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The Winner is Love and Proof

To constantly revisit what has already been proven can incur fatigue. Why should persons have to prove to disagreeable People anyway? If there’s proof then that’s all one need to “continue.” What has been proven some are unable to accept. Some are more in tuned with trying to remove, destroy, and sabotage but should be focused on producing stability. What information and data has been collected? Collective information has been introduced to a powerful system. The civilians, the citizens of “The United States” are unable and unwilling to accept the what is.

The “Government” has their proof and is able to closely observe what’s occurring now and what has occurred in the past. There’s to reality that forward movements are to occur. What individuals perceive is what they perceive and some are unable to convince others they’re wrong. No matter what’s said “the proof” is accepted in so many arenas. The classifications, identifiers, collected data has been supplied. There’s so many investigative measures which can be used in order to produce the necessary proof.

The unwilling may witness how their actions have caused the declines in which have occurred right now. Despite what has been posted, “communicated,” and addressed the continuation of what the Government and others want is continuing. If the Government disagreed then the ceases of my mission wouldn’t continue to prosper. I’ve been closely monitored so my behavior has been observed as well as others behaviors. There’s the classification of good and there’s the classification which entails bad behaviors.

Love conquers despite what some may think. There are many actions and so many have viewed my journey as their own. The name which holds value. What’s “included” thus far some have misjudged. There’s the many notations my prospering is notated. The challenges faced have caused more prosperity. Oh of course some may think that prosperity has to involve monetary It’s been declared although some are still disagreeing about the decisions made. I’ve focused on the set areas and the revealing of what has occurred unseen won’t until the latter part of my journey.

What is there to find and what has been found? Some have demonstrated what could be perceived as hatefulness. No matter what I’m going to continue to love. I’ve made progress whether a little or abundantly. Focusing is what should occur now and should have occurred then. The importance of protecting the sensitive information which can be considered as highly “informative information is.” I’ve excelled by actions. There’s the process of learning and there’s continued thinking. Think! “Actions can be viewed across the globe. Worldly. Witnessed. ” By: Tanikka Paulk

Hidden collective data is unable to reach the collective data which is placed in technological memory. There are so many wanting to reach the data. “The Government” has the power to collect data without individuals noticing what is occurring. Protected although it may appear as though I’m always sought after. I’m where I am right now but will be where I’m to be in a timely manner. “Defeat is in one’s thoughts but victory is and shall be.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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In the way of Information

There’s all sorts of information and there are many ways to explore exactly what information is needed. To find the best sources there will need be some research. Yes there’s all sorts of ways to search in order to find the best resources. Information is highly important proven because there are so many wanting to find information although some should really mind their business. “Where to find the information? Online seems to be the most popular place.” by: Tanikka Paulk

Researches are constantly looking for information for research projects and other researching needs. Information can be stored in all sorts of areas. How many are wanting to find the information? There seems to be so many wanting and anxious to find specific information. Perhaps there are some articles which have information one could be interested in. There are some willing to reveal information but some should really consider privacy. “Information is within the identities but shouldn’t they be careful trying to obtain the information?” by: Tanikka Paulk

So much information has landed in my hands and yes I’ve explored whether to reveal the information or not. I’ve been called and am called “Information.” To obtain a person’s information without their permission could result in prosecution meaning if a person steals an identity then the person could be prosecuted. stealing identities is called identity theft which occurs quite often online. There seems to be so many willing to take the risk perhaps because they’re afraid of the consequences. Some really believe that they have the right to violate the rights of People. No!

The law is still in effect. Although it may appear as if the laws aren’t being enforced there implemented because laws are needed. I’m seeking information which is needed to create a “movie.” There are carefully, selective, and precautions in order to create the great. Some have managed to cause declines because they’ve wrongfully obtained personal information. Public records can be obtained but personal information shouldn’t be obtained without consent. Perhaps some are simply ignoring the laws are perhaps they don’t care at all. To enforce will lower the identity theft risks.

