability to process. Policias Senora Muy Importante? Correcto. The police said that Tanikka Paulk is Important very important. “Boss is.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Confident enough to proceed on my journey which is also my “Mission”. Oh yes “Mission Statement.” So the many individuals trying to bring down aren’t quite aware of where I truly stand. The line of thinking seems to be off but this prays, prays, prays. No matter what’s said I’m continuing and there are many reasons why. My focus is on what needs my attention. “Follow us Us.” Us=Law Enforcement and other agencies. Everyday the persons try to cause rifts.

The chaotic environments haven’t caused me=Tanikka Paulk to stop. I’m blessed to have been chosen. There’s the competition and so many wanting to cause my decline. The determination continues to lead “Tanikka Paulk” where I’m destined to be. Perhaps so many would have gave up by now. I’m use to individuals trying to harrass me=Tanikka Paulk. They contnue to send out hatefulness but I Tanikka Paulk love.

At least the world is able to see what’s occurring now and then. Although there are so many trying to bother my pathway. I’m able to proceed confidently. The words aren’t a reason to stop my journey. My purpose was purposed long ago. I’m watched all over the world. So therefore there are many witnessing what mankind tried to do. God allows but God can intervene at anytime. I’m strong and built to conquer.

“Where am I headed to next?” All of my movements aren’t to be revealed. Proof of my importance. The reactions and actions of so many proves just how important chicka is. Chicka meaning girl. I’ve chuckled at the many fans or perhaps foes which come after me! There is one of you=Tanikka Paulk. There isn’t any other. Only one! No matter how many times I’m duplicated there will never be another. One is one. I’ve used my brain power to figure out what the true, truth, really is.

I’m here right now. You are here yes you are. Now!

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“Be confident and there’s no fret  because I know what I know and I know it is so.” By: Tanikka Paulk 

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The Foundation was laid Long ago

Purposed and designed and they still are unable to accept what God has already spoken about. No matter how many try to cause disruptions God is always in control. “God the Father of Jesus Christ.” Mankind seems to think that they have the ability to overpower God. Yes they’ve tried to disrupt my journey but I’m in no way intimated by their actions. There is no time to waste on pity things. They’ve misjudged, misunderstood, lack understanding. My purpose was designed by God. Satan tried to defeat God but was unable to do so. So why does mankind think that they can defeat God/Lord?

The thoughts achieved yesterday and today are my own. I’ve accomplished and will continue to do so as long as I’m here. The disruptions are a sign that I’m on the right path. I’m having, shall receive, because God has already favored “Daughter.” They’ve invaded my journey. Tanikka Paulk never invaded the individuals journey. They’ve tried to take credit for my makings. I’ve made and there is proof of such. There is so much determination here and despite the adversities I’m confident that there will be the accomplishments of the goals.

There is unity and I Tanikka Paulk truly appreciate the ones who’ve helped pave the way. There should be focus on achieving higher goals. There should be thoughts of unity. The ability to unify despite what some try to dish out. The foundation was laid and mankind can try to send out their spears but God has already ordained that. Yes He has. I’ve received the negative words and tossed the words back. My goal is to make the necessary changes. No matter what’s said about me=Tanikka Paulk what’s said about you=Tanikka Paulk “I’m going to keep on moving in the right direction.” by: Tanikka Paulk

Oh how some have underestimated my ability to discover and explore the endless possibilities. I’m functional enough to proceed and some are more in tuned with challenging me=Tanikka Paulk when they should be in tuned with their own dreams. My vision shouldn’t belong to every person. Every person shouldn’t be on my journey. I must remain focused in order to find the appropriate solutions. So many can criticize but what have are they willing to offer?

There are some trying to force individuals to invade my “purpose.” It’s my journey. Tanikka Paulk journey and every person shouldn’t receive an invitation. If they tried to sabotage then why should they be on my journey? There is so much confidence to proceed. I’m truly blessed to have the ones with sense to encourage the proceeding. Soon enough there will be the completeness and I’ll be thrilled. The words have encouraged me=Tanikka Paulk although some probably thought their negative words would have broken my entire body. No!

