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The Good Prosper in Ways Unimaginable

Difficulties arise but what and how a person handles to trials is what really makes the difference. The adversities can either generate upwards motions or downwards motions. Performing good deeds is what God wants His children to do. Some aren’t aware of the importance of good deeds. There’s some continuing to believe their actions aren’t recognized but somewhere there’s the recognition. “Goodness will flourish no matter if persons try to prevent excelling eventually the movements will connect.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Good may seem distance because some aren’t in tuned with doing good. Just observe the many ways in which some behave. The actions are observed worldly. How many are performing good deeds or are considered good? It seems as though less are recognized as being good. “Prosperous deeds deeds which are considered to be glorious in “The Eyes of the Lord.” Meaning God is Lord the Father of Jesus Christ and God sees all things. Sees what every person does or will do.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The misconceptions as to the proper way to perform good deeds exist. Some think they’re entitled to receive what is of the chosen. The fight is to achieve what’s Godly. At least make some attempts to be good. If the expressions involve that a person is good then perhaps some should observe. Analyze recognize the difference. Competition is one of the reasons why some refrain from performing good deeds. They’re unable to manage their identities unable to become good because of their line of thinking.

Prospering which stems from prosperity some haven’t understood what true prosperity is. The way, light, and the goodness. The combination which help incur real abundance. Elevating towards good and stabilized areas. What truly defines goodness. To want to perform “good deeds,” to give, to love. Love conquers and love can demonstrate what persons should do in order to make their way into the “Heavenly Gates.” Smile because there’s a place where there’s no troubles.

The word good has crossed many minds but how many are willing to perform the good deeds? Less are and why? Perhaps they’ve performed good deeds in the past but were betrayed and aren’t performing good deeds anymore. When mentioning prosperity I’m not speaking about an athlete I’m speaking about the gifts in which God gives His children. Reality is there’s a place to rest when the body dies. “The closing of eyes and the renewing of what is good, righteous, and wholesome.

My journey entails so many trials but my faith continues to remain with me=Tanikka Paulk. The competitors should really consider the way they project hatefulness. Love conquers and love is what God wants His children to project. Some behave as if they’re incapable of “love.” A special greeting, a hello, and gratefulness towards mankind. Are ones performing good deeds by trying to harass their competition? No. Perhaps they should consider the rewarding gifts in which they’ll receive just by doing good.

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My Name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m Proceeding
December 1, 2017

Yes indeed so many have tried to dull my shine there’s so many who have misunderstood and caused all sorts of havoc in order to try and stop what God had already declared. There are a lot who have projected lies but no matter what’s said God will always look at the heart. There are times when I’ve wondered just when will humanity become whole. There’s a lot who are so misguided and haven’t yet received the proper information and some would rather not. There are some who really enjoy being destructive. “How will society become stabilized when there are so many wanting to bring the rising down.” (Tanikka Paulk)

I’ve came across some of the toughest critics but there’s some good points in the journey. When it appears as if so many are against there are some very important organizations, corporations, businesses and others who continue to be for my journey. Even if it appears as if the entire globe has turned there will always be God and Jesus Christ by my side. It can be difficult to keep my “composure” but I’m doing so through prayer. There are some who will think whatever it is they want to think and some who will react to situations they’re not even invited in on.

My name holds value not just my name but what I’ve accomplished. I’ve recognized others and yet they’ll still try to attack in someway. No matter what one does there will always be some who will disagree and I’m not in the business to please all. No person should ruin their health or character in  order to please folks. There is joy in knowing that I’m further along. The ones who insist on trying to sabotage my journey aren’t very happy people. As long as I’m here there will be some progress. Elevation is what I’m seeking and continue to do so. Although so many have tried to create setbacks and slow down my “progress” I’m still continuing on for many reasons.

We’ll learn how to deal with the most difficult individuals and some will be so challenging that we’ll have to leave the individuals behind and if they’re pulling down then they’re already behind. Visionaries deserve to place their vision before the world so that there can be witnessing of how good God is and will continue to be. God allows certain situations to take place but is always there. He’s given me=(Tanikka Paulk) the”strength” to carry on. So many have tried to discourage my path from my childhood and yet I’m still continuing. My progress isn’t the same as others.

