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Best on and off campus jobs for those studying abroad

For all college students studying abroad; money is always something to worry about. Living in a foreign land in itself is exciting as well as challenging but managing your expenses and making money is surely the challenging part. There are a number of on and off campus jobs that are available for students studying abroad in order to help them meet their expenses in a self-reliant manner. Mostly, students studying abroad also try to unburden their parents from the load of sending money again and again, thus the number of jobs hiring students are ample.

In addition, if you are an international student, working on the campus will be a great way to start having an interaction with people and make new friends.

Here are some of the best on and off college jobs for those studying abroad:

“·CAFETERIA: Working at the cafeteria in your college is a good option for a start. You get to know new faces and also feel safe around people of the same institute at the same time. You can work at the cash counter or can also help serving food to others. Just be sure that you’re not draining yourself too much and manage your studies alongside without compromising on them.

“·COLLEGE/PUBLIC LIBRARY: A very peaceful way of making money is working at the library. Here you’ll be away from the noises of people chit-chatting and spoons cluttering; instead your main responsibility will be to take care of the books in the library. It will also be required of you o help people search for the kind of book they want. If you like books and a quite work-place, this is an ideal off campus job for you.

“·CALL CENTRE: Good communication skills and fluency in language is required for this job. Call centre jobs can pay off well and you can make enough money out of it for your overhead expenses. This off campus job is very similar to a real job that pays you for attending work on a regular basis. The only thing to watch out for is to be assured that you do not lose on upon your time valuable for academic purposes.

“·FREELANCING: A number of college students take up freelancing as a way of earning a good number of bucks. The amount of money you can earn through freelancing solely depends upon your skills. Freelancing is so far the best way to earn money from your college dorm only. There are a number of branches that fall under the field of freelancing.

“·   WORKING AT A STORE: Working in stores can be fun. You get to choose from a number of options- clothes store, jewellery shops, saloons, bars and shoe stores. It would be the best to land up working in a store that houses some articles of your interest like if you like music you can end up working in a music store! Stores are always beaming with customers and will also give you a chance to interact with a number of new people in addition to earning some bucks.

How to increase your prospects of working in an IT company?

Landing a job in the IT industry is based upon a number of factors including your IT skills. The technological world is very vast in terms of needs, specifications and resources, as a result there are numerous career paths ranging from database managers to software engineers.

The basic prerequisite for increasing your prospects of working in an IT company is building a good knowledge of your technical field. Whatever might have been your major field of study; software coding, error detecting and handling, building database, you must have thorough knowledge in it.

Moving into the arena of technology requires you to be really well versed with software tools and coding. There are dozens of computer languages but the most significant ones are C++, Java, JavaScript and C#. There is no shortcut for learning coding. You really need to practice and get your hands on a text-editing program to hone your coding skills. Excelling at programming is a big thumbs up for bagging a decent job in the IT industry.

Having a internship in your goodie bag is also the new must. An internship gives a real-world experience in the industry. It is essential to know what an actual job feels like, and that is what an internship allows you to figure out. Interns can make mistakes, so basically when you land a real job you can avoid the same mistakes you made before.

It might also depend upon the area where you might be searching for a job. IT companies are not so densely located in all parts of a state. If you are hunting for an IT company in a small town, it might be time for you to move to a place with better job prospects.

Another major factor that will work in your favour is your resume. Build an impressive and informative resume for yourself explaining all your strengths and technical skills. If you have worked upon any technical projects like applications or websites in your past, do not forget to mention them for your benefit.

The world of technology is ever-expanding and growing. The reason why new versions of softwares com out every day is that technology grows at a very rapid pace. One should keep cultivating themselves even when they are not actually studying in a classroom. Go through a number of online courses and keep on practicing to hone your technical abilities. The internet is a vast resource for learning, so use it for your good!

Get some advice from people already working under the tech wing. A lot of people are willing to help if you reach out to them. People can be the best guides when it comes to an interaction worth something. Programmers, technical writers, information architects and many other techies have blogs online which are really worth reading.

