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Indian Telecom Giant Airtel planning a foray into SmartHomes Market

Indian telecom giant Airtel which is into Mobile services, landline services, Wireless and Broadband Internet services, and the recently launched Payments Bank has plans of entering into a totally new domain.
This is the domain of smart homes, or automated homes. These are Homes where appliances such as TV, Refrigerator, Laptop, smartphones, cooling or heating systems, lightning and even security systems.
Smart Homes systems are ones where all these or some of these systems “talk” to each other. Or, these systems can be controlled by smartphones of other computing devices.
The underlying and upcoming technology is “Internet of Things” – IOT in short. This is a protocol for machine to machine talk which is already in place in some of the computational systems, cloud systems as well as even in Data centres but is evolving.
How smarthomes work is :
Supposedly a cooling system is cooling a home too much. Then, it can send an alert to a smartphone or a laptop to automatically adjust the cooling.
A similar grid like system can control:
-Level and Intensity of lightning or switching certain areas’ light on or off.
-Level of warming in a centrally heated system- This can even have commercial uses.
-A water leakage in a pipe can also trigger an alert and give a call to a plumber.
-Security alarm can be set in case of an intruder comes in a house- This is in some ways already implemented in some of the security setups.
Such systems will not be easy to setup. There will be programming skills in automation technologies. Such programmers will need to be versed with complex algorithms for working of such systems.
A lot of research is already underway.
Then, there will be management of electronics that will be involved. There could also be wiring involved, or setup of signal boosters. Let us see how this all works.

Source: Based on an article in Economic Times Newspaper website: 25-Apr-2017


How To Know if You Can TRust a Writing Site?
April 17, 2017
Writing-online_Why Writing Sites Aren't What They Used To Be

There is a very simple answer;  You don’t.

This is not a job where the boss has to tell you he’s closing down, and pays you off.   This is a business in which  you take all the risk.

You join, and maybe use your personal email account, maybe have to give an address, and that information can be sold to any and everyone waveing a few bills.

You join, and write.  You work.  You post.  Maybe the item is published, maybe it is not.  Maybe it is rejected, maybe it is stolen.

Your item is published and you don’t know if you will be paid for it, or ripped off.  You don’t know when you are paid by ‘hits’ if the site is honest about how many people viewed your item.

If you are paid that first time, there is no guarantee you will be paid the second time.

There is no guarantee that the site will not go down, taking all your work with it, and owing you money.

You can’t know.

All you can do is check the age of the site, and may make the assumption that since it has been up ten years it is legitimate.  Ha!   Look at the lifespan of Expertscolumn.   It’s been around a long time, ripping off writers.

All you can do is protect yourself.


Keep copies of your items is one way.    Having a private blog is another.   You post on the private blog and limit access to just you.   Use a different name on the private blog or when you join a site.   In this way, if the site doesn’t pay you, your alias will contact it and claim that it has the copyright, and the item must be taken down.

For example, suppose you posted an item on your private blog in December 2016.   You are on a site and publish that item in January 2017.  The site locks you out or doesn’t pay.   That is when you make the entire blog, or just that one item public, and demand that the site take your item.  The date is clear.  It was published on your blog first.

Opening a private blog is easy and you pick a name for it, dress it up if you want, and use it as your storeroom.  You post there, then on the site.

When you post on an ify site you post things that don’t mean much to you.  It could be an observation on a current event, it could be a recipe, it could be anything that is not you doing two hours of research before writing.

As I’ve said before, don’t take that first payment as proof of anything.   The biggest scams pay that first redemption, then no more.

Limit your writing.

Let us suppose the redemption is $5.00.    You put in for $5.00.   You don’t post again until you get the payment.  When you get the payment you post again, and see what happens.  If it seems that your hits are ‘stuck’ so that you sit at $2.34 for two days, don’t post again.   The site is a rip.   If you want to prove it, as I said before, you log onto the site as a visitor and read your work.   That counts as a hit because if you live in India and are logging on through a proxy in Germany and if necessary, using some nick you just made up, and view your writing, that must be a hit.

If it doesn’t register, stop writing.

Don’t keep going and going like the energiser bunny expecting you’ll reach the pay out.  No.  You write again after you are paid, and then, only to reach the threshold.

Some sites are slow payers.  You put in for a redemption in January, and the payment arrives in February.  Okay.   You’ve gotten paid, so write.   Reach the threshold, put in, and stop.   In this way, if you aren’t paid it is one payment, not five.

Often do a search ‘Sitename+Scam’.

