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Time Management for Skills Training

Some hosts are confused about how to manage time in conducting series of training to old or new employees in certain companies. It wasn’t easy but there are some basic ways on how to deliver certain training. The preparation of the things needed should be carried out before hosting the skills training.

First, determine the target or list of participants. Second, send invitation trough emails or notice letter in every department of the company. Third, acquiring the needed materials such as photocopied of modules, equipment, soft copies of the powerpoint presentation, etc. Lastly, set up the venue of the activity.

Once accomplished the physical requirements mentioned earlier, then it is time to follow the simple steps in conducting the skills training are as follows:

  1. State the main topic

It is important to know the main topic of the training session. Some people might think it is so simple to state the main agenda. But then, it can be forgotten. As it was said, the host should always know the flow of the training.

  1. State the main objectives

The main topic will be followed to assure the expectations of the participants. This will guide the host on how to lead the skills training. If not, it would be a chaos situation. The participants can determine if the host is not ready or prepared for the said training session.

  1. Introduce the outline

The outline should be presented prior to giving the full details of it. The participants can able to anticipate which subtopics will be tackled. It is the core of the presentation and participants will have the idea of the training session.

  1. Provide the information

In this part, the full detailed information will be able to deliver. It can be presented through power presentation, photos, actual usage of products and the like. It depends on the host’s style. The most important thing is to give the essential information needed by the participants.

  1. Entertain the issues or concerns

At the end of the training, the host will raise the open dialogue to gather the issues or concerns that needed to be addressed by the host. It is the time for the participants can share what is running into their mind. The issues or concerns will be documented for the possible review on the next training session.

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Learning to Draw Manga for Something Benefitial
April 19, 2017

I think this is one of those skills which I always wanted to learn. I don’t know how to properly draw manga as of yet. I do know how to draw cartoon. But that’s the only thing I know as of now. But I wish to learn more. I have managed to download some YouTube videos and tutorial eBooks. But manga drawing is not easy for me. Also I don’t have much time. You can see that there are plenty of artists with their own skills. And their own ways to draw things. It just that you have to come up with your own style while drawing. And that’s not an easy part. You may not be able to get it easily for sure. I have tried to get that part going on for some time. However I may write some manga shorts while learning to draw because I have some stories to share with the others as well.

Chubby Manga

I think I have followed artists who know how to draw the chuby drawing. And I also learned how to make the short funny stories out of that. But to be honest drawing chubby animals is lot easier than drawing the chubby humans. Because chubby humans expressing their emotions is not that easy. Also the amount of thinking that goes for the drawing, this just makes things harder for most of the part. I am learning here to draw and there are various things that we can look forward to for sure. I think chubby manga has lot to do but not good enough for the horror and the thriller story plots. So that’s out of my interests.


Another thing about the manga is that it needs to have some story. You can’t just draw something random. You have to draw with some specific with the story. And that’s where most of our skills are coming along. I for one want to understand the story based art. Lack of story in the art makes it kind of harder to work with most of the time. I don’t think there are ways to manage the manga in proper direction. You should consider using the story in a way where you can build yourself proper manga. You may not find this in a good light but there are times when you should consider drawing manga with a story.


I think another thing that may get in the way is publishing. Reaching more people is required. Otherwise that art has no value. And that art may not feed your stomach. You should consider having that art published in any way possible. Most likely this is very important step that almost everybody is missing. And it makes you wonder what you can do to make the publishing better. I am not sure about this considering I have not made much contacts and this is something I am struggling personally too.

That being said, it’d be interesting to see how the publishing of manga would go. And I wish to learn how to do that on everyday basis too.

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Have you ever finished a test with no mistakes?

There are some students who wanted to ace the test.  They can see their hard work while having a perfect score in a test. It wasn’t easy depending on how the student deal of their studying habit. For some scholars, they really need to push themselves in aiming high scores in every subject. Once a student will have an ace score, it is the best reward for hard working.  Parents can provide the needs of their children and students should try their best to make better in their studies.

The preparation for tests in school will take a lot of time. Time can be maximized if the students strictly follow their timetable. It might be an old fashion way but it is still effective in aiming certain goals. Perseverance is the worth of virtue to be internalized by the students.

In taking a test or examination, the students will feel the confidence and aim to perfect it. All the preparation and able to organize things up, then there is no need to worry about. There are two situations that should consider in taking an examination. First, the student had finished the test because he or she doesn’t know the answers. Second, the student was able to finish the exam because he or she knows the answers.

Whatever the test result, it should be beyond the passing rate. It is the best thing to bear in mind that a student should not be contented in having a passing rate. Because there will be a bad sign in studying habit. It should be changed and find ways to keep up with an improvement. If not, then it would be the situation of wasting time. There are some chances that these students can be easily influenced by the external environment to lose focus such as going out with easy-going students. It was been proven that some students will lose its drives of studying.