Thee have been setbacks and yet I’m not discouraged at all. There have been threats and yet I’m still moving along. That is important even if no person says so. God has already declared as such. When the chuckles are projected and the insults continue I’m going to continue to spread “light.” I Tanikka Paulk know my purpose and as long as I’m here I’m going to try to fulfill the purpose. I’m important enough to be watched and monitored each day. Eyes are on Tanikka Paulk and everyday there is proof.

I’m Continuing and Grateful That God has Chosen “Tanikka” By: (Tanikka Paulk) Tanikka Shajuan Wilson is the same.

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“Yes I’m Here Continuing to Make the Necessary Progress for the Future.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)


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Dealing With Cynics Requires Meditation

Cynics are some of the most disturbed people. There’s a lot out there and don’t be shocked when they step right into what was declared as order. Oh my gosh. The individuals will try to run havoc on whatever they can in order to try and cause a disruption. So many end up becoming fatigued dealing with such individuals. They’ll harass to no end and will say just about anything to stop whatever it is which looks like prosperity. Oh the persons can be right at a door step or online. There’s “plenty” online but the good thing is that we’re able to shut down devices and computers.

No need to get all bent out of shape because of their cynical nature. Some aren’t very happy and can’t stand to see others filled with happiness. Have to take sometime out when dealing with such folks. Perhaps some meditating or a short trip but do not allow the persons to control “life.” Some will go as far as to try and destroy a name. My name is (Tanikka Paulk) and I’m constantly dealing with such individuals. Thank Goodness for the power of prayer. Certainly have to pray because some will become so cynical that a person may want to just scream at the top of their lungs. Some do so in order to get a reaction out of the person they’re trying to get next to.

Imagine having to deal with a lot of disturbed people everyday. The ones who refuse to just live their own lives but are constantly looking for ways to get others down. The ones who are always trying to make a good day go bad. It’s not easy “having” to come up against such people but there are ways to deal with the attackers. Oh yes, some will attack daily, never letting up. Perhaps leaving the devices down for long periods of time will show the cynics that they’re actions aren’t welcomed.

Some behave as if they’re mentally disturbed. No matter what a person does there will always be some of the most annoying people. It’s a “matter” of fact that they’re constantly trying to disturb (Tanikka Paulk) there’s proof of such. A bunch of liars and no matter how far a person has come. The cynical will do what they do. For some they’ve already told the cynics just where they can go. Some are just overly competitive and are looking for reactions. The ones who are trying to chop up a character are the ones to look out for.

Don’t forget the sometimes quiet cynics. Some could be quiet because they’re thinking of new ways to try and cause a cease in what could be golden. There are some who are so envious and can not stand to see any rising up! The best thing to do is “to keep going.” Eventually the cynics will realize the potential of the person but doesn’t mean that they’ll totally let go fo their job. Wonder how much they’re paid. Give the cynics some smiles and some may even give the cynics their bottom to kiss.

Some are quite cynical because they could be kissing some abuse of power jerk. Possible. Taking orders from the ones who are in no “position” to give any orders at all. Some have achieved and others have missed out on opportunities because of their cynical ways. Cynics aren’t only annoying but they’ll continue to watch the one they’ve feared would rise. “They’re watching (Tanikka Paulk) at all times. Watching as I’m typing. No matter what I’ve achieved there are some who refuse to back down.

Of course their actions won’t stop the “movement.” I’m continuing on despite some trying very hard to stop the excelling. There is an athlete that said that I (Tanikka Paulk) was going nowhere. He’s wrong. I’m somewhere right now. It’s funny how the very ones who are suppose to be in a position to help create a better society communities are the ones who are crabs. Trying to pull down because they’re intimidated and are aware of my potential. “Somewhere LeBron James.

