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The Fundamentals of What’s Occurring Now!

There’s so much misconceptions about what is to occur and what has occurred. There are so many without fully understanding how “to develop” businesses, brands, and themselves. There should be more focus on the how to instead of focusing on competing. Yes there will be the competition but what are the competitors offering? There are the rules of business. Learning exactly what they are is very important. “They’ve focused on the competing but have they focused on building brands?” (Tanikka Paulk).

What has been demonstrated thus far? The demonstration of how to become independent business owners and brand owners. There seems to be way too much dependency. What is expected should be clarified and shall be. There has to be some order in order to succeed within the business realm. There are objectives to meet and goals to fulfill. Where are the visionaries headed? If they’re continuing to move in direction they’ve been moving in then they could witness their businesses and brands declining.

There is room for learning and growing. The growth processes should demonstrate effectiveness. Offering more and having the ability to move forward within their businesses without being babysat is what should be occurring. How many are truly independent within their businesses? There doesn’t seem to be many presently. They’ve indulged in competing there has to be “progress.” “Movements should occur with out the boss holding their hands.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There seems to be the confusion the ability to understand has occurred. Here is “time” the mindfulness, inspirations, and dedications to what can cause the rising. How many are elevation the properly? Why would any desire to stop growing their business? All will have to become dependent at some point but shouldn’t be dependent continuously. All need and some are more needy than others. There should be desires to head in the right direction. They’ve tried to sabotage when they really need to grow their brands. Think about moving upwards instead of declining.

What’s to be Expected

  1. Cooperation
  2. Growth
  3. Transformations
  4. Increases
  5. Building of Knowledge

There is more to be expected but there should be the figuring out there seems to be the guesses. Know, learn, succeed. There are some who’ve viewed themselves as highly successful but are having difficulties generating attention to their brands and businesses. “Isn’t about what a person is called but what they’ve chosen to answer to.” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve moved “confidently” because I’ve chosen to do so. No matter how many times the darts are directed towards my journey there is progress. They too need to progress in unbelievable ways. Soar like an eagle.

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What is it That They Want From me=Tanikka Paulk

Do they want my five sons, do they want my eyes, do they want my blessings to come? What is it that they want? It seems as though there are so many surrounded by darkness. Are they able to see the light? God already declared my purpose so why are they so in tuned with trying to steal what was designed for me=Tanikka Paulk? My journey certainly isn’t complete. The words projected in this= tanikka paulk and also that direction isn’t a reasons to void. There is joy in knowing that my purpose is so important that they’re unable to resist the travel. Does every person have an invitation? No! They’re so focused on trying to cause a cease that they’re refusing to focus on their own “dreams.” What do they really want? Some behave as if they want my entire Body. 

What is given is given and what shall be shall be. The competitors can have a sit because I’m going to remain confident on my journey and pray that there is completion. It’s really nice to know that God has chosen “Tanikka Paulk.” Oh what joy. It’s better to smile at the envious ones and pray for the ones. I’m so blessed no matter what they’re saying “God has allowed the purpose to continue.” (T. Paulk=Tanikka Paulk) They’re unaware of the damage that they’re causing for themselves. “My eyes have viewed what they probably haven’t thought of viewing.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

What am I Tanikka Paulk saying? “I’m saying” that there are some I wouldn’t dare give an invitation to. That’s right. They’re so devious and I’m way too focus on what God has declared. The words aren’t important enough to carry with me=Tanikka Paulk. Trying to steal what is given won’t bring the individuals joyfulness. They’ll find that God will administer the reaping. How many are really concerned about  where I’m headed? Perhaps there’s more than imagined. They’ve laughed., taunted, and heckled but I’m still here. Yes Tanikka Paulk is still here in Miami, and so what? I’m doing more than chasing my dreams.

