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Should We Continue to Write?
May 16, 2017

I do not think it is a ‘secret’ that Something is Very Wrong here at Literacybase.

No one was paid for the month of May.

Although payments are expected on the Tenth, and although often one doesn’t receive it until the Twelfth, today is the Sixteenth.

As uncomfortable as that may be, the true terror is the utter absence of the Administrators, the Mods; in fact, absolutely no one has been able to get any contact with anyone in any position of ‘power’ at Literacy Base.

I began my attempts a week ago when a totally original article, and article that was checked with the plagiarism checker turned up NOTHING but the article I was checking.

That is, I had published the item here, I was told it was ‘plagiarised’ I copied and pasted the item into the plag. checker, and all it turned up was the article.

I used ‘contact’ I sent emails, I wrote in Forums.

I have received absolutely no contact at all from the Mods, the Admin, anyone save other users, like myself, who have made similar attempts.

I have logged on each day, often two or three or more times, searching for anyone to speak with.

Everyone I know, all my friends here, have done the same thing.  And no one has gotten any response.

With the non payment of our revenue, with the silence, I have begun to feel that this site, as others before it, has died.

I have been on Wikinut, when the announcement that the site would no longer pay was made.  The same with Blogjob.  Hence, one is aware that the site as it was known no longer exists, and what has replaced it is a non paying entity.

I have logged onto Triond to find that it no longer exists.

This is the first I find myself on an ‘operational’ site which seems lost in some limbo where one can write and post as previous and where the automatic word counters operate, where the advisory that a featured image is required pop up as they did in April.

However, there is a very strong sense that Literacybase no longer actually exists at that at some near point one will log on to get an error message; some sort of advisory similar to:


After being up and running for almost 3 years now we regrettably need to inform you that we will be shutting Bubblews.com down. The climate for display advertising has drastically changed and made it impossible for us to sustain the business model and operations.

We want to thank everyone that was a part of this journey. We wish you all the very best.



Why Tinycent is no more my preferred site?

I joined tinycent on August 11th 2016 when the site was just launched. Besides tinycent, I was writing on some other sites like literacybase, expertscolumn, hubpages, elitewriters etc.  but tinycent was my preferred site at that particular time. The reason was very simple. I earned more on tinycent in the first month than any of the other sites that I worked on. But the joy was short-lived.

If I talk about my experience at writing sites then here is a comparison in terms of earning:

  • Literacybase: I used to earn 11-12$ every month on literacybase when I was a regular writer here. My highest payment so far on the site has been 18$ and I have been paid four times by LB. I was one of the earliest members who joined the site. However it was a real struggle to reach the minimum redemption amount of $10 on the site. Minimum word count for posts is 300 words but you can earn more if you write 500 words or 1000 words post.
  • Blogjob: It was a good site and I earned $150 in three payments before the site suspended its reward system.
  • Expertscolumn: It requires posts of minimum 400 words. With 46 posts on the site, I did not manage to reach even a single payment though I have been on the site for almost a year. It pays per view and the minimum redemption amount is 5$.
  • Elitewriters: The site requires 200 words per post and pays per view . I quit the site in a month as I never got good views on the site though I used to share at different social media sites. My posts on other sites shared at the same platforms used to fetch me good views.  This is the reason I stopped writing there.
  • Blogbourne: I quit writing on the site when the super moderator joined there and messed up things. I removed all my posts there. I didn’t reach any payment and now the site is also on the verge of closing down.
  • Tinycent: I received almost 100$ in the four payments I received on tinycent. I was doing good on the site and was pretty excited about the earning opportunity. However tinycent proved to be a big fraud. We were denied our pending payments as the site went downhill. The admin never responded to any messages. Worst thing was that he opened another site called gotmatter and put up our entire content there. My posts on gotmatter even show my name saying the content is copyrighted but I have no access to the site. So this dishonest admin of tinycent is still earning money from ad networks using the content from the writers who wrote for tinycent. This is just blatant form of cheating.

There are hardly any good writing sites around now. Literacybase has been around for months and has been consistent in paying its writers. I am writing only for my blogs and literacybase these days. Better to earn less than lose the content!

image credit: me

List of writing sites that pay you
April 1, 2017

List of legit writing sites to make money

Here is the list of writing sites that paid lots of members for year


Expertscolumn.com is writing site, that pay you through payza and paypal. You choose which one you like

you need to write a post of  300, post about anything; food, school, university art, health, cooking, recipes, list of how to, diy things, and anythings that comes you think of.

