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My Name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m Proceeding
December 1, 2017

Yes indeed so many have tried to dull my shine there’s so many who have misunderstood and caused all sorts of havoc in order to try and stop what God had already declared. There are a lot who have projected lies but no matter what’s said God will always look at the heart. There are times when I’ve wondered just when will humanity become whole. There’s a lot who are so misguided and haven’t yet received the proper information and some would rather not. There are some who really enjoy being destructive. “How will society become stabilized when there are so many wanting to bring the rising down.” (Tanikka Paulk)

I’ve came across some of the toughest critics but there’s some good points in the journey. When it appears as if so many are against there are some very important organizations, corporations, businesses and others who continue to be for my journey. Even if it appears as if the entire globe has turned there will always be God and Jesus Christ by my side. It can be difficult to keep my “composure” but I’m doing so through prayer. There are some who will think whatever it is they want to think and some who will react to situations they’re not even invited in on.

My name holds value not just my name but what I’ve accomplished. I’ve recognized others and yet they’ll still try to attack in someway. No matter what one does there will always be some who will disagree and I’m not in the business to please all. No person should ruin their health or character inĀ  order to please folks. There is joy in knowing that I’m further along. The ones who insist on trying to sabotage my journey aren’t very happy people. As long as I’m here there will be some progress. Elevation is what I’m seeking and continue to do so. Although so many have tried to create setbacks and slow down my “progress” I’m still continuing on for many reasons.

We’ll learn how to deal with the most difficult individuals and some will be so challenging that we’ll have to leave the individuals behind and if they’re pulling down then they’re already behind. Visionaries deserve to place their vision before the world so that there can be witnessing of how good God is and will continue to be. God allows certain situations to take place but is always there. He’s given me=(Tanikka Paulk) the”strength” to carry on. So many have tried to discourage my path from my childhood and yet I’m still continuing. My progress isn’t the same as others.

Thee have been setbacks and yet I’m not discouraged at all. There have been threats and yet I’m still moving along. That is important even if no person says so. God has already declared as such. When the chuckles are projected and the insults continue I’m going to continue to spread “light.” I Tanikka Paulk know my purpose and as long as I’m here I’m going to try to fulfill the purpose. I’m important enough to be watched and monitored each day. Eyes are on Tanikka Paulk and everyday there is proof.

I’m Continuing and Grateful That God has Chosen “Tanikka” By: (Tanikka Paulk) Tanikka Shajuan Wilson is the same.

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“Yes I’m Here Continuing to Make the Necessary Progress for the Future.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)


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