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Some People Don’t Think of Consequences
April 13, 2017
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This is a true story, the only things I’m changing are the names and some locations.

Errol was married to Roberta and they had two little children.  Errol had not really settled down.  His company sent him and his family to another country where they lived as millionaires.   Errol had never been rich so was overcome by his ability to buy and go and do.

Errol got into a kind of dancing and would go every Thursday night to a special club.  He’d often dance with Tami.

Besides his dancing he was taking courses at a University and involved in a local organisation where he was able to get on the Board of Directors.

He spent very little time with his wife and children,  in fact, outside of work, most of his time was spent with Tami.

When his overseas ‘tour’ was six months from ending, his wife and children went home.   Then he spent more time with Tami.

When he got home he learned his wife had a long running affair with one of his bosses while they were abroad, and despite all his education and knowledge, behaved stupidly which enable his wife to get all kind of orders and restrictions.

As the divorce proceeded, Errol sent for Tami, paid her ticket, and set her up as his next wife.

For some reason Errol decided to break up with Tami, ship her back to her home and move on.

In some twisted part of his heart he needed to hurt Tami, who really had nothing to do with his broken marriage.   His wife/ex-wife hadn’t known about her, as she was too busy enjoying his boss.

However, Errol decided to have a new girl friend and to post her pictures all over his Facebook page.

Maybe she was a nice girl, but the images of her dancing made her look like a $10 whore.  Whether she made those pouts and smiles to be cute, it looked like he was dancing with someone he bought on a corner.

Tami blocked the photographs so if he were trying to hurt her, it didn’t work.

But, it hurt him.

Today, most employers check the Facebook pages of their employees and possible employees.   One applies for a post and if not asked their Facebook page,  an employer will enter their names.

If the employee or potential employee has a page of rubbish, well, that is not the kind of person one wants on their staff.

Errol’s page is full of images of he and his new gal, (who looked like someone you wouldn’t want to be seen in sunlight with).   So, his employer let him go and potential employers turned him down, and he wound up in a rather small job despite his bucket of qualifications.

When you post rubbish like Errol does, you have to expect that everyone will see it.   If you had a business, would you hire a guy who is fascinated by dancing with some gal who you assume has a register on her bed?

Why I use Windows Instead of Linux
April 12, 2017

I am huge fan of linux but for some reasons I use Windows. And there are many reasons every year adding up for me using the windows. I had wasted a lot of time while developing apps for linux. And it seems the type of people who want to buy it are not on linux. Instead they are on mac and windows. This means the money I wish to earn from the development of desktop apps is not going to be an easy game. I may just have to switch to windows and serve the market there. This way I may get few things sorted and also get paying public. In this article, I wish to explain why many people who are using Windows are not yet switching to the linux.


Some of the custom applications developed by companies are exclusive to the Windows. And running them through crossover or the Wine is not going to be easy. In fact those apps are going to be crashed. And it makes you wonder if we are to be using the apps alternative on Linux or make the apps from scratch for Linux. This is one reason I think my company has yet to switch to the Linux. And this also means that windows is not something I wish to leave for the money making. You have to find out some other ways. Now that dot net core is making apps independent of the framework and OS, it can be good to see this in future.

Breaking Issues

I played with Ruby on Ubuntu for a while. Most of the time my system used to have issues with the base version of the ruby. And for this reason I wanted to switch to the new version of ruby. I know that it is not going to be easy using the Linux. But stuff breaks with ruby most of the time. I have yet to see consistent use of the ruby apart from on the mac. And for this reason I am assuming that breaking of the stuff is kind of harder when we are on windows. We can always reinstall or ask for fix. In case of Linux finding such support is not easy. So that’s one thing I have struggled the most.