Some seem to be on edge about the abbreviation of information. The abbreviation is the same. Shortened doesn’t suggest that the word isn’t what it is. I’ve noticed that Washington tried to claim information but I have the proof that information belongs to (Tanikka Paulk). Some may think wow! How can a person own information? Documented documentation and “authority” to have. Justly uses caution and knows the law can research what isn’t known. The Government has a lot of information and the .gov has supplied plenty to me=Tanikka Paulk.

Where do I stand. standing in the line of advocacy and knowing when to obtain the necessary information and how to obtain the information. Authority figures should be aware of what information to obtain and how to obtain the information. When warrants are needed and to know what laws to use based on the circumstances. Conducting searches probably will eliminate information landing where the information shouldn’t land. Remember the “Laws of the Land.” Unlawfully obtaining certain information can cause a country to decline rapidly. Leadership should know or at least learn how and when to obtain the information. Carefully reviewing the ins and outs.

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What the Eyes Can not see

There’s information which is hidden and in order to discover the hidden information there will need to be keen eyes. The type of information in which I’m speaking about isn’t for all to view. There has to be some form of privacy. What some have or will perceive probably isn’t the correct data. There’s certainly a lot “to discover.” Perhaps due to so many trying to take away informative information there will need to be hiding places. Too many seem to be in tuned with trying to subtract instead of adding. “There has to be solutions even if there are less individuals wanting to find the solutions.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The focus is to seek and how many are chosen to be seekers? Some aren’t displaying that they’re even suitable to discover. The actions will tell what’s the real. Very important information needs some form of protection. How can one “protect the information” in which could be used to assist others? There has to be a lot of creativity. Finding the most appropriate ways in order to protect sources and important data. To discover is of great importance to this data and that information the same it is (this that)=Tanikka Paulk. There are so many willing to take enormous risks in order to retrieve important data.

So many may try to steal information but why? If they’re believing that the information can be useful then they’ll take risks in order to retrieve. Perhaps some aren’t considering that they’re committing identity theft by stealing names and other information. For some they’re thinking that the information can assist with excelling further. “Unfortunately so many continue to focus on creating chaos instead of building.” (Tanikka Paulk). There should be building and rebuilding occurring. Shouldn’t persons want to see a stronger global economy? The competition could be the reason why so many end up trying to sabotage instead of creating unity.

They’ve looked and some information is similar to closed doors. Unable to see what’s behind the closed door until the door is open. There is no need to know every thing. There will be some information lost until found later. For some they’ve came across information in which they weren’t looking for. The you will seek and find. The bible has declared so and there will be continuous action to find what can help countries. There has to be some consideration when it comes to saving an “economy.” Shouldn’t all be concerned about revenue?

Yes, we’ll have to keep some information stored where so many eyes are unable to see the information. There will certainly need to be helpers involved in order to keep the stored information safe. Losing any data can be unsettling but there are ways to retrieve data in which has been perceived as being misplaced. To retrieve may take time. No matter how long there will need to be continuous efforts to conceal certain information so that there can be further “progress.” Therefore there will also need to be thinkers apart of the group.

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Coming From a Fool’s Mouth
October 20, 2017

When dealing with what the Bible states as fools, we may find that trying to find common ground is quite difficult, some aren’t in any position to communicate effectively at all. A fool will continuously say the most irritating things. For some they’ll rather listen to a fool then to listen to reasoning. We’re unable to get very far when listening to foolishness. “Imagine a husband who never speaks as if there was never any education presented.’ Some just do not know what to say and then there are others who behave foolishly because of attention.

Of course not all who speak foolishly are fools. There are times when we all will communicate in ways which get under persons skins. “The Bible” touches base on how we shouldn’t engage with fools. Do not fight with a fool understandable. There is no way to win because a fool can go on and on and persons may not be able to tell which is fool and which is not. Of course there will be times when we’ll want to address such behavior but we must recognize when to do so. There are times when a fool may be in a state of anger and then it’s best to just allow the cooling down.

Some continue to behave foolishly because they’re going through issues which may be quite difficult to deal with. Not knowing how to manage their emotions can lead to such foolish behaviors. When the mouth runs and runs then there can be a title which isn’t a good title. To  be called a fool can seem quite unsettling but there are times when we’ll behave as such. Communicating with a fool may “result” in arguments. It’s better to clear the air and find other ways to get through the problems at hand or simply refuse to take part in any situation which wil include a fool.

