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Epsom Salts And Its Health Benefits
April 25, 2017

Many people are deficient in magnesium which is the fourth most important positively charged ion in the body and second most abundant element in the human cells. Magnesium helps the body eliminate toxic waste, muscle control, electrical impulses and many other bodily functions. This deficiency accounts for the high rates in this country of osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, joke pain and arthritis, chronic fatigue, stress related problems, and digestive issues as well as other problems.

The easiest way to give our bodies a boost of magnesium is to soak in a bath of Epsom salts.

Because of changes in diet due to agricultural changes magnesium levels have dropped by half in the last century.

Calcium depletes magnesium but yet calcium does best when enough magnesium is present. Magnesium is not absorbed well through the digestive tract. Taking a calcium supplement has been found to decrease the magnesium. Many Americans have five times the calcium in the body as they do magnesium but the proper amount should be two to one. The chemistry of stomach acid, certain drugs and foods and certain medical conditions make magnesium supplements ineffective.

Epsom salts are made up of both sulfate and magnesium and is known scientifically as hydrated magnesium sulfate. These two elements are easily absorbed through the skin and studies show increased levels when a person soaks in a bath of Epsom salts. Sulfates are important in the making of brain tissue as well as the proteins that digestive tract wall lining and joint proteins. Sulfates also stimulate the pancreas in order to generate digestive enzymes which are thought to detoxify the body of environmental contaminants. So they play an important role.

It is suggested by researchers and physicians alike that the proper levels of both magnesium and sulfates in the body can have a bolstering affect on the body and how it works. Here is a list of just a few of their benefits:

* Improves oxygen use within the body.
* Improves nerve functioning.
* Easing or preventing of migraine headaches.
* Relieves stress.
* Inflammation reduction to relieve muscle cramps and pain.

Could just a ten minute bathing in hydrated magnesium sulfates help to relieve people of pain from fibromyalgia, migraines and stress? Three of the more common ailments many people seem to have now days.

Good News To Those Sick Of Psoriasis Your Sickness Could Be Healed Now Through Important Herbs In Cream and In Supplement
April 25, 2017

So say goodbye to cell assassins…

It will be too much annoying and distressing when assassin cells attack the body causing bad sickness like psoriasis. This sickness is called foreign invaders for that may permanently invade your body suffering the chronic inflammation that seems like killing the owner self due to frustrations and insecurities .This is not contagious but when people look at your skin their mind tells them to run away for fear of getting contaminated with it. Your own tissues attack you thereby causing worries and restless moments to escape from that reality.
The worst thing about psoriasis is when it leaves patches to mean its tissues dead but wrong for it develops again its own tissues grow there to develop psoriasis again every three to four days instead of developing it 28 days which is normal. It turns on itself and start to attack again its own tissue. That is how the husband of my niece feels every time patch of dead psoriasis called plaque is seen for it comes again to attack its own tissue. It gives inflammation feeling of the person sick of psoriasis.

Doctors said that psoriasis attack persons at ages 50 / 60, I think the data is wrong for my niece’ hubby got psoriasis at age 29. He is now 30 and psoriasis is still there on his vulnerable skin. This sickness deprives her husband total happiness for he is feeling insecure to his work as a nurse in UK. In fact, he was dismissed from the hospital where he works as hospital manager due to his psoriasis that covers most part of his arms and some in his neck. It’s not all the time that he wears long sleeves so his psoriasis could be visibly seen and those no knowledge of its nature as non-contagious may complain to the hospital administrators.

Foods to take can provide the patient a sure chance to heal psoriasis in a big way. This time herbs are discovered to give relief to psoriasis patients. (Al Sears, MD, CNS). These are the following herbs the Oregon grapes and the turmeric. The Oregon grapes contain alkaloid that fights inflamed tissue; it also weakens down the production of skin cells bearing the psoriasis tissues. Oregon grape is an evergreen plant, not a grape. This is a cream as effective as treatments like steroids.

There is a cream sold in health food store on line. Try this if you have psoriasis, the name of this cream is written in Latin words Mahonia aquifolium and check whether it contains 10% Mahonia aquifolium. The other one is the turmeric .It’s the root that you need for it contains a potential compound called curcumin. This is also best to heal psoriasis. It has inflammatory powers that improves and heals psoriasis gradually. Curcumin helps restore back inappropriate immune responses. Meaning the immune system is weak. It is very important to build very strong immune systems through right foods for they can combat deadly diseases. They block the entry of bad disease that may gradually weaken the entire force of the body system. We usually hear from friends and relatives that if one member in a family often gets sick their assessment is weak immune system which might be correct or not.

