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Review on “Effectiveness of Agile Implementation Methods in Business Intelligence Projects from an End-User Perspective”(Kisielnicki and Misiak, 2016)

Due to uncontrollable rapid changes on organizational needs, the traditional methods used in Business Intelligence (BI) implementation are not already efficient. The products are often found useless because the functionalities are no longer needed by the organizations. The traditional methods are no longer efficient because of inability to accept timely change request, the authors tested the effectiveness of Agile implementation methods to the project delivery.
The Agile implementation methods were compared to traditional implementation methods(waterfall approach). The traditional methods are concentrated in project scope to determine the cost and time schedule as mentioned in the article which is I believe that this is only the advantage of traditional methods compared to Agile because in project proposal, cost and time are very important. To introduce Agile, the authors mentioned the following advantages:
1. Agile methods require a change of thinking and a different approach.
2. Agile concentrates on business values using them to determine quality levels and possible technology constraints.
3. Agile seems to be more appropriate for a somewhat chaotic and unstable environment, lacking a clear vision.
4. Agile relies primarily on a so-called approach of shared values.
5. Agile structures are flat, collaborative, and based on a mutual inspection.
Evolutionary prototyping summarizes the processes of Agile methods. It involves iteration processes which makes the project product adaptive to the technology constraints that may arise during development. The team can also work together with different solutions simultaneously. With this effort, the project team can deliver more completed works. Therefore, the Agile gives quality over scope and schedule.
According to the article, the of BI solutions made the businesses exceed to their common achievements. The surveys mentioned said that there are good effects of BI solutions such as: it provide growth and business development, improve cost control processes, and increase the level of customer service. Behind that success, the authors have enumerated the several problems during the implementations of BI solutions. They are as follows:
1. A long development cycle and less visibility to user.
2. Users are not involve in development cycles.
3. After the design phase, there is no possibility to modify analytical requirements.
4. Testing is at the end of the development cycle, again without a possibility for change requests.
5. A different language: the developers think in terms of code, the business thinks in terms of business value and solution designers think in terms of customer experience.
Based on the mentioned several problems, the author suggest a possible solution for these and that is the use of Agile methods. The best Agile method can be used is the Active Stakeholder Participation (ASP). ASP needs the high involvement of the user to provide timely decisions regarding the requirements and prioritization.
The authors conducted a case study in a telecommunications company using the Agile methods, and they were able to prove its effectiveness because of the competitive Return of Investments (ROI) factor results. The user expectations were met and the first product delivered was used. In the case study, the authors evaluated the effectiveness of Agile methods by conducting a survey for the Agile principles. The result have answered the several problems presented earlier.
In conclusion, the Agile methods are proven their effectiveness in BI projects implementations compared to traditional methods. The Agile approach provides methods and techniques that were able to address the constant involvement of users to provide timely decisions, easy adaptability to changes when required, frequent functionalities delivery, fast ROI, and easy and cost-effective maintenance after BI implementation. The authors show also interest to make further researches to provide more evidence for this issue.

How to Protect Your Data from Computer Virus Attacks

Basically, one of the main protections to keep a computer to work optimally is always protect the computer from harmful viruses. There are so many of malicious virus variants that can disrupt the smooth performance of your computer. Among them, the most popular types of computer viruses are Worm virus, Trojan, Spyware, and so forth. They all can inhibit the smoothness of your computer performance in its operation. Surely, all types of computer viruses will slow down your work in any computer task. So, you need to protect your computer from a sudden virus attack.

Virus attack is one of computer maladies that work to destroy computer data. Computer viruses are able to multiply or reproduce on your computer system. Additionally, a computer virus is also able to copy, infect and even spread other disruptions to all sectors of the program whether in the hard disk, flash disk, and other storage media. The most annoying thing when a computer is being attacked by a virus is when the computer restarts itself. But not everyone knows when a computer virus infects your data. So, you should protect your data from computer virus attracts.

