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Walking in Faith: In Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship are ways that we respond to God’s love and God’s gift of faith. We honour God through prayer, lifting up our hearts ad minds in love. We also honour God through worship, offering words and actions in public praise and thanks. The third commandment reminds us that we have a duty to worship God. So that we have time to worship God, we must avoid unnecessary work on the Lord’s day and be rested in mind and body.


The God whom we worship is, in a sense, a community: the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The liturgy is our work, or action, of worshipping God as a community. But liturgy is God’s work, too. As we offer our response of love and faith to God, God offers us even more. In the liturgy God our Father and Creator acts to save us. Jesus, the Son of God, our Redeemer, acts to offer himself to the Father for us and with us. So liturgy is not only something we do for God, but something God does with and for us.


Prayer and liturgy are languages for communicating with God. Learning how to worship God in prayer and liturgy makes a difference in our lives.


We are never alone when we worship God. Even the unseen parts of God’s creation join in our prayer. The angels, beings of pure Spirit who serve as God’s messengers, praise God continually.


Saints are people who answered God’s call to holiness with their lives, as we are called to do. All saints started out as ordinary people, gifted with God’s grace as we were at Baptism. Saints let the grace of God shine through every moment so they became living signs of God’s love.


We adore and worship God alone. Yet by honouring the saints, we honour God. When we seek God’s help in our prayers, we sometimes ask the saints to intercede for us, or take our prayers to God. Still, it is God alone who answers our prayers. God alone gives us everything that is good.


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Get to know Jesus and get to be free

Love and truth are God’s two main qualities.

We want to know who Jesus is, but he asks us what our inner dispositions are: because we will gain nothing through finding him unless we are disposed to submit ourselves to him.

God creates, this means first of all that God puts order. He organizes the world and gives meaning to our existence. His work is completed with the creation of humanity.

We are created in God’s image and of course, to respond to God. But love has first place in God’s plan and the long evolution of sexuality has been its preparation.

Because God is not subject to time, God lives in that permanent fillness which we call eternity and in which there is no before or after, no duration, no fatigue and no boredom.

God is the one who always gives first. Jesus will offer us rest; he will give us the bread of life and give himself as the friend. Allow yourselves to be conquered by the love of the Lord who is forming you even more than you can imagine.

Jesus brings the living water, which is God’s gift to us, his children: the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit; whom we receive, helps us worship God according to the truth.

God does not need the words of our prayers, but looks for simplicity, beauty and nobility in our spirit. The Spirit of God cannot be communicated except to those who seek the truth and live according to truth in a world of deception.

Each one of us is in some way the samaritan woman. Those who really seek the truth recognize it when it is presented to them.

We must first believe in the messenger of God.

The heart of prayer in the church is the mass wherein we thank God for the salvation of the world through the death and resurrection of Christ.

People, confused, are easily fooled propaganda and ideologies. People in every century have foretold the impending end of the world.

The Spirit helps the believers and inspires their prayer so that it may be heard. The Spirit enables us to understand and interpret Jesus’ words throughout all time.

This is the time to be reconciled with family members and neighbors, to let go of resentments. Since we are sinners, our salvation is worked out through suffering and through the cross.

Our desires and our prayers are powerful because we have come to the center from which God directs the forces saving humankind: because we work for eternity; our names are already written in heaven.

To evangelize does not mean to try to sell the Gospel but rather to prove its power to heal people from their demons. Stop being environs of famous people, kings and prophets of the past.

To pray is to take the time to listen, to meditate in silence on the work of God, it is to slow our desires, so as to pray attention only to God, secretly present, and slip into his will.