Perhaps some should throw in the towel when it comes to mentoring because they’re in no position to mentor an ant. The cynical will find themselves in muddy water and wonder how they got there. They’re ways are the reasons they’re in their position. The position which can not offer the individuals any prosperity no matter how wealthy they are. If they were “upright” and stand up individuals then they would display love instead of being jerks. “I’m Continuing Athletes and Others who Have Tried to Stop my Glory!” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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“The Look Some Deserve to Have.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Best Ways to Deal With the Competitors

There’s no denying that competition exist and for some they’re in an uphill battle with competitors. The competitors aren’t like they were 5 or 10 years ago. Some are like wolves in sheep clothing. One may never know just where what their competition may be thinking. There are some who have “discovered” that their competition silently competed. Not revealing just how disturbed they were because of their competition leading in the world of business. Some just don’t understand just how business works.

So many may lose all thoughts because they’re so in tuned with competing. There isn’t anything wrong with competing just a little but some are “going” to the extreme. There are some who actually become so distorted that they’ll plan to sabotage their competition. Business is risky but when dealing with some of the most aggressive competitors. Doing business can become stressful. In order to remain sane there will need to be some solid strategies in place. Finding the best ways to compete with the competition is necessary.

It’s pretty difficult to conduct business when  there’s so many trying to cause a demise with a business. It’s best to either find a way to “communication” with the competition or if there’s no reasoning. Perhaps consider consulting with a legal advisor. Yes, some of the competition may need to hear from the legal professionals in order to cease their antics, if hiring a lawyer is necessary then doing so should occur.

No person wants their business to fail and some competitors end up sabotaging their own business because of their addiction to competing. Don’t feel bad when having to consult with the legal professionals. Unfortunately some competitors just don’t know when to stop pushing their competitions buttons. Some may discover later on that the ones who are perceived to be aggressive competition aren’t the ones and the ones who may seem to be in healthy competition may actually be sabotaging.

Communication With Competitors

There’s nothing wrong with communicating with the competition by doing so the pressure may be lowered. Sometimes competitors become overly anxious about beating their competition in business. Having a few conversations with the competition may ease their anxiety. Not all competitors are seeking to sabotage their competition. “The focus” should be on good customer service and sales increase. For some they’ve been use to competing most of their lives and may have difficulties removing the habits.

Remain focused no matter what the competition comes up with. If communicating isn’t what works then perhaps asking a third party to assist with the aggressive competitors. There should be solutions so that the businesses can grow. It’s not easy trying to keep any business afloat when there’s so much competition but any person who expects their “business” to prosper should do what’s necessary. The competition can certainly be a pain in the neck but if the right strategies and tools are utilized then the businesses can elevate.

“There are Effective Strategies That are Used to Unite With the Competitors.” By: T. Paulk (Photo Belongs to Tiki33).

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Business Trickery and the Hiccups

Business can be very tricky, there are all sorts of tactics used in business, some of the competitors are simply trying to cause disruption because they’re trying to knock their competition to the ground. “Competitors may use sorts of tricks in order to try to advance in the business world.” Of course some of the tactics used can also cause a business to fail. The tactics could even cause a business owner to end up in court. That’s why business owners should be in constant communication with lawyers just in case any issues arise.

Business isn’t always splendid when dealing with “different personalities” there can be a lot of problematic events. Not every business owner will know how to conduct business. Some may not use friendly communications and not doing so can cause a business to suffer a decline. If any business owner plans to keep their business up and rolling then they’ll want to stay clear of the tricksters. A lot of competitors are simply testing their competition. Some want to see how far they’re able to go with their competition.

Yes, any person who has is who had a business is quite aware of how rough the competitors can be. Some go through extreme measures in order to cause confusion in order to distract their competition. It’s unfortunate that so many feel the need to do so because if a brand, business, or product is up to par then there will be no need to engage in the trickery. Although there will be plenty of tricks projected. The focus shouldn’t cease. If the business owner expects their business “to prosper” then they’ll have to ignore the disruptions.