Protect Your Computer from Virus Attacks

  1. First thing first to protect your computer from virus attacks is by knowing the computer virus names, learn how they infect the computer’s system, and how to prevent them.
  2. Do not leave your computer runs without antivirus. Commonly, the computer antivirus is the most powerful security of your computer.
  3. So, install a reliability antivirus. Not all antivirus are paid, but there are also some free computer antiviruses are capable of eradicating every virus that comes to the computer. As a recommendation, you can use AVG antivirus or Avira antivirus.
  4. Make sure the antivirus database on your computer is always up to date, as there would be the emerge of new computer viruses on the network. Update an antivirus could be online or offline.
  5. Scan the entire data on your computer regularly. At least you scan the data on your computer using antivirus once a week. In case there’s a virus attack on your computer, immediately quarantine the virus using your antivirus.
  6. Each time you are surfing the internet, never to open attachment file or email attachment that includes a file with extensions .exe, .scr, .vbs, or double extension files like .txt. But if you think the file is important, should scan the file first using the antivirus.
  7. Be careful when opening email attachments or post attachments from instant messages sent from unknown people, as this may contain malicious files.
  8. Never open Spam / Trash email (product sale, free video offer, free image, and free song).
  9. Always scan your new data files with your antivirus before opening them. The new files could be downloaded from the internet or from an external storage media such as flash disk, hard drive, CD/DVD, etc.
  10. Never install pirated or nulled software. Any pirated or nulled software is not from a legitimate seller/ creator. Usually, pirated software is always infected with a malicious virus used to spy your computer data.
  11. Always read the Term of Services and agreement of any free software you are going to install. If you don’t read it, you may accidentally agree with installing a bundled spyware software program that is hard to uninstall.

Finally, by applying those tips above, your computer or laptop will always out of from a malicious virus infection.

Are you digitally mature or not?
May 28, 2017

One of the most clichéd statements of today’s time is ‘Everything is just a click away!’ And it is hard to deny it too! Right from online shopping to transfer of funds, all it needs is a digitally sound mind which is free of any stigma. The once ‘visit and stand in a queue for your turn’ Banking exercise has also taken the digital route with customers choosing how and when do they want to interact with their Bank. While the consumers are all set to embrace the digital world and make their Banking experience hassle free, it is worth asking how prepared are the financial institutions and the other businesses to bring in this change?


“I was talking a stroll in the market when I got a text which had a 30% discount coupon of a restaurant that was just a block away! Although I didn’t have any plans to visit the restaurant, but I ended up eating at the restaurant due to that coupon!”


In an age where dining out and shopping destinations are decided as much by online discount coupons as they are by quality, the businesses can ignore the need for a digital presence only at their own peril. For the businesses, catching the eye of the customer is the first step towards establishing a customer ““ brand relation. With people spending a major chunk of their time online on social media and on their mobile phones, these have become a new marketing medium with an ocean of scope. While some organizations have put their best step forward to cash in on the new interests of the X-Gen, it would be fair to say that by and large, the businesses are yet to discover the potential of digital marketing.

Since we all agree to the significance of digital marketing and there are no contradictions, wouldn’t you expect the businesses to jump into it overnight and cash in before the pie has too many takers? Surprisingly, there are a number of limitations that the companies face while contemplating to venture into the digital marketing scene.

  • ü While some firms may site technical shortcomings as the major stumbling block, a number of other well financed companies seem to have issues in bringing their entire top leadership on board for these reforms and replace the age old tried and trusted marketing strategies. Lack of far sightedness is hurting the businesses majorly.
  • ü Firms have not been able to tap the potential of mobile channels as far. No dedicated team to look into digital marketing has brought about the downfall of a number of marketing strategies. Digital marketing is a tricky preposition. It has the potential to turn around your business in an unparalleled manner. The firms must understand and treat this accordingly.


Where do I begin?

Agreeing to the need and scope of digital marketing is probably the easiest step in the chain. The major challenge lying ahead is ‘How to begin?’ Without going into much detail, we would like to mention certain basic points that would help you get off the mark.

  • ü Ensure you are playing to your strengths. Ask yourself ““ What is your finest offering? And what do the customers want? Try and combine both the answers and you would reach the perfect beginning point.
  • ü Concentrate on the People. More than the process, the technology and the strategy – what is important is the people. Make sure your marketing strategies are people oriented. Do not wait for the customer to reach you. Instead, be present where the customer looks.
Exposing young minds to the world of tablets and laptops
May 22, 2017

The recent years have witnessed a surge in initiatives in the Indian schools to introduce children to the world of tablets and laptops a tender age. These visionary steps are adopted in order to accustom the children with the world of technology and communication. So far, the steps have proven beneficial in some cases while dubious is others but whatever they may be, they are here to change the entire Indian education and society.