Bubblews was flagged a year before it went down.  How anyone could say; “They owed me $700 when Bubblews went down”, is a sign of shame.   The most one could say is; “They owed me $50,”  meaning it was only one redemption they were cheated out of.

The fact is, many people will create a site as a rip-off.   They will get hundres of members.   They will pay everyone that first time, getting thousands of members.  And then, they stop paying this portion, then that portion.

They are making thousands of dollars off of Advertisements and paying hundreds, until such time, the complaints reach the ears of the advertisers.

Then, they close the site, take the money and run.

No, you can’t know if a site is legitimate.


LG smartphone gift review unlike nokia
April 4, 2017

LG smartphone gift review, here is a review for a phone that it is my first time to try or see.

Though im nokia phone fans, two days ago friend brought me a smartphone gift, it was golden LG smartphone, a brand I heard of but never try.  I really wss not happy at first, im loyal, it has a touch screens just like other phones

It was hard to open it, then was hard to find what option I want. it’s different than Nokia and it I lost, how to use it.


The good think when using lg a great battery life, though its not a top phone to me it is nice.

I like the removable battery it is practical in this way, just charge another battery and put it in the place of the old one an no have to hold more



5 inch screen

1.5GB ram

The internal storage is 16

The processr is octa

Phone is little thick, which is a feature I do not like even in nokia phone that I have, so why to use a phone that im not good in using if it has the thick size.

LG smartphone gift review

I heard its good phone but it has some complicated features and you need to search a lot to find the browsing, but for nokia all is fine and clear and simple even for kid to use it, I like the phone, but going go give it a a gift to family member in near occasion that is it the end of lg and back to nokai

Nokia was the frist time I used fones, in between I tried Samsung and though liked it I went back to my old phone and also tried iPhone and though looked nice, I was not feeling comfy using it and its processor, not sure if its old or just new complicated slow technolog.

Li-Fi – new emerging technology
April 2, 2017

Li-Fi Technology

Li-Fi is a high speed Wireless communication technology like Wi-Fi.
Li-Fi is the acronym of Light Fidelity. where light is a type of energy and Fidelity represents the reliability of its nature.
The concept of Li-Fi was brought by a university professor Mr. Hardly Hoses back in 2011, which he shared publically and explained that light technology is also one of the most effective means of data communication. This technology is significantly advance than the Wi-Fi technology.
It is a visible light communication (VLC) running wireless communications travelling at very high speed.
Wi-Fi uses Radio waves to transmit data and Li-fi uses visible light.
The li-fi technology uses light emitting diodes (LED’s) to transmit data.
It is designed to use LED light bulbs. A special chip that modulates the light imperceptibly for optical data transmission.
Li-Fi transmit data using LED bulbs and it receives data by photoreceptors
Li-fi early speed was 150mbps, but after further work the speed now upto 10 Gbps
Light spectrum or bandwidth is approximately 10 thousand times up.
Faster than Wi-Fi
More secure then Wi-Fi, because data cannot be intercepted without clear line of sight
Removes nearby network interference
Low cost
Suitable for electromagnetic sensitive areas like hospitals, aircraft cabins, nuclear plants etc.
Till now Safer for environment plus for human also, no radio waves involved
Short range, requires clear line of sight, cannot penetrate obstacles like concrete walls etc.
Not suitable for mobility
Commercially it is tested and offered in Dubai by two companies du and Zero1. As per them they have successfully provide internet, audio and video streaming.
You can use Li-Fi in plane with low light bulb.
You can use under water with low light torch.
Many toys include LED lights and these can be used to support very low-cost communication between interactive toys.
Laptops, smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices can communicate directly using Li-Fi. Short range links give very high data rates and also provides security.

Elements of My Ideal Writing Site
March 29, 2017
Writing-online_Why Writing Sites Aren't What They Used To Be

I’m not going to talk just about a bag of money for an article, or weekly payments, although that would be nice, but living in reality,  I’ll stay there.

One of the pluses of Triond was its subtopics.

If you wrote about cars, or sports, or health or a short story, or a topical issue, whatever topic you picked there was a sub heading which matched.

These sub headings appeared as if separate websites.  The benefit of these different sites was that if you were published on authorspot that meant you had written a short story and people interested in short stories would go to that section and likely read different short stories.

The benefit of this can not be over-stated.

If one is interested in Crime, for example, it is likely they would read more than one item, especially if the item was good.  This means that internal views would mount.  You might be attracted to an item written about an abduction, see a link to an item about serial killers, click on that, read it, maybe note an item on Forensic Evidence, and move on to read that.

