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Monetizing Your Blog When Readers use Adblockers
April 23, 2017

I think one of the issue many blogs are facing lately is the adblockers. I am sure a lot of people are going to have some issues with the monetization of the blog. You can see that adblocker softwares are basically stealing the money from webmasters. And they are making it harder for many to make revenue online. I am sure with time, it’d be surely worth checking out if you are trying to monetize the blog in such situation. So let’s take a look at some of your options that you can use for monetizing the blog. Do note that people using adblockers for many reasons. So instead of going through that argument. Just take a look at what you can do to make money.


I think instead of giving free content to the people on YouTube, you should have an adblocker. You can make some decent money if people buy the courses from you. Most of the courses that I see online are from the genuine people who want others to learn some things. And that can be done by posting regular content on the website or blog. Just make sure you add the content behind the blog. You should take up the course which teaches others how to learn some stuff.

Sponsored Post

I think this is another most popular way to make money through blogging. The reason it is more useful is because this sort of sponsored posting can be helpful with many small things. You can see that it can help make some quick bucks. You get some publicity by thee brand too. And another thing is that if they allow the affiliate linking then that can make you some money too. So ovrall a good time investment for you to make money with sponsored post or listing. I think for me it made some random money if not regular and it has worked out on so many ways for the website. I also got some traffic with it as well.


It is really hard to make money by relying on the donations. Because people don’t tend to help others with that. Most of them just spend the money on other things instead of helping others. So that’s one thing I learned by keeping the donation option out. You may find that donations are not the way to make money. But you can keep it as an option because there are some good souls out there. And they may make it easy for you to make money. I have found that some people who are using the patreon are more successful with that option for now.

Premium Content

I think membership based projects can make some good money. You can find that they can seriously earn you good money too. You can put on monthly or yearly pricing for the premium content. There are times when the premium content can be helpful in such context. You can see that people who trying to build such type of income are going to make recurring money. So that’s something I’d recommend if you are into serious consideration for this skill.

So these are some of my suggestion for making money. Though not all of them beat ads as of yet.

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Why I am investing into Mutual Funds
April 22, 2017

I have found that investing money into gold does not give much gains anymore. In fact a lot of value of gold is going down over the years. And that’s something not worth considering if you are buying them for any future security. I have also checked the mutual funds option for the same reason. I think out of all the options out there this seems to be the only option that I am finding it worth using. I have also tried the real estate sector and for me that has worked good so far as well. I am not sure how many other available earning options are out there, but something tells me that in future the mutual funds are going to be good enough for most of the part. So I want to explain you why I am considering the mutual fund for the investment and why you should to if you are thinking long term.


The biggest issue with the bonds, gold and deposits is that it does not stand with the inflation. You may find that some of the time inflation makes the returns harder. And bank too have issues with the money of the users. You can find that these days banks are charging some charges on almost everything. So you need good assets to make money. And you have to pay attention to what you are holding during this inflation period. You can find that it stands for longer if there are not many active jobs there. And so you should consider inflation as one point where you need assets that stands against it.

Percentage of Return

When the market is bad, you may find that percentage of return makes a lot of difference. Percentage of returns makes sense because as you age, you have to invest more for the retirement. And that’s something you can’t consider. You have to make sure that percentage of return is something you have to think twice with. You have to consider how much you are getting through debt and how much through equity. This way you can decide how much percentage of returns you can get for your assets. I think that’s where most of us are going to be thinking for the set of investment options.


Another thing that you may want to think here is the risk. You can see that equity has a lot of risk. And when you are investing into the equity funds, you are asking for that risk. So this all adds up and you should consider reducing such risk. And with mutual funds that risk can be reduced to a lot extent. I am not sure how much such risk can make changes most of the time. You have to consider some of the time risk is not an easy for many of us. We should be considering risk and then take action. In real life most of the issues of inflation are not easy to avoid. I’d be however thinking in that set of direction if I were to reduce risk.

That being said, I am going to do more research on the mutual funds. And may select the funds which are good for my investment option.

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Paypal Fees Increased This Month for Indians
April 22, 2017

I have learned that after March 30th, the paypal has added some new rules and features to the payment system. Now we are being charged higher for the payment acceptance. I don’t think there are any charges for sending money. That is remained free for some of the time. Paypal on the other hand, you can see adding more fees in the program. This month I got few payments from multiple payment sources. And found that paypal has added the fees lot more than usual. And for this reason i don’t accept the small or low fee into the account. I want to see how much can be in future if I want to accept the higher amount.