It’s the name that so many are after. It’s the blessing in which they think I’m going to receive that has grabbed their attention. The chatter continues but so am I. I’m continuing to seek. The bible states that, “Seek and you Shall Find.” I’m you=Tanikka Paulk. I’m proceeding to my abundance and what are they going to do? There is smiling going on and there is laughter because laughter produces better moods. What I’ve discovered is that there are more within the realm which leads to misunderstanding. What they really should be focused on is their own elevation. What I’ve chosen to do is my business.

My name is Tanikka Paulk and if they wish they can put my name in lower case and it’s still the same. I’m going to achieve further because I’m believing in self. No matter what they throw at me=Tanikka Paulk. Tanikka=Tanikka Paulk is continuing for many reasons. God has favored “Tanikka Paulk” and it isn’t bragging. The truth has been supplied despite the disagreeable People. Oh what oh what do they want? My mission is to proceed to a place where there will be “great” joy, further developments, and the prosperity. “I’m believing that my position is more than so many can handle. The Great Light is here.” By: Tanikka Paulk. God has addressed what I’ve supplied here.

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An Effective Measure is to Mentally Tune out
February 23, 2018

When there are many groups of People trying to cause mental disturbances there will need to be measures taken in order to remain sane. Yes, there will be some persons wanting to create insanity for many reasons. One of the reasons could be due to some being overly competitive. Unfortunately there are some refusing to allow or accept what has already been declared. They’ve based their perceptions on what they’ve heard or just what they’ve refused to accept. “There will be some willing to be cooperative no matter what is said or done.” By: Tanikka Paulk

In order to remain functional there will need to be some blocking out. There is no need to continue to focus on the communication which isn’t adding value. If what’s being said is causing disruptions then there should be movements towards the areas which creates upward motions. If any person is so in tuned with the individuals continuously trying to cause upsets then they’ll lag behind. If progress is to occur then there will certainly need to be disconnections in order to achieve the dreams or visions desired.

While on a journey one can find out whether they’ll be accepted or not. Persons continuing to create scenes in order to prevent achievements are doing themselves any favors. It’s best to allow the progression to occur so that there will be more values added. “Whether Persons are Valued or not the Person or Persons should Uplift Self and Continue on The Journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The key is to remain focused and think positively. The amount of words can either encourage or discourage a person. The mindset of a person is so important. If there is too much “focus” on what others will say or have said then setback can occur.

If the actions haven’t generated what is needed for the journey then there will need to be some distance presented in order to continue walking the journey. Individuals continuing to make their way in and causing disturbances aren’t creating any “justice” and should be avoided. So many end up losing out because they’ve allowed the persons to create havoc and cause a meltdown within their journey. Continuing to allow the disturbances to occur isn’t beneficial for any journey.

The mind should receive “positive thoughts and information.” There should be continuous discoveries. No amount of words should cause a person to stop living their dream or dreams. There could be some willing to take many risks in order to obtain what the person is seeking. If that’s what they’re trying to do then there will need to be some protective measures in order to proceed. “There will be hecklers and all sorts of folks trying to cause discouragement but it’s up to the visionary whether to feed into what they’re saying.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“There are ways to obtain peace even when there’s chaos.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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My Name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m Proceeding
December 1, 2017

Yes indeed so many have tried to dull my shine there’s so many who have misunderstood and caused all sorts of havoc in order to try and stop what God had already declared. There are a lot who have projected lies but no matter what’s said God will always look at the heart. There are times when I’ve wondered just when will humanity become whole. There’s a lot who are so misguided and haven’t yet received the proper information and some would rather not. There are some who really enjoy being destructive. “How will society become stabilized when there are so many wanting to bring the rising down.” (Tanikka Paulk)

I’ve came across some of the toughest critics but there’s some good points in the journey. When it appears as if so many are against there are some very important organizations, corporations, businesses and others who continue to be for my journey. Even if it appears as if the entire globe has turned there will always be God and Jesus Christ by my side. It can be difficult to keep my “composure” but I’m doing so through prayer. There are some who will think whatever it is they want to think and some who will react to situations they’re not even invited in on.

