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New to this, need to know more.

Learning how to make earnings on Literacybase.com.  How to monetize my blog.  This is really something new and I am so keen to how find more.  Is this reward thing really true?  Hope to get some guidance from anyone is are experienced in Literacybase.com to give some tips and advice.  Wold be grate to hear from anyone with any piece of advice.

I will have a lot of thinking and planning to do on what to share at this place.  I have done a little research on this website and found a number of people saying good things about it.  At least this something that is worth trying and testing it out.  My first experience now is trying to write useful articles and get it post as soon as possible.  Many things to learn about and many opportunity to earn some income from this.

I believe people who will do well with this website, are those who have a lot of things to say, share and tell others about it.  I believe I can find something to talk about but this first article is really testing.  Guess I didn’t expect it to be like this.

I hope to get a lot likes for what I am writing and hopefully my stories will encourage and motivate people.  I will not write anything that is too negative and condemning to anyone.  Well it is depends on the number of likes that I will receive.

This is what I found from an Internet forum regarding Literacybase.com.

Someone wrote this:

“I don’t know if this site is known, but I’ve heard of it a few times.

The idea seems to me to be interesting, but reaching the value to receive a payment seems to be something very laborious and not very rewarding (which means a bad combination :oops:).

I mean… I don’t want the money to be easy (I know money online means hard working), but I don’t intend to “kill myself” to earn just a few dollars. :p

This was the response in return:

“The pay is considered quite low, and it depends on the word count too. The longer we write, the better we will earn. For example, 300 word post worths 15 cents, 500 word post worths 22 cent. For forum posting, it’s between 0.2 cent to 2 cent only. I prefer to write blog posts there.

It’s not a fast and easy earning site, but as I don’t have many other good earning sites to work on, this looks quite good to me. Most importantly, it pays. I have joined a few other better paying sites, but stopped paying and closed down.

It might requires lots of work there, if you have other better paying sites or work, of course it’d be good to go for them. I am only writing there when I have some free time and inspirations. :)”

Looks good enough as long as it is not some scam sites.


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Can childhood vaccinations cause Autism

This topic is always a touchy subject, because some people have extremely strong feelings toward vaccinations. I made the choice to vaccinate my child, he was going to be in daycare and I work in the medical field so it just made sense to be cautious. With my next child however, I may rethink about having him or her vaccinated with MMR. Your see educating ourselves with this controversy can change your stance. Things that I have found are that the National Vaccine Insurance Compensation Program awarded Hannah Polling 1.5 million dollars, quote “for vaccines role in her autism”. First of all why is there a company named “National Vaccine Compensation Program” if the vaccine company denies vaccines being related to autism? A man named William Thompson works for the Center of Disease Control, he reassessed a study completed by other researchers (names are not provided) on autism and vaccines. This study the unknown researchers completed supported the clinical view of autism not being related to vaccines. He found that their conclusions were in fact wrong. He found that in fact their conclusions were wrong, he found relation to African american boys who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age having higher rates of reported autism. Another thing that caught my attention was that the Institute of Medicine in 1999 suggested that thimerosal should be removed form all vaccines due to autism reports. Ironic enough thimerosal is still being given to children as young as six months old.

It is necessary to point out the judgement Mothers and Fathers receive if they choose to not vaccinate their children. I mean what is our number one job as a parent? To protect and love our children, right? So why do medical professionals become so rude and judgmental when people choose to be the outcast and not vaccinate. This includes myself, so many times I would judge parents on their choice. The truth is, parents who choose to not vaccine understand that their child is not allowed in day cares and not even allowed in school if they are not given specific vaccinations.

I personally choose to vaccinate my son for the safety of himself and other children he encounters with, but I will think again before saying yes to MMR and vaccinations with thimerosol.

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Could this be true and trying to find out
October 2, 2017

After months and months of waiting I understand literacybase is finally back.  I have yet to see if that is true.  And this post is merely to check if what I have heard is true.

