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My Competitors are so Enslaved

What can I (Tanikka Paulk) say about the competition? A lot can be said but what I’m going to place here is what I’m continuing to experience and the mindsets of my competition. Never have I (Tanikka Paulk) ever heard of so many trying to hang on to one person can trying to create a cease for “a person.” I’m a person and so many continue to try and come up against me+=(Tanikka Paulk) how annoying to have to deal with the competitors. If they’re continuously trying to disconnect their competition from what can assist with rising then they’re so disturbed. Their mindsets are no different then the mindsets of the ones who were captured as slaves.

The ones who aren’t trying to create positive actions are the ones we should consider staying clear of. Too many seem to be focused on what can’t generate more stability within society. Their line of thinking is to try and create setbacks and to make sure that there isn’t any “movements” taking place. If the person is trying to achieve more and isn’t disturbing others then why shouldn’t the person be allowed to advance even financially? There are some who will want to stop others from earning. Not allowing a person to earn can not only cause problems for the person but can also hurt the economy. Never have I (Tanikka Paulk) heard of persons stopping a leader’s earnings. “They’re not Familiar With the Ladderr.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Some competitors are disturbed and that’s why some end up being sued, jailed, or end up losing so much because of their mindsets. If they keep coming up against the person then they could find that they end up in a hole they’re unable to get out of. For some the only way that they’ll stop is if they’re incarcerated. It’s pretty sad that so many refuse to just allow “the growth” to take place. There are some competitors who will even hack devices in order to see what their competition is doing at all times. They really should be focused on their business and not on what a person is trying to achieve.

It doesn’t appear as if there’s too many good ones. There are some who continue to wreck havoc and aren’t even concerned about the consequences. Soon enough the competitors will face what they’re not prepared to face. A lot of achievers have faced the competition and ended up incurring more. There are some who aren’t confident enough to focus on their own dreams so they’ll try to ride the back of others in hopes that they’ll get a free ride. “Their Actions are no Different Then the Actions That Slaves Would Display.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). They’ve placed themselves in their own slavery. Some may not come out of the their own set traps.

There are some competitors who can not think “clearly” due to their evil ways. Some are so focused on where a person could possibly be headed and that where they could be going if they simply mind their own business. There has to be some positive ways to deal with the competitors and there has to be a time of releasing. Having to deal with the competition can cause some stress. They should be aware of their behavior and if they’re causing disturbances within devices then the competitors need to be arrested.

Who really wants to deal with so many who can’t seem to get their own lives on track. If they’re achievers then they wouldn’t have time to be harassing a person everyday. My competition has been after me=(Tanikka Paulk) for a very long time. I’m confident to know that I’m in a position where growth can certainly take place. There has to be “a higher level” otherwise they wouldn’t keep coming after me=(Tanikka Paulk). Can’t accept where I’m headed. Not all competitors are enslaved some are just seeing just how advanced their competition is. Perhaps some really do need their competition.

“A Tree can Represent Growth and Where a Person is Headed.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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