My name holds value not just my name but what I’ve accomplished. I’ve recognized others and yet they’ll still try to attack in someway. No matter what one does there will always be some who will disagree and I’m not in the business to please all. No person should ruin their health or character in  order to please folks. There is joy in knowing that I’m further along. The ones who insist on trying to sabotage my journey aren’t very happy people. As long as I’m here there will be some progress. Elevation is what I’m seeking and continue to do so. Although so many have tried to create setbacks and slow down my “progress” I’m still continuing on for many reasons.

We’ll learn how to deal with the most difficult individuals and some will be so challenging that we’ll have to leave the individuals behind and if they’re pulling down then they’re already behind. Visionaries deserve to place their vision before the world so that there can be witnessing of how good God is and will continue to be. God allows certain situations to take place but is always there. He’s given me=(Tanikka Paulk) the”strength” to carry on. So many have tried to discourage my path from my childhood and yet I’m still continuing. My progress isn’t the same as others.

Thee have been setbacks and yet I’m not discouraged at all. There have been threats and yet I’m still moving along. That is important even if no person says so. God has already declared as such. When the chuckles are projected and the insults continue I’m going to continue to spread “light.” I Tanikka Paulk know my purpose and as long as I’m here I’m going to try to fulfill the purpose. I’m important enough to be watched and monitored each day. Eyes are on Tanikka Paulk and everyday there is proof.

I’m Continuing and Grateful That God has Chosen “Tanikka” By: (Tanikka Paulk) Tanikka Shajuan Wilson is the same.

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“Yes I’m Here Continuing to Make the Necessary Progress for the Future.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)


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Have to do What’s Best
October 11, 2017

Some may not understand why certain decisions are made. When we’re finding that we’re having trouble getting through to individuals then there has to be a decision made whether to continue trying to convince the individuals of the what is or to just proceed with the areas which will assist with creating “movements.” There will always be some who will believe what they want and no matter how much information is proven to be the opposite of what they’re saying. The persons who are in denial will continue to say whatever it is they want to say.

Some do so because they may feel that challenging the person or persons will gain whatever it is they’re looking to gain. It’s better to find out what is best so that there can be continuous “progress.” The ones in denial will probably continue to be in denial. Not willing to admit to being wrong. There’s a lot of people who aren’t willing to admit to being wrong. There are some who are continuously willing to be deceptive and cause all sorts of havoc. Perhaps disconnecting from such individuals is helpful. No need to become consumed with stress because of what so many will continue to say and do.

There are some who may never accept what has occurred or will occur. There are some who may not want to see certain person’s “advance” but if there’s enough determination then any person who attempts to make progress will. Despite what occurs the individuals shouldn’t give up and should continue to find the best ways to cope with the matters at hand. The ones who aren’t accepting what’s occurring just won’t accept but the individuals who are trying to accomplish greatness shouldn’t allow the problems to stop the progress.

It’s quite difficult when so many are chasing a person down trying to stop their shine. Not wanting to allow others “to get ahead.” There are so many who will have to deal with the groups of people. Some may never stop their antics but will suffer fatigue because they’re continuously trying to create a cease. Simply have to find what works and not all persons will be accepting. We’re unable to please all. There is no way that one person can assist all. In fact no person should even expect one person to try to help all.

It can be a bit rough when having to deal with the ones who aren’t allowing what should occur. What needs to occur is growth. We all should desire to grow in someway. The ones who don’t are either afraid or may not have enough energy to do so. The best thing to do is to continue making the best moves so that there can be elevation. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to climb higher and it’s so unfortunate that so many try to prevent some from elevating. “Have to do What’s Best Even When so Many may not Agree.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“Consider What can be Achieved by Allowing Others to Achieve. A Stronger Economical System can be Developed by Doing so.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Tactics Which Serve no Purpose

There are some who have chosen to supply tactics which will not generate any benefits for the individuals. Their efforts will and continue to seem meaningless. when any person is trying to excel, there’s a risk, a risk of being criticized and having some of the most difficult people try to sabotage what the person is trying to accomplish. Not everyone will be pleased with “the progress” of others. Some live to try and cause problems for so many but are actually creating more problems for themselves. We’re living in a world filled with lots of competition and some are so obsessed with competing that they’ll end up destroying what they’ve worked for.