Imagine having to deal with some of the most cynical People. How would some handle such matters? Some probably would have given up and there are some who’ve decided to hide. I’m able to smile and believe that my gifts have and will continue to make the differences. Yes they’ve tried to force me=Tanikka Paulk to stop but God is allowing the movements to continue. Persons should try to live their dreams. I’m going to continue to try and live my dreams.

Yes that purpose mission matters. I’ve heard and read some of the negatives but I’m in no way discouraged. I’ve been chosen to be in the position I’m currently in. The individuals who’ve tried to ruin my walk will probably regret their actions. Some have tried to discipline me=Tanikka Paulk and really need to be disciplined themselves. If I focused on what the persons have said or will say then there will be less progress when there should be more. I’m going to continue as long as I Tanikka Paulk have breathe in my body. “What’s said about Tanikka Paulk should generate encouragement no matter what words are said.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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To Properly Conduct Business is to Learn About Business

When there’s business there will be focus on the important aspects of business. To conduct business transactions takes concentration. There will be disruptions in which so many competitors project but a “true’ businesswoman or man will conduct their business refusing to allow the disruptions to invade the business. “I’m a businesswoman and conducting business will receive my undivided attention understood.” by; Tanikka Paulk.  I’ve learned about business and still learning yes I’m passionate about business and understand that business isn’t my entire world.

Business will incur many avenues there are many doors to enter into. Some of the doors will close and yes there could be disappointments but the key is to get back up again. There are businesses failing because business owners refuse “to focus” on their business some are more concerned with what their competition is doing. There needs to be more focus on business so that there can be more revenue generated. The more revenue generated the better the economy will be. Business owners will compete but there should also be encouragement.

There are many ways to learn about a business. Education, reading, listening to audios about business. There are many forms of business and some are unwilling to learn to all to business. The ins and outs of business. Some jump into business deals without considering all the aspects of business. Business partners competing with one another. “Yes there’s the competition but what will the overly competitive offer?” (Tanikka Paulk). There shouldn’t be bickering or fighting occurring when trying to elevate businesses.

I’m passionate about business and understand that there will be competition but refuse to allow any business owner to disrespect my business path. There are way too many business owners trying to sabotage a business owner and their business. Growing the economy will help so many. Haven’t they considered such? A business can fail if there’s the focus on what their competition is or will do. There are some taking gigantic risks in order to compete why? Some are risking their freedom in order to get their competition down.

Who really wants to conduct business with disrespectful, ungrateful, awful business partners and businesses? Some are crazed. They demonstrate envy instead of reviewing their business growth the focus should be on generating wealth. That’s right. A stabilized “economy” will lower the homelessness rate. Business owners are at risk to be apart of the homelessness rate. To achieve will have to involve confidence and so many business owners are demonstrating that they’re without the confidence in order to grow their business. “Think about the business, securing the business, and elevating to levels which will offer unity.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Good Prosperous Complete Moments Ahead

There is joyfulness when analyzing further and finding more than there was before. Even when it seems as though many storms have formed there will always be breakthroughs. There is hope and there is the continuous motions. Prosperity can occur at any “moment.” It’s time and so many are awaiting their abundance. Prayers for abundance continue to occur. I’m a firm believer in hopefulness and transformation. It may appear as though there’s less but God is preparing more. That’s what the abundance represents. Even if there are 10 pennies there will be silver coins or gold.

Goodness is on the Right Path

There is goodness in this home here. I’ve faced many challenges but I’m still blessed. Oh yes there have been many tying to project their discouragement but there is glorious moments ahead. Amen! Sometimes there are thoughts of when the abundance will arrive but patience is necessary. “The sunshine continues to brighten the area here and God has many plans and victories.” (Tanikka Paulk). How many are actually grateful for their wealth? Yes there are many less fortunate but feel blessed because they’re alive.

To be Prosperous is to Live by Faith

To live faithfully meaning to believe the words spoken by God and Jesus Christ. “Oh yes indeed I’m alive and I’m grateful to be able to still smell the roses.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There should be smiles because God is awesome and He will do what He said He will do. Today there could be a half plate full and tomorrow there could be the abundantly achieved. Prayer continues and I’m aware of just how God has favored Tiki=Tanikka Paulk.