In order for the business or brand to grow there will need to be some tactics used. Of course the tactics should be appropriate for business and there should be ethical practices used. Too many become overly excited and start using unethical practices in order “to advance.” Of course it may appear as if the business or brand is prospering at first but eventually the tactics used will cause a business to suffer a decline. All one has to do is observe just how some continue to cause havoc for certain business owners. For some the actions are considered hating.

No business owner should neglect their customers or potential customers and if there is focus on what the competitors are doing then that’s exactly what will occur. Business owners should do what’s best for their business or not what others think the business owner should do. The disruptions may occur but there are many ways to prosper in business and other areas. “Don’t Allow the Behaviors of the Competitors to Cause a Decline in any Area. Doing Business can be Good.” By: (Tanikka Paulk).

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By the Glory of God the Progress Continues

It is God who continues to allow me= tanikka paulk to continue on my journey. I’m so confident that there will be so many solutions to the many problems and injustices and will continue to do what I’ve been doing before and that’s advocating. It’s better to find ways to smile so there can be more achievements. Any person who has ever tried to pursue a dream, tried to achieve a goal, or to put a vision to work knows that there will be adversity. For some they’ve come across a lot of resistance and I’m quite aware of such. “So many continue to try and make it very difficult for me= tanikka paulk. But Glory be to God. I’m still here.”

Yes, I’ve been through a lot of storms and yes I’m continuing to be on the battlefield but not without my armor. “The Full Armor of God.” God has chosen me=  tanikka paulk for a reason and He knew that there would be a lot of people who would try to stop my journey. Of course through the many challenges there has be greater strength developed. The competition hasn’t detoured me= tanikka paulk from making any progress. There is still “movement despite what has occurred.” The best thing to do is to continue to think positively and come out of whatever it is that seems to be a hold.

There are some who will be extremely cruel and some will try to taint a name but it appears that they’re having difficulties. The reason why so many have such difficulties trying to stop a person from continuing on is because they’re not doing good deeds. There is goodness in a place even when it appears to be evilness. There is light and hopefulness even when there is darkness. “I’m functional and continuing to make the necessary progress.” I’m still believing in self and believe that God will never leave my side. Of course not because God doesn’t forsake and neither does Jesus Christ.

Through it all, I’ve learned just who the friends and who the foes are, there are so many who behave like wolves. Of course no person can be an animal but their behavior can be animal like. It’s my positive attitude towards victory and to think of being victorious at all times. The good will overcome whatever it is that is presented. There is joy in knowing that eventually all of the “problems will be solved.” Although it may appear as if there is little progress at times. There is progress indeed. Some progress is certainly better than none.

My positioning is well understood. It has been proven again and again that so many who travel a journey have faced their critics and some have suffered many setbacks. A setback does not represent failure. In these times I’m continuing to stay prayed up. Whether the days are filled with havoc or joy. Prayer is always on my agenda. I’m going to get to the place where I’m trying to get to. Even if there are many roads to travel. The best road is the one  in which there will be many achievements. “Yes I’m Still Here and I’m Still Confident. There’s a Reason for my Travel.” By: (tanikka paulk).


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Oh yes too Determined to Turn Back
July 17, 2017

No matter how many try to discourage a person from living their dreams. It’s up the person whether to stop or not. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who may become envious of others trying to live their dreams. Some may not want to see others “rise up” and a lot of their thinking comes from being competitive. Not wanting others to surpass their success. There are some who will constantly try to sabotage others. They may not be happy within because if there was happiness then they wouldn’t try to rain on a person’s parade.

So many have stopped supplying ideas and stop trying to put their dream into reality because of the criticism. There will be critics everywhere a person goes. There is no way any person can avoid criticism unless they’re in hiding somewhere. As long as individuals are seeing others shine and trying to get ahead then they’ll try to stop the persons from doing so. The key is to be brave, “filled with courage”, and be very determined. Do not become discouraged when there are crowds of people who are trying to hinder what is taking place.

For some they’re reasons have to do with their own selfishness. There are motives why some choose to go after others who are only try to prosper. “Some are trying to live better lives.” Don’t have a defeated attitude. Believe in the victory and be victorious. It’s no fun having to deal with difficult individuals but there is no way that any person will completely avoid the difficult ones. Some may seek out persons in order to just try to get the individuals down.