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Go and Do This If You Are Still Desperate For Children 3 Pray for Yourself

Prayer moves God to change things concerning you

Prayer moves God to change things concerning you

In your prayers,ask your creator,He has” your life’s blue print in His hands” to lift your procreational estate and not to abandon you to laughter,mockery,jeering and insult of satan and his agents ,who act his wickedness.
The Psalmist says,” Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman wakes but in vain. (Psalm 127:1)Remember that God is the author and executor of destinies. If He does not do it, no one else does!.The Lord God gives children.
The Psalmist says,” Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. (Psalm 127:3).I strongly believe that God has not created any person without fruit of the body. Children are heritage from the Lord. This is because; procreation is an extension of God’s creativity. It is a mystery that after nine to ten months married couples bring out their replica and copy. Is it not wonderful?.
Children will surely come if young men and women will respect their bodies and pray without ceasing. The use of contraceptive drugs nowadays has dealt untold blows to ladies who played the harlot when they were young. Then they were not ready to marry. If you kept yourself, wait on God, follow the advices of godly men of God, your maker will surely lift you up from mockery.
See Psalm 75:4-7,which is written thus,” I said unto the fools, Deal not foolishly: and to the wicked, Lift not up the horn: Lift not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck. For promotion comes neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he put down one, and set up another”. Tell your maker to confirm His word by miracles and wonders of procreation that will keep the open mouths with poisonous tongues shut for ever.It is a one point prayer everyday till your laughter is established by Him who gives children.From today,do not discuss this matter with people as if you have no God.Discuss it with God.Say it,whisper it,gossip it to God alone. God has power to order what the devil had put in disorder.If you know you were promiscous as a youngster,confess to God,get delievered from evil yokes and believe the God of forgiveness.”Brocken and contrite heart,He does not despise”.You may get your own children,depending on the extent of damages you did to your reproductive system.So many ladies are walking the streets with perforated wombs,while some men are parading with disease destroyed reproductive organs.Praying to God changes your situation!

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Job Secrets They Didn’t Teach You In School
December 8, 2016
Job Secrets They Didn't Teach You In School

“ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free – John 8:32”

“To know the road ahead, ask those who are coming back”- Turkish proverb.

I love the conventional schools. They provide quality education to their students, following rigid curricula that meet international standards. The only painful omission is that they don’t teach survival skills to their students. And more importantly, they leave the future of the students to the vagaries of chance rather than one rooted in God, the Beginning and  the End.

As you begin the search dream job, I’d like to admonish you, never forget the God-factor. This God factor is fundamental to any true achievement or lasting success. I know this was never a part of your school curricula but in the University of life in which you ‘ve now enrolled , this principle is a sine qua non if you ever hope to make it.

In Revelation 3 verse 7, the Holy Bible Says “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These things said he that is Holy , he that is true, he that hath the key of David, He that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth”

You know you are one of the thousands of job seeker queuing up for very limited positions. God says you will be head and not tail, and that you will be above only and never  beneath (Deut. 28 verse 13). Now, tell me who will make you to be spotted out from among the crowed? Who will make you to be preferred and favored above others?

The answer is obvious -your maker: Ecclesiastes !2:1 says “Remember now thy creator in the day of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shall say, I have no pleasure in them”

So , my dear friend, as you commence your search for profitable employment, as you approach the prospective interviewer and as you chat your course in life, you ‘ll do yourself a favor if you make God your foundation. have faith and pray fervently.

Your success in the game of life rests on two legs. One leg is faith, and other is prayer. Quote me Harness these two great spiritual resources  and you ‘ll see marvelous results.

With the power of faith, there is no mountain you cannot climb and there is no obstacle you cannot surmount. Faith gives you assurance and hope of success. Faith gives true confidence and negates fear, anxiety and nervous. It makes you to be on top of situations.

Faith, backed by the power of prayer you will get the door  of  every good thugs opened.

To pray is to seek the aid of the supernatural. it is to ask for divine help to achieve you aim. When you seek the divine assistance, the  impossible happens and you have breakthrough . I once attended an interview for a position. About sixteen of us were being considered for the one vacant position, Some of the interviewees  knew some of the interviewers as I saw them talking familiarly before the commencement of the interview . I didn’t know anybody, but I knew God as I still do till today. I told myself that I needed the job. What could I do to get it? I quickly went  to the toilet to pray without anyone noticing me.

When it was  my turn for the interview, no one asked me any question, all they asked was when would I will be available to take up the appointment. They  didn’t even bother to check my credentials . I receive the letter of appointment the third day.

That was God inaction. When you pray, God moves.Got it? Prayer, backed with faith, is your key to breakthrough. Tap it!

I will see you at the top!


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