Premium Account

Those who are using personal account too have faced the change. But the premium account seems to be the most affected. As this account is enabled for selling services online. This can be some of the times bad for many people to accept the money with such high fees. I think payoneer on the other hand would be more beneficial. I can tell you that premium account may not bring much output for me. And this means I may have to switch to other premium services like say stripe or payoneer. Based on how much charge they are going to apply, it would be harder to even see how the premier account may work out.

Payment Under 10$

You may notice that any payment under 10$ may got few cents extra deducted under service terms. And with every increase in 10$, you’d have more issues with the withdrawals. I have got the 10$ before and after this rule change. And I found that there is difference of 25 cents per 10$ change. And it seems or premium account higher charges will be with higher money. So say for 15$, you may find that it is going to charge you around say 96 cents. And for premium account, this is given to be offered with more features. I don’t use those features but the money is gone none the less. I think this is another reason i prefer not to use paypal for accepting money.

Indians or All Users?

I think this is the question if this change is made for just Indians or all. I am not sure if this change is going to be any good or bad. I think most of the premium account users who are freelancers, may have got some bad heat in there. I am not sure if this is going to help them much. But based on what I am doing these days with the amount of efforts of low cost payment acceptance. I personally think that payoneer and the other services are much better. Bitcoin can be good too. But you may have to wait and see if you can get it in legal way for the payment transactions. So far that facility is not much available as well.

That being said, how do you find new fees from paypal for your online earning? Are you affected what is your plan and what you can do about it? You can see that

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Smiling Faces and Private Sector
April 22, 2017

I think most of our present businessmen have forgotten the old tradition of having a smiling face that was symbol of friendly relations with their customers. But trust me a customer doesn’t mind walking a few meters extra if he sees a smiling face.

I am referring this smiling face in a wider scope of business circle. I am referring the smile as a message of goodwill the business professional can spread with keeping customers interests in their minds. But what we see today is an artificial smile showing on the faces of present day business executives.

I agree the present day business executives are working under more competitive working environment. The stress level of present day workers have gone up besides the job insecurity due to bad global economy. However the fact will remain that smile will never lose its importance because customers have their own problems to face and they do not want to see strained faces.

Therefore if anyone is willing to make his career in marketing he must understand the value of smiling face. I remember the time when banking industry was not customer oriented but being under the control of government, the bank employees cared the least for retail customers.  Their priority was always the organized sector.

Going to a bank then was an experience that I would better want to forget now. I still have two bank accounts in public sector banks for particular reasons but those two accounts but not on the list of my preferred list of banking.

Things have changed now but public sector banks are slow in catching up therefore most of the retail business is going to private banks where you find ‘service with a smile’. Even a small customer is treated on par with corporate customers. One is not made to wait because customer has an alternate now. I am sure the way the things are going on public sector banks will learn their lesson or exit the business.

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no time to write hot dogs are on my mine

I have not have time to write on any of my writing sites. Why ? one I been on vacation I got back last week on wensday and beside my job been working on getting my food cart to open So what am I doing? I am now going thru the paper work the kind of last steps . What do I need to open ? One I need the health permit. then I have to get the vendor permit for each town I am going operate the food cart in. So now I am making a list of what I need so I can pass the health inspection. This is the key when that done I should be set to go. Now other thing is were to put left over food in case I have to go to my part time job early and able to get to the proper place . Well I can tell you some thing my part time job can wait for me to get there the food cart will be number one for me . Why? because it other key for me making a OK income
my part time job will not do that. As you know a lot of brick and mortar stores the sales are going down .Why? beccasue on line sales are going up. two as a customer I can not find items I need in the stores so I am all so force to order on line for items I need but the good part is I finding better prices and saving money. this will help with the hot dog business. I will all so be working on a photo button business that will be on line. This way I have two sources of income so the job I have now will become a fun money job.

Diary Entry : Once Upon a Time When I was a Temp Employee

Several years back, for personal and private reasons, I resigned from a job. Never looked back. Only looked forward. Finding permanent employment proved to be difficult. Our country was experiencing an economic crisis and many companies were people off. The unemployment rate was rising and even people with university degrees were having a hard time finding a job. So I signed up at a temp employment agency.


