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Craft Confidence is Extremely Helpful

It appears as though there are so many folks not feeling comfortable within their craft. There’s no need to try and sabotage or become overly competitive. If persons are comfortable and confident about their craft then they’ll just try to elevate further and will refrain from trying to pull others down. The ones who continue to try and cause disturbances aren’t secure or they’re envious of what some are accomplishing. In  order to become more skilled at a craft one has to decide to put in more effort and become more focused. There will be outsiders trying to cause disconnections and there will certainly be a lot of competitors trying to cause discouragement.

Be Confident and Believe That the Accomplishments Will Occur”

There are way too many refraining from believing in self. They’re more focused on trying to prevent elevations when there should be more focus on creating more and more leaders. To be gifted at a craft or crafts is very rewarding but when so many are trying to hinder trying to elevate further can become difficult. Keeping the confidence is important. Once a person losing their confidence, it may become quite difficult to regain, no matter what’s being said it’s better to just proceed. We’ll certainly have to deal with the noisemakers at some point but there should be focusing on what will add value.

What so many are or will say may add absolutely no value to a journey. Unfortunately there are a lot of highly competitive People and some are extremely aggressive. For some every move they’re making within their craft is under a microscope. They’re probably watching right now. Indeed they are. No matter how many times folks try to prevent a person from proceeding on their journey. The willingness should be within, be determined, and continue to believe that eventually there will be completeness.

So many end up giving up because of what’s being said. There are some afraid to proceed because of what they’ve been told. We’ll have to face some of the toughest critics and there will be some unwilling to accept the gift or gifts which were given before birth. There are so many believing that they’re capable of removing a gift but what is declared by God no man (meaning mankind) can take away. Yes, they’ll continue to try to sabotage, the victory is won when there isn’t any giving up!

When continuing to proceed with a craft one will find that there will be many rewards. Of course there will be some hardships but we’re capable of getting through the hardships. Of course there will be some willing to go through extreme measures in order to remove their competition. The focus should be on continuing to prosper. “Feel so Confident That the Words the Competitors use Aren’t Even Heard.”By: Tanikka Paulk Why so many are up against crafts? There are some refraining from thinking confidently.

I’m a writer, blogger, advocate/activist and Founder. I’ve experienced so many setbacks but refused to give up. Yes, there are a lot trying to cause discouragement but I’m refusing to give in. “Unfortunately There Will be Some Wanting to Take Credit for the Work Completed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The competitors will continue to make noise and the ones wanting to further their elevation may become discouraged due to having to witness what some have to go through. “In the Realm of Confidence, Encouraged, Believing.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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To Remain Confident is the Main key
December 7, 2017

Having confidence is very important and some will lose their confidence because of what they’re going through. There’s so much to face while here and there will be times when we’re feeling fatigued due to the pressures which we’ll experience. “Being Confident is a joy and we Should all Appreciate Being Surrounded by Confidence.’ (Tanikka Paulk). There are so many ways to build confidence and some simply aren’t knowledgeable about the many ways to do so. It’s not difficult to remain confident however being surrounded by a lot of persons who insist on trying to remove the confidence can certainly take a toll.

Too many are in tuned with trying to discourage instead of trying to make sure that more are achieving. We’re worthy of course but when facing so many individuals who are trying to pull down can be unsettling. That’s why we should take some time out and just think and allow the mind to think about exciting events. The competition is the reason why so many are so in tuned with trying to create discouragement. Facing so many at one time can be filled with complexities. Why are so many so cruel? There’s so many reasons why so many are but if we ponder long and hard on what others will do or say then we’ll end up not achieving what we should achieve.

So many may want to give up because of what they’ll have to go through. Not being able to cope can really make any person just crumble. The very individuals we’ll expect to be support will be the very ones who try to break the line of confidence. It’s better to “just smile” and don’t worry about what they’re saying. It’s obvious when a person has what so many may desire by the way the persons will try to pull and tug at the person. There’s a reason why some are chosen to lead and others are not. Going on despite what’s going on will demonstrate that a person is not only confident but on the right track.

