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I stay in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu.  Tamil Nadu is one of the 29 States of India.  I have an Airtel Broadband connection.  I have subscribed for 40 mbps speed connection.  I am able to access easily gmail.com, facebook, youtube and many other websites.

Today when I tried to log on to www.literacybase.com I find that it takes an unduly long time.  Yes more than a minute or so for getting access and then further time to get to the place we want to.

Further more a few minutes back I was posting directly in our website but suddenly after two minutes it vanished and I am forced to retype again.   This time I am cautious.  I am typing in Microsoft word.  I will store/save this so that there is no need for me to repeat typing again.

I do not know the experience of other members in India and other countries.  Senior members will be able to tell that whether they are able to access easily nowadays –is it a temporary phenomenon.  It is because if the access is good one can post easily more blogs, also comment on the blogs of others on different topics.

At one stage it took me to hostgator.com and suggesting having a site for ourselves.  I know such things are not uncommon in internet in view of number of members accessing and the complexities of various softwares, programs involved in the maintenance of any website.


I wish the literacybase team will take note of this and take immediate steps for redressing the same so that accessing the site will be smooth and enjoyable one.  Just as if the roads are good the traffic can be faster and people can access longer distance in shorter time—here also if the access is smooth and easy more members will be able to log on every day.  More blogs will be posted.  More members will comment. More traffic will be there.  More advertisements will come for our site.  More revenue will come for our site and the site will also be able to share more to its members.


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    1. I hope you get the problem fixed. But sometimes Internet access is beyong our power.

    2. Maybe the speed depends on the speed of the internet provider you have been subscribing on. But just like you, it was the same problem I had during the first few days that I joined Literacybase.

      I had to refresh every time and it takes longer for the site to open. Hope your problem will be solved soon.

    3. I got the same problem. As I am concentrating more on political and international issues nowadays I could not write anything about it. Now, the efforts made have given fruitful results and the BJP government has won the elections in U.P. Now, I am concentrating on this site. It is taking time for me to go back after using the POST COMMENT BUTTON and also the POST NOW buttons.
      Previously, an advertisement of facebook was popping up which was really embarrassing. It was causing a lot of disturbance and I was losing my concentration even. At one stage I thought of making a case against the facebook for the inconvenience their advertisement was causing. Suddenly, this is not happening now. I am quite comfortable except for the SLOW access.

    4. Its the same for me in Nigeria. Very slow to open. I wrote on a blog and tried adding an image, it never went through. I tried for 2 days, and I gave up.

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