While on a Journey

When on a journey it’s important to have a positive mindset and of course no person will always be positive but for the most part. One should “discover positive outlets” to engage in. All of the chatter should go in one ear and out the other. There’s a reason why some are chose to walk certain journeys. There is always hope. Remain hopeful even when it appears as if they’re throwing rocks. The ones who work harder to get others down aren’t filled with joy and there are some no matter what. They’ll continue to try and sabotage whatever some are doing.

So many have expressed how they’ve faced many troubles while trying to get ahead. Some have discovered that the very ones who they’ve perceived as being supporters end up being apart of the sabotage group.  If persons aren’t climbing higher then there’s a possibility that they may not want to see others trying to excel. Although there may be so many who try to hinder “a process.” The person shouldn’t give up. There should be some progress even when there’s very little. Eventually all what needs to come together will.

“The sun Comes out After the Rain. The Storm Ceases and There is Rebuilding.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Way too Determined and I’m Going to Make it There

With all of the obstacles and resistance some would have given up by now. Giving up isn’t even in the plan. No matter how many battles are projected. I’m not going to let up. Not willing to stop living because there’s way too much in store. I’m trying to get there and yes it’s been a difficult road. With so many trying to stop what should occur. “Individuals have a right to live productive and happy lives.” Although the road may be rough. I’m never feeling defeated.

The challenges which have arisen in my life have taught me= Tanikka Paulk. There’s a lesson in it all and also a blessing in all of the toughness. “There is a light shinning brightly” and even if it appears as if I’m going nowhere. I’m somewhere. There are many ways to get there. One road may be blocked but there are other avenues. Some may feel as if they’re causing a delay or preventing a change but what’s for a person is. The ones who work hard to try and stop movement will be surprised all one breaks through the chains.

To be free from being enslaved is living. No person should have to experience being treated as less than human. Absolutely none even the ones incarcerated should be treated fairly. There is a way. Perhaps keeping the ways within is wise. There just way too many people who are. Looking to trap others. Perhaps not wanting some to advance. Perhaps not wanting some to discover. “Whatever the reasons are.” I’m still here and as long as I’m here. I’m going to keep going. The focus is the movement.

There is progress and even if the days seem a bit slow. There is something accomplished. The drive is too deep to just throw in the towel. There has to be better and “I’m seeking better.” Matthew 7:8 Mentions how we’re to seek and we’ll find. To knock and the door will be opened. What is for a person will be for the person. We’re to ask because asking is the only way we’ll know what the answer will be. Assuming can be a mistake.

There’s been a lot of attacks but through the attacks there is strength and there is still being blessed. When the storm appears to be rough, there is a breakthrough awaiting, there is hope even when a situation looks bleak. Some may not realize how they’re hindering their own “blessings” by trying to hinder other’s blessings. They’re efforts will be noticed and there is consequences for such destruction. Through it all there is a feeling of joy because there is restoration. The restoring of what has been taken away. Soon enough what one is seeking will be found.

“I’m Still Blessed When to Storms Roll in. I’m Still Filled With Hope Through Every Attack and Amen to That.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Disruptions Within Productivity may Occur

Of course there will always be some who will try to discourage others from advancing. Try to prevent others from leaving one point to travel to another. There are many reasons why some will try to prevent certain situations from occurring. For some there’s selfishness, persons the need is great, so instead of communicating a need there may be some deceptiveness going on in order to stop the individual or individuals from prospering. If there’s a lot of determination then there can be “prosperity. ”

Some will go as far as to cause harm to another in order to stop what they’re afraid of. For some seeing others advance is hurtful. They’re not “feeling confident” due to the fact some are determined to get ahead. There should be more people trying to encourage others to elevate because doing so will create a more stable economy. Perhaps some refuse or aren’t thinking on such a level.

