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Prayer is the way the Best way
December 27, 2018

Prayer helps there’s so many troubles in which one faces. There is the ability to be calming. “To experience” peacefulness. Some have allowed themselves to produce war. My objective is to be peaceful. A peacemaker is what I would rather be. The trials are a way to become stronger. The competition seems to caused some minds to decline. The actions are demonstrations which could contribute to their mental breakdowns of the mind. Praying can heal the heart. Meaning pain, suffering, heartbreak.

I’ve often explained what I’ve felt needed explanations. I’ve come to the realization that no matter what is said some will continue to believe whatever they want to believe. “The more I’ve tried to connect the more they’ve caused problems. The best solution is to pray.” (Tanikka Paulk). The Armor remains on. The Full Armor of God. My purpose is meant to be fulfilled. I’m covered by the blood of Jesus. Mankind causes war but there are many ways to generate peace.

Peace is what I’m into. Peacefulness should be obtained. There are some unable to experience peace. God said that the troubles will come but the troubles will go. There are seasons. Beginnings and endings. First and last. Having to handle the problems isn’t too much but “however” may seem stressful at times but prayer allows the peace to be generated. How many are fighting against what God has already declared? There seems to be so many wanting to cause my journey to cease.

“The laws seemed to be lessened but there’s the need to adhere to the laws so that there can be order.” By: Tanikka Paulk. My journey doesn’t consist of all persons although I tried to include most, some chose to say all, what have they given? Hellish acts. Peacefulness shall be within me=Tanikka paulk. Praying that there is peace around the world. Why are so many war? Wanting, needing, desiring. All problems aren’t to be solved by one person.

Perhaps there are so many wanting to control thee. Some wanting to be what I’ve chosen to be. Fighting for positions in which there has to be qualifications. Qualified! Do they need me=Tanikka Paulk to battle back and fourth? Seems as though they need you=Tanikka Paulk. You are wanted. God and Jesus Christ wants. I’m God’s child and have proven that I’m still called child. Erratic behaviors were observed the behaviors continue to display what some wouldn’t dare to try to handle.

True is here right now. Documented although there are so many who’ve tried to steal what was proclaimed to be. “Chosen is just that no matter how many would rather reverse the decision. She which is her grammar and all was chosen.” By: Tanikka Paulk. No matter what the feelings are my “purpose” is suited to be. Be is what it is. So many haven’t accepted but I Tanikka Paulk shall move forward anyway. I’m headed where some have tried to prevent.

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