Having to deal with so many who are against can be unsettling but the accomplishments aren’t impossible. Oh yes there will be days of great frustrations. In order to remain positive. There needs to be some distance between the destruction and what one if trying to accomplish. Too many just give up on their dreams because of the adversity. Some are too afraid of “facing” some of the toughest critics. Not easy to deal with individuals who are so disturbed but there are many ways to get through the darkness. It can be quite tiring having to face so many obstacles.

It’s a known fact that adversity is apart of living but there are some who continue challenges in front of others when they’re in no position to do so. The overly competitive may end up losing their sanity because they’re so focused on competing and not “achieving greater.” The ones who can continue even when the storms arise are the brave ones. It really takes courage to try and pursue but it also takes a certain mindset to stay on the journey.

Giving up isn’t an option. No matter how many time the challenges come my way. I’m still here for a reason and will continue to make progress even if it appears little has been made. Instead of folks trying to sabotage others perhaps they should consider trying to be apart of growth. There will be some who will do what they feel is right but are so wrong. The focus should be on elevating, “reaching” the destination of choice, becoming better than before. No person is ever alone no matter how it appears to be.

Some have advanced even when they’ve been challenged constantly. Some have chosen to just stop because they’ve faced what they’ve perceived as too much adversity. It’s up to the person or persons whether to proceed or not. It’s “recommended” to not give up. It’s quite unsettling to have to deal with a lot of irritating people. The journey is worth traveling and in time all of the chaos will settle and there will be a finish to the race.

Never lose hope. If one day is filled with many challenges then the next day can be the day when the prosperity occurs. even when evilness comes into a person’s life, there is good, there is good in every situation. There is a way to get around all of the attacks which so many have faced and continue to face. In time all of the matters will be rectified. “Have a victorious attitude even when it appears as if the cookie has crumbled.” For Believers, they’re aware of the attacks, and also know that the Armor must stay on in order to be protected from the evildoers and evilness in the world.

“I’m a Believer and Have Faced Many Attacks but I’m Still Making Progress and Still Favored.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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How to Stay Focused When Dealing Annoyances

Yes there’s a lot of annoying “situations” which one may have to deal with. In order to continue to stay on the right track one would need to block out the annoying things which will add no value. If there’s lots of focus on what others are doing then there will be little progress. There are a lot of people who will annoy others to either gain their attention or to simply cause disruptions. n order to be apart of growth a person would need to decide whether the actions of others are of importance. No matter what some may do there will always be some who continue the most annoying antics.

Perhaps their actions are based off the need for attention. There shall not be any if they’re refusing to cease their behavior. Can any person imagine being annoyed and bothered every single day? There are some who face the most difficult people. The ones which cause the eye brows to “raise” when hearing their name. There’s no productivity when being consumed with the foolish ways of others. Some may never develop maturity and if there’s too much or even a little attention on the persons then they can drive a person insane.

In order to remain not only productive to keep sane there needs to be some outlets. There needs to be some activities which can “generate” peace and which are enjoyed. Too many people are more in tuned with trying to hinder person’s growth instead of trying to elevate themselves. Yes, it’s unfortunate when so many try to cause disruptions for others, not even considering how their actions can actually generate more problems for the troublemakers.

Some may not want to live in peace or at least that’s how some seem to behave. Never trying to engage in any positivity. If there’s plans for “prosperity” then there should be movement. Even if a day is filled with little productivity. Some productivity is certainly better than none at all. Life is filled with all sorts of mishaps and it can be difficult to deal with the problems which so many may have. It’s as if some are unable to cope with their own lives. There’s a lot of struggling and not just speaking about financial struggles.