The apparent benefits

The superficially observable benefits of the schemes are many and varied. The introduction of students to high-tech devices like tablets and laptops is a genuine advantage for them as they get accustomed to such marvels of technology at such tender ages. The ways to use such gadgets and their applications are much more lucid to them than before. Such benefits will help the upcoming generations in the long run as they will be more skilled and technology friendly than their forefathers. The society will get the benefits of education, communication and technology in a completely new way. Transformation of the nation as well as the society on the grounds of education and skill development will become an absolute realizable dream.

The controversies in the horizon

The aforesaid schemes though beneficial, often turn out to be the hives of controversies. The uneven distribution of such schemes is a major concern for the nation. The poorer and oppressed sections of the society still remain isolated from its benefits while the rich enjoy the privileges with élan courtesy their money and opportunity. The ways in which the gadgets are distributed among the students and the opportunistic minds working in the background to rake in political, economic and social mileage are a real concern in this regard. Often such schemes are embroiled in financial discrepancies which again put a question behind the moral backbone of the entire framework. Private schools have in fact made such initiatives a medium to rake in hordes of money from the pupils while endorsing products of specific brands.

Learn, not earn

The current political and social framework has ensured that millions of dollars are being spent for the sake of the development of the nation and its people especially the children. The schools have to take the responsibility that such marvels of technology are spent for the betterment of the child’s brain and not for enriching the coffers of the institutes. The people associated with such initiatives must feel that they have the future of an entire nation and the upcoming generations in their hands and hence they must be careful with the steps they take. It must be remembered that a laptop in someone’s hand must be a means to learn and not earn.

The silver lining in the sky

The implementation of introducing young minds to tablets and laptops at young ages has indeed showed good results in short time. The learning skills and capabilities of the students have surely increased as a result. As the individuals grow, slowly the goodness of the phenomenon will be infected among the masses which will lead the entire future generations and the nation to the path of prosperity and growth in the long run.

Benefits Of Online Advertising Modern World
May 22, 2017

Earlier, Advertisements were restricted to papers, TV & radio. Online Advertisement has given a new shape to advertising world.  Online advertising is the way of promoting products & services with the help of internet. Online web branding reaches to wide area audience. It’s a way to communicate with your customer about your presence available in this competitive market. Online advertising includes email marketing, social media marketing, mobile/website marketing and an array of display marketing such as banner ads, pop-ups, etc. Online advertising is much more attractive & with low risk attached.
Here are the major benefits of Online Advertising, lets discuss: 
“¢    Less expensive.  As compared to offline advertisement, online we advertising is inexpensive & reaches wide area also. Online ads are hyperlinked, once clicked; it will take you to the greater world then. Offline advertising is restricted in all area.

“¢    Wider geographical reach. When an advertisement is visible on website, it is viewed by thousands-Lakhs. Advertising can be done only either on national level or international level. Which means it is visible to huge geographical area.

“¢    No rigorous payment.  In online advertising, you have to pay only for the qualified clicks, leads or impressions.

“¢    Easy result measurement. Instant analytics. A lot of effective analytics tools in order to measure online advertising results, which helps you, know where your campaign stands & if required, how to improve it.

“¢    More targeted audiences. Advertisement placed online targets more audience as it is visible on country level. Students, businessmen, dealers, exporters, etc. everyone can see online ad.

“¢     Versatility. Unlike offline media, online advertising can be highly interactive. From attractive videos and games to audio messages and sections for query input, there are many methods to keep the consumer keenly and constantly engaged.

“¢    Ad beneficial for sellers and consumers. Online advertising is beneficial to both the parties. Sellers use advertising to promote products & its price, usability, and advantages. Customers who come to the site, they know about the diverse products from these ads.

“¢    Speed. Online advertisements have tremendous frequency. It can reach each person in the entire world in fraction of seconds.