My time is now and I’m so thankful that there are some supportive of my journey. Yes it may appear as though many have turned their backs but no matter how many turn away God and Jesus Christ will never forsake. The battle continues where there are some trying to overpower me=Tanikka Paulk but God has intervened. To allow the growth will help others but how many think on such a level? Movements are occurring there is steadiness. Transformations continue to occur there is gladness. My place is still there. “To think of moving ahead is such a joy.” (Tanikka Paulk).

I’m getting closer and closer. There will be a place where there is complete peace. God wants His children to be at peace and especially His anointed. The rumbles have tried to interrupt the progress but there is still accomplishments. There should be confident and there so be “good” thoughts because there will certainly be abundance. God can intervene in areas where there is chaos. “My purpose was designed by God and I’ve achieved so therefore I’m confident that there will be more achievements.” By: Tanikka Paulk. What’s the next step? Have to wait and see.

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I’m Proceeding Without the Antics

Why should there be focus on the antics? There shouldn’t be any focus on the stupidity. There are so many continuing to cause problems but I’m continuing to proceed so that there are more accomplishments, goals, and projects completed.  Are they trying to make me=Tanikka Paulk lose my focus? Perhaps that’s what they’re trying to do. My goal is to remain confident and continue to build upwards. The competitors will try things in order to get their competition down. That’s why it’s so important to remain positive and pray. There are some who refuse to pray perhaps because they don’t in believe in prayer but prayer helps.

To think that there are so many People willing to stop a writer from continuing. They take every word written personally. There is hope although there are occasions when the bugs are so more than pests. I’m choosing to focus on areas which add productivity. To focus on the antics would be that there’s less productivity and can one really afford to be less “productive?” There will be a time when it appears as though there’s slowness. The ones wanting to remove the focus perhaps have lost their confidence. “There are many reasons why the journey continues.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There is inspiration just looking closer is necessary. “It’s important to be surrounded by the visionaries.” (Tanikka Paulk) The ones continuing to try and discourage won’t add any value to the journey. There are some so determined to break the chain of prosperity that they’ll send out the attacks even when it’s time to rest. The word has kept me=Tanikka Paulk. My faith hasn’t left me-Tanikka Paulk. There’s the drive to reach heights beyond measures. My eyes have seen what some may not see. I’m grateful to be able to have opportunities which some may desire.

My dreams remain with me=Tanikka Paulk. Yes there are many who’ve tried to take credit for my work. They’ve tried to remove my information but somewhere there will be proof. “There is a smile because I’m aware just how God has favored me=Tanikka Paulk.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There’s a purpose to fulfill and I’m the mission to fulfill it. The thoughts are so important my attitude towards what has occurred has brought more understanding. There are many interested in my path. They want to head where I’m headed. Some may wonder what’s next.

Every person has be given a gift. There should be desires to nourish the talents. The competitors may seem like the devil but they can’t take away what God has already ordained. Yes, they’ll try, but the chosen should continue to proceed. There are some refusing to live their “dreams” because of what so many will try to do. The crowd will say plenty but what value will they add. There should be more encouraging but there seems to be so many trying to stop the dreams. “What is meant for one person isn’t meant for all. Meaning that God gives each person their individualized gift and talents.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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What is it That They Want From me=Tanikka Paulk

Do they want my five sons, do they want my eyes, do they want my blessings to come? What is it that they want? It seems as though there are so many surrounded by darkness. Are they able to see the light? God already declared my purpose so why are they so in tuned with trying to steal what was designed for me=Tanikka Paulk? My journey certainly isn’t complete. The words projected in this= tanikka paulk and also that direction isn’t a reasons to void. There is joy in knowing that my purpose is so important that they’re unable to resist the travel. Does every person have an invitation? No! They’re so focused on trying to cause a cease that they’re refusing to focus on their own “dreams.” What do they really want? Some behave as if they want my entire Body. 

