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Stay in Control Within Destructive Environments

There are so many who may be quick tempered. Any action could make the persons lose control. When dealing with individuals, especially difficult individuals one will need to keep their thinking caps on, there are some who enjoy instigating. Perhaps a need to have some drama in their lives. The best thing to do is focus on the positives “and proceed” with positivity. Continue on and refrain from spending too much time in toxic environments. Not all persons will try to be positive in fact no person is always positive.

“Love Balloon Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

In order to stay composed one would need to see and don’t see. Quickly replace the negative information with positive information. Continue to smile and enjoy activities which are rewarding and offer some relaxation. Unfortunately there are some who are junkies not meaning drug related but addicted to dramatic experiences. The need to see how some will react to certain situations. Remaining “cool and collected” will let the individuals know that their antics are worth taking the time to be apart of.

Any person who expects to elevate shouldn’t spend time indulging in drama. Of course just about every person wants to see or is involved in some form of drama. Some create drama to either boost their egos or to just pinch a nerve. A lot of people may create drama in order to get a “rise” out of a person of to gain their attention. Some may feel the need to be dramatic or overly dramatic in order to receive whatever it is they’re trying to receive. Lost of women may use overly dramatics to either pick a fight or to either gain.

Some environments are riddled with haters. The ones who continue to try and cause disturbances in order to disconnect or to cause others to doubt. The ones who continue such behavior may not be stable. In order for the person who wants to remain in control to continue to function and “be stabilized.” The person would need to block out the images which can cause negative thinking. If there’s tasks to complete then there is no time to be bothered with silly antics which will never offer any benefits.

Not all persons appreciate seeing others try to advance so there may be some who will continuously try to stop the growth of others. If they’re not trying to be positive and are always causing disruptions then it’s best to stay clear of the individuals or to at least spend less time in their environments. Some feel the need to cause confusion. Trying to drive others mad because they’re not happy or simply in competition with the individuals. It’s better to try and be filled with happiness and “be apart of positive energies.”

Trying to advance in anyway could cause a lot of people to become envious and want to disturb what is taking place. If there’s no value in what is occurring then it’s better to seek out valuable relationships, friendships, and environments which can help with “elevation.” Spending time around positive people will produce happiness or more happiness. Listening to inspiring people will offer greater confidence. Don’t allow any person to create insanity. Of course there’s so many who will continue to try.

“Stay Uplifted Even When the Troubled One’s Start Acting out.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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