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The Additions are Apart of the Along

To add will improve and allow growth. There’s the desire to build to incur the prosperity the abundance. Some seem to be more interested in tearing down instead of building up. “To build to advance to levels in which will produce stability, growth, and prosperity will incur the improvements.” (Tanikka Paulk). A true leader, leadership will entail that the People come together and join the improvements and the fundamentals of a Country. The unification is what will help the economy help revenue building and so fourth.

What some have considered I have already considered and will implement at a later date. The movements continue because there’s the desire to move in the appropriate direction. Forward and although there may appear to be some backward motions the productivity will continue. Shine is shinning whether today or tomorrow. The along individuals are willing to at least witness the growth occur and yes they too are apart of the growth because there’s the need to move upwards.

Increases are occurring and some have decided they would rather try to decrease in certain areas. An increase has already occurred. I’ve been challenged but I’m refusing to settle for what they have wanted me=Tanikka Paulk to settle for. Individuals have tried to cause uproars trying to disconnect growth but when there’s the adversity there’s the many ways to overcome the adversities. Thinking is one of the best ways to obtain the necessary tools in order to incur effectiveness.

“When a leader is chosen true “leadership” the person is to be in their set position but there’s way too many persons wanting to remove or to takeover the position will was and is provided by a very powerful system.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Although my name has appeared boldly and also shown above there’s the ones trying to bring down my name but they’re unable to do so. My progress occurs because of my determination. There’s the many reasons why I’m continuing to progress although it may seem as if they’ve won the many battles.

The cause and effect. the beginning and the ending, the becoming and the being. I’m sure of what I’ve already accomplished and if they want to continue to challenge then they’ll have to go through the system. Meaning they will have to try and battle the system which is the “Government.” Positioning to reach to the next levels and yes there were steps made in order to reach where I am now whether slowly or progressively. The invading has demonstrated that there are so many wanting to be where I am and wanting to obtain what I’ve been chosen for. The word power is in powerful. The words are connected and are apart of the what is.

“The movements should occur and the ones trying to prevent the movements shouldn’t be within the mission or on the journey. Welcome.” by: Tanikka Paulk. How many movements are collected without the leadership? If they’re waiting for the power to be turned on then they’re unable to lead. Cometh where People are to unite and become the strength the witnessing of renewing. Achievements are to occur and why shouldn’t the achievements be allowed? There’s more to accomplish and some are willing to accomplish successfully.

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