What is given is given and what shall be shall be. The competitors can have a sit because I’m going to remain confident on my journey and pray that there is completion. It’s really nice to know that God has chosen “Tanikka Paulk.” Oh what joy. It’s better to smile at the envious ones and pray for the ones. I’m so blessed no matter what they’re saying “God has allowed the purpose to continue.” (T. Paulk=Tanikka Paulk) They’re unaware of the damage that they’re causing for themselves. “My eyes have viewed what they probably haven’t thought of viewing.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

What am I Tanikka Paulk saying? “I’m saying” that there are some I wouldn’t dare give an invitation to. That’s right. They’re so devious and I’m way too focus on what God has declared. The words aren’t important enough to carry with me=Tanikka Paulk. Trying to steal what is given won’t bring the individuals joyfulness. They’ll find that God will administer the reaping. How many are really concerned about  where I’m headed? Perhaps there’s more than imagined. They’ve laughed., taunted, and heckled but I’m still here. Yes Tanikka Paulk is still here in Miami, and so what? I’m doing more than chasing my dreams.

It’s the name that so many are after. It’s the blessing in which they think I’m going to receive that has grabbed their attention. The chatter continues but so am I. I’m continuing to seek. The bible states that, “Seek and you Shall Find.” I’m you=Tanikka Paulk. I’m proceeding to my abundance and what are they going to do? There is smiling going on and there is laughter because laughter produces better moods. What I’ve discovered is that there are more within the realm which leads to misunderstanding. What they really should be focused on is their own elevation. What I’ve chosen to do is my business.

My name is Tanikka Paulk and if they wish they can put my name in lower case and it’s still the same. I’m going to achieve further because I’m believing in self. No matter what they throw at me=Tanikka Paulk. Tanikka=Tanikka Paulk is continuing for many reasons. God has favored “Tanikka Paulk” and it isn’t bragging. The truth has been supplied despite the disagreeable People. Oh what oh what do they want? My mission is to proceed to a place where there will be “great” joy, further developments, and the prosperity. “I’m believing that my position is more than so many can handle. The Great Light is here.” By: Tanikka Paulk. God has addressed what I’ve supplied here.

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Craft Confidence is Extremely Helpful

It appears as though there are so many folks not feeling comfortable within their craft. There’s no need to try and sabotage or become overly competitive. If persons are comfortable and confident about their craft then they’ll just try to elevate further and will refrain from trying to pull others down. The ones who continue to try and cause disturbances aren’t secure or they’re envious of what some are accomplishing. In  order to become more skilled at a craft one has to decide to put in more effort and become more focused. There will be outsiders trying to cause disconnections and there will certainly be a lot of competitors trying to cause discouragement.

Be Confident and Believe That the Accomplishments Will Occur”

There are way too many refraining from believing in self. They’re more focused on trying to prevent elevations when there should be more focus on creating more and more leaders. To be gifted at a craft or crafts is very rewarding but when so many are trying to hinder trying to elevate further can become difficult. Keeping the confidence is important. Once a person losing their confidence, it may become quite difficult to regain, no matter what’s being said it’s better to just proceed. We’ll certainly have to deal with the noisemakers at some point but there should be focusing on what will add value.

What so many are or will say may add absolutely no value to a journey. Unfortunately there are a lot of highly competitive People and some are extremely aggressive. For some every move they’re making within their craft is under a microscope. They’re probably watching right now. Indeed they are. No matter how many times folks try to prevent a person from proceeding on their journey. The willingness should be within, be determined, and continue to believe that eventually there will be completeness.

So many end up giving up because of what’s being said. There are some afraid to proceed because of what they’ve been told. We’ll have to face some of the toughest critics and there will be some unwilling to accept the gift or gifts which were given before birth. There are so many believing that they’re capable of removing a gift but what is declared by God no man (meaning mankind) can take away. Yes, they’ll continue to try to sabotage, the victory is won when there isn’t any giving up!

When continuing to proceed with a craft one will find that there will be many rewards. Of course there will be some hardships but we’re capable of getting through the hardships. Of course there will be some willing to go through extreme measures in order to remove their competition. The focus should be on continuing to prosper. “Feel so Confident That the Words the Competitors use Aren’t Even Heard.”By: Tanikka Paulk Why so many are up against crafts? There are some refraining from thinking confidently.

