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How to increase visitors from socialmedia

How to increase visitors visit the blog from the social network facebook join the group by keywords writing post do not try with http://literacybase.com because it was viewed as spam the tool will help you increase your alexa rank hither web/blog/wordpress

Note ! in order to increase sales through social networks, not encourage cheating CPM/CPC forms because you may be viewed as spam and not be paid. contact me to get the tools to try and guide!

[FEATURES LIST] -Easy to fetch your groups list, friends list, pages … -Searching for groups by keyword, checking for status (joined, un-join the privacy, open-close-secret group, members count, notify …). -Easy to filter groups list. Join to any groups that you want. Leave bad groups (no more members, do not allow to post …) by one click. Turn on/off notify from groups which you want. -Mass invite friends to group. Mass invite users via email to group -Post a message, single photo, photos or sale post to groups which you chosed. You can also post your photo album to groups. -Post a video or videos include photos to friend’s wall, groups, pages, your wall. -Live stream on Facebook from more video source (file, facebook video link, youtube link, capture screen). -Schedule to a live stream is automatic. -Share a facebook post to everywhere (groups, pages, friend to the wall, your wall) -Auto reply to private message for your facebook personal account or facebook fan page-ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION -Auto reply to comments by specific keyword or send a private message to users who comment on your post-ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION -Auto accept friend requests and add them to your groups or invite to like your page ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION -Auto interaction on your home feed, group, page feed or user’s wall-ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION -Poke Autoo friend, auto happy birthday to friend. Increase interaction for your account. -Mass or add your single account with more options: Login with browser, Facebook App (Android or IOS app) Token, Cookies ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION -Tag specify friends to a post or random friends to tag a post. -Post a message, the single photo or multi-photos to your wall or friend wall. -Send mass private message to users which you chosed. -RANDOM/SPIN your message, link, images, photo … while posting for prevent spam detection by facebook. -Add a Sale Post to Groups-ONLY AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AUTOMATION -Sharing a your photo album/post to groups/pages/users. -Searching for users by keyword, automatic sending friend request to users which you chosed. Get friend requests, accept or deny requests. -Convert users id to facebook emails. -Searching for pages by keyword, checking for details of these pages (likes count, can post, website, email, phone, country, …). Mass invite friend like the page. More filter options for you. -Export emails, phone, website from public pages. -Post a message, single photo, private message to public pages which you chosed. -Bump your posts in groups or bump specify posts ids. -Searching for events. Attending to events which you chosed. Mass invite friends to the event. -Post a message, the single photo to events which you chosed. -Schedule your posts to anywhere (groups, public pages, friend wall, private message, comment). -Schedule your bumping posts in groups or specify posts ids.-Schedule joining to groups. -Settings time interval while posting, joining to groups, friend request sending … Prevent spam detection from facebook. -Easy to manage multi-facebook accounts.

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