Each writer gets a view because one item attracted your eye.

So sub-topics which appear to be individual sites get more views than an omnibus site where one might see only one item of interest on a front page.

Mentioning front page; this should have the absolute best items on the site.  There should be a number of them, in different genres so that a visitor would find something of interest.

Front pages are vital.

On my Ideal site, the front page would have a number of excellent items.  Each article would have been carefully chosen by the Mods.  There would be at least sixteen different items.

Joining the site would not be pushed in your face, as if that is the most important thing to see.   The most important thing is to get views.  And the only thing that gets views are good articles.

To get good articles there needs to be human intervention.

New Writers can be vetted, those who can write would move to a different level, those who have problems with language would have their items rejected to be redone.

The best writers would be published, and then, read by a Mod for the purpose of Front Page.

Front page items attracted more payment then those not featured.  This would encourage writers to do their best.

There would also be an ‘edit’ button so that the writer could easily correct errors, change information when or if it became erroneous.  The articles would be ‘live’ and able to be updated if necessary.

Moderation is always an issue. Where there is none, anything goes.  Where there is too much, the writers go. Where the mods are slow, items are published elsewhere.   Where there is no moderation; back to start.

When it comes to pay, there are those writers who can present good pieces that people want to read. They should be encouraged.  There are those who do not write as well, and so need to have their skills honed.

The Owners must be ‘hands on’ as are the mods.  There must be enough persons in Admin so that emails or PMs are rapidly answered, and there is a near ‘personal’ connection so that the writer can feel more than just an ‘app’.

The Mods and Admin would network the writers articles.  In this way there would be no ‘self-spamming’ and the fact is, the Mods and Admin would ‘work’ for the money they receive.

Ads would be of a better quality than the usual ignorable rubbish so that there would be clicks.   And clicks are money.

The Admin would work out how much money is needed to keep the site running, double it for his/her take and pay accordingly.

Items would continue to earn based on hits and clicks.

The copyright would, of course, remain with the writer.

This is my Ideal site

Dating Sites Revisited; Pathetic Loser Wants Same
March 28, 2017
images (1)

Many years ago, when I was writing for my local rag, I did a column on Cyberspace.  I went to a lot of sites and then realised that Dating Sites would be a great article.   I’d go to a site, use a nick, stay close to reality; that is around my age, my profession, likes/dislikes, just to see how much matching would be done.

Now I’ll admit, way back in the early days, there was a European site that really did match.  I mean really.  There was a lot of questions, but the answers mattered.

I am emphasising this now, to prepare you what follows.

Anyway, I was matched with a few chaps and one was really special.  Unfortunately, he died.  Yes. Really.  He was ill and a widower and was reaching out for companionship and I suppose, although we were thousands of miles apart, I gave him a bit of that.

Subsequently, I stayed off of dating sites, then, went back on for the purpose of an article.

The reason I emphasised matching on the first site, is that I can say without hesitation, NONE went on in the subsequent sites, save:

a) sexual connection; that is a woman who wants a man would be matched with men, a woman who wants a woman would be matched with women.

b) age; within range, i.e. a twenty five year old would be matched with those between twenty four and thirty six and sixty year olds would be matched between fifty eight and seventy.

Other than that, unless you specified religion and race, well, even then, you would have some sloppy slip ups.

To say you are an attorney at law and be matched with a toll booth operator was not unusual.  As there was very little analysis, as had been in the first site.

If I had been visiting the site for a date I’d of run after my first disastrous matches.  However, it made good copy so I stuck with it.

Those on the site with whom I was matched fell into two categories; pathetic and very pathetic.  The sub-categories were scammers, parasites, sickos and plain ordinary losers.

As I was wise enough to create a new email account for the dating site I was not besieged until I went onto my dating email.

There were those who wrote an mail like every few minutes demanding messenger and other instant chats. There were those who were straight up scammers and never read what I’d posted, going hard for the ‘send for me and pay my way and put me up’ kind of trick.

There were those who simply wanted an all expense paid vacation in my house, those who wanted money and those who were just obnoxious.

I developed various methods to deal with them.

Those who emailed frequently I would write back every other day complaining about the prices in the supermarket.  This got rid of them.

Those who tried to ‘rush’ the ‘relationship’ also got supermarket letters.

Others were quickly unmasked as scammers to which I would write;

“I am in Jamaica.  We are better at scamming than you.”