I’m a writer, blogger, advocate/activist and Founder. I’ve experienced so many setbacks but refused to give up. Yes, there are a lot trying to cause discouragement but I’m refusing to give in. “Unfortunately There Will be Some Wanting to Take Credit for the Work Completed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The competitors will continue to make noise and the ones wanting to further their elevation may become discouraged due to having to witness what some have to go through. “In the Realm of Confidence, Encouraged, Believing.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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To Remain Confident is the Main key
December 7, 2017

Having confidence is very important and some will lose their confidence because of what they’re going through. There’s so much to face while here and there will be times when we’re feeling fatigued due to the pressures which we’ll experience. “Being Confident is a joy and we Should all Appreciate Being Surrounded by Confidence.’ (Tanikka Paulk). There are so many ways to build confidence and some simply aren’t knowledgeable about the many ways to do so. It’s not difficult to remain confident however being surrounded by a lot of persons who insist on trying to remove the confidence can certainly take a toll.

Too many are in tuned with trying to discourage instead of trying to make sure that more are achieving. We’re worthy of course but when facing so many individuals who are trying to pull down can be unsettling. That’s why we should take some time out and just think and allow the mind to think about exciting events. The competition is the reason why so many are so in tuned with trying to create discouragement. Facing so many at one time can be filled with complexities. Why are so many so cruel? There’s so many reasons why so many are but if we ponder long and hard on what others will do or say then we’ll end up not achieving what we should achieve.

So many may want to give up because of what they’ll have to go through. Not being able to cope can really make any person just crumble. The very individuals we’ll expect to be support will be the very ones who try to break the line of confidence. It’s better to “just smile” and don’t worry about what they’re saying. It’s obvious when a person has what so many may desire by the way the persons will try to pull and tug at the person. There’s a reason why some are chosen to lead and others are not. Going on despite what’s going on will demonstrate that a person is not only confident but on the right track.

Image having to deal with so many not willing to even offer a break to be challenged often. Not a good position to be in but through the “avenue of confidence” the person or persons can achieve anyway. There are so many folks trying to get ahead and they’re not able to do so because of the persons trying to hinder. If they’re trying to hinder in any way then they’re behind. Indeed they’re behind. Every person was given a gift and should be allowed to move forward. There are some always trying to disrupt what’s taking place. So many causing so much havoc.

I’m continuing on and there’s many reasons why. “The process isn’t an easy one.” There are some continuing to develop strength despite what they’re going through. “No I’m not Stopping or Given up for any Person. I’m Continuing Because I’ve Been Chosen.” (Tanikka Paulk). To be harassed is like a nail in the bottom of my foot but despite the harassment I’m still on the road to more success. Even the wealthy will be behind and not understand why some are chosen and others are not. To believe in my gifts are a blessing.

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My Competitors are so Enslaved

What can I (Tanikka Paulk) say about the competition? A lot can be said but what I’m going to place here is what I’m continuing to experience and the mindsets of my competition. Never have I (Tanikka Paulk) ever heard of so many trying to hang on to one person can trying to create a cease for “a person.” I’m a person and so many continue to try and come up against me+=(Tanikka Paulk) how annoying to have to deal with the competitors. If they’re continuously trying to disconnect their competition from what can assist with rising then they’re so disturbed. Their mindsets are no different then the mindsets of the ones who were captured as slaves.

The ones who aren’t trying to create positive actions are the ones we should consider staying clear of. Too many seem to be focused on what can’t generate more stability within society. Their line of thinking is to try and create setbacks and to make sure that there isn’t any “movements” taking place. If the person is trying to achieve more and isn’t disturbing others then why shouldn’t the person be allowed to advance even financially? There are some who will want to stop others from earning. Not allowing a person to earn can not only cause problems for the person but can also hurt the economy. Never have I (Tanikka Paulk) heard of persons stopping a leader’s earnings. “They’re not Familiar With the Ladderr.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Some competitors are disturbed and that’s why some end up being sued, jailed, or end up losing so much because of their mindsets. If they keep coming up against the person then they could find that they end up in a hole they’re unable to get out of. For some the only way that they’ll stop is if they’re incarcerated. It’s pretty sad that so many refuse to just allow “the growth” to take place. There are some competitors who will even hack devices in order to see what their competition is doing at all times. They really should be focused on their business and not on what a person is trying to achieve.