Increasing your prospects of working with an IT company is largely associated with how you grow as a person. You might have your fault lines but if you work upon them, there won’t be anything impeding your growth.

How to answer tough job interview questions?

Job interviews are always nerve wrecking! Being an interviewee, there might be an ocean of questions flowing at the back of your head. A decent job interview grills all the aspects of your personality and gets the best out of it. Interviewers are generally experienced and smart people who can throw some greatly challenging questions to the table. But all that said, if you are well practiced in advanced you can do really well in front of the panel. You’re judged entirely upon your abilities and on-the-spot performance, so there wouldn’t be any harm in brushing up some of your interview skills beforehand.

Tougher questions on the interview table are supposed to challenge your job seizing skills. The interviewing panel wants to sweep you off your feet to churn out the exact stuff that they want. Sometimes some questions might pop out of nowhere and leave you blank. They might question you about your weaknesses, reasons of leaving the previous jobs and even some awkward monetary questions.

It is advisable to be prepared beforehand. Try to practice a lot of questions in advance, but at the same time make sure that you do not overdo it in order to make it appear all mugged up. You should have a thorough knowledge about the company you’ll be sitting for. Get to know a little about the kind of role you’ll be supposed to play if you end up getting a job letter.

“·Tough questions mostly come out of an unknown Pandora box, so you cannot be well practiced everytime. The key to answer such tricky questions is to stay spontaneous and really genuine. You should try to demonstrate your capabilities keeping in mind the fact that you do not talk of yourself in a boastful manner. When someone asks you about “Where you’d see yourself in five years from now?” Don’t be overwhelmed to give a very lavish answer about what you wish for. Make sure you keep everything realistic and to the ground. This would make people think of you as reliable and trustworthy person rather than being someone who lives in a world of make-believe.

Be very clear about what you speak. Clarity in expression will reflect confidence and comforting assurance of your personality. Even if you’re not sure of something, tell it right away. Go on and say that you’re not sure about that particular question. Honest opinions, straightforward answers and confident usage of speech are always an asset for cracking a tough interview. Besides, clarity clearly shows how focussed you’ll be towards your job, the institution; in short your professional life.

Tough interview questions should be taken care of in a different manner. When you run across a question that seems quite unnerving to you, try to get comfortable with a smile, even if it’s not coming from within. This will definitely make you comfortable and at the same time it focuses the attention off from your head for a little while so that you could think. But don’t take too long, say whatever best you can think of at the very moment!

Career options for commerce students after class 12th

Commerce is an incredible field of education with a plethora of career opportunities. Students interested in statistics, commercial studies, data analysis and related genres find themselves being drawn towards taking up a career path in the field of commerce. Commerce pass outs can take up numerous fields based on the ground of their interest and the area of practice they wish to take on.

Being the backbone of the corporate world, commerce is a diverse field when it comes to choosing a path in higher studies. Students have uncountable options to choose from, something which can often result in a state of dilemma on the student’s part. It is wise to choose your field of concern only after thoroughly analysing all the prospects available.

You can go on for a degree, diploma or a professional program like CA.

Major career options for commerce students after 12th can be summarised under the following wings:


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

B.Com is one of the most sought after courses that commerce pass outs opt for. Completing PG in B.Com can lead you onwards towards pursuing professional programssuch as Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretaryship (CS) and Cost and Work Accountancy (ICWA). The course duration for this UG course is 3 years.

Major Colleges in India:Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi (New Delhi), Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics (Mumbai), St Xavier’s College (Kolkata).
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration, a degree program, comprises of devising corporate expertise in students necessary for thriving in the business world. Akin to B.Com, BBA also comprises of 3 years. This professional degree combined with MBA can be a lucrative amalgamation for giving a kick start to your corporate career.

Major Colleges in India:Loyola Institute of Business Administration (Tamil Nadu), Madras Christian College (Chennai), Mount Carmel College (Bangalore), Christ University (Bangalore), Department of Business Administration – SRM University (Chennai),  Institute of Management Studies (Noida).
Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

A BBS degree apprises the students of the basic nuances of the business world. This three year course aims to fabricate a decisive assessment and analyzing temperament in the graduates so that they can go on to deal with various shades of the corporate world which they’ll enter.