More and more sites are asking you to pay a fee to subscribe to all or part of the Web site. Internet is a medium to obtain website traffic and target and deliver marketing messages to the right customers.

Google, the Best Search Engine
May 22, 2017

What makes Google so big & popular?

Larry page and Sergey Brin started Google in the year 1998. Google has got many users who frequently surf internet for personal choices.  As your mind finds difficulty in something, first thing which strikes your mind is “Lets Google it”. Google is a package which brings en-number of URLs displayed all together at a common platform. Your refined search will give you too many sources to seek for the solution of the query. It is the successful search engine in the world. It has become the best brand with which everyone wants to work.
Google is having many success stories which make it different & the best amongst all.

1.Best search results: Google updates the information time to time so that users should always get the latest information first. It also publishes the irrelevant information. You get what you desire of.

2.No distraction from Advertisements: Google always makes sure that the advertisement displayed over the site shouldn’t be distractive. It is always related to the search you have made.

3.Quality results: Whatever you search at Google, it will provide you the best related results in the beginning only. No extra irrelevant information is being displayed which makes the user confuse. Results should always match with what you have asked for.

4.Brand loyalty: Users, who often visits Google generally never, think of going for another search engine, as they become loyal to Google.

5.Simple, still attractive: Google is not typical to use. It’s designed in a very simplified manner. That’s why Google has the user chain of all the age categories from a kid to an elder person, everyone is involved in Google.

6.Links Attached: Google provides you links as well which can lead you to the correct information.

7.Highlighted info: Google gives you ease to search on it. Whenever you ask for the information, it highlights the important facts & details related to the query. That helps you finding out the best results near to the queries.

8.Google services: Google not only provides you the black & white texts information, it also provides you following facilities-

“¢    Name of the person, biography
“¢    Current affairs
“¢    Queries related results
“¢    Google dictionary
“¢    Google calendar
“¢    Google docs
“¢    Google Maps
“¢    Image search
“¢    Relevant Videos results
“¢    Recommendations
“¢    Blogging
“¢    Advertising space to the prestigious advertisers
“¢    Phone directories
“¢    Gmail
“¢    Social site i.e., Hangouts.
“¢    Google apps, etc
9.Google is the best teacher: Google teaches you the best, declared by educators.

10.Advanced Search: Google provide us the advanced search related to the keyword you enter.

No matter, dozens of search engine will be introduced in the online competitive market; Google will always remain the alpha knowledge engine amongst all.

Vital Hidden Things About Google You Don’t Know, despite The Fact That You Are A Net Literate

×× Track your Package

If you perform an electronic purchase via eBay or other websites, and you keep on tracking your item via certain websites, then this feature is for you. Now, there is no need to enter your tracking number in the website of the sender or websites such as UPS or Fedex. You can track your package by simply entering the tracking number in the Google search engine and leave the rest to Google to provide you with all the details you seek.

××Barrel roll trick

This is a funny trick done by the Google search engine, which many people are not familiar with. When you enter in the search box of Google the phrase “do a barrel roll”, your Google page will roll around in the screen which is related to some classic games when the chapter ends or winning a certain stage.


×× Klingon as Google Search Engine

This is a hidden feature for Star Trek fans. If you’re a dedicated trekky, then you can experience the Klingon language in Google’s Klingon Search which will add a nice Klingon touch to your search engine, and you may also enjoy using the Klingon translator and dictionary.


×× BeatBox with Google Translate


If you wish to enjoy some singing by Google Translator, then this feature may set free for your creativity. If you put a chain of random letters in Google translator, then you may notice that the “Listen” button in Google translator has changed into “BeatBox”, which means that Google translator will sound the written letters as beatbox. You may try it with this sample made before, and enjoy the beatbox in Google translator. Just copy paste it “pv kkk pkkk pvpvpv ppkk pddd bschk bschk pv zk pv bschk pv pv pv bschk bschk bschk kkkkkkkkkk bschk bsch”

×× Track Your Flight


Do you wish to track a certain flight, by simply using your computer or mobile device and Google? Flight Tracking is another useful feature provided by Google, as you can enter  airline name and the flight number into Google’s search engine and you get results which will provide you with the details of the flight such as the departure and arrival time  other details. This will help you to get the information about any flight, without the need to follow it through other means, such as with the airline itself.