There shouldn’t be any reason why we should want to communicate in a foolish manner but there will be times when we’re thrown off guard. There’s a lot of situations where we’re surprised of what comes out of a mouth. To many the words may seem foolish but for the ones who “understand” the words may be taken like a person who has a lot of wisdom. Fools generate a lot of troubles which they may have a difficult time overcoming. Usually they’re unwilling to listen. Their mouths may chatter what should be kept away from mindful folks. “We can Choose to Listen to Fools but it’s Recommended That we Don’t.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

To choose to take advice from a fool could be a costly decision. There are some who may offer some advice which can be used but most of the time fools are too busy trying to sabotage and not willing to listen to what makes sense. We all certainly have to be careful as to whom we’re engaging with.There could be a breakdown occurring when taking the company of fools. Too many end up losing so much because of continuing to keep foolishness around. No need to do so there’s a lot of people who are willing to communicate on levels which make sense.

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Internet: Is it the added brain?
April 22, 2017

There is no doubt about the fact that Internet has changed our world. Internet is comparatively new for our part of the world so people from developed countries especially the ones taking advantage of this knowledge source form a decade or so before than us would know what I mean. I fully understand if the scientists say that internet has taken human forward at a greater speed in the development journey.

The scientists working on study projects as how the internet has helped human to learn faster look as far back as Ape Species’ age supposed to be 2.5 million years before the origin of human and the process of modern humanization that started two hundred thousand years before. That is now history and we know the process of development of brain and how human came to the present stage of development.

According to scientists the difference between human and other animals lies in the size of brain which is main factor that separates human from other animals. The size of human’s brain especially the front side stands human apart from all other species. Actually scientists are trying to prove that internet has become an additional part of human brain. When I read this theory the first thing that comes to my mind is ‘external hard disc’.

But to be very frank when I think about internet I really feel so amazed and also that if by any chance internet was to disappear suddenly half of my knowledge would be gone. Our lives have become so dependent on internet that it’s hard to think that we can do anything without internet.

n my own views we do not only use the information available on the internet but the combined mind power of everyone associated with it in any form. Our information source which was limited to books and people in our circle has now extended to millions of people and information available on every topic.

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It is not enough to know, you need to apply.
March 29, 2017

Knowledge is the most important! So many articles daily are trying to intrude into to the field of each reader’s attention, providing a lot of knowledge, without which we can’t longer survive in any way, and if we accidentally succeed, it is still the loss of the opportunity to live much perfectly. The same is shouting the books in bookstores, and the managers of lectures, or even ambiguous, training seminars presenters. This information will change your lives. We all are soberly aware that the majority of such direct or hidden messages of information terror are void, or at least hardly useful. Then we read the text and forget it, or even worse, you feel sorry for yourself a few minutes, that you lost a few valuable minutes of your important life. But some of those articles and books appear to be incredibly close, telling about the scientific breakthroughs that are statistically significant and   about the ideas that you need right now.

Then, you thank God or themselves, depending on the belief, that there was such a success and you feel already glad, as it will change your life. It remains the only problem – mostly knowledge remains not used.

You are well aware that sport helps to feel better. Perhaps you even heard that aerobic exercise helps in the treatment of depression probably a similar percentage as the drugs regulating serotonin. But you not exercise regularly. You are well aware that sugar harms the body more than the part of the drugs. But it does not change your behavior. You are used to read and not to apply. You get used to train indifference. To make matters worse, you are growing separation between ideas and actions, say, this is just a theory, in practice it is a complete different story, and the reality is different. Although in most cases nothing prevents the ideas to translate into reality. Apart yourself, of course.

If you have the knowledge and will not apply it, the result is the same as if you have not knowledge. If you do not survive the experience, it describing words is quite meaningless. Of course, this is understandable; it is difficult to adapt information, for that you need to change your habits.