Image having to deal with so many not willing to even offer a break to be challenged often. Not a good position to be in but through the “avenue of confidence” the person or persons can achieve anyway. There are so many folks trying to get ahead and they’re not able to do so because of the persons trying to hinder. If they’re trying to hinder in any way then they’re behind. Indeed they’re behind. Every person was given a gift and should be allowed to move forward. There are some always trying to disrupt what’s taking place. So many causing so much havoc.

I’m continuing on and there’s many reasons why. “The process isn’t an easy one.” There are some continuing to develop strength despite what they’re going through. “No I’m not Stopping or Given up for any Person. I’m Continuing Because I’ve Been Chosen.” (Tanikka Paulk). To be harassed is like a nail in the bottom of my foot but despite the harassment I’m still on the road to more success. Even the wealthy will be behind and not understand why some are chosen and others are not. To believe in my gifts are a blessing.

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My Competitors are so Enslaved

What can I (Tanikka Paulk) say about the competition? A lot can be said but what I’m going to place here is what I’m continuing to experience and the mindsets of my competition. Never have I (Tanikka Paulk) ever heard of so many trying to hang on to one person can trying to create a cease for “a person.” I’m a person and so many continue to try and come up against me+=(Tanikka Paulk) how annoying to have to deal with the competitors. If they’re continuously trying to disconnect their competition from what can assist with rising then they’re so disturbed. Their mindsets are no different then the mindsets of the ones who were captured as slaves.

The ones who aren’t trying to create positive actions are the ones we should consider staying clear of. Too many seem to be focused on what can’t generate more stability within society. Their line of thinking is to try and create setbacks and to make sure that there isn’t any “movements” taking place. If the person is trying to achieve more and isn’t disturbing others then why shouldn’t the person be allowed to advance even financially? There are some who will want to stop others from earning. Not allowing a person to earn can not only cause problems for the person but can also hurt the economy. Never have I (Tanikka Paulk) heard of persons stopping a leader’s earnings. “They’re not Familiar With the Ladderr.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Some competitors are disturbed and that’s why some end up being sued, jailed, or end up losing so much because of their mindsets. If they keep coming up against the person then they could find that they end up in a hole they’re unable to get out of. For some the only way that they’ll stop is if they’re incarcerated. It’s pretty sad that so many refuse to just allow “the growth” to take place. There are some competitors who will even hack devices in order to see what their competition is doing at all times. They really should be focused on their business and not on what a person is trying to achieve.

It doesn’t appear as if there’s too many good ones. There are some who continue to wreck havoc and aren’t even concerned about the consequences. Soon enough the competitors will face what they’re not prepared to face. A lot of achievers have faced the competition and ended up incurring more. There are some who aren’t confident enough to focus on their own dreams so they’ll try to ride the back of others in hopes that they’ll get a free ride. “Their Actions are no Different Then the Actions That Slaves Would Display.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). They’ve placed themselves in their own slavery. Some may not come out of the their own set traps.

There are some competitors who can not think “clearly” due to their evil ways. Some are so focused on where a person could possibly be headed and that where they could be going if they simply mind their own business. There has to be some positive ways to deal with the competitors and there has to be a time of releasing. Having to deal with the competition can cause some stress. They should be aware of their behavior and if they’re causing disturbances within devices then the competitors need to be arrested.

Who really wants to deal with so many who can’t seem to get their own lives on track. If they’re achievers then they wouldn’t have time to be harassing a person everyday. My competition has been after me=(Tanikka Paulk) for a very long time. I’m confident to know that I’m in a position where growth can certainly take place. There has to be “a higher level” otherwise they wouldn’t keep coming after me=(Tanikka Paulk). Can’t accept where I’m headed. Not all competitors are enslaved some are just seeing just how advanced their competition is. Perhaps some really do need their competition.

“A Tree can Represent Growth and Where a Person is Headed.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Stay in Control Within Destructive Environments

There are so many who may be quick tempered. Any action could make the persons lose control. When dealing with individuals, especially difficult individuals one will need to keep their thinking caps on, there are some who enjoy instigating. Perhaps a need to have some drama in their lives. The best thing to do is focus on the positives “and proceed” with positivity. Continue on and refrain from spending too much time in toxic environments. Not all persons will try to be positive in fact no person is always positive.