Major Colleges in India:Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (New Delhi), Jamia Milia Islamia University (New Delhi).

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

BMS is another 3 year course that deals majorly with the subjects of business mathematics, managerial economics, business ethics and corporate social responsibility and human resource management. BMS graduates are scattered all over the industry in certain significant business fields such as human resource management, sales and marketing, finance and research & development.

Major Colleges in India:St Xaviers College (Mumbai), SNDT Women’s University (Mumbai), SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Mumbai), Sydenham College (Mumbai).

Another major career option considered by thousands of commerce pass-outs is Law. BA-LLB and BBA-LLB courses are gaining fast popularity amongst students. While earlier commerce students used to stick to the conventional 3 year courses, the trend is changing very rapidly with more and more students appearing for CLAT every year.

Major Colleges for Law in India include all government NLUs.


Diplomas range from the duration of a few months (likely 6 months) to around two years in span. Major diplomas are opted in the fields of-

“·Diploma in Travel & Tourism

“·Diploma in Air Hostess & Flight Steward

“·Diploma in Hotel Management

“·Diploma in Education

A number of commerce pass outs make a significant mark in their career with diploma degrees which later give good returns in terms of job opportunities. A number of unconventional career options are available to be chosen by commerce graduates!

Here’s why biotechnology is a great field for you

Biotechnology is a wide field with an incredible potential. There is a huge demand for biotechnology graduates in the food and beverages industry, textiles industry, biological products, medicines and pharmaceuticals. This particular field of engineering caters to the needs of agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition and environmental conservation. Underlining a plethora of sub-fields, biotechnology can be a great career option for UG students. It is rapidly gaining importance in the industry since there has been a significant development in green technologies in the past decade. Biotechnology is science in its most natural form, serving the exploration of newer technologies and health opportunities.

Biotechnology is a great field for being chosen as a career option. The technical implementation of this field underlines the application of many distinct disciplines in addition to biology. One may associate biotechnology solely to biology, but its wider areas delve into physics, chemistry and mathematics as well. Engineering in this field provides a stable career for both research and practice. Since biotechnology finds its implication in so many areas, it is inevitable to ignore its significance.

Students can opt for a four year UG engineering course or even a five year integrated degree (B.Tech+M.Tech) offered widely in colleges across India.

Apart from gaining a graduation degree, one can also go on to pursue a post-graduation degree in the same. A master’s degree will further widen new horizons for practicing in biochemistry, biology, botany, chemistry, microbiology, pharmacy, veterinary sciences or zoology.

There is a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to finding a job under this field. A large section of the industry falls under the wings of biotechnological applications, being directly or indirectly related to the field.

The areas which hire biotechnology graduates are countless in number; such as Agriculture and Agricultural Development, Animal Husbandry, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Botany, Dairy Technology, Environmental Protection, Fishery Development, Genetics, Horticulture, Medicine, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Tissue Culture and Zoology.

If you want to be a part of an innovative field which churns out the best applications of biology and its associated fields through engineering, biotechnology is ideal for you. This career option can promise you a full-filling and unconventional career provided you choose to be loyal to your field. Merely the knowledge of science is not sufficient in a number of situations; it is the application which counts more. Biotechnology has an immense power to aid the world on issues related to scientific implications of the inherent healing powers of biology.

Once you choose to pursue a career in biotechnology, you can go on to start your preparations at an early stage. If you prepare well, you’ll end up in a good college with greater chances of bagging a scholarship and a good placement offer.

There are both public and private colleges offering very good courses in Biotechnology. Adding a master’s degree to your resume will further increase your chances of acquiring a position in both private and government sectors. There are ample job prospects in the textile industry, cosmetics industry, healthcare commodities and other scientific institutions providing research and development on the same.