Grumpy Community

Unlike windows and mac community, the people on Linux are very defensive. And they fight among each other for many small things. And this has resulted into lot of issues over a period of time. I can tell you that many people don’t like Linux users because they come off as too pushy. And that has resulted into more of an issue than solution. I think many of us don’t realize that part. But I am guessing with time this will solve soon. I am not sure how many of us can find a proper solution for this but we can only speculate on this. That being said, there are times when we can manage this type of stuff too. I think community will evolve eventually with time but we have to see how that happens in future. Now it does not seem to be that way.

I am guessing that with time many OS needs to evolve. And we just have to focus on what we can do better with the one we like.

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The Billion worth of facebook socil media site
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Yahoo! have been in converses with Facebook for over a year now and obviously as of late got timid at Facebook’s $1 billion asking cost however as I will clarify here Yahoo! have passed up a major opportunity for a flat out deal.

Facebook have 18 million clients, bounty. However MySpace has 100 million + and sold for a simple $580 million to News Corp’s in 2005. YouTube sold to Google for an announced $1.65 billion in 2006 yet it serves more than 100 million video’s a day and has more than 25 million guests a month. So what makes Facebook so significant? It gets moderately colossal movement levels yet not keeping pace with YouTube or MySpace. In spite of now being accessible to anybody it started life as a restrictive system for understudies (you required an instructive email to enlist) and this is as yet its essential client assemble.

So where’s the cash?

Right now Facebook shows customary flag promoting on clients’ landing pages and chose pages through the site. Adverts are unpretentious and arbitrary in to such an extent as they’re not focused at a specific client they’re recently served to the whole site on an irregular premise. Facebook are doing alright out of this course of action on the premise of the quantity of page impressions they get, in spite of the fact that in all actuality they’re continuing publicizing at the very least keeping in mind the end goal to develop the estimation of the site for its possible deal which will more likely than not occur in 2007/8. Brilliant folks!

The energy of data

Enlist with Facebook and rapidly you can end up giving endlessly enormous volumes of significant individual data. Consider it… Facebook know your name, they know how old you are (really your D.O.B which is boundlessly more profitable as I’ll go ahead to clarify), they know in case you’re male or female, they know the place where you grew up, your postcode on the off chance that you give it away (in spite of the fact that I question numerous clients pick this), they know in case you’re single, in a relationship (and who with), wedded, separated and so on, they know your sexual introduction. Alright so you can answer every one of these inquiries as truly, deceptively or enigmatically as you prefer however from what I’ve seen individuals joyfully give precise data about themselves as it’s their companions and potential companions who will see it-and nobody else right?

In any case, what else do Facebook know? Well they know where you went to class, where you work, all the more forebodingly your religious and political perspectives. From this we can begin to develop a truly important market profile. As I’m revealing to Facebook I should disclose to you I’m Male, 22 (conceived in August), Straight, in a relationship, moderate, skeptic from Brighton, England. Went to class at Blatchington Mill Secondary, school at a place called BHASVIC, University at Bournemouth. From this data we can draw encourage suppositions I live in Brighton and in view of the area of my schools catchment territory we could pretty precisely outline in Brighton I think about, visit, and live in (think Google maps API). I’m a straight; traditionalist from a sensibly well off zone in all day business subsequently I’m likely white, working class with a fair discretionary cashflow.

So what else? Facebook recognize what you appear as though, they presumably comprehend what you used to resemble a couple of years prior too. Presumably most essentially they know who your companions are, they know how you know them, they know when you converse with them, what they look like and at last they know the very same data about them as they think about you-you’re interests, different preferences and your companions tastes also.

They know your email address, so they know whether you utilize Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and so forth. They know your telephone number so they could pretty effectively work out your telephone supplier. They have your IP address so they could work out your ISP. They know where you’ve landed at the site from so they recognize what web index you utilize (enter Yahoo! Furthermore, Google to the offering war), what program you’re on, they know in case you’re outwardly weakened or have taking in handicaps from the settings on your program.

Facebook know when I’m signing in and from where so they know the hours I work, in case I’m utilizing the web at work, the pages I leave Facebook to go to or the pages I originate from so they realize what different destinations I take a gander at. I can set my present status and tell Facebook precisely what I’m doing or feeling right this second.