There is curcumin supplement and should you want to buy, please be advised to buy curcumin supplement that contains at least 90% curcuminoids. You are also advised to choose one that has black pepper extract , just inquire it in a pharmacy near you. I would recommend this to my niece ‘hubby at least I can help them end their worries for two years now, the discovery of the psoriasis of her hubby. They are residents in UK as employed their nurses in a government hospital. We asked our niece if hubby got the sickness from his patients. The answer was no. It is in her husband’s blood line; he inherited it from his grandfather, so sad. We pray their baby won’t inherit that bad and annoying sickness.

I hope everything will be fine and okay to those sick of psoriasis. Try to check the Oregon grapes cream and curcumin supplement. Good luck to you guys.

Image By Pixabay

My Gastric Bypass Journey- A personal weight loss story – Water, Water, Water
April 25, 2017

Yes water is boring. Many of us don’t drink enough. Ever. Personally I was brought up to drink orange juice, milk and Tab (diet soda) I don’t ever remember drinking water. I am not blaming my parents, in the fifties and sixties it was what you did.

Don’t get me started on diet sodas. They have been one of the causes of obesity since their invention and are now being touted as contributive to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

You hear during your nutrition visits how important it is to hydrate after surgery. Listen to your nutritionist. It is more important than you know. Think of it as how to flush the years of fat you have accumulated. Your liver and kidneys take up the work here to flush those nasty fat cells out of your body, give them some assistance and do not trip them up the alcohol or fruit juices- water is the gas to fuel your fat burning engine.

The side effects of not enough water intake can be ugly.

  • Leg cramps
  • Blood clots
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Kidney Stones
  • Gout
  • Nausea

Tips to take in more water:

  • Flavor
    • Essential oils- Lemon or Wild Orange are my favorites
    • Fruit infusion- add some lemon, lime, cucumber/mint
    • Crystal Light flavor packets
    • Decaf tea
  • Use a straw (wait til month 4 to try this)
  • Temperature (tastes change sometimes hot or luke warm works best early on)
  • Fun bottles and cups
  • Popsicles (sugar free)
  • High water content foods
    • Cucumbers
    • Lettuce
    • Watermelon (caution of the sugar content here so only one slice at a time)

Without water your body cannot function, your weight loss will stall and you will end up with nasty complications. All of which will send you to the Emergency Room. Again, Kidney Stones, Gall Stones, Gout, Dehydration (requiring IV fluids) are ugly side effects that you can control.

filling a glass of water from tap

filling a glass of water from tap

Aksuvital Natural prenatal multivitamins review
April 25, 2017
love chains

I am into natural or almost natural medicine or food. So recently I found aksuvital dogal  is a multivitamin product for all but meant for women trying to get pregnant or already pregnant. This turkish supplement is best to be used and better before and during pregnancy. Its one tablet a day multivitamin which is thoughtful of the company as lots of expecting women are going to appreciate  since there are many things to do while you are expecting and also you fed up from vitamins. Each bottle has 100 tablets. Last year I went the store only searching for this brand since they write at their site that the product 100 percent to 95 percent organic.

Disappointed I searched in the market, so when I did not find it I asked some friends to send them to me from turkey. Im maybe too conscious about healthy things and more healthy or organic medicine, also I did not want to search again for another good brand, it takes lots of time to search for multivitamins. So after reading about this Turkish prenatal tablets and how natural it is, I decided to get them regardless if I have to wait long time with no vitamins. The tablet is small and that made me happy when I first open it and swallow it. Many of the multivitamins are really big from brands available in here or in my coutry. But these prenatal multivitamin are the exact  way that I wanted them to be

I hate swallowing large tablets


great feature about aksuvital prenatal vitamin is that it is safe to take them even if you are not planning for a baby

aksuvital vitamins do not have Glucose or Yeast which many people are allergic to and also no Preservatives, They seare safe for just everybody and daily. Though I think its better to ask your hospital if you have any allergy, it is recommended for all ages from 15 and more

I recommend it for all women expecting or not

Aksuvital Natural prenatal multivitamins reivew

home made makeup remover pads
April 25, 2017

sleeping with makeup is unhealthy, especially if you have sensitive eyes and sensitive skin. and just really if you tried to remove water proof make, it will paint your face in really bad way. Makeup wipes are good but they are not cheap and they are little also


its wasting a lot of money, I found that there is nothing better than olive oil as a Makeup Remover and any fine tissue, or cheap Pads. It costs around $3, and olive is from your kitchen, once I bought a bag of pads which contains 100 pads in a box. these pads are thin and soft and cheap. They are, perfect for removing all face makeup and eye mascara normal and waterproof.

Why to waste money on artificial things and it may hurt my skin add to this its waste of my money, the home made makeup remover pads are almost free, it cost nothing. 100 pads for 100 days. And it does work with water proof mascara and foundation and anything that resist you.

