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how to earn on literacybase
March 25, 2017

This site is awesome, I earn good amount in one money, not lots of money though its good as starting

I just joined few weeks back and I find people here though did not comment, reply, interact with my post at first later they started to iteract and super nice comments and replys from them let me feel welcome in here, i like it, like writing long blogs and short blogs in here, like to comment on other peoples post or repy to comments in my posts and other people posts too when they answer, its super nice fo feel that you make friends online and at the same tie you read their veiw points their culture and their advises, that is really helping for work for life and for parenting too, also its helpful to those searching for ideas to write about.

How to earn at literacybase is easy, read ore here and you will learn how to

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write blogs short, long anthing you like but should not be less htan 300 words i guess

write comments on other peoples posts, they will answer you posting their opinion and you comment back, its like exchange info

write activity whats in your mind or ask question regardin teh sit, regarding work

just name it just write about it,

literacybase is like my lucky key to make money online, though i do not earn much money but i hope sooner i will learn more on how to make money in literacybase, of course with the help of the older members i mean older in joining the site not older by age, thanks to those who are working hard in literacybase and those who are working as admin to make this site good safe and will mentained for members to enjoy writing at, and i wish only if members are nice together and some has to learn how to disagree respectfully, since disagreement do not mean to be rude or judgmental, good luck to all





    1. I’m a newbie I hope I could gain friends here. I’m still studying on how the site works. Thanks for the tip.

    2. I also joined at Feb.28, so am relatively new here too! Yes, this is a nice site because we can earn faster than in other sites. Just try to comment on other members blogs and you earn cents. We can readily see the earnings at the top right side of the screen.

      Let’s hope Literacybase will last for so long.

    3. I am the newest I guess, so I hope for us and you all the best and good earning journey, let us make money and friends

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