It doesn’t appear as if there’s too many good ones. There are some who continue to wreck havoc and aren’t even concerned about the consequences. Soon enough the competitors will face what they’re not prepared to face. A lot of achievers have faced the competition and ended up incurring more. There are some who aren’t confident enough to focus on their own dreams so they’ll try to ride the back of others in hopes that they’ll get a free ride. “Their Actions are no Different Then the Actions That Slaves Would Display.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). They’ve placed themselves in their own slavery. Some may not come out of the their own set traps.

There are some competitors who can not think “clearly” due to their evil ways. Some are so focused on where a person could possibly be headed and that where they could be going if they simply mind their own business. There has to be some positive ways to deal with the competitors and there has to be a time of releasing. Having to deal with the competition can cause some stress. They should be aware of their behavior and if they’re causing disturbances within devices then the competitors need to be arrested.

Who really wants to deal with so many who can’t seem to get their own lives on track. If they’re achievers then they wouldn’t have time to be harassing a person everyday. My competition has been after me=(Tanikka Paulk) for a very long time. I’m confident to know that I’m in a position where growth can certainly take place. There has to be “a higher level” otherwise they wouldn’t keep coming after me=(Tanikka Paulk). Can’t accept where I’m headed. Not all competitors are enslaved some are just seeing just how advanced their competition is. Perhaps some really do need their competition.

“A Tree can Represent Growth and Where a Person is Headed.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Stay in Control Within Destructive Environments

There are so many who may be quick tempered. Any action could make the persons lose control. When dealing with individuals, especially difficult individuals one will need to keep their thinking caps on, there are some who enjoy instigating. Perhaps a need to have some drama in their lives. The best thing to do is focus on the positives “and proceed” with positivity. Continue on and refrain from spending too much time in toxic environments. Not all persons will try to be positive in fact no person is always positive.

“Love Balloon Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

In order to stay composed one would need to see and don’t see. Quickly replace the negative information with positive information. Continue to smile and enjoy activities which are rewarding and offer some relaxation. Unfortunately there are some who are junkies not meaning drug related but addicted to dramatic experiences. The need to see how some will react to certain situations. Remaining “cool and collected” will let the individuals know that their antics are worth taking the time to be apart of.

Any person who expects to elevate shouldn’t spend time indulging in drama. Of course just about every person wants to see or is involved in some form of drama. Some create drama to either boost their egos or to just pinch a nerve. A lot of people may create drama in order to get a “rise” out of a person of to gain their attention. Some may feel the need to be dramatic or overly dramatic in order to receive whatever it is they’re trying to receive. Lost of women may use overly dramatics to either pick a fight or to either gain.

Some environments are riddled with haters. The ones who continue to try and cause disturbances in order to disconnect or to cause others to doubt. The ones who continue such behavior may not be stable. In order for the person who wants to remain in control to continue to function and “be stabilized.” The person would need to block out the images which can cause negative thinking. If there’s tasks to complete then there is no time to be bothered with silly antics which will never offer any benefits.

Not all persons appreciate seeing others try to advance so there may be some who will continuously try to stop the growth of others. If they’re not trying to be positive and are always causing disruptions then it’s best to stay clear of the individuals or to at least spend less time in their environments. Some feel the need to cause confusion. Trying to drive others mad because they’re not happy or simply in competition with the individuals. It’s better to try and be filled with happiness and “be apart of positive energies.”

Trying to advance in anyway could cause a lot of people to become envious and want to disturb what is taking place. If there’s no value in what is occurring then it’s better to seek out valuable relationships, friendships, and environments which can help with “elevation.” Spending time around positive people will produce happiness or more happiness. Listening to inspiring people will offer greater confidence. Don’t allow any person to create insanity. Of course there’s so many who will continue to try.

“Stay Uplifted Even When the Troubled One’s Start Acting out.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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