×× Recreation of your gmail

One of the features of Gmail is that it does not recognize dots in its system, so this gives you the ability to create many email addresses by simply adding dots anywhere you want. And also, any email sent to username@gmail.com and u.s.e.r.n.a.m.e@gmail.com will have to end in the same email mailbox, since Gmail does not consider dots as characters; therefore the two emails are treated as the same.

×× Searching Using ~ Tilde ~

You may have used or will use the Google search engine to look for certain terms. However, if you use tilde with the search term, Google will include the related terms or similar words that you were not aware of or perhaps forgot. This feature will definitely help you to have more productive searing results and to find exactly what you are looking for.

×× Google as an Alternative Way.

If you try to visit certain websites at school, university or at your office, and you are stopped from visiting these websites because you are blocked to visit them in these places, you can simply go through an alternative way using Google. Google can be used as a proxy which will allow you to access the page you want and read the material. You can search Google for “how to use Google as a proxy” and find the suitable case for you

×× Games with youtube

No one would feel bored if his/her Smartphone is around. Still, if you are bored and you do not have a Smartphone, you can spend some time with this nice trick. Simply go to YouTube, search for any video, click on it and then type 1980. This will trigger a nice classic game, in which you need to protect your video from the missiles. This game can help you spend some time if you’re feeling bored

×× Efficient Email use

If you use the Gmail more often and communication is part of your job, then this feature may seem simple, but it may also be very effective one. If you have received an email and you want to comment only on a certain part of it, you can highlight the desired section of the text before you click on reply, then by clicking on reply; you include the highlighted text in your reply as a quote and leave the rest of the text out of it.

Why Windows Users Should Use KDE based Linux

Windows users are stuck with same old windows for years. There are not many changes with the Windows these years. In fact wiht each year, Windows is more locked down. You can see that Windows is perfect OS for many reasons. But it is paid. Also the support for the Windows cost some money. For that reason, you should consider using Linux. And in linux there are plenty of variety of desktop that you can use. IN case of Windows, however you have only one option for setting up a desktop. So consider using the Gnome and think about moving your effort towards better linux distro. In this article, I want to share you some of the reasons why Windows users are better off KDE distribution. And what you can do in order to manage the KDE desktop.

KDE Plasma

The plasma Desktop is one of the best thing that happened to KDE. It has now separate KDE applications and the desktop. With desktop you can do almost every single change possible out there. And with desktop being easily tweakable, you can see that it is one of the good desktop worth checking out. And with Windows knowledge you can use this desktop very easily. You don’t need more efforts to learn much about this desktop. Just download the distro and use it. But it may need some understanding for where things are and what you can do about that as well as time goes on.

Easy to Use

I think one more thing many people fail to understand is that it is one of the easy to use software. And people need a lot of such software in the market. You can find that like Windows even thee KDE is very easy to use. And if you spend enough money on it then surely you can expect windows to work. But often that does not work like that. And you have to put on some effort. such is not thee case with the KDE. And for the same reason I think it’s better to spend some time learning free software and if it does not work theen you dont have much to complain there as well and you can go ahead.


Windows is not free. Period. You just have to buy the license and theen use it for specific time peeriod. And after that another Windows release comes in. Like this things go on and on. And people just don’t understand what else they can do in such case. You can find that KDE is free to download and use. You don’t havee to pay for it ever. Just have to burn the eimage and then install with some linux distro. I think many linux users are trying that formula and for them this is working for sure. I think softwaree free such as this has more potential than any other free and open source software.

As you can see that desktop manager is going to be very easy in future. And consideering it is free it definitely worth using if you are serious about spending some money.

Image by KDE.

Which Linux OS Flavor Is Best for You?

Let’s admit there are more options for linux distro than there are for underwear. I am not kidding, Linux distros are around 200 or more so. With more languages, it has almost language version coming out for each release. I think OS flavor is something we all need to understand as far as the usage is concerned. Almost every flavor out there has it’s own reasons to be out. Some of the versions of the OS which does not have decent features are not working with many people. And so if there are not many people using it, eventually such flavors are going down. So I think it’d be fun to discuss those type of linux flavors. In this article, I want to discuss some of the good flavors of the linux which you can try on and see if that works for you. I am going to list some of my favorites.


