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Learn Strategies from Productivity Experts at The Peak Work Performance Summit
April 17, 2017

I received a newsletter from Power of Moms about this summit, as one of the co-founders, April Perry is one of the interviewees in this summit. She and her husband, Eric Perry will be presenting the topic “Organizing Your Life” in the new created “Work Life Balance” section.


This online summit is hosted by Ron Friedman, who is the author of the book “The Best Place to Work” and the founder of ignite80. The purpose of this summit is share the strategies to help us get things done. It starts from 18 April to 27 April, 2017 and it is FREE.



There are interviews from different aspect of peak performance each day, include motivation, productivity, habits, energy, health, success, leadership, build your brand, wealth and work life balance. Everyday there are 5 interviews on one of these topics, and the interview will be available for 24 hours. I do not think I can finish watching all the interviews in the coming 10 days, otherwise I will be certainly stressed out instead of getting more things done, hence I am going to pick the interviewees or topics that really interest me.


The topics that we will be learning really interest me, such as how the most successful people start their day, how to design the perfect to-do list, how visual thinking can help flesh out our ideas, how to get more sleep, how to spark our creativity, how to stay energized all day long, and much more. I am currently learning these and also applying some of them to my life, so I can be more productive, get more things done and yet get good sleep and happy life as well. So, this summit really sounds good to me.


Currently, these are the interviewees and their topics I am spotting:
1. David Allen – Getting the right things done
2. Greg McKeown – Determining what is essential and eliminating everything else
3. Natalie Jill – How to get fit in 5 minutes a day
4. Todd Herman – What top performers do differently
5. Paula Rizzo – How to write the perfect to-do list
6. Mark Timm – How to run your family like a business
7. April and Eric Perry – a productivity expert’s guide to organizing your life
8. Michael Hyatt – how to have your best year ever


While looking at the topics of the interviews, I am actually interested in many of them, so I might just take some time to watch them and see if I will be inspired. Michael Hyatt and April Perry are two bloggers I have been following through, hence I am surely not going to miss these two. As for David Allen, I have been been reading April Perry and other bloggers mentioning about his book, Getting Things Done. I would like to know what strategies he is going to share with us too.


If you are interested, you can check out this page for more information here: The Peak Work Performance Summit


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