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There’s all sorts of information and there are many ways to explore exactly what information is needed. To find the best sources there will need be some research. Yes there’s all sorts of ways to search in order to find the best resources. Information is highly important proven because there are so many wanting to find information although some should really mind their business. “Where to find the information? Online seems to be the most popular place.” by: Tanikka Paulk

Researches are constantly looking for information for research projects and other researching needs. Information can be stored in all sorts of areas. How many are wanting to find the information? There seems to be so many wanting and anxious to find specific information. Perhaps there are some articles which have information one could be interested in. There are some willing to reveal information but some should really consider privacy. “Information is within the identities but shouldn’t they be careful trying to obtain the information?” by: Tanikka Paulk

So much information has landed in my hands and yes I’ve explored whether to reveal the information or not. I’ve been called and am called “Information.” To obtain a person’s information without their permission could result in prosecution meaning if a person steals an identity then the person could be prosecuted. stealing identities is called identity theft which occurs quite often online. There seems to be so many willing to take the risk perhaps because they’re afraid of the consequences. Some really believe that they have the right to violate the rights of People. No!

The law is still in effect. Although it may appear as if the laws aren’t being enforced there implemented because laws are needed. I’m seeking information which is needed to create a “movie.” There are carefully, selective, and precautions in order to create the great. Some have managed to cause declines because they’ve wrongfully obtained personal information. Public records can be obtained but personal information shouldn’t be obtained without consent. Perhaps some are simply ignoring the laws are perhaps they don’t care at all. To enforce will lower the identity theft risks.

Some seem to be on edge about the abbreviation of information. The abbreviation is the same. Shortened doesn’t suggest that the word isn’t what it is. I’ve noticed that Washington tried to claim information but I have the proof that information belongs to (Tanikka Paulk). Some may think wow! How can a person own information? Documented documentation and “authority” to have. Justly uses caution and knows the law can research what isn’t known. The Government has a lot of information and the .gov has supplied plenty to me=Tanikka Paulk.

Where do I stand. standing in the line of advocacy and knowing when to obtain the necessary information and how to obtain the information. Authority figures should be aware of what information to obtain and how to obtain the information. When warrants are needed and to know what laws to use based on the circumstances. Conducting searches probably will eliminate information landing where the information shouldn’t land. Remember the “Laws of the Land.” Unlawfully obtaining certain information can cause a country to decline rapidly. Leadership should know or at least learn how and when to obtain the information. Carefully reviewing the ins and outs.

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