“Love Balloon Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

In order to stay composed one would need to see and don’t see. Quickly replace the negative information with positive information. Continue to smile and enjoy activities which are rewarding and offer some relaxation. Unfortunately there are some who are junkies not meaning drug related but addicted to dramatic experiences. The need to see how some will react to certain situations. Remaining “cool and collected” will let the individuals know that their antics are worth taking the time to be apart of.

Any person who expects to elevate shouldn’t spend time indulging in drama. Of course just about every person wants to see or is involved in some form of drama. Some create drama to either boost their egos or to just pinch a nerve. A lot of people may create drama in order to get a “rise” out of a person of to gain their attention. Some may feel the need to be dramatic or overly dramatic in order to receive whatever it is they’re trying to receive. Lost of women may use overly dramatics to either pick a fight or to either gain.

Some environments are riddled with haters. The ones who continue to try and cause disturbances in order to disconnect or to cause others to doubt. The ones who continue such behavior may not be stable. In order for the person who wants to remain in control to continue to function and “be stabilized.” The person would need to block out the images which can cause negative thinking. If there’s tasks to complete then there is no time to be bothered with silly antics which will never offer any benefits.

Not all persons appreciate seeing others try to advance so there may be some who will continuously try to stop the growth of others. If they’re not trying to be positive and are always causing disruptions then it’s best to stay clear of the individuals or to at least spend less time in their environments. Some feel the need to cause confusion. Trying to drive others mad because they’re not happy or simply in competition with the individuals. It’s better to try and be filled with happiness and “be apart of positive energies.”

Trying to advance in anyway could cause a lot of people to become envious and want to disturb what is taking place. If there’s no value in what is occurring then it’s better to seek out valuable relationships, friendships, and environments which can help with “elevation.” Spending time around positive people will produce happiness or more happiness. Listening to inspiring people will offer greater confidence. Don’t allow any person to create insanity. Of course there’s so many who will continue to try.

“Stay Uplifted Even When the Troubled One’s Start Acting out.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Keep Smiling Even When it’s Stormy

A smile can make a brighter day. Smiling helps when it appears as if the troubles will never subside. No trouble will last always but going through so many storms at one time can make it appear as if the storms will never roll over. Through patience so many are able to face the stormy days. There is hope after all. There is joy in knowing that no storm will last always. Every person will have to face adversity and some will go through so many challenges all at once but are still strong enough to get through the troubles. “I’m still standing and I’m still on my journey for a reason huh?”

Yes indeed. That’s right. No matter how many storms arise. I Tanikka Paulk shall not feel defeated. There’s a reason why I’m continuing on and a reason why I’m “chosen to travel such a path.” Not every person will face the same storms. My storms aren’t like the next. There’s been moments where the storm stood still and there was nothing but continuous thunder, downpours, and rumbles. I’m still here and will continue as long as I’m breathing.

So I’m smiling because of the thoughts of advancement even when so many try to cause disruptions. Some may become discourage when having to face many storms. Of course there will be days when it’s difficult to smile because of what’s occurring. There should be times when meditation occurs in order to remain functional. It’s not easy having to face so many storms. To have to deal with so many who may not understand why the path was chosen for certain individuals. Some may try to stop the growth but remain filled with confidence.

Smiling has helped when the road gets rough. To engage in :positive thinking” and to think about the future. Thinking positively helps relive some of the pressure which can occur when having to face a lot of adversity. Some may not be in control with their emotions and that’s one of the reasons why some may try to cause stress for others. Not receiving what they want and not accepting that some are suppose to be on the path they’re on.

No matter how many try to cause disconnects. I’m still choosing to go on. The problems will arise aren’t great enough to cause me=Tanikka Paulk to stop. No matter what the noisemakers are saying. I’m remaining hopeful. I’m not dismayed by what others are doing because they’re not in charge. That’a right. “God is always in charge (The Creator of Mankind by: T. Paulk).” What takes place may occur for many reasons but the problems faced can be handled in time.