I can say this without pause; I never met anyone on any dating site, (save the first) that I would want to have coffee with.  They were devoid of conversation, they were less than two dimensions, and I don’t know how anyone can ever fall for the scams that were run as they were so pathetic.

Talking About Those Scam Emails
March 27, 2017

Although it has been mentioned on this site, these scam emails are on other sites as well.

Just the other day I received one from “Rose Smith.”

You probably got one here as well, although she is/was very busy on another site. As she/ he/ it is born stupid, didn’t bother to check to whom she/ he/ it was writing to and where that person is.   This sets off the fact that this  is a scam  highlighted, set off in quotes, boldfaced and in italics…. (this is to over play how obvious the fact she/he/it is running a scam).

Let me be a bit bold.

If I lived in America or England maybe… maybe… the scam might have some value.  Maybe somehow I’d be so stupid as to fall for it… that is if I were in the habit of responding to people I don’t know.

One of the things you learn in Cyberspace (if you didn’t learn it at home)  is that you don’t talk to strangers.  You don’t know who they are, what they want.

Being on a writing site where you read this member’s work, this member reads your work, you comment on their work, they comment on yours. Maybe you send private messages.  Nothing screams ‘Scam’ as loud as a person you never saw before, who never posted or made a comment on a writing site, wanting to talk to you.


Further, as the email is one of those forms, which is sent to everyone without any deviation, the fool told me that she/he/it had ‘read my profile’.

What profile?

I do not share much information about myself.  Why?  I know the dangers.

There was a situation on a site some years ago, in which a woman had mentioned she attended a particular school.   Someone came on pretending to have attended that school.  I say ‘pretending’ because over time, the fact it was a scam was fully exposed.

If you don’t admit what city you come from, or one can’t be sure of your age or sex it is pretty hard to scam you by saying; “Didn’t you attend Alpha Academy?”


Ponzi schemes gaining prominence in Nigeria
March 22, 2017
Ponzi Scheme

MMM, CROWDFUNDING, PEER TO PEER , TWINKAS etc, the names are endless. Have you fallen a victim to a ponzi scheme? This is my story.

I have always heard of ponzi schemes, but never thought I would be part and parcel of such racket. I was maid to believe that ponzi schemes were for the greedy ones. I didn’t think at the time that I would become so greedy and fall a victim. I had friends inviting me from different social media sites to come join in the fun, but I rebuffed them all. I calmly said to myself, you will not fall for these traps.

Then came a certain friend whom I had known from my school days. She was well liked, trusted and came from a powerful background. She had nothing to lose either way, because she was from a rich home, married to a rich man. When she spoke , I listened and trusted her words. She didn’t have to convince me much, but because I so knew her, withing 30 minutes of our conversation, I agreed. That was the beginning of my problems.

I now joined a ponzi scheme, paid my dues as requested, opened my site, new account etc. I was excited and so looking forward to all the returns from my new found wealth. Well, one week into the scheme, I was made to open a new telegram app for receiving and sending messages to all those in this new scheme of ours. I gladly joined, saw other members, my hopes were raised with anticipation of my new found wealth. Two weeks into the scheme, I started getting messages about the government probing this new scheme to see if they were legit. I had nothing to contribute, but just kept numb about it all. All this while, I never mentioned this to anybody, no member of my family or colleague knew, just me and the person that introduced me.

Weeks went by, same old, same old. I never called my mentor, I was just watching in the background. All I could do was hope, so I would silently go to my account to check if there were daily amounts dropping in as told. Yes, I saw a token or fraction of what I paid sliding in daily, but all that was in the portal of the scheme’s website. The newly generated account number I got with a reputable bank had no sign of money. I became confused why I had nothing to show in the account except the money I used to open the account.

In the group I noticed people were already becoming frustrated and agitated. I was afraid deep inside, but said nothing. Members were beginning to say we should not lose hope but rather pray that things go as planned. I laughed, that was when I knew something was up.  So as God would have it, my friend or mentor called me and explained everything to me, she’s sorry for what happened. The company had issues that could not be resolved, so she would like to refund my hard earned money. I leaped with joy and thanked her tremendously. I was so thankful and grateful to God for this eye opener. It was a lesson learnt.



The moneymaking scheme is not a surprise to all of us. We all know that frauds are everywhere around the globe. It is either through online or internet or through face-to-face recruitment. Don’t be fooled. Always beware of whom you are dealing with. Dealing with bank accounts, credit cards, and activities that deals with receiving and sending money have a bigger risk when it comes to scams.