There may be lots of disruptions and some may try to use tactics to cause a complete cease. The drive will allow the individual “to proceed despite the circumstances.” Some are seeking to gain only and will do whatever they feel is necessary to gain. Even the ones who are suppose to be supporters will try to create the disruptions to either stop or delay what one is trying to do. For the individuals who are only seeking to gain but refuse to learn or do some good. They’ll most likely won’t be prosperous and just because some may try to prevent prosperity doesn’t mean that prosperity won’t occur. There are so many levels of prosperity.

There can still be lost of productivity when there’s chaos. If a person chooses to tune out the noise then a lot can be accomplished. There can be greater rewards when there’s some removals. Meaning some individuals may need to be removed from one’s circle in order to incur “more elevation.” Some will hang around certain individuals in hopes to gain or to try to seek out their weaknesses in order to destroy the individual.

If a person allows any person to stop their dreams, vision, and ideas then they’re weak. There has to be bravery and courage in order to move from one point to another. No amount of words or attacks should be a reason for any visionary to stop not only visualizing but to not “the vision.” What’s said can go through one ear and out the other. The persons who are always chattering but aren’t being productive aren’t doing themselves any favors. It’s better to proceed and try to continue on the productivity path.

“Yes, I’m Proceeding on and so Should any Visionary. Be Confident, Courageous, and Victorious.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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What are People Saying About you???

People are saying a lot and some aren’t saying much at all. The fact remains that there will always be some who are bugs, meaning they may believe that their purpose is to try and destroy others, the day will come when their antics will cease. There is a lot of chatter about me= Tanikka Paulk. A lot of competition and some who insist that my work belongs to the individuals. There is a continuous need to advocate and yes I’m an advocate. “The Mommy Advocate.” Advocating for many different areas. A lot injustices. It’s not easy having to come up against just about the entire world but it makes me= Tanikka Paulk full of “strength.”

To think that not only is there competition from women but men seem to be just as conning as women. The tactics used really are classified as abuse. Perhaps we’re finding out that there are a lot of undercover abusers. They’re revealed. The attacks which continue to occur are simply expressions that a person is headed “upwards.” Yes, the more achieved, the greater the attacks. Some aren’t willing to accept the achievements of others. It’s amazing that some of the very who have motivational careers will also join in on the criticism.

They’ve said a lot about you. The real you=Tanikka Paulk. There’s a duplicated you, a copied you, and imitated you. There will be a lot who will proclaim to be me=Tanikka Paulk but aren’t like me=Tanikka Paulk. God designed me=Tanikka Paulk His own way. Not to please the world but to accomplish greatness. So there is nothing wrong with brushing my shoulders off. Someone has to give props. There are so many who will try to make me=Tanikka Paulk feel bad for “wanting better.”

Some will try to hinder my movement. Trying to make sure that I’m in their circle. There has to be growth in order to see a better economical system and perhaps some aren’t considering how their actions are causing a whole “Nation” to fall. Coming up against certain individuals may incur greater consequences than others. Mainly the anointed are the ones in which God becomes angry when others try to go on attack. Eventually all monsters have their day.

No matter what’s done. There is motivation here in Miami, Fl. and perhaps soon enough there will be another path to take. One which will incur more than “achieved” here. So there is continuous patience and thoughts of getting from here to there. Oh the attacks aren’t easy to deal with but God continues to provide “The Full Armor of God.” Some behaving as if I’m without sense. Not knowing exactly what’s been discovered and what will continue to be discovered.

My life certainly isn’t an easy one and perhaps there’s more adversity to deal with. Thank “goodness” there’s continuous strength being build. I’m continuing to focus on building up. Finding a more stable relationship for the future and a home where there is support and joyfulness. In the meantime there will be actions taken to proceed to the destination. Sometimes there has to be a move in order to become more prosperous. Believing and receiving. The breakthroughs await.

you “Hasn’t the Proof of my Identity? Tanikka Paulk and Ideas as Well as the Vision?”

Some Seem to Have a Difficult Time Accepting What is. By: Tanikka Paulk

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“I’m Going Somewhere Despite What Some may say. Somewhere is now and Somewhere Will be in the Future.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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