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The Trumpies Seem to Fall Silent
March 23, 2017
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Although some people see hope, as if brains are being grown by the mindless Trumpies who cheer ever tweet their Massa makes,  I don’t.

I don’t because I had a very peculiar experiences some years ago.

Imagine a woman of sixty who tells you a story she absolutely believes.   You happen to know the events, the environment.   You prove to her that the events she described could not have happened.   She fell silent.  Then, as you wait, she ‘reboots’ and returns with the same foolishness plus she is not speaking to you any more.

It has been proven, beyond doubt, that Paul Manafort was the political advisor for a previous Ukraine President.   It has been proven, beyond a doubt that shell company was used to collect money for Manafort.

Any spin you want to put on the story, go ahead.  But it is true.  It happened.

Now how does a person, running for President, hire a man who has tight links with the Pro-Russian deposed President of the Ukraine as his campaign manager?    How does he do it?

Trump knows he can play the American people like a piccolo.  He’s already gotten them under his mind control. He started early by doing the ‘Five Lights’ trick.   For those that don’t remember it, Captain Picard was being tortured.   Four lights were shined on him and he was asked; ‘how many lights?’   He said Four and was zapped.  He was told there were Five lights.

This Five Light trick comes from 1984, the dystopian novel by George Orwell.   In it, people were to say, 2 + 2 = 5.   This was the ‘double think’ which allowed their brains to be controlled by ‘Big Brother’.

Trump began playing with the minds of Americans from the day of inauguration with the Crowd trick, then focused on ‘Fake News’;  that is all the most respectable news services in the world were Fake News, and the twisted biased second rate right wing rubbish was ‘real’.

Everything Trump has done has been a game with the brains of Americans.    He had idiots from Syria supporting him, yet sent their relatives back to Syria.  He’s had Blacks running behind him, while Black lives cease to matter and the over 200 murders by the police don’t even get a sentence in the newspapers.

Despite the various alerts of the connection between the Kremlin and Trump’s campaign, they’ve been slapped away as mosquitoes.   But this one can’t be slapped away.   This one can’t be explained away.

So the Trumpies. like that woman I mention, fall silent so as to reboot and come back with the same rubbish they’ve been vomiting since the election.

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave…
March 22, 2017
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Donald Trump’s ex-campaign chair, Paul Manafort,  had links to former pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.   The evidence seems unarguable.

A document found in a safe in Kiev (the Capital of the Ukraine) has exposed that Manafort had tried to mask payments sent to him from Yanukovych’s party.
The American FBI announced to the House Intelligence Committee that it is officially investigating whether there was a connection between Trump’s campaign team and Russia.

Apparently, there is a six-page document which has Manafort’s signature.  This document is a contract and invoice for assorted computer equipment.  The payment for such ‘equipments’  was $750,000.

Manafort, as any born Trumpie, denies it.  He says he doesn’t  recognize the document and that the signature was not his.
But, there is a real connection between this Trumpie and Russia.
The document mentioned has the date October 14, 2009.  This is  when Manafort worked for Yanukovych as a political consultant in Kiev.

The date and the sum of $750,000  match details in an off-the-books ledger,  reported on by the New York Times.  This ledger contains the secret payments which were made by Yanukovych’s party which are being investigated.
Manafort’s name appears twenty two  times as the recipient of payments which added together equal $12.7 million dollars.

A spokesman for Manafort, denied all the allegations.
When the ledger appeared in the middle of Trump’s campaign for President,  Manafort denied all allegations of corruption.  He claimed he never received any cash payments off the book and that his work in Ukraine was perfectly legal.
The FBI is investigating this ‘consulting work’ Manafort did in the Ukraine.
The contract and invoice seem to be between the Ukrainian office of Davis-Manafort ( a company Manafort partly owns) and something called Neocom Systems Ltd.

Neocoms’s address as 1 Mapp St Belize City. This address is used by a number of offshore companies, including many named in the infamous Panama Papers.
Neocom was dissolved in 2014 and was no longer a legal entity in Belize.   It was a shady ‘off-shore’ company with no details.
Interestingly,  Neocom has bank accounts in Kyrgyzstan and Germany.

Deniers of Russian involvement in the Trump campaign are falling silent.
Israel bombs Syria again and further assists ISIS.