“I’m Pleased With the Opportunity to be Apart of Growth and Movement and Despite What so Many Have Tried to do to me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m Still Here.”  By: Tanikka Paulk

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Taking sometime to just settle down when facing a lot of pressure from the hecklers, naysayers, and critics. Keep the smile. If shutting down all devices and turning down the lights is needed in order to relieve stress then do so. No person should allow others to tear their dreams and their mind down. There is and will be a victory. So continue on, yes it’s rather sad when so many feel the need to try and hinder, or to prevent “progress.” “Smiling.”

“LOVE” Photo Belongs to  Tanikka Paulk

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My Numerous issues in life
March 23, 2017

I have had numerous certainty issues throughout my life, all of which I have either managed or overcome. I have expounded on some of these issues underneath.

1. The Bald Patch

2. My tallness

3. My weight

4. The stammer

5. My absence of faith in myself

6. My vocation


Despite the fact that to a few people it might appear to be trifling, I was conceived with an uncovered fix the span of a ten pence piece. As I experienced adolescence and particularly the high school years I turned out to be increasingly hesitant and suspicious about it.

It was particularly discernible when it drizzled or when I went swimming as my hair would get to be distinctly wet. Individuals at school would scorn me and I was always attempting to stow away and cover the uncovered fix despite the fact that a great many people thought about it.

It hurt when individuals giggled at me and inevitably I quit going swimming.


Out of the greater part of my nearby male family and companions, I am the most limited at 5ft 4. This most likely ought not impact my certainty however with individuals ceaselessly looking down on me it did. I have been called many names, the most pleasant being “Shorty”.

I was constantly envious of other individuals taller than I was. I trusted that one day I may have a late spurt. This never came.

My stature influenced me with game. I needed to be a striker at football however the mentors just needed individuals more than 6ft tall. At snooker I am always need to utilize the rest which makes it hard to play up to the best standard and at tennis I was continually being hurled. It likewise implied that I just felt happy with dating ladies 5ft 3 and under which diminishes the accessible market significantly.


Amid senior school I was thin. This may have been the aftereffect of my folks turning vegan when I was twelve. At the time there were not very many substitution sustenances and it appeared as if we went from having meat and two veg to only two veg.

As my folks cooked the nourishment I had little alternative however to likewise turn veggie lover. Following half a month I moved toward them and revealed to them that I missed and needed to eat meat. They were understanding to a certain extent and stated:

“In the event that you need it, you cook it”

At this age I could just truly be tried to cook appropriately a couple days of the week and that slowly turned out to be less and less.

Individuals at school would call me names like skin and bone and my weight turned into another region of distrustfulness for me.


At four years old I built up a stammer. This turned out to be bit by bit more regrettable as I got to be distinctly more established despite the fact that my folks were informed that I would become out of it.

For what familiar individuals would class as straightforward undertakings like perusing from a book at school, noting questions, saying my name and address, requesting things at the bar or in an eatery, and talking on the phone turned into a consistent fight.

It was an extremely disappointing obstruction, as I appeared to have the capacity to talk fluidly to individuals I knew well and whom I felt alright with, however at different circumstances particularly under any type of weight couldn’t let out the slightest peep.

At the age of twenty two after around eleven months of sheer diligent work and practice I figured out how to defeat the stammer and I now help other individuals who falter to accomplish familiarity and additionally peopling with certainty issues.


I generally had an absence of faith in specific ranges.

I would see a female in a bar for instance and would need to go over and converse with her however would have the negative state of mind of I’m sufficiently bad, why might she be keen on me? I falter, I have a bare fix, I have a modest occupation and I am thin.

Regardless of the possibility that I approach her and am fruitful, I would then be required to get her a drink, potentially telephone her, perhaps meet her folks, and perhaps get hitched! The prospect of endeavoring these things with a falter and with an absence of social certainty was excessively overwhelming for me.

I cleared out school at sixteen for the most part because of an absence of certainty and the stammer, however then had the issue of finding work. Again my absence of conviction came radiating through. Who might need to utilize someone with a falter, who has an absence of certainty and who is bashful around individuals?


In the wake of leaving school at sixteen years old I now needed to discover business. Enduring with a falter and a general absence of certainty implied that work including the telephone or normal association with other individuals were not by any means a choice.