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Online earnings is a fantasy as that is not enough for one’s survival


there are several online writing sites that many have registered with in the hope that they will earn millions. Why else would they go from pillar to post searching for online writing sites that pay? Writing sites come and go, some even walk away without paying.

But there are  many know this fact and still continue, like me and for that there is a reason.

Online writing sites give much more than money.  They are a great pass time for those who are not depending on earnings they get by writing there. There are millions of writers who have different interests and their blogs are worth reading.

When other users comment on the blogs with a word of appreciaton that gets a spring in the step for writers to write more. Blogging gives an opportunity to keep in touch with the language and its fluency.

If only we ponder a while and spend more time reading blogs than wasting time on Google Search.  Bloggers do a lot of research before they finalise their blogs. We get stuff so to say on a platter with all facts and figures verified.

Whatever the subject there is knowledge displayed.

Users should therefore not  just be concerned about how much they earn but be happy that they learn so much by just reading blogs which are well thought out.

Rather than read fiction and novels spending time reading blogs would be a far useful activity.

The images that bloggers upload many a time are their own and that again is a rare opportunity  for readers to get an idea of a blogger’s life style.

Having said that what I have observed is that blogs do not get the kind of attention they need.  They are worth their words  in gold as they say but that is not what is happening.

Bloggers however need to give a title that attracts readers who are searching for particular information.



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Learn Strategies from Productivity Experts at The Peak Work Performance Summit
April 17, 2017
LB-peak work performance summit

I received a newsletter from Power of Moms about this summit, as one of the co-founders, April Perry is one of the interviewees in this summit. She and her husband, Eric Perry will be presenting the topic “Organizing Your Life” in the new created “Work Life Balance” section.


This online summit is hosted by Ron Friedman, who is the author of the book “The Best Place to Work” and the founder of ignite80. The purpose of this summit is share the strategies to help us get things done. It starts from 18 April to 27 April, 2017 and it is FREE.



There are interviews from different aspect of peak performance each day, include motivation, productivity, habits, energy, health, success, leadership, build your brand, wealth and work life balance. Everyday there are 5 interviews on one of these topics, and the interview will be available for 24 hours. I do not think I can finish watching all the interviews in the coming 10 days, otherwise I will be certainly stressed out instead of getting more things done, hence I am going to pick the interviewees or topics that really interest me.


The topics that we will be learning really interest me, such as how the most successful people start their day, how to design the perfect to-do list, how visual thinking can help flesh out our ideas, how to get more sleep, how to spark our creativity, how to stay energized all day long, and much more. I am currently learning these and also applying some of them to my life, so I can be more productive, get more things done and yet get good sleep and happy life as well. So, this summit really sounds good to me.


Currently, these are the interviewees and their topics I am spotting:
1. David Allen – Getting the right things done
2. Greg McKeown – Determining what is essential and eliminating everything else
3. Natalie Jill – How to get fit in 5 minutes a day
4. Todd Herman – What top performers do differently
5. Paula Rizzo – How to write the perfect to-do list
6. Mark Timm – How to run your family like a business
7. April and Eric Perry – a productivity expert’s guide to organizing your life
8. Michael Hyatt – how to have your best year ever


While looking at the topics of the interviews, I am actually interested in many of them, so I might just take some time to watch them and see if I will be inspired. Michael Hyatt and April Perry are two bloggers I have been following through, hence I am surely not going to miss these two. As for David Allen, I have been been reading April Perry and other bloggers mentioning about his book, Getting Things Done. I would like to know what strategies he is going to share with us too.


If you are interested, you can check out this page for more information here: The Peak Work Performance Summit


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My Plan on Building Writing Portfolio
April 16, 2017

I have not much seriously ventured into the writing. But this year I have plan to get into th writing for serious reasons. I am building my portfolio on that. I have managed to do some of the projects for upfront payment. And so far that has helped me score some random projects. I think I am learning to get into this professionally this year. So I have to build the portfolio. And I have to get into regular contribution to some of the places. This means I have to write on multiple places and then consider the working to be more in professional way so far. And hopefully that does work out for me. I have lot of small changes to do with that. But just starting it out in the hope that it can build some good references.

Writing on Guest Post Sites

I think the best way to start the writing career is with the contributor section on the sites. Most of the sites need free content. And for this to work i am sure there are some people who can work with such content on regular basis. In such case you just pick one site with niche you like to write content into. And then consider using those references in your resume. Most of the writers are following this formula and for them this does work to some extent. I think with time there can be a lot of links that you can generate for the guest post sites. That’s what I am trying to find out for making my writing portfolio.