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The Dangers of Too Much Information
March 14, 2017

This is a frightening but true story.  I’ve changed the names a bit and the locales so as not to perpetuate the situation, which is, bad.

I was on a forum with people from all over the world.    There was a user, who used her full name.   For this article I will call her   Carleen Openess.   She posted her address,  I’ll make up, 123 Green Street, Orlando, Florida.

Others warned her of the danger and she replied:

“Why should I hide my identity?  This is me.  This is my photograh, this is my name.  Bad people can find us anyway if they want,  so why should I call myself Cinderella? And lie about where I live?”

No matter how other users tried to dissuade her, posting intelligently about the dangers, the scams that could be run,  she refused to change.  She began to post all sorts of  cyber slop and said that nothing is private on the Internet.

Another user appeared.   She called herself (this is another invented name)  Shirley Sayso, who claims to live in Wilmington, Delaware.   She agrees with Carleen.

Trying to push a little light into their darkness I did a  Zaba Search.  These kinds of searches expose the actual street address, the phone numbers.

To them it is a shrug.

Shirley is posting her age, her martial status, her children’s names,  and it seems more than clear she is making herself more of a victim than Carlene.

For Carlene, is not Carlene.  The real Carleen is not on the Internet.   Two years ago, she was placed in a nursing home.   Where she had lived, the address ‘she’ gave is being used by a man, a thirty eight year old man.

This man has joined all sorts of sites using Carlene’s name. Using her photo and information.   This is because he is a certain kind of criminal.   The kind that searches for elderly women, checking out their accounts on various servers.   (He once worked for a particular Internet provider).   He finds inactive accounts, and does his searches.   He looks for those like Carlene.

He knows a bit about hacking.

He goes on the Internet as Carlene,  and looks for  women, like Shirley.  Women who will be made to believe she is communicating with someone just like her.

This criminal goes to Wilmington, Delaware when he knows Shirley is visiting her daughter.  He knows she puts the spare key under the rug.  He enters Shirley’s apartment, takes what he wants, and leaves.  Replacing the key.

Shirley is not his only victim.

He has done this for years.   He enters, he takes, he sells what he has taken in  other states.  He has been doing this for years.

When Shirley returns from her visit she will find her apartment has been burgled.  Maybe not at first, because it looks the way she left it.   Perhaps her computer is gone, perhaps not, if it is a big clumsy desk top.   Her television, unless it is a small flat screen won’t be touched.

Her good jewelry, her money, any easy to pick up item, will be gone.    Shirley might not check her jewelry for a week, maybe two.

As crimes go, this one is not as bad, as those where fools post pictures of their children or grandchildren, the names of the schools they attend.   Any pervert can know enough about the child to abduct them.

The ugly reality is that although you may be sitting nice and toasty in your comfort zone, typing on your keyboard, thinking you are communicating with ‘Carlene’  you may in fact be communicating with a criminal who is running his scheme.

If one goes back, and sees how it all began; it was ‘Carlene’ who did the ‘show and tell’.   It was Shirley who joined her.   This is the scam ‘Carlene’ runs.   It is bad, but not as bad as when  parents and grandparents expose their children and grand children to every pederast on the Internet.

I have always said this; unless you eat lunch with those you communicate with, don’t be too trusting, too open or expose yourself, your family to people who may claim they are ‘Carlene’ but are really a criminal.

You can’t know for a fact who you are talking with. That is a photograph.  It could be of anyone. Just because ‘Carlene’ says it is her does not mean it is.

Don’t share your personal details even if another person does it.  For that other person might be lying.

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No one Should be Forced to be Silent
January 30, 2017

Of course there will be some very displeased individuals when they’re having to hear or witness a lot of the truth. Perhaps if we weren’t exposed to scandals then there would be no problem at least in that area. As long as there’s corruption, scandal, and conspiracies then there will be exposure. As long as information is uploaded then there will be searches. Isn’t the information there to find? Does depend on who finds “the information?” Perhaps.