I always enjoyed writing for literacybase.  They were prompt in crediting me with earnings. I have earned many times and when suddenly they stopped being active it did disturb me.  I kept coming here for several days only to be faced with a blank board.

Today in another forum someone mentioned that this site is back.  I was happy and so here i am welcoming everyone who had stayed away thinkging that literacybase stopped being active.

Having said that when I checked the Blogs section I see so many aspirants writing relentlessly.  Hats off to them for not having lost faith in literacybase.

I only hope that this site has truly come back.  There will be scores waiting to get back and being active. Wish we were told why the site stopped entertaining their users by accepting their writings.  Even ‘support’ stopped communicating.  I had sent so many messages and they are there lying unanswered.  I hope all this will now be history and literacybase will be with all its strength and continue being active as before.

I wish literacybase a thumping success in their second attempt to get back.

Here is an appeal to all those who stopped being active, do get back with your writing prowess and blog away.  The forums platform also needs you.  Let’s get back and interact with each other asking and answering questions, clearing doubts and making each other happy.

If I do not get any reaction to this blog I will not get back until I see it happening.  Do get back and tell us where you have been all this while and how your online writing experience has been


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Two Years, Three Hundred and Nineteen Days
May 31, 2017

Literacybase has existed for Two Years Three Hundred and Nineteen days.  That means that the Three year anniversary will be reached in Forty Six Days; that is, to my calendar July Sixteen.

I am virtually certain that on the Fifteenth Day of July this site will disappear.

Mark July Sixteen in your diary.

And prepare.

Those of you who have been members for a year or two know the change this site went through.

Moderation moving to very very slow moderation to prevent users from reaching the threshold.

False charges of plagiarism to have good articles kicked off the site, and again, slow down reaching the threshold.

The ponder for me has always been the very slow method of payment.  For example, in May we expected to receive our March redemption and put in for our April  sometime before May ten.

Of course, as we all know, Literacybase has NOT paid for May.  Further, the Admin has disappeared.

Amazing, isn’t it?

A site in which the Admin was obstreperous suddenly has no Admin, no Moderation at all.

There are those who are posting obviously plagiarised junk, posting in really poor English, if in English at all,  and nothing at all is happening.

The ‘automatic’ calculations, which are done by A.I. continue so that I can glance at my ‘Available Balance’ and see numbers, but lets be honest; I could have Ten Dollars or Ten Thousand, I am NOT going to be paid.

You are not going to be Paid.

Unlike sites as   Wikinut or Blogjob or even Niume, which informs its users that they will NOT be paid by X date, so that the User can decide whether or not to continue to post, the Admin of Literacybase tip toes off into the night, leaving us stranded.

As most of you don’t believe what I’m posting, mark the date of July Sixteen on your calendar.

On that day, you should log in to see some sort of 4O4 error message.

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Courage to Write on a Site You Never Know

This is what I feel now; what would be in store for us, what “surprises” would this site, Literacybase.com have for us, legitimate members here.

Right now, I am on a “hit or miss” status, but as I logged in today after some days of absence, I noticed that my earnings increased fastly unlike before. Is this a good sign that this site will be lively again? I do not know. But I noticed the site is faster now, unlike in the past when it took so long to load a page, or to navigate from one section to another.

Will I be frustrated again? But as it is, I will gamble on the “positive” signs I had observed this morning. I had seen some familiar names who submitted blogs; but they were only two or three familiar names, compared in the past where we can see a lot of online friends submitting good, long posts like @Cely!

I saw a friend commenting on several good posts too! And I noticed that so many posts of one person (or two persons) have zero comments! Why? Maybe our friends know who is to be trusted. They will read posts of people whom they are familiar; whom they had seen on other writing sites for so long! This is one of the best things of having a single pen name or avatar for all your writing sites. Friends can easily recognize you and then you will have instant loyal followers. They will read your posts because they are originally-written, not plagiarized ones that can get the flak of Google, thus ruining the site, and everything will go down! Every effort will go to waste, every time spent on here will be nil!