I think by having some portfolio and making resume. I have more chances of getting regular work through my writing. Though it is not going to be any cheap. But with time this does help for anyone who wants to have strong references on the ground. Most of the offline references do pay out. And you can build some nice business around the references. Just goes to show you that such references however take time to build out. You can start by making one connection and then build on that connection. Slowly this will help you make more references from there. That’s how I started as well.


Another thing that does help is the link. The more links your portfolio has from other writers and the places. The more it can help you. I have found that some of the time, building writing portfolio can be good if you can get more links on your portfolio page. I have seen some people getting a lot of links. And for them it does work out slowly. But if you work hard enough, it may need some efforts there too. It can not be that easy, but it has to be done on larger scale in order for for back-links to work.

That being said, as you can see there is a lot to be done. And you have to work harder. You have to do more paid projects so that you can some more credible references. That’s what is working for many people so far from what I know.

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Stop limiting belief and just start to write!
April 15, 2017
LB-just write

I received the newsletter from Ruth Soukup from Living Well Spending Less this morning. In the newsletter, she mentioned a friend who would like to grow his business and focus on his blog, but some major childhood insecurities held him back when he thought about writing. Her advice to her friend is to just WRITE as the best way to become a better writer is to write. She also suggested a challenge for her friend to spend the first hour of every day to just write, and not to stop until he has at least 500 words. There should not be any editing or judging, but just writing every day. Her friend did that and told him it was a good challenge, and he is less afraid of writing every day since he started the challenge.


It is an inspiring story. There are many times we have one of these limiting beliefs. Ruth stated a limiting belief is a thought or belief we have about ourselves that holds us back from achieving our full potential. These beliefs might not be true, but they are really holding us back from getting where we want to be.


I watched a webinar by Michael Hyatt yesterday which is about writing a book. He also mentioned there are restrictions that hold us back from achieving what we want, for example publishing a book. These restrictions include fear, uncertainty and doubt. To overcome these restrictions, we just need to start, focus and finish it. Yes, if we do not start writing, we always have the fear as we do not know whether we can really write. If we do not start writing, the fear will definitely become real, as we are not writing at all. If we are uncertain about the path, we should just focus on the direction we want to move forward, and just walk towards it. We will get to know better and clearly once we get down to the path. We should just keep writing and finish it so we will not have any doubt on ourselves.


I do not write much at LiteracyBase because of the word requirements. I do not always have much time to focus on writing without any distraction from my kids and I am not sure if I can reach at least 300 words in a short time, hence I usually do not start writing. But there are many times once I start writing, ideas just keep flowing in and I can just hear the typing sound from the keyboard. Michael Hyatt also said that inspiration does not show up until you do. I agree with that, and there are many times I can hit 500 words in my post without struggling. Without starting, I always worry I might not even reach 300 words.


So, I think it is always good to stop this kind of unhealthy limiting beliefs, and just set the goal or vision, plan for it, start moving forward and focus on it until it is finished. I believe the more we practice, the better we will be, and we should not worry about being perfect too.


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Deciding and finding the college for you

There are a wide range of school projects that are accessible today for those looking for advanced education and degrees in a wide assortment of fields. The issue regularly lies in finding the kind of training that is suitable for your particular needs. We as a whole learn best through various techniques and distinguishing your learning strategy is an incredible approach to comprehend what realizing condition will work best for you.

The regular learning conditions for school level reviews are the accompanying: junior colleges, colleges, and on the web or separation learning openings. Junior colleges tend to offer littler classrooms with more talk arranged styles of learning and talk. Colleges have a tendency to be more address arranged while separate and web based learning openings are regularly self-coordinated learning openings that require a lot of teach keeping in mind the end goal to be effective.

When attempting to distinguish the school that will work best for you, you ought to remember your own learning style. Past that you ought to likewise consider the sort of condition you anticipate from your school instruction and the measure of time you wish to give to the quest for your training and degree. A few people find that university life is unreasonably diverting while others find that the isolation of on the web and separation learning is a diversion all by itself.

You will discover a wide range of social open doors at a university that you won’t discover through home reviews or on the junior college level. For a few understudies, these open doors are good to beat all and a critical piece of the learning background as you dive into different societies, workmanship, music, and history. Others observe these chances to be excessively abundant and awfully diverting for their review needs. Whichever understudy you have a tendency to be will have a colossal effect in the best circumstance for your adapting needs.

