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It is not enough to know, you need to apply.
March 29, 2017

Knowledge is the most important! So many articles daily are trying to intrude into to the field of each reader’s attention, providing a lot of knowledge, without which we can’t longer survive in any way, and if we accidentally succeed, it is still the loss of the opportunity to live much perfectly. The same is shouting the books in bookstores, and the managers of lectures, or even ambiguous, training seminars presenters. This information will change your lives. We all are soberly aware that the majority of such direct or hidden messages of information terror are void, or at least hardly useful. Then we read the text and forget it, or even worse, you feel sorry for yourself a few minutes, that you lost a few valuable minutes of your important life. But some of those articles and books appear to be incredibly close, telling about the scientific breakthroughs that are statistically significant and   about the ideas that you need right now.

Then, you thank God or themselves, depending on the belief, that there was such a success and you feel already glad, as it will change your life. It remains the only problem – mostly knowledge remains not used.

You are well aware that sport helps to feel better. Perhaps you even heard that aerobic exercise helps in the treatment of depression probably a similar percentage as the drugs regulating serotonin. But you not exercise regularly. You are well aware that sugar harms the body more than the part of the drugs. But it does not change your behavior. You are used to read and not to apply. You get used to train indifference. To make matters worse, you are growing separation between ideas and actions, say, this is just a theory, in practice it is a complete different story, and the reality is different. Although in most cases nothing prevents the ideas to translate into reality. Apart yourself, of course.

If you have the knowledge and will not apply it, the result is the same as if you have not knowledge. If you do not survive the experience, it describing words is quite meaningless. Of course, this is understandable; it is difficult to adapt information, for that you need to change your habits.


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