I like olive oil, it nourishes my skin and soft on any skin types and that is saving me money also

For this makeup remover pads, you do not have to use virgin oil for makeup removing pads, but you can use any oil actually but I like olive oil because it has antioxedants

If you like to use cotton balls also instead of the pads it is suepr cool, it is working for sure

home made makeup remover pads

I guess there are many women do that some due to budget, some due to healthy, some due to sensitivity to artificial ingredients

But for those who do not knwo that you can make yoru own make up pads, hopes that you find it good do it yourself at home ideas and enjoy healthy

Cubuk crackers sticks best healthy diet
April 24, 2017

I have sweet tooth and I like to eat chocolate more than cookies, but also at time I prefer cookies or crackers snacks. I love lightly salted chips and sometimes banana. I like cubuk, its Turkish slightly salted crackers, Each box have ten individual packets containing 20 slalted sticks.

really like it so much at morning, in the middle of the day and when its too hot and can not tolerate the heat or my blood pressure go below normal, I just keep it with me all the time, or almost all time

these salted sticks helps elevate the blood pressure slightly

you can buy a single served packet and that cost about 0.5 dollar. So cheap and so good for all time, kids love it too and adults like it too. serve packets are convenient, well packed and good to those who finds themselves hungry when there there  is no food around.


This made inTurkey. And so overly popular in all the houses and parties too. Its healthy not much oils, not much salt tll

You can find it online in amazon, ebay, souq and in reals stores the big and small stores too internationally

The Cubuk are a slight salted sticks with small tiny pieced of salt sticking to the sticks

is nice for all ages as snack or even breakfast for those on diet, but needs something to support them during the day, thay r baked and cracker or cookies for all time

Overall, its a great regim and healthier than chips or other cookies that is full of fats or oils or sweets.

Cubuk crackers sticks best healthy diet

I usually buy it by box and dont remember how much it cost , but one packet price is .5 dollar so its so cheap and one packet is enough for light meal. so you do the math due to the fact that box will be cheaper to buy than packet

My Gastric Bypass Journey- A personal weight loss story -Aches and Pains
April 24, 2017

I thought my aches and pains would go away when I lost weight. I was wrong. Well not wrong necessarily- the original aches and pains of knees and feet and hips went away and new ones appeared as my body changes.

Mechanically your body has compensated for your weight. Your gait changes when you walk, you may lean forward or waddle, and as the weight falls off after gastric bypass you find you change the way you move, and you hurt.

For me, making use of my insurance and my primary physician  directions led me to physical therapy for “gait therapy”, learning to walk again.  Pool therapy is wonderful. Walking a treadmill underwater takes the pressure off the joints and teaches you to walk consciously. Yes, that is thinking while you are walking “left…right..left…hips first”.  Did you know you should enter a room hips first? Marilyn Monroe did. You do not have to swing your hips like her but I guarantee if you think “left…right..left…hips first”.  You will notice a difference in how your hips and lower back feel. (you might also get a date if you are so inclined, ha-ha)

I have also noticed that since I have lost 10 inches off my hips that my “sit upon” hurts.  Not my tail bone but that area between your… well suffice to say my “sit upon”.  I have adjusted my chairs, added cushions and stand often. It has gotten better over the last month, perhaps I am getting used to it, but I am thankful.  Don’t be surprised when you get those new pains. Check with your surgeon- your friend for life- and confirm it is not anything other than readjusting your mechanics.

What else can you do for those aches and pains when you don’t or can’t take any pill form medications? I have found that doTERRA essential oils are a big help. For everything from insomnia to hair loss.  Watch for my next blog for details on how I use them…

They say “nothing feels as good as being slim” They are not wrong- but it is not pain free. But it is worth it. It is pain I can live with. Where being fat is something I cannot live with.

Instaclears pre oistened lens towelette
April 24, 2017

Instaclears pre oistened lens towelette for cleaning your lenses and any other glass or plastic too

I received a bottle from my friend who bought one and got one free

Instaclears Pre oistened Lens Towelettes I wear my glasses almost the minute I go to do any thing, when I wake up same second sometimes

I have two pairs of nice glasses but easily get dirty from the weather or dust or food when cooing

So I said lets try it out, Instaclears for lenses do work in great way one wipe and the lenses are clear. One time I was out and saw lots of dust on our tv and did not wath to do, I don’t want to destroy it and wipe it with water or so, thought of these instaclears, screen become mirror

I don’t think that you want wipe it any way for long time, since the clothes of any type when you add the spray on it , its gona be wet for long, it is going to evaporate easily. I got this gift and happy to get it. but I can’t ell you how much it cost