This distro is one of the popular. And it has managed to reach a lot of users over the period of years. And many people blindly trust ubuntu brand now. So this can be surely one good distro to download and distribute. I wish to use this distro and check out if it can apply in this case. I suggest using ubuntu if you are new to linux. I don’t think other linux flavors are any good. But I think if one invests good amount of timee to tweak the Ubuntu as per their usage, it would require no effort of any kind. It can be fun to seee how ubuntu goes from here onwards with the gnome setup in future.


This is another operating system distro which can be good to check out. It has plenty of active users. In fact it is being picked by many operating systems in the enterprise world. That’s one reason you can see how the OS can get popular. I have used the Suse plenty of times. In fact even NASA users prefer this linux distro. So you can get the idea that it has some wider reach. And with enough effort we can learn it lot quicker too. I think Suse is one good OS to start using the linux. And learning curve is not that easy. You have to understand that there are times when the Suse can be of good use.


It’s another linux distro that I often use. And with enough use of the OS, However there is onee more twist to this desktop. This is 100% free desktop. And there are no paid codecs and no paid work being done to port things. For example in ubuntu you have some paid codecs which you can’t find in trisqueel. Also there is no flash in trisquel too. Software has to bee 100% free to be usable on trisquel. So this process can be fun to use and reuse. I don’t think there is any other desktop that one can use with this flavor of linux. I just think that trisquel has lot better chance to be usable there as well.

These three are good flavors to be used. So do give this one a shot and see where you can find it much more usable.

Image by budgie desktop.

Why and When Writing Sites Don’t Pay
Writing-online_Why Writing Sites Aren't What They Used To Be

There are sites created to be scams, such as Bubblews.    It was organised on the basic Ponzi; everyone gets paid the first time.

To be paid the 2nd time one had to bring in a certain number of warm bodies who could be ripped off…. on and on according to specific paradigms as to who would be paid and who would not be paid.

So a Jamaican joining Bubblews was very unlikely to get that 2nd pay out, where an American was more likely due to their ability to contact law enforcement.

In short, Bubblews was never a writing site; it was born a scam to enable to owners to make money.

I belabour the point to divorce Bubblews from actual writing sites which have their own reasons for not paying and how they go about it.


Expertscolumn and Niume are two sites which play the old Hit trick.  Factoidz played it way back when the owner found himself unable to pay his writers.

Now the owner, M.Q. is a guy far stupider than he realised, decided to alter the hits that items had received.   The problem is that people had seen their hits then seen the alterations, so were aware of what he was doing.

Factoidz died over seven years ago due to involvement of American law enforcement.

Expertscolumn is a trick site, where no one reaches pay out because of various games. One of them is the manipulation of hits.   Very often hits don’t register, coin doesn’t increase, and one will hover at some number for YEARS.

Niume has been doing the hit juggling as well.

One will reach the first pay out rather painlessly, then, of course, stick at some low number for months so that the owners don’t have to pay.

When a site, be it Hubpages or Triond or Niume pays by ‘hits’ they hold all the cards. For unless one imbeds a secret counter in their account one can’t know for a fact, how many hits they have.

Arbitrary Rejection of Articles

When a site can not pay its users, it implements a rejection of items.   There is no real reason for the rejection.

Expertscolumn will tend to demean an item calling it ‘unsuitable’ or ‘badly written’ or some other term to make the writer believe that the item was rejected for a substantial reason.

Literacybase will claim an item is ‘plagiarised’ when it is not.  It will either ignore the fact the writer has quoted sources and given attribution, [which is not plagiarism, of course as the writer is not taking credit for the item,] or just make the charge and when pressed, fling some ‘source’  which is nothing like the so called plagiarised article.

This is done because the site can’t pay its writers.

In the case of Factoidz, for example, it was because the Owner took the money and ran.  In other cases it is the lack of business acumen.

One of the realities of online writing is that most sites are run by people who know nothing about business, about writing,  about anything they need to, which would enable them to conduct a successful business.