Alright so you get the photo at this point, one final thing however, is your Facebook secret word the same as your email account watchword, your web and phone managing an account secret word, each other watchword you use in your day by day life (in light of the fact that until I composed this post mine was!) what amount more data would you like to give away?

What’s the hazard here?

Reasonably it’s entirely thin. Facebook are a decent group of folks and an extraordinary site, I adore utilizing it and notwithstanding comprehending what I think about data security and so forth I give away a major piece of the data I’ve discussed here.

Yahoo! What’s more, Facebook

So if Yahoo!, Google or god preclude Microsoft effectively buy Facebook (as I say I’m sensibly certain this will happen this year) the Orwellian clear dream proposed by this post turns into an unending bad dream. Envision an organization who have made billions and commanded the quickest developing business sector on the planet by creating calculations which slither a huge number of pages of irregular data (the web) and classify that data with a definitive objective of coordinating it to organizations and offering promoting.

The inquiry calculation let free on Facebook

Envision the web search tools let free on Facebook. A calculation blocked to choose profile data (John, conceived 13.08.84). Delineate to catchphrases in individual interests i.e. football, Manchester United. Plot your area on a guide i.e. Brighton, England. Take after connections to your dearest companions with comparable interests i.e. Bounce and Dave who live round the corner and serve me an advert something like:

Glad birthday for one week from now John.

Did you know its Dave’s birthday the week after?

Why not book tickets for Brighton and Hove Albion versus Manchester joined on 12.08.07

Click here to book now and get 3 tickets at the cost of 2 (why not request that weave tag along he bolsters Brighton and you haven’t talked in a while).

Book today and we’ll give you a marked down limo from your home to the diversion with trashy-limo’s.com.

Now that is capable publicizing and it’s practically around the bend. On the off chance that Facebook has 25 million enlisted clients when it’s sold, half of whom visit each day that is a base 12.5 million page impressions a day. Serve the advert above at $1 a tick (which is far not as much as its value in light of the current AdWords CPC show) expect an active visitor clicking percentage of up to 10% in view of the exact way of the publicizing and that is $1.2 million least a day-nearly $Face

How does website owners get their sites visited by many?

Each website proprietor needs heaps of movement coordinated to their website, however this can some of the time include investing a great deal of energy and cash. Luckily, most website proprietors can expand their arrival on venture just by giving careful consideration to their website log records. Most website facilitating organizations have uncommon programming introduced that will procedure these website log records and show the data in a simple to peruse arrange. From this data website proprietors can get an understanding in the matter of what number of individuals are going to the website, where the guests are originating from, where they are entering and leaving the website, the normal number of site visits per visit, and numerous all the more intriguing realities. These measurements will permit you to better break down the viability of special crusades and give you some knowledge with respect to how you can change your website to expand your arrival on venture.

“Hits” Explained

There is by all accounts some disarray with respect to the terms used to portray website guest activity. We for the most part hear website proprietors talk regarding “hits” to their website. Hits don’t precisely portray the quantity of guests survey the website – yet they are in reality quite recently any kind of HTTP ask for made to your server. Are solicitations made for website pages, as well as for every one of the pictures and different records related with survey a solitary page. Consequently, one site hit could really bring about many hits, and if a solitary client visits many pages on your website, this visit could produce hundreds or even a large number of hits. This can energize some website proprietors, yet this number is not a dependable indictor of what number of individuals have really gone to the website.

The term that website proprietors need to concentrate on is the measure of remarkable impressions that are produced by their website. A special impression will gauge the quantity of genuine individuals going by the website in light of their IP address, program, and working framework. Regardless of what number of “hits” a guest enrolls on your website, the server will record her session as one extraordinary visit. In this way, the quantity of exceptional visits gives us a vastly improved thought of the measure of activity the website is creating.