I use them all the time and its great to use them in car

Never use soap for glasses its going to scratch it, this towelettes for that I decided to use them all the time. I do not know that is the ingredients and od not understand what are they

Did not ask her from where she purchase it since she is like me online shopper and real stores shopper too

instaclears towelettes at your home is must for good eye glasses

there was very little smell from the bottle and that did not make understand what its made of

I recommend it and though I do not know the price, I guess its pricey why? because its so helpful

Cleaning The House Helps Me Lose Some Weight
April 24, 2017

Do you clean your house yourself or you have maids doing the cleaning? Well, if you have one, then the benefits of doing the chores at home will be your maid’s benefit not yours. It’s her body will get the advantage of cleaning the house.

You should know that doing household works like cleaning, washing clothes, washing dishes, and so on will shape you or make you stay fit. It is like you went to the gym after finishing your chores.

So, if you don’t have the time or can’t afford to go to the gym for an exercise, your home will love to provide the exercise you needed. Just go and get your broom, brush, vacuum, scrub, or any tools you used at home for cleaning and all will be set for the fitness exercise. Even your laundries, prepare everything you need and all is ready.

Doing those work at home will definitely tone and stretch your muscles. And according to studies, with just an hour of doing so, you will burn 315 calories. It sounds unbelievable, right? But it’s true because it is tested by experts.

Houseworks may also be not enough especially for your heart that is why another form of exercise is needed like walking, cycling, and swimming. Works at home are more of stretching and it probably will let you lose weight.

So what are you waiting for? Do your household chores and make it as a habit and surely your health will benefit from it. Aside from that, it is free. It also doesn’t limit your time. It is very practical but makes sure to do it with proper diet also because doing exercise is useless if you are ingesting foods that will ruin your body.

Have a good exercise with the comfort of your home. Enjoy and be physically fit 🙂




How to protect yourself from diseases at vacation?
April 24, 2017

In summer finally begins long-awaited travel season. We are planning vacation for months, so we do not like that our vacation would turn bitter because of poisoning, colds or other ailments adjusting significant plans of the trips. How to protect yourself from diseases at the vacation?

Take care of the travel medical kit. Take care about travel pharmaceutical stocks, estimating the state of your health. If you suffer from migraines, do not forget painkillers and the hosts of weak stomach should put some digestive tablets to the suitcase. Who can’t live without prescription drugs, it is necessary to consult the airline luggage rules – the transport of large quantities may require a prescription. If you go to an exotic country, make sure vaccinations.

Carefully choose travel insurance. Do not buy the first available policy, but carefully explore the few companies offers. While one agency not compensates losses incurred during the terrorist attacks, the others can compensate for even the costs encountered due to lost luggage. Even if you are completely healthy, do not risk traveling without insurance – a disaster occurs even for most careful ones and medical services abroad can cost several thousand Euros or dollars.
Do not forget hand sanitizer means. Carrying a suitcase, buying public transportation ticket or pressing buttons at ATM on hand lay on thousands of bacteria. Not always you have the opportunity to wash your hands at a trip, so for you can help hand sanitizer. Apply a liquid carefully not only the palms, fingers, but also between fingers and all your rings.

Take care about drinking water. When we get so many impressions, we even forgetting to eat or drink. Dehydration can lead to ailments such as headache or low blood pressure, so always keep a bottle of drinking water. Before you go to a foreign country be sure if is safe to drink the tap water – if not, do not spare a couple of dollars for a bottle of mineral water.

Avoid fatty foods and alcohol. In the 10 km altitude we not always can predict the stomach, so it is advisable not to fulfill your stomach before the flight with fat meal. Also, avoid the products from which blowing your belly, as the gas expands at high altitude. And abstain from alcohol, which may dehydrate the body and has strong intoxicating effect – after all, you do not want to start with the shameful holiday memories!
During the flight, monitor your feet. During the long flights lasting more than 4 hours continuous bent legs get much tired. The unpleasant sensations in the extremities should not be easily dismissed, because the veins may form clots. You will avoid it wearing compression stockings and occasionally stroll along the aisle between the seats. If you do suspect a clot, ask for medical advice at the plane or immediately after landing seek medical advice.

Public toilets use caution. Public toilets teeming with bacteria, so if possible, avoid putting a purse on the floor. Also do not touch the toilet seat, and before flushing the water be sure to close the lid. After making use of the toilet wash your hands with soap and water, and if you cannot get out without touching the door handle, use a disinfectant.

Before leaving on a trip worth remembering folk saying that better safe than sorry, and take care of your health in advance. Then you come back rested and healthy and pleasant memories will warm more than one week.


Picture by Pixabay.com