Some are mentally struggling. In a prison within the mind. Barely functional and it’s obvious by their actions. Not willing to take anytime to allow the mind to heal from whatever has caused the mind to become so distorted. Some are going through what they’re going through because of their own deeds. Not admitting to the wrong they’ve projected towards others. Continuing to suffer a decline. There are a lot who are more in tuned with every move a person makes and because they’re not wanting to see “progress” occur. The individuals will become disruptive.

No matter how many decide to engage in such foolishness. The persons who want to achieve more and move in another direction should continue on their path and believe that eventually there will be great rewards for their efforts. No matter where a person lands. There will always be difficult people. It’s how we’re dealing with such individuals that matters. Some may be very difficult to understand and there may be thoughts of not wanting to be around such individuals. “Just prosper on and focus on the areas of importance.” by:  Tanikka Paulk

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Keep Smiling Even When it’s Stormy

A smile can make a brighter day. Smiling helps when it appears as if the troubles will never subside. No trouble will last always but going through so many storms at one time can make it appear as if the storms will never roll over. Through patience so many are able to face the stormy days. There is hope after all. There is joy in knowing that no storm will last always. Every person will have to face adversity and some will go through so many challenges all at once but are still strong enough to get through the troubles. “I’m still standing and I’m still on my journey for a reason huh?”

Yes indeed. That’s right. No matter how many storms arise. I Tanikka Paulk shall not feel defeated. There’s a reason why I’m continuing on and a reason why I’m “chosen to travel such a path.” Not every person will face the same storms. My storms aren’t like the next. There’s been moments where the storm stood still and there was nothing but continuous thunder, downpours, and rumbles. I’m still here and will continue as long as I’m breathing.

So I’m smiling because of the thoughts of advancement even when so many try to cause disruptions. Some may become discourage when having to face many storms. Of course there will be days when it’s difficult to smile because of what’s occurring. There should be times when meditation occurs in order to remain functional. It’s not easy having to face so many storms. To have to deal with so many who may not understand why the path was chosen for certain individuals. Some may try to stop the growth but remain filled with confidence.

Smiling has helped when the road gets rough. To engage in :positive thinking” and to think about the future. Thinking positively helps relive some of the pressure which can occur when having to face a lot of adversity. Some may not be in control with their emotions and that’s one of the reasons why some may try to cause stress for others. Not receiving what they want and not accepting that some are suppose to be on the path they’re on.

No matter how many try to cause disconnects. I’m still choosing to go on. The problems will arise aren’t great enough to cause me=Tanikka Paulk to stop. No matter what the noisemakers are saying. I’m remaining hopeful. I’m not dismayed by what others are doing because they’re not in charge. That’a right. “God is always in charge (The Creator of Mankind by: T. Paulk).” What takes place may occur for many reasons but the problems faced can be handled in time.

“I’m Pleased With the Opportunity to be Apart of Growth and Movement and Despite What so Many Have Tried to do to me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m Still Here.”  By: Tanikka Paulk

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Taking sometime to just settle down when facing a lot of pressure from the hecklers, naysayers, and critics. Keep the smile. If shutting down all devices and turning down the lights is needed in order to relieve stress then do so. No person should allow others to tear their dreams and their mind down. There is and will be a victory. So continue on, yes it’s rather sad when so many feel the need to try and hinder, or to prevent “progress.” “Smiling.”

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Staying Grounded in Deep Waters

There are environments which are so controlled and so consumed with evilness which may generate some negative feelings if we’re not careful. Having to deal with a lot of unnecessary situations can be a headache. There are some people who are so annoying that they probably annoy themselves. Sometimes there will have to be some annoying involved in order to keep the mind in tact. There’s some who are persistent and will try to drive individuals insane. Stay in tact by removing some of the unnecessary mess.

The ones who are on a mission to make one’s life miserable aren’t very happy people. The best thing to do is to just proceed with the areas which truly matter. To discover more and to believe that there will be progress even when there’s disruptions and disturbances. Someday’s may seem as if there are high tides. The water may appear to be going over one’s head. There may be lots of drama. Some may choose to engage in such recklessness and others may just choose to “be apart of growth.”