Do you observe that your email account receives lots of emails when you did not set into a private account? Sometimes, there are people online who will ask you to sign up and add your bank accounts through the link that they send to you in return of some freebies or gifts. Watch out! They are fooling you around. If you are not sure of the email that you have received, it is better to ignore and don’t sign up no matter how tempting the offer is. When it deals with your bank accounts, it is good to directly contact the bank’s office or go to their official site and confirm them the email you receive.




People now are aware of online cheater’s way. But still they send emails to anyone on the internet, and if one will sign up through the email they send you, scammers will easily get your password and user. That will be the time for them to celebrate.


If someone asked you to cooperate into some activities online in exchange for millions of dollars, hey! Be wise, who will just give millions of money with just simple cooperation? It is totally a fraud. Instead of giving you money, they will get your information and set money from your accounts through the internet.


Beware! Be wise. Don’t give those scammers a chance to get what they wanted.


The Dangers of Too Much Information
March 14, 2017

This is a frightening but true story.  I’ve changed the names a bit and the locales so as not to perpetuate the situation, which is, bad.

I was on a forum with people from all over the world.    There was a user, who used her full name.   For this article I will call her   Carleen Openess.   She posted her address,  I’ll make up, 123 Green Street, Orlando, Florida.

Others warned her of the danger and she replied:

“Why should I hide my identity?  This is me.  This is my photograh, this is my name.  Bad people can find us anyway if they want,  so why should I call myself Cinderella? And lie about where I live?”

No matter how other users tried to dissuade her, posting intelligently about the dangers, the scams that could be run,  she refused to change.  She began to post all sorts of  cyber slop and said that nothing is private on the Internet.

Another user appeared.   She called herself (this is another invented name)  Shirley Sayso, who claims to live in Wilmington, Delaware.   She agrees with Carleen.

Trying to push a little light into their darkness I did a  Zaba Search.  These kinds of searches expose the actual street address, the phone numbers.

To them it is a shrug.

Shirley is posting her age, her martial status, her children’s names,  and it seems more than clear she is making herself more of a victim than Carlene.

For Carlene, is not Carlene.  The real Carleen is not on the Internet.   Two years ago, she was placed in a nursing home.   Where she had lived, the address ‘she’ gave is being used by a man, a thirty eight year old man.

This man has joined all sorts of sites using Carlene’s name. Using her photo and information.   This is because he is a certain kind of criminal.   The kind that searches for elderly women, checking out their accounts on various servers.   (He once worked for a particular Internet provider).   He finds inactive accounts, and does his searches.   He looks for those like Carlene.

He knows a bit about hacking.

He goes on the Internet as Carlene,  and looks for  women, like Shirley.  Women who will be made to believe she is communicating with someone just like her.

This criminal goes to Wilmington, Delaware when he knows Shirley is visiting her daughter.  He knows she puts the spare key under the rug.  He enters Shirley’s apartment, takes what he wants, and leaves.  Replacing the key.

Shirley is not his only victim.

He has done this for years.   He enters, he takes, he sells what he has taken in  other states.  He has been doing this for years.

When Shirley returns from her visit she will find her apartment has been burgled.  Maybe not at first, because it looks the way she left it.   Perhaps her computer is gone, perhaps not, if it is a big clumsy desk top.   Her television, unless it is a small flat screen won’t be touched.

Her good jewelry, her money, any easy to pick up item, will be gone.    Shirley might not check her jewelry for a week, maybe two.

As crimes go, this one is not as bad, as those where fools post pictures of their children or grandchildren, the names of the schools they attend.   Any pervert can know enough about the child to abduct them.

The ugly reality is that although you may be sitting nice and toasty in your comfort zone, typing on your keyboard, thinking you are communicating with ‘Carlene’  you may in fact be communicating with a criminal who is running his scheme.

If one goes back, and sees how it all began; it was ‘Carlene’ who did the ‘show and tell’.   It was Shirley who joined her.   This is the scam ‘Carlene’ runs.   It is bad, but not as bad as when  parents and grandparents expose their children and grand children to every pederast on the Internet.

I have always said this; unless you eat lunch with those you communicate with, don’t be too trusting, too open or expose yourself, your family to people who may claim they are ‘Carlene’ but are really a criminal.

You can’t know for a fact who you are talking with. That is a photograph.  It could be of anyone. Just because ‘Carlene’ says it is her does not mean it is.

Don’t share your personal details even if another person does it.  For that other person might be lying.