As Israel continue to attack Syrian soils it leaves no way to peace, only to further assist ISIS  to more terrorism and attacks. Russia is building  up pressure as Isreal increase military activity in Syria which may lead to Russia retaliation  against Israel which can bring down alliance between Russia and Israel.While airstrikes are conducted under the guise of defeating ISIS, the fact is that these airstrikes have done little to even inconvenience the terrorist organization which itself is funded by NATO and US .The airstrikes have been largely aimed at Syrian military interests as well as necessities of the Syrian people. While the occasional attack on Syrian territory is bad enough, the fact is that Israel has apparently coordinated these attacks with the death squad directors on the ground so as to provide cover fire and diversions for death squad “swarming” and jihadist invasions.Some have speculated that Israel’s continued incursions into Syrian territory is not only an attempt to weaken the military forces of the Syrian government and support the terrorists operating inside the country but to cause Syria’s air defense system to light up and give away its concealed positions. Regardless, Israel has once again demonstrated how it is, in reality, the most volatile state in the Middle East despite its claims to the contrary. Some have speculated that Israel’s continued incursions into Syrian territory is not only an attempt to weaken the military forces of the Syrian government and support the terrorists operating inside the country but to cause Syria’s air defense system to light up and give away its concealed positions. Regardless, Israel has once again demonstrated how it is, in reality, the most volatile state in the Middle East despite its claims to the contrary. The Israeli enemy committed aggression against Syria by targeting two safe areas in Damascus province, in all of Dimas and near the Damascus International Airport.” recentally in the past.

A Source of Fake News
March 21, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

The New York Times a respected News Paper,  confirmed that the rather unsavoury report. Fox News has a legal analyst,  Andrew Napolitano, who created his allegation that Barack Obama asked British intelligence to spy on President Donald Trump to a discredited former CIA analyst.

Larry C. Johnson, the analyst, was given the theory by Russian news network RT.   This was to back up Trump’s accusation that Obama was responsible for an illegal wiretap.

The story promulgated by Fox News is that Obama asked “the British spying agency” for “transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump”. Sean Spicer, the Trump mouthpiece pushed this story.

On the 14th of March the link between Napolitano’s claims and Johnson was exposed.

The Times also noted Johnson spreading false rumors that video existed of Michelle Obama using a racial slur against white people.

Napolitano is a friend of Trump.

Johnson,  was once a Fox News contributor.  He said Napolitano called him and requested that he speak to The New York Times.

So here is the infamous example of ‘Fake News’.   This is why Trump has been using the term, and pointing at others.   He had every intention of pushing Fake News.   He had every intention of creating Fake News.  And by doing what I call; Faight and Look at the Other Guy, and Finger Never Say Look Here  two items previously published.

In the first, I reflected back to primary school days that when you expel gas you turn and look at the person next to you.   In this way, you make it seem that the other person has done it.

This is why Trump opened the ‘Fake News’ argument.

He wanted to utter Fake News, but look at the ‘Other Guy’, so tried to put it into the minds of the simpletons who run behind him, that the Fake News was coming from other sources.

In the second article I mentioned how one attributes their faults to someone else.  One lies and calls another person a liar to divert focus.   Trump is a master of this.   He commits an offense then tries to get everyone else to blame someone else.

If people are looking at him because of one offense, he faights some lie about someone else to divert attention.

Many people suffer mental slavery.  They give their brains to someone else and follow whatever they say, no matter how stupid, illogical, or pointless.

The reason we have been swamped with ‘Alternative Facts’ and “Fake News”  is because the source of this misdirection is the White House.

It Can’t Happen To Me!
March 20, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

Of all the famous ‘last words’ the title of this article is probably in the top three.   The idea that certain things can’t happen to you is putting out a welcome mat for those very things.

Intelligent people, those with common sense, never utter those words.   They know that they can not control the possibilities so see something happen and take the warning.

Right now, there are a number of what I call ‘Trumpies’.   These are NOT white American men.  If they were, they could utter these words with certainty.  If you are a white man, if you are a Christian, if you were born in America, you can sit back and watch deportations and immigration restrictions, and police excesses, and various hate crimes, and eat your pop corn, (or chew your tobacco) and say; “It Can’t Happen to Me!”

If you are not a white American Man, then don’t say it.