What to Look for When Analyzing Website Traffic

Number of Unique Visitors: We’ve effectively discovered that the best measure of genuine website activity is the quantity of one of a kind guests. What we need to search for is a pattern in the normal number of one of a kind guests. On an everyday premise, their might be a decent measure of unpredictability in the quantity of remarkable guests, however we need to focus on the pattern of the normal number of guests every month. Ideally, we’d jump at the chance to have the number increment on a month to month premise.

Passage Page Statistics: From these measurements we can realize which page individuals are entering your website. Most guests will enter from your landing page, however you will see that up to half of your website movement begins from a page other than your landing page. It’s vital that your website have a simple to utilize route structure to guarantee that guests can discover the data they are searching for, regardless of the possibility that they don’t enter through your website’s principle page.

Ricochet Rate: The bob rate can be characterized as the rate of individuals who visit your website and instantly take off. Try not to get stressed if your skip rate is high – most websites have a ricochet rate of around half or thereabouts. In the event that the ricochet rate is surprisingly high, you can try different things with your website to attempt and hold more guests. Perhaps you require all the more tempting illustrations, less content, quicker stacking pages, or an all the more captivating plan.

Leave Page Statistics: These insights will demonstrate to you where individuals are leaving your website. When you know which page is losing the heft of your website’s guests you can try different things with a few changes trying to hold more guests.

Normal Time and Page Views Per Visit: Website guests are extremely objective arranged and assignment driven. After going by your website, most guests will just output the page to rapidly decide if it contains the data they are hunting down. By breaking down the normal measure of time spent on your website and the normal number of site hits per visit, you can decide how captivating your website’s substance is. The way to holding guests and expanding the quantity of site hits is to have significant and intriguing data your website. Keep in mind – quality written substance is the final deciding factor!

Best Referring URLs: This measurement tells you where the greater part of your website’s movement is originating from. This is vital in case you’re seeking after a website showcasing effort or site design improvement battle since you can without much of a stretch judge the crusade’s adequacy by hoping to perceive what number of guests each promoting strategy is producing.

Beat Search Words and Phrases: This data will tell you which catchphrases and expressions guests are hunting down in Google and the other web indexes so as to discover your website. With this data you can gage the viability of a site design improvement battle, or get a thought of how your website’s catchphrase thickness ought to be changed to position for the watchwords and expressions that you’re focusing on.

Programs, Platforms and Screen Sizes: This data gives us some knowledge with regards to the kind of programming and equipment your guests are utilizing. You ought to guarantee that your website appears to be identical over all programs and working frameworks. Furthermore, you should focus on the screen size and determination in which your guests are review your website. The objective is to guarantee that no guest needs to fall back on the even looking over bar to view you website – this is a noteworthy side road for the vast majority.

Nation of Origin: A great website details program will likewise tell you the geographic district of your website’s guests. This is imperative if your website just has claim in a specific area. For example, in the event that you claim a retail location that takes into account Southwestern Ontario and you see that 90% of your website movement is originating from the U.S., then it can without much of a stretch be resolved that you have to reexamine your web based showcasing procedure.

The objective of website activity investigation is to survey how well or how inadequately your website is functioning for your guests. From these measurements you can make sense of what the issue is and experiment with some conceivable arrangements. The issue frequently lies in the website’s visual appearance, design, route structure, or catchphrase advancement. When making alterations to your website so as to cure these issues, it’s best to just make minor and steady modification, and after that survey the advance throughout the following month or so to really comprehend if your improves were. Additionally, recall that locales with more prominent number of guests will have more exact web insights. Locales with littler quantities of guests are more inclined to have their midpoints thrown off by a couple of atypical guests.

How Technical Suppport sites are Scamming
April 10, 2017

I have found that most of the tech suppport sites are scamming these days. And they are adding no value to the business. Instead they are making people pay some specific price. And usually they format and move ahead with their work. I think technical support sites needs to be making it easier for the people to get help. But these days they are just selling the stuff. And that is not a good thing. I am sure there are people who are genuinely doing the work. But it seems most of the people are into scamming. And that is not a good thing at all. I wish some day people understand the value of the good work. In this article we see how the technical support sites are making money off people.

