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People Have Their own Perceptions

Unable to change the way People think. No matter what’s said People will always believe and think the way they want to think. Yes there’s difficult trying to convince individuals t”o accept “that what is but there has to be movement anyway. Their perceptions are wrong but what can one do about the way that groups of People are thinking? Perhaps there is nothing one can do. The best thing to do is to proceed and understand that their perception doesn’t belong to me=Tanikka Paulk.

I’m going to think whatever it is I’m wanting to think. They’re unable to convince me=Tanikka Paulk that I’m unworthy. No amount of words will prevent my movements. As long as I’m here on earth there will be actions. As long as I’m able. So therefore the individuals “can continue” trying to convince tthat=Tanikka Paulk what they’re trying to convince but I’m refusing to accept their antics. Satan’s first attack is the attack of the mind. Mankind will use the same tactics in order to gain power over their victim or victims.

In order to keep the mind healthy there needs to be actions taken to incur a healthy mind. Prayer is what I’ve done and will continue to do. Prayer helps produce peacefulness. “Yes peace can be obtained when there’s noisemakers trying to stop a vision” (Tanikka Paulk)  Rest will also help keep the mind healthy. Some are having difficulties accepting my position, titles, and accomplishments. There are some disagreeing but I’m deciding that proceeding is the best course of action. Right!

The challenges aren’t scaring this=Tanikka Paulk. If anything their actions producer more motivation. I’m confident enough to continue and follow my own dreams. There are some trying to convince themselves that they’re my ruler. A good smile and continuous movements will show the groups that I’m determined. Determination will help move a person closer to their destination. I’m holding the key. Life is here right now. I’m able to face the battles because I’m love, loved, loving.

People are without the understanding which is necessary to accomplish the further goals. Oh it appears as though I’m underappreciated. That’s alright because God has ordained my purpose. For many years now individuals have tried to prevent the climbing from occurring. What God proclaims is just. Oh yes there are persons wanting to see me=Tanikka Pualk fail. Failure occurs when there are no attempts made. My perception is my own. I’m thinking with my own mind. “There is the ability to understand and I’ve understood and continue to incur understanding.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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