Examination Malpractice in school. The causes and it’s effect

Submitted by Aisha Nuraini,Senior Secondary 3,MariamBabangida Girls Science College,Minna, Nigeria.Examination malpractices have consistently remained a bane of Nigerian educational system. Most foreigners say that the academic certificates being issued to graduates in Nigeria are no more valuable than the pieces of paper on which they are printed. Examination malpractices have consistently remained a bane of Nigerian educational system. Most foreigners say that the academic certificates being issued to graduates in Nigeria are no more valuable than the pieces of paper on which they are printed.So what is examination malpractice? Examination malpractice is an illegal behaviour by a candidate before, during or after the examination so that he/she can attain success easily and cheaply. Hence, the worth of the examination is violated. Examination malpractice is a cankerworm that portends grave dangers for the nation. The major causes of examination malpractices are:

i. Laziness of students: Seriousness is thrown to the wind by many students. Most of them have little time for their studies. They spend their time attending parties and forming gangs who engage in untoward behaviour.

ii. Second is large population of students in many schools. The few who do very well may be promoted or admitted into higher institutions. Students cheat therefore to excel over their mates.

iii. Many students are desperate; thinking that passing the examination is a do or die affair; They want to excel by all means. Some want promises from parents fulfilled Others want to be on TV or Newspaper as the best in one form of examination or the other (though cheats hardly excel).

iv. Syllabus in many subjects such as Physics, Chemistry etc. is wide and difficult for teachers to cover. The school period is shortened by holidays, shift system and late resumption by students.

v. Another cause of examination malpractice is inadequate preparation for exams. In a number of schools the teachers are few and specialized ones are fewer so students are not adequately prepared for the examinations.

vi. Corrupt invigilators and supervisors: the students know that if they offers bribe to the invigilators. they will be allowed to cheat in the examination hall.

vii. Lastly, there is a general trend in our society towards cheating and this is encouraged by almost all members of the population.The evil effects of examination malpractices cannot be overemphasized. Creativity and resourcefulness are hampered. It wreaks great havoc on the social, religious, economic and political lives of Nigerians. Employees are engaged in jobs they are not suited for since the Certificate they claim to possess are not merited.

It is not my duty to reveal the ways students cheat at examinations and this is not the proper forum for such a revelation.

Some Possible Solutions to Examination Malpractices are:

i. Teachers should be trained properly in their fields. They will then have the tactics to follow on how to finish the syllabus for a particular term or at least cover a large part of it.

ii. Holidays may be more in number but reduced in length as students are reluctant to resume from long holidays.

iii. Guidance Counselors should be employed in all schools to guide the students on study habits, career prospects and requirement for various careers.

iv. Continuous assessment should be practiced correctly. It will reduce examination malpractices as 40% of marks are accumulated from various assessment techniques such as projects and assignments before actual examinations.

v. The number of invigilators and supervisors should be increased in the exam halls. Exam officers, Vice Principals and Principals should occasionally pay visits to exam halls to observe what is going on. In this way, they could notice any cheating behaviour.

vi. The students should be thoroughly searched before entering the hall. Apart from photographs, finger prints on certificates should he used for identification as no two persons, even identical twins could have the same finger print. That is why it is used in crime detection.In conclusion, solutions are only possible where there are Examination Halls, large classrooms, adequate seats and adequate number of teachers in a school. A class where theft are 150 students sitting on the floor and windows with some armed with knives and locally made pistols, an invigilator will not risk his life to prevent examination malpractice.

The government can play a very big role in curbing this menace by providing enough classrooms, desks and employing qualified teachers. And also, during an examination, the school should ensure that each student gets his/her own question paper and provide enough invigilators.The Federal government has established an Exam Ethics Committee, all Stale Government and Local Government Councils should do the same thing.

How to prepare your kid for Kindergarten

A whole new world awaits your child the day they set their feet inside the school! School shapes them as they grow up. Friends, teachers, classmates and seniors; all form an aura of excitement and adventure around your kid. These growing years are like a magic casket for your kid! They unearth secrets of life and do new discoveries about themselves and others. Kids are at their best when they are busy discovering something new! A school is the first big change for a small child. Preparing your kid for school makes them feel more confident about the changes that are going to follow. Kids are just like a blank paper, you can write some beautiful lines on this blank paper to make them outshine others by your guidance and parenting.