Antivirus License

Many tech support sites are hiring the virtual helpers. And they are making sure that they are selling some products. And the top most product that gets sold is the antivirus. And the virtual helpers usually allow the users to install it on the machine. And that way they get rid of the virus from the system. I am sure there are some of the legit help support tickets. But in most of the cases you don’t need the license for the antivirus. Because most of the virus out there are fake and not many of us know that the virus are usually created by the anti virus companies themselves.

Windows License

Most of the tech support sites also sell the Windows license. And that is how they are making the most money. For every license sold they get around 20% of the cost. And think of that as being sold for a year or two. And any maintenance, that can lead to more of solution if the person is serious in selling it to the right client. I am not sure how the people are making money of this sort of licensing when people don’t even need it for trivial. For example selling the Windows 10 license to the Windows 7 users, can be bad for sure. I think this needs to be stopped for gullible people to not waste their time into this.

Maintenance Fees

I have seen some of the sites like this charging around 99$ per incident. And that is surely not a good way for anyone to add that much money out of the pocket. I am not sure how this can be solved. But based on how I am thinking, this sort of money is too much. Not that there are premium things that needs to solve. But this fee outright upfront is not a good option. I don’t think it would be a good idea to charge that much fees. I think maintenance is another thing that may add up in the place. That being said, maintenance is over charged for most of the time so not worth it at all.

That being said, we don’t need such type of services on the web. And one has to open up for the better business services.

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What are the Alternatives to Ubuntu Unity
April 10, 2017

Unity is one of the popular desktop for Ubuntu. And many other distros wanted to adopt the unity too. But it seems that Ubuntu dropped some of the projects which were officially supported by the canonical. It seems they are not going to spend the money on the Unity and the Mir display driver. And that leads to common users to find some of the good alternatives around. And they have to find these alternatives and get used to it. This has to be done before another release of Ubuntu comes into the play. In this article, I want to discuss what are some of the alternatives of unity are out there.


This is one of the low resource desktop that can be a good alternative to unity. It is not a good looking desktop like unity. But it has most of the features that you’d find good enough like the unity. And there are ways to get the most out of the XFCE. Make sure you can try it on distro such as XUBUNTU. And then you can decide if something like this is you would use for the work. I have tried it and so far it is working for my usage. Though it requires less RAM. I have found 1GB RAM is indeed not that bad. I think it’d be a good alternative for the Unity for those who wanted to use on the low RAM machine.


This is a fork of the Gnome. And it has it’s own features like Unity. And it is one of the good looking desktop. I am sure you can find the most good looking use for the desktop. There are some of the features that may find it better for the desktop. It can be good if you are focusing on the simplicity. Also there are some of the plugins which can be used from the gnome. And that should work just fine as well. Though it is on top of the gnome. But it has managed to get some decent for the desktop. I am sure with enough time given the desktop can be of good use if they want to use it for long.


This is the desktop that is being used by Mint desktop. And they are using for the most of the releases. And there are some of the users who have found the use of the desktop just fine. I am not sure if the cinnamon will be picked by the Ubuntu. But if they are doing good then surely it can be of use. I have seen that there are some other distros picking up on the cinnamon usage. I am not going to say it is good than unity. But it has enough features for anyone who wants to migrate to another operating system. And this means Cinnamon with Mint Linux is your next option for the desktop of Linux.

I think there are many other altenatives for those who want to use Unity altenative. I am not sure if it is worth spending much time trying to switch. Unity was good but it’s dead.

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Why Apple Laptops are better than Windows
April 9, 2017

I used to hate apple because I never managed to afford one. And the worst part about the apple notebooks was that they costed a lot of money too. And this goes to show you that most of the apple haters are hating because they don’t afford it. But last few months I am using the apple notebooks at work place. And the reason I have managed to change views as I use them more. I have come to realize that Windows notebooks are far worst than anything. I have noticed that linux notebooks to some extent can be good. But they are not worth the effor that many people are putting into these days for buying them. In this article, I want to show you why the apple laptops are better compared to the Windows or linux notebooks for that matter. So let’s take a look at those reasons.