I have a friend, a Black Jamaican, who is in America on a Work Visa.   Maybe he’ll try to take citizenship.  Maybe he won’t.   But right now,  for him to think those words, proves he is not very intelligent.

Firstly, he is taking a job that a white American man can fill.  Maybe the white American man is not as stellar, but if he’s good enough, why should America give the job to a foreigner?

Secondly, he is Black, meaning that with racists in the Administration of the White House, Black Lives Don’t matter.  If he is shot and killed, mistaken for a bank robber, it won’t make headlines.  No longer do the murders of Black men, unarmed black men, by white police, armed white police, make headlines.   You’d have to do a search and only find that 219 have been killed since January 2017.    Many do not have their race admitted.

Thirdly, if he’s lynched by some unknown people because he is black, there won’t be much of an investigation.

Yet, he like the loud mouthed Syrian woman who was and probably still is a Trump supporter, (this is the woman whose relatives were returned to Syria under the immigration ban) he will not think that what happened to her, can happen to him.   That if he returns to Jamaica for any reason, he might not be allowed back into America.

Too many people don’t see the encroaching dangers.  They don’t realise that right now, if they are not White Male Americans they are at risk.

Yet, I suppose, it will not be until my friend feels the Trumping that he’ll realise it Can Happen To Him.

International Terrorism: A Modern Day Curse

      The day September 11, 2001 will not only live in infamy but the day that the world lost its innocence as to what jihadist fanaticism can do. Since that very day and after the post 9/11 the world will never be the same again.

The constant threat of terrorism lead by radical-Islamist belief will pose and will continue to pose a clear, present and continuous danger for everyone and for every nation whenever and wherever terrorism rears its ugly head.

Indeed the rise of terrorism or international terrorism for that matter is a modern day phenomenon not to say every one concerns.

Clash of Civilization

Is the rise of Radical Islam a result of the clash between the West and the Islamic Religion? What are the principal objectives of International Terrorism? These are only some of the vital questions in the minds of so many people around the world.

It cannot be deny today that there are so many terrorist groups existing in the different parts of the world. It cannot also be deny that these terrorist groups are using the Religion of Islam as justification for their jihadist action. They are twisting the true meaning and correct interpretation of some passages of the Holy Koran in order to suit and tailor their own brand of twisted ideology of radicalism.

How can Islam itself which is said to be a “religion of peace” countenance any terrorist acts or action like that of Isis or Isil? I don’t subscribe to the idea and I don’t believe for a single second that the reason why these terrorist are doing what they are doing is in order to defend the Islamic Faith.

The West has never declares any war on Islam as a religion. Neither does the whole Christendom in modern times declares any religious war on Islam or against any of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Crimes against Humanity

   Terrorist does not respect nor distinguish anyone. Innocent children, women and men are always its potential targets. Terrorism knows no boundary or country.  Any acts of terrorism or activities could possibly happen at any place and at any time now.

Terrorism could happen on land, air or sea. It is only a question of when, where and how these terrorists will strike again.

It is indeed ironic to think that we are now in the 21st century and yet we are still witnessing such kind of barbarism known only during the dark ages of history. In a world that works towards international peace and understanding and the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of the whole human race, any jihadists thinking is indeed anachronistic.

Are these terrorist killing their fellowmen in the name of their religion? If that is the case then what kind of God wants to murder or kill humans? God is not a killer for sure, any more than God did not command these terrorist to kill their fellowmen by committing dastardly and heinous terrorist acts.

Any acts of terrorism cannot and must not go on forever. There must be a constant vigilance to fight and if possible to wipe out every single terrorist in the world.

The time to act is now.


Image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fyb-ddU0PA
















Another Draw Back to Trump’s Policies
March 20, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

America has always gone after the best and brightest of other countries.  American recruiters have virtually stood at graduations to offer jobs to those who had done exceptionally well.

American businesses, hospitals, agencies have been head hunting in major corporations abroad.   Whether the business is  in India, or Jamaica, a hospital in South Africa or South Korea, America has virtually abducted the top candidates.

These selected tops in their fields have come to America as almost celebrities.  They were met at the airport, they are housed, well taken care of, and well paid.

These people on Work Visas have gone into American Corporations, Agencies, Health facilities and worked more than expected.   They didn’t clock watch, they weren’t aware of over time.  They were happy with their lives in America and what they received.