In preparing your kid for school it is essential to develop the feelings of compassion and good manners in them. From the first day of school they should be taught to be active, smart and well behaved. There is a fine line between being naughty and being a nuisance. Make sure you kid doesn’t fall in the latter category!

Most of the children are extremely excited about the idea of going to school. They are aware of other kids in the neighbourhood or family who are students, it is natural that they too want a uniform, new shoes and a school bag! But there are some who are shy and introverts; such children take time to open up about things. Basically, it is most important to know what your child feels about the idea of going to school. Do not make him/her feel it as a burden. Encourage them to ask questions and make the idea of school appear exciting to them.

Teaching kids good habits and the manner of doing things on their own helps them better than anything. Such children win the hearts of all! They should be taught how to go to the washroom on their own, how to wash hands, unwrap their food and to throw waste in the dustbin. Putting them in a preschool before they are actually admitted to school helps a great deal!

The first day of school seems to be something completely out of the box for kids. They are completely alien to the idea of sitting in groups and learning together, something which will become their core of study in the future! For kids, parents should take care of some basic amenities like an extra pair of underpants and snacks. They should also be taught how to take care of their belongings, for your ease you can label their belongings.

At last it is most important to talk to kids about what is going on in school. The first week of school might turn up to be great for some while dull for others. Let them share everything with you. Let them make mistakes as much as they want, after all they are kids! Just remember to love them enough!

5 things to keep in mind while writing your cover letter

While hunting down for an alluring job, the cover letter plays a vital role along with the resume. Sometimes it is the first and the only impression for seeking a stellar employment. An applicant is invariably filled with a sense of dread while writing up a cover letter for a job application. It can also be challenging to craft a resume but to carve out the perfect cover letter is an uphill task.

A quintessential cover letter should contain the following things. The most important five things to keep in mind while writing a cover letter are as follows:

“·Avoid reiterating and duplicating your resume

Believe it or not, there are several ways to write a cover letter. It is necessary to follow an exact set of guidelines to frame the perfect cover letter in search of a star-studded job offer. Interviews play a significant role but an ideal and flawless cover letter is like a cherry on the cake which accomplishes 50% of the task.With limited spaces available, resumes are a bit restrictive so the cover letter gives the best possible way to include which could not be adjusted in the resume.

“·Proper and appropriate addressing

A thorough and effective research is needed to address the letter to the rightmost person. It may be the executive head of the department or the human resource manager, proper salutations should be followed.  The beginning of the cover letter reflects how much committed an individual is for the job.An appropriate addressing shows that the applicant has done some digging about the company.

“·Ensuring and verifying the contact information

A careful check is required to see whether the contact information mentioned on the resume is correct and up to date. Experienced professionals recommend including the contact information on the cover letter as well. Even if the two documents are separated somehow, it helps the recruiter to contact the applicant if found suitable just from the cover letter. An appealing header and font should be used that can easily attract the recruiter.

“·Bringing out key skills and specific accomplishments

The cover letter is the best bet to expand the skills and expertise in numerous domains. An individual can pull out his or her years of experience in a particular field, his association with any world class project and several other features. The cover letter should also emphasize on the qualifications of the applicant and mention the awards if any. Any positive feedback from the previous company or recommendation should be clearly specified.

“·Tailoring the application with effective branding

A proper layout, use of fonts and other vital technicalities should be given a genuine attention. The cover letter should be customized according to the job profile one is applying for. It is advised to check the company’s profile on their website and be aware of the facts and figures.

To stand aloof from others, the cover letter plays a significant part. The cover letter should mention that you are a quick learner and can easily adapt to new technologies and role. The use of bullets is advised by some professionals for crafting a cover letter. The cover letter should explicitly in a nutshell show the dedication for the applied job.

How to make a professional presentation?

While making a professional presentation, it is most important to keep in mind that you make it simple and straight. Professional presentations are not about fancy backgrounds and catchy pictures but more about their slid content and relevant points.

Making a professional presentation both presentable and informative is not such a difficult task. The way visuals, speech and concepts are used to focus on the main goal reflects how strongly your presentation conveys its message. Too much of text or bad graphics can make it unappealing and irritating to the audience. The key is to keep it spick and crisp.