Power Management

Many of the Windows laptops are not good with the power management. And it has some heating issues. No matter which laptop company you pick up. There is going to be a place where you would find that laptop is slowly dying. And this means you have to replace it one time or the other. And this is one reason I want to show you the fact that apple performs better here. The apple notebooks are going to last more than 3 hours in many cases. You may find that some of the apple notebooks also are good with the power management in many ways with the way fans and the compressors exists.


You can see that most of the Windows laptops have the RAM under 4GB. In case of Macs or apple laptops you would find them having RAM as high as 6GB. And you get it pre built. You can also configure this. You can see that memory is something you would need when it comes to the OS these days. And working on the OS becomes so smooth that it is fun to use the OS most of the time. I have used the Mac for the RAM. I have found that memory is always a good to have and most of the Windows laptops charge a lot of money to have that. So in turn the total price of the product is going to be more high.

Operating System

I think Windows is one of the popular OS for the people who can’t afford Apple. And the reality is most of the good work is being done on the apple. It is one of the best OS out there. Using it takes a time if you are used to windows. Also linux being friendly towards Apple, you can easily use the app compared to the Windows. And you can also see how the OS out there are not much refined. Many OS projects tried to become like MAC but none of them have managed to get even closer. But yeah apple projects always good to go on UI and other features. So that is another reason for the system worth using.

So As you can see these are some of the good reasons why many people want to use apple notebooks compared to any other.

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Canonical Dropping Jobs After Closing Unity Development
April 9, 2017

It seems Ubuntu’s bad days are here. It is not only stopping the unity desktop development. But it is also reducing in jobs. It seems many jobs on ubuntu’s backend are closing. Anyone who was working on unity are reduced in number. Those who were working on ubuntu phones are also going out of the job. It seems the company is in bad phase. And they seem to have mostly revenue less projects. This means one has to find some good investors from here onwards. Most likely the money that shuttleworth got to understand the market more than ever now. So it seems with the dreams shattering. Most of the free projects around ubuntu are likely to get some axe. In this article we are going to discuss how the canonical’s drop on Unity has changed the open source and free software.

Mir Server Jobs

I think the biggest setback is to the mir server programmers. They are the first one to be either relocated or removed from the jobs. As there is no future for their own display server. I think it’d be safe to say that mir is to be making many people go on job hunt. And that leads to the question where the next display server project is going to be. I think it is going to be harder to say but most of the guys on that project may switch to the server level jobs. As there are plenty of the users who are demanding ubuntu server OS. And getting more people served there is going to save money for the canonical.


It seems ubuntu is falling back to gnome. And they seem to be not wasting the time and money this round. And so the jobs are sacked on the unity position too. It seems there are some good options when it comes to the unity. But it is worth knowing that unity is not good considering how the display manager has yet to be picked up by the community. Most of the hate came from the GNU work made the desktop manager to lose the ground. I think most of the Unity hate was because of that. I am sure in future there are times when the unity may make an appearance on the another desktop flavor.

Phone Project

I am sure there is a valid reason phone companies are not going for the ubuntu phones. And the reason could be because the project lacked apps. Though you may find majority of the apps in it. Like say facebook, twitter and other social media apps. But it lacked a lot of punch. And all the hardware and software team may not be able to continue with the canonical project. I am sure there are ways with which the phone project can be continued. But so far I don’t see any good indication there. Hopefully in future they may do something about the phone projects.

For now it seems there is job sacking going on. And there seems to be need for the development on open source world for this.

Image by pixabay.