When some seek information or sometimes the information will just be handed to the person or persons. There will be some who will become angry and try to stop the individuals from exposing what they’ve found out. If some people do not want some information to be exposed then perhaps they shouldn’t leak the information. Technology is amazing isn’t it? Not only is “technology” amazing but there’s a lot of people who hold a lot of information.

They now have a new way of trying to silence individuals. Not wanting some to “speak” or to search and that’s why they’ll constantly monitor certain individuals to see just what they’re up to. Harassing, attacking, and using intimidation tactics to try and convince the individuals to stop searching. As long as information is there to find there will always be someone searching. Suppose there’s a lot to hide.

Some were so bold and refused to remain silent. The individuals had every right to speak up. A lot put their lives on the line just to expose “the truth.” So many are monitoring and still won’t find out what they’re trying to find out because the individuals are aware they’re being monitored. Shutting the technology down and going in silence is a way to prosper. There’s a lot of ears but some aren’t able to see exactly what’s taking place.

They’ll monitor who a person communicates with and what they’re communicating about. Every move being observed. There no observations of individuals who don’t have a key or aren’t a door. Who are unimportant. There’s a reason individuals will attack the same person or persons again and again. When they’re silent they’ll want to know why. “Courage” is a good quality. To be courageous and continue to be vocal. There will be times when silence is best.

The ones who continue to speak on are the ones they’re observing. For some it’s a bit of envy. Advocating for a cause of wanting to know some information in order “to prevent”further damages. If a person was a threatened then they’ll want to know why. If a person was shot at and didn’t see the shooter then they’ll want to know who was shooter and why was the individual being shot at? Why are certain individuals targets? Perhaps it’s the information. The need to know will always be there.

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Dumbing Down, Blah-Blah, and Idiocracy
December 25, 2016

Years ago, the British Broadcasting Company was the unquestioned news provider for the world.   The BBC was considered a reliable source of the highest quality  The presenters spoke perfectly, went into the stories in depth, adding whatever necessary information one might need to comprehend.

Local Stations had no greater capacity then being able to send a reporter from the Capital to the countryside, so the Radio Stations turned to the BBC for their World News.

One could repeat what was heard on the BBC as fact.   Whether speaking to the Prime Minister, the University Professor,  or the Chief Justice,  one could utilise what was heard on the BBC, because it was of the highest quality.

That was then, of course.  Then, before there was an international effort to dumb down the population, to keep them distracted and stupid.

Today, the BBC gives six minutes of news every hour, two minutes every half hour. The remaining fifty two minutes of every hour are filled with pointless blah blah.   Whether vague and unquotable  reports on topics of some interest, or in depth commentary on nothing important, the hour is filled with such rubbish that shutting off the radio, or turning the channel is recommended.

Simply put, if the BBC reports on a major event you will have to go on the Internet to obtain the facts because there is no information.

This is part of the dumbing down process.   It is not an accident or that there is a lack of information, it is simply that the average person is not to be granted the basic knowledge.   The lack of information is why so many events take the world by surprise.

If the BBC, for example, actual did its job then Brexit and the election of Donald Trump would not be found so jarring.  Clearly the BBC, in it’s own country, hasn’t a clue what is happening, how the people really feel, and so were shocked that the country they live in voted to leave the European Union.

As The British Broadcasting Corporation has no idea what is happening in Britain, how can one be surprised that it would not know what is happening in America or in any other country in the world?

The result of the West’s ‘Dumbing Down’ of its population.   People don’t complain that their ‘News’ is vague and empty because they don’t realise this.     They don’t realise much of what they hear is twisted propaganda, or misreporting of events, that at the end of a report, one knows pitiably little.

One is, however, imbued with the BBC ‘slant’ on world events.

I recall in 2010 when the BBC was reporting of chaos in Jamaica, making it seem every street corner was a war zone.  I live in Jamaica and contacted them, because if one was two miles from where the events were taking place, one would not know something was happening.

Buses ran, shops were open, traffic was flowing, schools were open; yet the BBC made it seem that Jamaica was in the grip of enormous civil unrest.

The fact is, an educated population is a dangerous population.  One can not manipulate a   person who has the facts and can confront misreporting.

An uneducated and disinterested population is easily led.

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