Though the sites good but the earning is so low, they take most of the revenue, though its revenue sharing, but its not really sharing and they take more than you take though you write the post and share it and post it, invite friends to like and share in any social media usch as facebook and more.

literacybase.com is the good and best than the above site, this site depend on your writing more than the view, write nice post and post it, then share, they pay you when you reach $10 which you can reach it in week time if you work nicely daily.

literacybase is not old site for me, but heard lots of good things about it and heard many members got apid in here, so I do encourage all the people to join here and soon I will tell my self if its pays or no as I will get my payment in a month maybe. but you need to write really as nothing for free, make money online writing, earn money with posts

I wrote in the past for many sites and some got close and took the money with them, its so annoying to make money and then the site take it

Write for these two sites and you will be getting your payment on time, for literacybase not sure I did not got my payment yet, but expertscolumn you are going to need to spend 4 months or more if you write daily for hours.




Hello friends


I stay in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.  Tamil Nadu is one of the 29 States of India.  I have an Airtel Broadband connection.  I have subscribed for 40 mbps speed connection.  I am able to access easily gmail.com, facebook, youtube and many other websites.

Today when I tried to log on to www.literacybase.com I find that it takes an unduly long time.  Yes more than a minute or so for getting access and then further time to get to the place we want to.

Further more a few minutes back I was posting directly in our website but suddenly after two minutes it vanished and I am forced to retype again.   This time I am cautious.  I am typing in Microsoft word.  I will store/save this so that there is no need for me to repeat typing again.

I do not know the experience of other members in India and other countries.  Senior members will be able to tell that whether they are able to access easily nowadays –is it a temporary phenomenon.  It is because if the access is good one can post easily more blogs, also comment on the blogs of others on different topics.

At one stage it took me to hostgator.com and suggesting having a site for ourselves.  I know such things are not uncommon in internet in view of number of members accessing and the complexities of various softwares, programs involved in the maintenance of any website.


I wish the literacybase team will take note of this and take immediate steps for redressing the same so that accessing the site will be smooth and enjoyable one.  Just as if the roads are good the traffic can be faster and people can access longer distance in shorter time—here also if the access is smooth and easy more members will be able to log on every day.  More blogs will be posted.  More members will comment. More traffic will be there.  More advertisements will come for our site.  More revenue will come for our site and the site will also be able to share more to its members.


Good day


how to earn on literacybase
March 25, 2017

This site is awesome, I earn good amount in one money, not lots of money though its good as starting

I just joined few weeks back and I find people here though did not comment, reply, interact with my post at first later they started to iteract and super nice comments and replys from them let me feel welcome in here, i like it, like writing long blogs and short blogs in here, like to comment on other peoples post or repy to comments in my posts and other people posts too when they answer, its super nice fo feel that you make friends online and at the same tie you read their veiw points their culture and their advises, that is really helping for work for life and for parenting too, also its helpful to those searching for ideas to write about.

How to earn at literacybase is easy, read ore here and you will learn how to

write blogs short, long anthing you like but should not be less htan 300 words i guess

write comments on other peoples posts, they will answer you posting their opinion and you comment back, its like exchange info

write activity whats in your mind or ask question regardin teh sit, regarding work

just name it just write about it,

literacybase is like my lucky key to make money online, though i do not earn much money but i hope sooner i will learn more on how to make money in literacybase, of course with the help of the older members i mean older in joining the site not older by age, thanks to those who are working hard in literacybase and those who are working as admin to make this site good safe and will mentained for members to enjoy writing at, and i wish only if members are nice together and some has to learn how to disagree respectfully, since disagreement do not mean to be rude or judgmental, good luck to all





6 Ways to Increase your Literacybase Income

Literacybase is one of the few legit writing sites and has been around for  a while. Most of us who write at literacybase are aiming to earn some extra income through our efforts. Here’s a list of 6 things which you can implement to generate higher income for your hard work at literacybase:

  1. Share your posts across social media : Blogging and sharing on social media go hand in hand. You should promote your posts across as many social media networks as you can. Literacybase pays you for the views your posts generate through sharing on social media. Not only this, you can share others’ posts too and you will be paid for the views generated through your link. However nowadays I have noticed that earning through social media sharing is not adding up in my account. I have to contact support to understand the reason.
  2. Write posts that are high quality: Writing quality content for your posts is a must if you want to succeed as a blogger. Intriguing titles attract the readers. Always use high quality images with your post which makes it look aesthetic.
  3. Keep a consistent blogging schedule: Create a regular and consistent routine for blogging at literacybase. Try to write at least 2-3 posts every day. Earlier I used to write 6-7 posts of 300 words each everyday but that proved to be very exhausting. Nowadays I try to write at least one post of 500 words every day. In fact, you can earn a decent amount every month from literacybase if you write a posts of 500 words and two posts of three hundred words each on a daily basis. Believe me, writing pots is more profitable and easier than interacting on forums which takes up a lot of time.
  4. Proofread your posts: Nobody likes to read pots which is full of grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. Reread your posts and correct grammatical errors & spelling mistakes if any. You can also use some tool like grammarly to check grammar mistakes. Use simple English and make sure that your posts are easy to follow.
  5. Interact with fellow writers: It is very essential that you read others’ blog posts and leave insightful comments. When you read others’ posts, you get many ideas and you also get familiar with different writing styles. It’s also a very good learning and evolving method. Success in blogging comes only by developing a good network with fellow writers.
  6. Identify interesting topics: Some topics like travel, food, technology etc get more views than personal posts. In the past, literacybase never used to pay much for personal posts while tutorials and how-to posts used to earn more. Identify what kind of topics fetch more views than the rest and try to write on such topics.

Following these simple tips will make you successful as a blogger and a writer. And remember one thing, don’t treat literacybase just as a means to earn money but treat it as a place to grow as a writer.

image credit:pixabay

My First Day At LiteracyBase
March 17, 2017

The first day is the most intimidating.

I tend to think so atleast. For instance, this is my second attempt at formatting this post. It appears that my words, though many, were still not enough. So I’m going about it in a more relaxed manner than I had before.


This isn’t my first time at a site like this. This is, however, my first time at at site with so many ways to format the article itself. Most places I’ve written for? Well, they’ve had maybe the ability to use italics and bold faced typing. That was all that was offered though.

I have a lot to learn

I am looking through the guidelines now to decipher what is and what isn’t allowed. I wonder how laid back this site is. Is this one of those sites where each article must be some sort of informative piece? If so, I won’t last long. I prefer to be more personal in my writing. I like to get to know people.

With that being said…

I am a 29 year old female living in The United States of America. My passions include reading, dabbling in writing (very very very rarely), and reading about history. I much prefer being at home than going out anywhere. I prefer the piece and quiet, and live in a suburban area.

I was once married. 

I find, whether it be in real life or online, people are genuinely surprised to hear that. I was young when I was married. I was barely 21 when we wed, and was divorced by the time I was 24. It wasn’t a happy marriage. In fact, we probably should not have gotten married.

Enough about that. 

The second thing people ask me is whether I have children as a result of that marriage. Nope. Childless. Do I want them? Not sure anymore.

Let’s see… What do I do for a living?

I work as a stock clerk for a store in the USA. What does that mean? I put product on the shelf, straighten the shelves out, and make sure things stay on the shelves. That, and checking for out of date merchandise, is pretty much what my job entails.

I am looking forward to getting to know this site and it’s participants. Please, PLEASE do not hesitate to tell me if I am doing something wrong. I will follow the guidelines to the best of my ability, but to err is human.

What was your first day here on literacybase like?

Yeah! It’s the pay day of LiteracyBase today!
March 15, 2017
LB payment


It is 15th of March today, and it is the pay day for LiteracyBase too.

I think most of the members whom made a cash out request last month end should receive their payment as me if nothing went wrong in the payment process.

I claimed for USD10 cash out , i.e  the minimum cash out level via PayPal  on 28th of February. And, after half month waiting, Literacy Base team make their promise into a truth, make payment the next month after the claim submitted by month end.

What made me more than happy is my payment received in net amount, i.e USD10 without deducting any receiving fee. But, according to the feedback and payment proofs from some of the members here, some of them have been deducted some receiving fee, so they only received $9 and some balance, but not USD10.

I am not sure if this due to geographical factors or other issue, you may check with your payment channel, i.e PayPal.

This is my first cash out at LiteracyBase. In fact, LiteracyBase is a legit site, the payment record is proven and no member has complaint on this all the while.

I started to write the blogs last month, but not before. It’s because the admin team of LiteracyBase has implemented a very encouraging move, that is auto approved all the blogs the members submitted rather than waiting for approval, which normally should take about few hours to few days.