Ubuntu is Shutting Down Unity Project
April 8, 2017

It seems one of the popular desktop project known as unity is closing down. The ubuntu team has managed to explain why and how in the blog post. But it seems they are not focusing much on the desktop anymore. And for this reason they want to get rid of the unity. It was one of the good project in the last few years. And it has managed to replace some of the good desktops. But for some reason ubuntu thinks they need to focus on the mobile and other projects. And so far based on what the blog post and the reaction goes it seems the ubuntu’s decision is not going to change. In next year onwards, the unity project seems to be getting the cut off. So you can expect that ubuntu falling back to the gnome version 3.


One of the biggest subproject for the ubuntu was the mir display server. It was meant to compete with the wayland server. And they designed this so as to get the competition for the wayland. And they wanted to push this project for the phone. But it seems the ubuntu tablet and the mobile project is as good as dead. And there seems to be no way for the Mir to get back into the linux community. I am not sure if the Mir and the other closed projects are not hosted for free. But it does seem like the Mir is not available for the open source contribution. And that in itself can be a bad thing.

Unity 8 Mobile

It seems benq and some other companies decided not to use the Ubuntu mobile anymore. And they want to fall back to the Android. This means the phone is no longer has any demand. And soon the support is also going to fade out. So the unity 8 development for the phone is going to stop as well. I think Unity 8 was a good project. And it has managed to do a lot better. But it seems the developers not making apps. Also the amount of effort required for developing mobile apps is not easy anymore. And the funding also made it harder for them to continue with the project.


The damage seems to be more for the desktop. I am not sure what can be done in such case. I personally would like to see the desktop surviving. And if that happens. I am sure there are people who want to make use of the unity on the future desktop or variants. I think there are some of the people who would like to use the unity desktop. But if not shipped by default. I think it would be harder to see how that works out. I think unity 8 desktop never reached to the users. But it just means that in future one has to work on many other small things before porting a big change. I hope in future they bring something new to the table.

I think unity is one of the good desktop that you can find. But unfortunately all good things comes to an end. I wish in future the project survives. So far I don’t see there is going to be easy death. I have found reddit community doing some brainstorming on the fork.

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Jacky Writes about Making Money Testing Apps

My App testing discovery

mobile cell phone
I discovered an app testing app on Google Play by chance.  It looked a good way to earn money.

Downloading the app was easy. This kind of app gives you links to other apps to try each day. You just do what you do to get any other app on your phone. 

You need a wireless connection

I wouldn’t recommend this way of earning money to anyone without an uncapped wireless connection. It will soon eat into your data if it is limited.

A few apps a day

Each day I get a few new apps to try out. If I download them following the link in the App testing app I earn money. You test the app for a few minutes and get points. These quickly add up so you can cash out. The minimum is 50p.

How much do I earn?

It is only the odd £1 or so at a time, but every little helps.

My aim is to pay at least some of my phone bill with online earnings and so this seemed an interesting way to add to the other things I use. 

Are the apps I have tested useful?

 I have also discovered quite a few apps I will use again when I need them.

I love experimenting with online things. While my fortune will never be made online unless some kind of miracle happens,  it is easy money.

NO it doesn’t clog up my phone

I soon figured that with wireless I can uninstall the apps I am trying out when I am not using them so this is not taking a lot of room on my phone.

What kind of apps are involved? 

I am not that fond of games so I tend to try out other things. My best app so far is one that gives me free photos. I quite liked the “Lollipop” game, despite what I just said, but it was too time consuming.

I only keep the apps that don’t eat into my time too much for a while. 

What about the payout?

The payout is easy to get is easy although the payment into Paypal is in Euros so I have to do an exchange. So far I think I am getting about 50p every two days for very little work and sometimes, some fun.  It comes within a day.

My future app testing plans

I may well explore app testing further. There are other places to earn by testing apps, and it makes sense to look at a few more. 

Now of course, I am hoping to earn something with my review and that is a bonus. At least I have proved it is possible to make a little pin money online without a lot of effort. 

I have not named the app as I think this goes against TOC on LiteracyBase, where posts are concerned, but it is easy enough to do a search on Google Play.