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Where is the Trust? Perhaps Nowhere
December 6, 2018

There are some persons who probably rarely trust any person at all. When there’s a lot of misfortunes then one would probably dismiss trusting. To trust is to believe that there is the protection from mankind. It seems as though there’s backstabbing and lies told honesty is said to be the best policy but where has the honesty gone? How many have indulged in the setups? There are so many and yes it’s difficult to tell where the trues are. Perhaps there isn’t more than one. To determine whether a person is friend or foe isn’t as easy as some may “think. ”

At least one person has to be trusted but there is the defense in order to receive the “true and the realness.” observations suggest that the very ones who appear to be friends actually aren’t. Perhaps more should consider building friendships because there are a lot of needs. Too many to count even the richest of the rich are needy. I’ve discovered that most would rather partake in game playing instead of building a better country. Some have claimed to be in tuned with unifying but rarely make attempts to “unify.”

There aren’t many trying to rise above or at least make the necessary attempts to do so. “I would rather build and remain whole but there doesn’t seem to be too many wanting to rise.” What is said doesn’t isn’t always so but what is proven shall not be denied.” (Tanikka Paulk). The truth is where the true lives. The documented officially supplied information will overrule. No matter what they’ve perceived the real will be what is written. Thieves hide and they’re like wolves pretending to be sheep. Meaning they’ve displayed animal characteristics. Fooled by the words of what God has “addressed” as men’s wickedness.

Some were previously truths but turned because of their line of thinking. What they’ve perceived as caused the declines within their minds. What is “proven” is what is. The competitions as lead some to remove trust but there as to be at least one to trust. Some depend on persons to be their trust builders. Sometimes it’s easier to spot a foe. Sometimes the foes become friendships and sometimes there’s the reversing. “All words spoken aren’t true but there will be truth in the most darkest of places.” (Tanikka Paulk).

A “friend” can be the best friend and sometimes only to self. Although there are some willing to be a good friend most aren’t interested at all in being a friend. The protectors are on and will remain to the end of time. To know when to battle makes the difference but the shield will always be on the body. Too many have pretended to be the friend but really are enemies. There are ways to manage the surroundings when the enemies lurk. Some may try to escape the hellish but heaven is close and “knows” where the tools are.

In the word the words are filled with boldness. Bold black isn’t apart of the negatives scripture is bold. I’ve trusted the word and continue to trust what God has said. Mankind has projected destruction but prayer will help to overcome. If they’re trying to alter the perception then there’s no trust. “Alertness is important but there shouldn’t be the overthinking which causes the mind to decline.” By: Tanikka Paulk. My attention is focused on where it needs to be. The best protection of all is the protection from the all Mighty God.

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