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Could this be true and trying to find out
October 2, 2017

After months and months of waiting I understand literacybase is finally back.  I have yet to see if that is true.  And this post is merely to check if what I have heard is true.

I always enjoyed writing for literacybase.  They were prompt in crediting me with earnings. I have earned many times and when suddenly they stopped being active it did disturb me.  I kept coming here for several days only to be faced with a blank board.

Today in another forum someone mentioned that this site is back.  I was happy and so here i am welcoming everyone who had stayed away thinkging that literacybase stopped being active.

Having said that when I checked the Blogs section I see so many aspirants writing relentlessly.  Hats off to them for not having lost faith in literacybase.

I only hope that this site has truly come back.  There will be scores waiting to get back and being active. Wish we were told why the site stopped entertaining their users by accepting their writings.  Even ‘support’ stopped communicating.  I had sent so many messages and they are there lying unanswered.  I hope all this will now be history and literacybase will be with all its strength and continue being active as before.

I wish literacybase a thumping success in their second attempt to get back.

Here is an appeal to all those who stopped being active, do get back with your writing prowess and blog away.  The forums platform also needs you.  Let’s get back and interact with each other asking and answering questions, clearing doubts and making each other happy.

If I do not get any reaction to this blog I will not get back until I see it happening.  Do get back and tell us where you have been all this while and how your online writing experience has been


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    1. I message Support, no reply meaning no assurance yet of our assumption. It should be better for the site Support to issue a memo here for everyone.

    2. I won’t write a blog unless there is surety of payment, It is not easy to think what to blog or write.


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