Many of these people are afraid to go to America.  They imagine arriving at the airport and being turned back. They think of taking their husbands or wives and having them detained.  They have nightmares about being stopped by police on their way to work.  And they ponder if suddenly thieir VISAs will be withdrawn.

Right now,  many are opting to go to Europe or other nations, instead of America.  They are declining America as they are unsure about their status.

They know if they are taken on a five year contract in London, they have five years.   They know if they are good and are offered an extension they can accept it and might be able to gain citizenship.   So when they are offered a job in America or Canada, they pick Canada.  They can arrive in Canada and feel safe.

So why go to America?

Sure, one can declare all these jobs vacant and hire Americans.   But remember who it was who built the missiles, the bombs, created many innovations.  They were refugees, they were immigrants, they were the children of immigrants.

Due to the current uncertainty, many people who are at the top in their fields are not going to America.  They can not accept the risk.  They can not live in a country run by an erratic clown whose pronouncements come as ‘tweets’.   Better to go to a country with a balanced government, where one can expect logic to rule.


Jihadis in France; deadly misjudgement
March 19, 2017

If one thought the terrorist attacks in France were accidental or misguided, reality interposes.

Ziyed Ben Belgacem launched an attack at the Orly Airport today shot a police officer earlier in the day to get the officer’s weapon. The Police man should recover.
Who was this guy, this terrorist?
This was a man who had been imprisoned several times on violence and theft convictions, including one five-year stint that began in 2009.
So why wasn’t he shipped back to where ever he came from?  Why did he do it?
The Terrorist cells in Paris seem bent on insuring that Marine Le Penn become the next Prime Minister. A Xenophobic anti-Islamic politician.
It seems clear that Terrorists want a clear target.   Their lives mean zero, so telling them ‘stop or I’ll shoot’ produces mirth.   They want to be killed.   They want to be hated.   This is why, flying in the face of common sense, they want the most anti-Islamic leaders in office.
The Muslim terrorist want to provoke reaction.   They want to be the ‘victims’.   In countries that are fairly liberal and have a rule of law,  they can’t be victims, they can only be terrorist.   If they can get right wing politicians into office, politicians who may respond in a severely anti-Islamic manner, they might be able to get the sympathy they desire and gain converts.
The Jihadis failed in the Netherlands, but this is more the fault of Donald Trump than any thing else.  No country wants a Trump.   No one wants to be ashamed of their government or their leaders.   Those in the Netherlands who were very much behind Geert Wilders did not vote for him because they voted ‘against’ Trump.
France may not behave as did the Netherlands.   They have had enough terrorism to last a century.  They may vote for Le Penn and may become so anti-Islamic that the average person would be more than likely to react violently than the government.
It is likely, if Right Wing Governments take over in France and even Germany, there may be a whole sale dumping of Muslims in the Middle East.   Although the Government will be vilified for this, they will not suffer much pain.   They will do what is in their best interest.
And right now, the Right Wing seems to offer that.
These Businesses Would Likely To Die In Duterte Administration
March 18, 2017

The happiness to some is the crying session for others.

While the administration was praised for strong stance to guard the people and its interest and concern, many of them will be affected. The result could mean the extinction of some of the businesses long been here in the country because they are part of culture and tradition.

While the campaign is true, to safeguard the lives and health of the people but it also means the dying of the livelihood of the families where they get their 3 meals a day, payment for schools, for clothes—the needs and wants of the people. Not to mention the dying of culture and tradition.

But the campaign is strong—for the betterment of the bigger number of the people instead of the livelihood of the regional families.

Here are some businesses that may die down during the present administration of President Rody Duterte of the Philippines.

  1. Tobacco Industry.

The Ilocos region of northern Philippines is known as the tobacco capital of the country ever since. In fact, the epic Biag Ni Lam-ang (Life Of Lam-ang) also stated the importance of the tobacco tabarkan (native tobacco) as part of the courting of that time. It is also part of life of the people. The dinubla means cigar which the old folks smoke and believe gives them relief.

The tradition of cigar and the “mama” continue until the 90’s. There was no problem for Ilocano who are planting tobacco plants which is consider the biggest cash crop. The Ilocano tobacco farmers plant tobacco and brought their family and their places to progress

That was long time ago.