I concluded that I could likely adapt to recording obligations in an office and inevitably picked up a position at an insurance agency.

I began at the least grade, a review two and the work was normal and everyday. The normal time to remain at this level before being advanced was six months. The review three post included sharing a telephone and this is something I discovered exceptionally hard to utilize.

To wind up overhauled you needed to apply in keeping in touch with the individual officer and afterward on the off chance that you passed the meeting were then advanced. My demeanor was that on the off chance that I don’t have any significant bearing I would remain as a review two, which is the thing that I needed. I was most likely the main individual in the nation who did not have any desire to be advanced.

My supervisor would ask me at normal interims for what valid reason I was not holding a candle to the current situation and I would come up with a rationalization. To keep him cheerful I took the protection exams. Following three years I had finished the primary capability which was an arrangement of five exams. To my loathsomeness my supervisor saluted me by expressing that he was overhauling me to a review three beginning Monday without the need of a meeting.

This advancement ought to as a result have given me a certainty help however with my falter wild under the weight and some of my partners taunting me I turned out to be increasingly pulled back and discouraged.

I would be welcome to get-togethers and would come up with reasons of why I couldn’t go as I had an absence of conviction that I could adapt to the event and all the mingling included.

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What Should I Do to Get Rid of Bad Habits?
February 27, 2017

If you ask me to get rid of my worst habit maybe I will look at you first before thinking about my bad habits because I have no bad habits. Jokes apart but for most of us getting rid of our bad habits perhaps not as easy as people tend to think. To be very frank most of us know what is good or bad for us but it is not easy to quit bad habits otherwise no one would have taken a moment to give up his all such habits.

If I say we know about our bad habits but we do not know the ways to get rid of them but if we knew how to get rid of them we would immediately give them up. Maybe that is the case with all of us but I feel it’s nothing but trying to evade the problem. Actually we can do it but we shall have to learn the basic reasons why we find bringing changes in our life for good.

If we can do that then there will be nothing that could stop us from reaching to our desired target. But the problem with us is that we have no confidence on our own capabilities but feel as if we somehow manage to leave the bad habits we shall not be able to succeed and reach back to old place.

There is no fixed formula that works same for everyone but everyone has his own habits with specific reasons and need different ways for getting rid of them but the good news is that we need just three things that help change our habits, a motive, willingness and self-confidence.

Rest is easy although it may take time but once you have decided to do it will be for you to stick to your decision. You must know that there is no short cut but entirely depends on your will power.

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Be Brave Enough and Believe in Prosperity
February 2, 2017

It feels so good to accomplish. Especially large “accomplishments.” Trying to shine in a very dark world isn’t easy but certainly should be done. That’s right! Of course one has to be brave because they’ll come up against some very devious people. Trying to discourage and break one down. Have to be strong and have faith. No gift should be hidden. A gift and talent can lead to prosperity. Some not pleased but oh well.

There will be all sorts of attacks. Attacks on one’s character and don’t be surprised about who is on the attack. There will be lots of distractions because of wanting one to slow down or stop altogether. No one can prosper by listening to noise makers. Eventually one will discover they’re able to proceed through the noise. Able to ignore which adds no “value.” There’s a reason hecklers heckle.

Some may not use bravery and are immobilized. Not brave enough to live their dreams because they’re afraid of the critics. Oh the overly critical people will come out. As long as there’s the belief in self. Then anyone can keep going through whatever takes place. Along the way there will be new discoveries and a lot of learning. Know who should be apart of the process and who should not.

There will be a lot of hate dished out but that’s alright. As long as there’s love there will be light. No amount of tactics will stop determination. Be extraordinary. Aim high and continue to make strides. They’ll be taking notice of any “changes which occur.” Stay uplifted by engaging in uplifting activities. Bravery may not be there at first. Bravery will come and stay once it arrives.

The one who try to discourage should be “blocked out.” pay no attention to their antics. They’re trying to slow a process down. Just keep going and continue to accomplish more and more. Some aren’t courageous and they may not want to see others be courageous. All of the struggles will certainly pay off. We’re conquerors right? Indeed.

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