The member will see the payment credited into his/her bank automatically once blog is submitted. I personal believe, this is really encourages all of us to write more and share more our ideas about life in order to earn more.

And, other than this, I love to share the blogs written by myself and other users which has a very good and attractive topic into the social media platform too. This is not only able to attract more traffic to LiteracyBase, but we can earn a little penny, i.e $0.001 per view too.

Based on some feedback of other members, some of them able to make $0.30 per day for just bring in traffic via sharing the blogs at social media platform. And, a champion has even made $10 and more for just using this feature. So, why not click the share button at the bottom at the blog if you found some articles are good for sharing around, right?

In my case,  I prefer to share the blogs via a big group in the Facebook which has about 200,000 members. I am just targeting about 0.01% of the members will click and read the blog, then  this 0.01% will transform into 200 x $0.001  = $0.20 per blog. Do correct me if my calculation is wrong.

Can you see, $0.20 is flowing in to our bank via just a click and share.

Thus, I love to work on LiteracyBase and enjoy myself here, hope all of you enjoy too!


Image is my payment proof, I received USD10 net via PayPal account.



Writing blogs the reasons and what motivates me to do this

Hello friends,

I joined as a member of literacy base today.  I got information about this in mylot through a friend in Philipines. Yes it is from a mylot member I got ideas about this site.

I am staying in Chennai.  I am a retired banker.  I retired as Chief Manager of a public sector bank.  Nowadays I keep myself busy as a visiting faculty for Engineering colleges through SMART TRAINING RESOURCES, CHENNAI.  I enjoy taking classes on verbal ability, reasoning and soft skills.

I have a blog site www.sbank.in  I started this eight years ago and this has good number of hits every day,  It has crossed 61 lakh hits.  But I am not using the adsense through this and the money earned goes to a friend of mine. He deserves it.  He was working in a bank and he left the job and is an entrepreneur now  In this blog I post current affairs, questions for various examinations such as Bank Probationary Officer, Bank clerks.  I post questions on Quantiative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, Computer Knowledge and General Awareness.

I also post guidance articles for bank interviews, group discussions.  I guide those who are appearing for interview by conducting mock interviews and giving suggestions to them for improving their performance.  Many candidates have come out successful.  Of course the credit for that goes to the candidates and my role is limited to guding them with possible questions in interviews and answers that can be given for these questions,

I earned a lot of dollars through mylot and Bubblews say three or four years ago.  Nowadays I write for competitive exams and through publication of books.

One advantage in blogging is that we can post immediately what we want and probably we can earn contacts and money through the blogs.

After writing say 150 words I submitted the blog.  But I got comment “It is too short”.  So this is an experience which makes us write differently.

I am interested in writing on the following topic:

Online earning/Computers and Internet

Family and relationship

Education and career


Computers and Internet

Economic Analysis

Business and Finance


I hope to write more in literacybase and see how it works.  In case there are improvements that can be made to suit the standards of this site, I will be happy to receive feedback/suggestions from members.

Have a nice day,

LiteracyBase – Old members are returning to the fold
February 26, 2017
LiteracyBase (1)

I am watching LiteracyBase getting their old members back to the fold.  There was a lull for a while specially because LiteracyBase took much too long to approve the blogs, that meant, not putting up further blogs until the earlier ones  got the green signal

It is not so any more.  The moment a blog is written it gets the approval only to be checked for violations at the time payment is made.  This immediate approval clears the way for bloggers to write further.

I see Bloggers are putting up a number of blogs at one sitting. This benefits both the blogger and LB as well,  as more blogs would mean more Ads display.

Looking around I see LiteracyBase is the only blogging site that has continued to pay their bloggers and that is the only reason why it is still alive and kicking.  I have been on so many writing sites but sadly they are disappearing at the same speed they appeared.

Hope LiteracyBase will continue its popularity in the writing world with more bloggers joining and making it the best site on the Net.

Where have all the sites disappeared?  And what could be the reasons for them to pack up so soon?  To name a few morachat, blogjob, bubblews, blogbourne, tinycent.  I had registered with all these sites and some did pay me.  Sites need to be vigilant lest they should be forced to pack up and close their shop.  It needs a lot of spade work and even investment to start a writing site and then closing down is not the best choice. I am watching out for two more and I am not sure they will survive either.

The community has a role to play.  Posting plagiarised content is one of the reasons why a site gets hit and both the community and the site stand to lose.

If bloggers cannot think of creating their own content it is better that they do not register.