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“Trees Represent Growth” By:

Tanikka Paulk

By not engaging in the foolishness one can move further. There can be abundance by not paying close attention to areas which can never add any “value.” Some aren’t even worth taking precious time to listen to their antics. Not meaning they’re not worthy just meaning that there’s no need to be consumed with their antics. The ones who are constantly trying to wreck havoc in persons life shouldn’t even be apart of their circle. They’re the ones who should be removed and not allowed to come back.

Take sometime to gather thoughts because there are some who will continuously try to push a person’s buttons. Always looking for a reason to harass the individual. Stay connected to joyfulness by finding ways to remain whole. Don’t be disturbed by “the actions” of others. There are some who will continue on the path of destruction and not willing to add any value to society or to their own lives.

The key is to focus on the areas in which there will be greater. The areas which will create abundance and prosperity. Not all will want to be apart of the growth which can take place when there’s determination, hopefulness, and motivation. It’s not easy to have to deal with some individuals who are always on a mission to create more problems. Some aren’t really in tuned with being problem solvers. “Disconnecting is necessary at times.”

Not allowing certain individuals in the circle could help minimize some of the pressure. No person has to deal with the pressures in which some “will develop.” Finding a way to not only become whole but to stay whole is important. trying to remain sane is important. Perhaps spending less time in unhealthy environments will help. Not being focused on the opinionated individuals but finding the knowledge. Seeking better can help create even more joy.

The world is filled with a lot of naysayers, doubters, cynics etc. There will be times when we’ll have to face the individuals. There will be environments filled with critics and the heckling will take place. Focus on the good, positives, and the values. The challenges may arise and some may have to deal with some of the most difficult people on earth but there are “ways to get through.”

“Stay Grounded Because There is Abundance Near Even When it Doesn’t Appear so.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk
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With Determination There’s Endless Possibilities

Although what we’re going through may seem impossible it’s really not. There will need to be a whole lot of thinking taking place and a whole lot of patience. If the “determination” is there and continues to be there then reaching whatever goal is desired to be reached can occur. It’s hard to imagine at times because there’s so many obstacles in the way. No challenge is too great to bare. Eventually all things will come together.

Adversity is apart of life no person alive will avoid coming across adversity. Some may fear having to go through many challenges at once. If we’re wanting to get ahead in some way then we’ll take on the challenges. There will be a lot of times when peace is lost. A lot of moments when encouraging self occurs. Not an easy road to travel but one which must be traveled in order to get to the other side.

Some may give up due to so much adversity. Just pondering on the best ways to advance from one point to another. Without any confidence it would be quite difficult to incur any movement. There will be a lot of people who will try to discourage the travel. So many afraid to take on the challenges themselves. No matter how many people try to discourage there should be “movement anyway.”

No one can live another person’s life. If we’re not advancing it’s because we’re not trying hard enough. Even a little step is considered an accomplishment. No doubt about the journey being difficult. There will be many trials on such a journey. It’s important to think about the finish line. To stay focused so there will be more progress each time. Some days will be filled with a lot of “progress” while others it may seem as if very little was accomplished.

There’s so many who had to endure a lot of adversity while trying to excel. Even if there’s a mob of people trying to weigh one down there are ways to pull away. If we’re motivated and continue to be determined then we’ll arrive at our set destination. Not everyone will complete their journey in a short period of time. There will be setbacks and although the setbacks will arise there shouldn’t be any dismay.

Just trying is a start, Making the necessary steps in order to get to where one wants to be. It may be difficult to get from point to A to B but no amount difficulties can stop a very determined person. There will be a lot of pulling and tugging. A whole lot of testing to see how mush “will” a person has. There’s a way must there must be faith. The believing that there success will occur.

Any amount of accomplishment is success. In order to reach the desired success level there will need to be a whole lot of pain. Yes, going through a lot of heartache will occur on the journey, no pain and no gain. That’s the part so many try to avoid. Life is painful at times. There’s always something to deal with. Success isn’t gained by just thinking it’s “the actions” which will determine whether success is gained or not.

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