So as of now, I have this “wait and see” attitude, and hopes that everything will turn our good for this site. Every legitimate members would be so happy by then; if only if they will receive the rewards for their time and effort here.

Am keeping my fingers crossed that we will see the light again in this site! If not, then this is chargeable to my experience. Lessons learned!

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Should We Continue to Write?
May 16, 2017

I do not think it is a ‘secret’ that Something is Very Wrong here at Literacybase.

No one was paid for the month of May.

Although payments are expected on the Tenth, and although often one doesn’t receive it until the Twelfth, today is the Sixteenth.

As uncomfortable as that may be, the true terror is the utter absence of the Administrators, the Mods; in fact, absolutely no one has been able to get any contact with anyone in any position of ‘power’ at Literacy Base.

I began my attempts a week ago when a totally original article, and article that was checked with the plagiarism checker turned up NOTHING but the article I was checking.

That is, I had published the item here, I was told it was ‘plagiarised’ I copied and pasted the item into the plag. checker, and all it turned up was the article.

I used ‘contact’ I sent emails, I wrote in Forums.

I have received absolutely no contact at all from the Mods, the Admin, anyone save other users, like myself, who have made similar attempts.

I have logged on each day, often two or three or more times, searching for anyone to speak with.

Everyone I know, all my friends here, have done the same thing.  And no one has gotten any response.

With the non payment of our revenue, with the silence, I have begun to feel that this site, as others before it, has died.

I have been on Wikinut, when the announcement that the site would no longer pay was made.  The same with Blogjob.  Hence, one is aware that the site as it was known no longer exists, and what has replaced it is a non paying entity.

I have logged onto Triond to find that it no longer exists.

This is the first I find myself on an ‘operational’ site which seems lost in some limbo where one can write and post as previous and where the automatic word counters operate, where the advisory that a featured image is required pop up as they did in April.

However, there is a very strong sense that Literacybase no longer actually exists at that at some near point one will log on to get an error message; some sort of advisory similar to:


After being up and running for almost 3 years now we regrettably need to inform you that we will be shutting Bubblews.com down. The climate for display advertising has drastically changed and made it impossible for us to sustain the business model and operations.

We want to thank everyone that was a part of this journey. We wish you all the very best.



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List of writing sites that pay you
April 1, 2017

List of legit writing sites to make money

Here is the list of writing sites that paid lots of members for year


Expertscolumn.com is writing site, that pay you through payza and paypal. You choose which one you like

you need to write a post of  300, post about anything; food, school, university art, health, cooking, recipes, list of how to, diy things, and anythings that comes you think of.

Though the sites good but the earning is so low, they take most of the revenue, though its revenue sharing, but its not really sharing and they take more than you take though you write the post and share it and post it, invite friends to like and share in any social media usch as facebook and more.

literacybase.com is the good and best than the above site, this site depend on your writing more than the view, write nice post and post it, then share, they pay you when you reach $10 which you can reach it in week time if you work nicely daily.

literacybase is not old site for me, but heard lots of good things about it and heard many members got apid in here, so I do encourage all the people to join here and soon I will tell my self if its pays or no as I will get my payment in a month maybe. but you need to write really as nothing for free, make money online writing, earn money with posts

I wrote in the past for many sites and some got close and took the money with them, its so annoying to make money and then the site take it

Write for these two sites and you will be getting your payment on time, for literacybase not sure I did not got my payment yet, but expertscolumn you are going to need to spend 4 months or more if you write daily for hours.

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Hello friends


I stay in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.  Tamil Nadu is one of the 29 States of India.  I have an Airtel Broadband connection.  I have subscribed for 40 mbps speed connection.  I am able to access easily gmail.com, facebook, youtube and many other websites.

Today when I tried to log on to www.literacybase.com I find that it takes an unduly long time.  Yes more than a minute or so for getting access and then further time to get to the place we want to.

Further more a few minutes back I was posting directly in our website but suddenly after two minutes it vanished and I am forced to retype again.   This time I am cautious.  I am typing in Microsoft word.  I will store/save this so that there is no need for me to repeat typing again.