The main thing that gives a presentation a professional touch is its DESIGN. The design of the presentation should be proficiently making it visible that it is indeed a professional one. There are number of customised templates you can browse from the net, or if you are more into computer stuff, you can design one for yourself; which is not such a difficult task! Otherwise it is always wise to download a classy and professional looking template to give your presentation.

Next few steps towards making a professional presentation are largely based on the individual efforts of the person who is building the presentation. A number of times people simply copy slides from here and there an fit them oddly to make a presentation, but while making a professional presentation it is essential to keep in mind that you will be addressing trained audience. The design and the all-over layout should be simple and refined. Choose easily readable fonts and do not go in for over the top fancy fonts. It is very important to highlight the major points underlining the presentation. Images and other graphical representations used should be strictly relevant otherwise your audience will get easily distracted.

It is important to maintain uniformity in your presentation. There should be consistency in the font type and size and the colours should also be uniform throughout. In case you are confused about the choice of colours, go in for subtle colours. The readers should not get strained while reading whatever you have typed on your slides. Choose colours according to the design of your slide so that they match well and blend perfectly with your presentation.

While you take small pauses to explain your slides, make sure that you keep it short and innovative. Simply reading out your slides is a big turn off. Instead, you should information from your side which should be refined and simple, comprising of the major terms and keywords.

Lastly, it is very significant to keep your audience in mind before giving out your presentation. Keeping the audience focussed throughout your presentation will make it a success. Try to incorporate certain points which might boost up their interest in the presentation. It is always advisable to keep your presentation a little interactive so that people do not retire into their personal spaces while you are moving ahead with your slides!

Maintaining eye contact with the audience holds its attention. Speak freely and confidently, and for that practice twice before you give the presentation!

How to increase your concentration?

A lack of concentration translates into short attention span, restlessness, and a tendency of getting distracted easily. This shows in your work and life in general, negatively affecting the quality of both. Following are several short and long routes to achieving the essential goal of being a person with the ability to focus.

1.Be aware.

Write down the times when you sat down to complete a goal but wandered off thinking about something else. Reflect on the list at the end of each day, to note your peak hour of the day, or tasks which require more concentration and discipline. Bringing the frequency of losing focus into your mind helps you be conscious about it and address it directly.

2.Give in to the temptation.

Allot time to dream weaving or making notes of all things that worry you and prevent you from concentrating on one task at a time. This helps contain scattered thoughts of the mind.

Avoid sitting for hours in one place. Get up and take a walk to get the oxygen flowing to your brain. This can refresh your mood and rejuvenate your power of concentration and retention.

4.One step at a time.
Avoid multitasking. It is better to focus your energies on one task instead of spreading your energies on multiple tasks. Give importance in practice of completing of one task before beginning another.

5.Exclusive place of work.

Separate your place of work from your place of having meals or taking naps. Your bed is not your work table and vice versa! This conditions your brain to think about work at the desk and be completely relaxed in bed.

6.Ideal amount of rest.
Your mind feels fresh and ready to concentrate if it has had enough rest. Keep a fixed time of waking up and going to sleep. Make sure you get the amount of sleep in hours daily that is ideal for you, which can be anything between 4 to 8 hours. Sleeping too much leads to lethargy, disrupting your natural rhythm.

Meditation does not necessarily mean keeping calm for an hour every morning. You can practice one minute meditation, either at home, or during work, or while commuting. Anywhere you get a few minutes to yourself, seat yourself in the most comfortable and balanced position you can, and concentrate on one thing- perhaps the sound of the bus you’re travelling in, or on a keyword you keep chanting in your mind, for a minute or two. Block out external and internal noise. Remove your mental clutter for a while and observe the difference it makes.

8.Maintain a proper diet.
Overeating can make you lethargic, while starving can lead to loss of stamina. Both scatters your brain and does not allow you to concentrate properly. A balanced, light diet is essential to help you feel light and energetic through the day!
Though increasing concentration requires considerable investment in both time and effort, it gives great returns!