Time has change when the cigar became cigarettes and later on connected the chemicals like nicotine to many diseases like diatbetis, cancer and other dreadful diseases.

With so many issues the tobacco industry is facing: the high tax on cigarettes; the farming which the young generation don’t want to engage because of the hardship of work; the strong campaign of the country against the smoking; the limited market…

… And now the executive order of President Duterte on regulation of smoking in the Philippines.

  1. The Firecracker And Pyrotechnic Industry

No more firecrackers during the New Year’s celebration because of too many victims of injuries and burning related to firecrackers. No more banging sounds and flying pyrotechnics because the Duterte administration wanted to adopt the celebration of new year in Davao City.

The industry of firecrackers and pyrotechnics that would be likely affected is Bocaue, Bulacan. When Christmas season is coming, people here are alive in manufacturing the firecrackers. But because of escalating numbers of victims sent to hospital, it would be likely a dying industry in the Philippines.

  1. The Gambling And Gaming Industry

The bribery scandal involving the Bureau of Custom’s commissioner by the gambling mogul Jack Lam did not only rock the government but also the gambling and gaming industry.

Then came the executive order of President Duterte to the police officers to stop all kinds of no permit gaming and gambling in the archipelago.

Sure it is for the common good of the people of the Philippines but since the Filipino’s culture also includes gaming and gambling like card games, cara  y cruz, dado, cockfighting among others, surely this will affect the industry.


These industries are the source of livelihood of many people. These are their job and work. But because of many consequences, these industries could be soon… out.

Is The Press/Media The “Enemy of The People”?

Is The Press/Media The “Enemy of The People”?

      Recently Mr. Trump in his speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) meeting has made a remark to that effect that the “fake news the enemy of the people”, which directly imply that the American Press or Media  as the enemy of the American people.

Such a statement from the highest official of the U.S. is really shocking and to my mind is inappropriate and uncalled for.

In a country that cherishes liberty and individual freedom like America and a Nation that promotes the advancement of democracy in the world, such kind of remarks from no less than its President is irresponsible and has no basis at all.

This is the first time that I ever hear of any American President making such toxic comment against the American Press or the American Media.

The Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press

      The substantial contrast between a democratic society and government in comparison with any communist, totalitarian or fascist government is the undying democratic faith and belief in Liberty and Individual Freedom. Such belief and faith serves as the sentinel against the abuses and excesses of any despotic powers.

It is not inspiring and it is even disheartening to hear Mr. Trump’s unwarranted assault against the press or the media for the mere sake of political expediency. Mr. Trumps wants to demonize the American Media or American Press as the “enemy of the American people”.

Such kind of remark only shows his impatience and political immaturity on how the media or the press really works. He is not a naïve man for him to know this fact. He is old enough to know the role of the free press in a democratic government.

Is the media really the enemy of the people Mr. Trump? Excuse me. Or is it you who is the real enemy of the American people and the one destroying the good image and high respect that America has in the eyes of the International Community?

How could Mr. Trump “makes America great again” when he has a twisted and unhealthy concept of the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press which is among the bedrock of American civil liberties?

Is Mr. Trump expecting the press to sing only about his hosanna, alelluiah and praises until the kingdom come?

The Press as the Fourth Estate or Fourth Power in American Society

      The Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press is the birth right of any Americans which no President could take away or curtail. It is the very check and watch dog against the government and the government official abuses and excesses.

Such freedom is a constitutionally recognize and constitutionally protected rights under the First Amendments of the American Constitution. The constitution does not give or grant such right but recognize its existence as a counterweight against the abuses in the exercise of government powers against the individual and society.

Mr. Trump is less than four months old in his Presidency after his oath-taking last January 20, 2017, yet he is so critical and antagonistic to the American Press or the American Media and maybe the feeling and thinking between the American President and the news media are mutual with regards to each other. Who knows?

While it may be true that the American Press is indeed critical and perhaps sometimes too vocal in its treatment of Mr. Trump’s action and policy in the White House, such critical and vocal attitude is needed in any vibrant democracy such as America.

If the American Press would maintain its silence and write nothing on what’s going on today in America, then it will be the beginning of the end of the Freedom of  Speech, Freedom of the Press and even perhaps the American Democratic Way of Life.

Image source: http://www.salonemonitor.net/defense-minister-palo-conteh-warns-members-of-the-press/freedom-of-press-2/