I do not know the experience of other members in India and other countries.  Senior members will be able to tell that whether they are able to access easily nowadays –is it a temporary phenomenon.  It is because if the access is good one can post easily more blogs, also comment on the blogs of others on different topics.

At one stage it took me to hostgator.com and suggesting having a site for ourselves.  I know such things are not uncommon in internet in view of number of members accessing and the complexities of various softwares, programs involved in the maintenance of any website.


I wish the literacybase team will take note of this and take immediate steps for redressing the same so that accessing the site will be smooth and enjoyable one.  Just as if the roads are good the traffic can be faster and people can access longer distance in shorter time—here also if the access is smooth and easy more members will be able to log on every day.  More blogs will be posted.  More members will comment. More traffic will be there.  More advertisements will come for our site.  More revenue will come for our site and the site will also be able to share more to its members.


Good day


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how to earn on literacybase
March 25, 2017

This site is awesome, I earn good amount in one money, not lots of money though its good as starting

I just joined few weeks back and I find people here though did not comment, reply, interact with my post at first later they started to iteract and super nice comments and replys from them let me feel welcome in here, i like it, like writing long blogs and short blogs in here, like to comment on other peoples post or repy to comments in my posts and other people posts too when they answer, its super nice fo feel that you make friends online and at the same tie you read their veiw points their culture and their advises, that is really helping for work for life and for parenting too, also its helpful to those searching for ideas to write about.

How to earn at literacybase is easy, read ore here and you will learn how to

write blogs short, long anthing you like but should not be less htan 300 words i guess

write comments on other peoples posts, they will answer you posting their opinion and you comment back, its like exchange info

write activity whats in your mind or ask question regardin teh sit, regarding work

just name it just write about it,

literacybase is like my lucky key to make money online, though i do not earn much money but i hope sooner i will learn more on how to make money in literacybase, of course with the help of the older members i mean older in joining the site not older by age, thanks to those who are working hard in literacybase and those who are working as admin to make this site good safe and will mentained for members to enjoy writing at, and i wish only if members are nice together and some has to learn how to disagree respectfully, since disagreement do not mean to be rude or judgmental, good luck to all





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My First Day At LiteracyBase
March 17, 2017

The first day is the most intimidating.

I tend to think so atleast. For instance, this is my second attempt at formatting this post. It appears that my words, though many, were still not enough. So I’m going about it in a more relaxed manner than I had before.


This isn’t my first time at a site like this. This is, however, my first time at at site with so many ways to format the article itself. Most places I’ve written for? Well, they’ve had maybe the ability to use italics and bold faced typing. That was all that was offered though.

I have a lot to learn

I am looking through the guidelines now to decipher what is and what isn’t allowed. I wonder how laid back this site is. Is this one of those sites where each article must be some sort of informative piece? If so, I won’t last long. I prefer to be more personal in my writing. I like to get to know people.

With that being said…

I am a 29 year old female living in The United States of America. My passions include reading, dabbling in writing (very very very rarely), and reading about history. I much prefer being at home than going out anywhere. I prefer the piece and quiet, and live in a suburban area.

I was once married. 

I find, whether it be in real life or online, people are genuinely surprised to hear that. I was young when I was married. I was barely 21 when we wed, and was divorced by the time I was 24. It wasn’t a happy marriage. In fact, we probably should not have gotten married.

Enough about that. 

The second thing people ask me is whether I have children as a result of that marriage. Nope. Childless. Do I want them? Not sure anymore.

Let’s see… What do I do for a living?

I work as a stock clerk for a store in the USA. What does that mean? I put product on the shelf, straighten the shelves out, and make sure things stay on the shelves. That, and checking for out of date merchandise, is pretty much what my job entails.

I am looking forward to getting to know this site and it’s participants. Please, PLEASE do not hesitate to tell me if I am doing something wrong. I will follow the guidelines to the best of my ability, but to err is human.

What was your first day here on literacybase like?

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