Another essential thought is lodging. Most colleges have abundant on grounds lodging for their understudies while a couple grounds involvement on grounds lodging deficiencies and depend on lodging that is situated in and around the school zone with a specific end goal to fill in the crevices. A few colleges will even offer constraining lodging chances to understudies who have life partners and kids. While lodging on junior college is seen, especially in country regions where there is constrained lodging accessible in and around the schools, these are more regularly the exemption as opposed to the run the show. Most junior colleges are to a great extent suburbanite grounds with extremely constrained if any lodging openings. On the web and separation learning programs offer no lodging to understudies.

Another worry that most additionally be considered deliberately is the separation amongst classes and any extraordinary needs you may have. Colleges have a tendency to be vast and spread out. It is very conceivable to need to get starting with one end of grounds then onto the next (a mile or more now and again) with a 10-minute window in which to complete it. For understudies with exceptional needs or physical handicaps this can be very tricky, particularly on days of inclimate climate. Junior colleges have a tendency to have littler grounds, which mean less land to cover in the middle of classes. On the web and separation learning classes run with you wherever you have admittance to a PC. This implies they are as versatile as you need them to be on the off chance that you have your own particular tablet and remote Internet get to.

You should consider every one of these things thus a great deal progressively when narrowing down your school decisions. Would you truly like to assume the individual liability required keeping in mind the end goal to prevail in on the web and removed learning courses? Would you like to be constrained by the small offerings of coursework accessible at the junior college level? Is it justified, despite all the trouble to you to pay the high cost required in a university instruction? These are all inquiries that you have to consider deliberately before settling on the choice as to which school condition is the most alluring for you.

Short-term memory and long-term memory.

I remember how one of my teachers liked to repeat phrase that if you say the truth, you do not need to remember anything. Later it turned out for me that these words she did not herself invented, but it was quoted by the famous writer M. Twain. Although this was just a lesson that we would not lie, but this time focus better on the second part of the phrase – do not remember anything. With that I would dare to argue. At current time when the flow of information is increasing, even though a large part of it we put into  information systems, and all the details of the agenda often we recall only thanks to smart technology, memory anyway is an essential human characteristic, which is an integral part of learning.

What we know about memory? We know that human’s obtained information initially is stored in the short memory. This memory is used for instance in phone calls, looking at the number in the phone book. The amount of this memory is small, duration – seconds or minutes. After all, we forget many fascinating faces of passers-by, sometimes even names of people, or facts from the news that we are not used.

Short-term and long-term memory is different. Short-term memory is easily terminated. Long-term memory is more stable and less vulnerable. Information to the long-term memory is transferred from the short-term. The transfer is facilitated by the practice. Not for nothing is said that repetition is the mother of knowledge. Short-term conversion to long-term memory requires new protein synthesis, thus it is important satiated food for the memory maintaining.

Often people are calling the memory as some kind of blog where you can always find what you search for. Various studies show that learning and memory mechanisms are common as learning is related to our memory. It would be interesting to know what researches could say how some diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, change in our memory mechanism.


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Mentor Coaching Scams on the Internet
April 14, 2017

These days everybody and their dog are coach on the internet. They are charging some 100$ or more for the consultation. And this means they are going to give you some pointers about your business. And based on that you have to act. You can find that most of the coach are not even successful in their own world. But they are just coaching others and making money along the way. I think many people think that coaches and mentors are easy. I think that is one of the biggest problem with the internet. Many people should consider that part. That coach are not often genuine and the should consider only valid if they are serious with their jobs. In this article, I want to point out some of the scams that are going on in the name of the coaching. And what you can do about that.

Clarity Coach

I have found that the internet has tons of clarity coach. They make their service as if they are helping the business people. But in reality that is not the case. They are just advising the people from psychological point of view. Think of that as a test and run method. Not a lot of them have the authority to discuss on the topic. But they are being clarity coach for others. I think this is one of the reasons many people are getting into this. Nobody checks your credentials. And that means people have to work harder to pay such coaches and they don’t get the value out of it in most of the cases.

Success Coach

Most of their facebook page and social media pages are full of the content. And I think that’s one reason many of the success coach are into making some odd requests for us to get help. They have high rate for consultation. And the offered value is not that good either. So it makes you wonder if you are investing into the right set of the value. I think many people will tell you that they are wasting the money on those things. I for one have realized that they are not worth the call which makes them earn 200$ per call. This has to change and this needs to be changed as soon as possible.


I think the best way to waste your money in their consulting. Don’t get me wrong. Some can be valuable. But in reality not a lot of them are that valuable. Because most of the value in offer is just going to make you wonder if it helped at all. I think consulting is not going to be that easy. You have to work hard and struggle hard in order to give the results. If only things were that easy to take care of. Everyone should understand that self help and success coaching is something many people waste their money on. And that’s one thing that everyone should understand there as well.

That being said, not all coaches are like that. So we just have to check for which one of them are good and which one of them are not good at all.

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