Ever worked as a temp? Temping is an excellent way to maintain cash flow while you’re looking for permanent employment. The goal is usually to start as a temp and then end up becoming permanent. But there are some who actually prefer working temp jobs, instead of being on the payroll of one specific company. There are advantages and disadvantages.


Main plus (advantage) for permanent which is the minus (disadvantage) for temporary employment is benefits , i.e. a retirement plan and health and life insurance.


That being said: it’s either / or for me.  Either a permanent job or temporary position, as long as there’s a steady paycheck in it!


I have worked a wide range of temp jobs but there were two positions that I really liked for two reasons – nice people and free food!! 🙂  The work in both companies was just crunching numbers. Nothing exciting about that. But the people at both Ercot (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) and the City of Austin Public Works Department were fantastic to work with! That by itself made the temp assignments pleasurable but when they treated me to lunch … on top of that … like as if I were one of them … ??? Written into my diary as “Best temp jobs ever!!” 🙂


I consider this blog post as an inconsequential diary entry of no real import to anybody except me. The real reason I wrote it is because I wanted to share this adorable cartoon found at glitter-graphics.com.  Figured it might make the reader laugh.  😀


This is my typical work week.  How about you? 🙂



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Become who you were ment to be.

So you want to be RICH! Well let me ask you how you are moving toward this goal? Are you working at a 9 to 5 job? getting paid little for your hard work? Are you excited when you punch into that job? Do you feel like you will never be free? Well you will never be free… until you start that business you want to start. Until you put a plan into action life will always be just a week to week check. Think of what it is you want to do. Now do it. Ok plan it out. but dont plan it and not do what you planned . You may need backers. Find people who may back you or join you. Never stop trying. success could be right around the corner. Giving up could cost you happiness and wealth. So go ahead start planning and moving toward making your future. No one will get rich off $10.00 per hr job. Ask yourself , CAN I DO THIS? Answer YES. Say this everyday when you wake up. Never give up! Now is your time.What is it you want to do? How much money do you need? Where do you want to go on vacation? You can do all you want to. fear is the only bully that is stopping you. how long will you be bullied? Are you ready to stop the bully in your way and become a huge success? Do you believe in yourself? Get a friend if you want and get that business off the ground. What will it be? A service? A product? w Whatever it is. Do it and dont give up until its a full blown success. Remember everyday start your day with a positive statement. listen to positive music. Get pumped. Know what you want and say it out loud. Write it down. look at it often. See yourself being successful. You will achieve your goals. You will have that car you always wanted . You will have the cash you need. You will have friends, true friends. but you must put  negative thoughts away and never let them invade your mind again. Good luck to you.

Things you need to know about WINNING.
Making money online is no longer lucrative in IndiaImage Credit: Pixabay.com

Are you looking for a car or truck? Do you want one for free? What are you doing to achieve your goal of getting a free car or truck? Well heres some things you need to know. A car or truck will not magicly appear in your driveway. Hear are some things that might just get you that dream truck or car you want. ENTER CONTEST DAILY. Go on line and search for free giveaways . There are plenty of them out there. They do really give them away. My wife just won us a vacation to FLORIDA. We went to panama city beach. it was AWESOME. We got the trip from SEASIDE VACATIONS IN SOUTH WALTON FL. It was Awesome. and we win other thing as well. Bottom line is you need to ENTER TO WIN. Now dont be fooled if they want money or allot of info from you or for you to do surveys. Skip it. just enter simple contests. Who know you could be the next winner of a HOME, CAR, BOAT ECT. But you wont win unless you enter.  You can find so many honest contest . Enter everyday and explode your chances of winning. Remember it wont just appear but if you do the work you can benefit. Its kind or like the lottery if you dont play you wont win. And entering these contest is free. Never pay to enter.  Winning can change your life. You could in so many great things like laptops and tvs. trips to exotic places. So enter and at least get the chance to receive a great prize. Go on sites you trust and things you want. like if you like tools, type on the search bar “free tool giveaway” and enter to win. One thing is to not get depressed and stop entering because you haven’t won in a while. because when you do win it will be worth it. You may go a month before you win. but when you do win you will be glad you did not give up.    So good luck and be happy.

Why I Miss Squidoo for Affiliate Marketing
April 19, 2017

I think many of us who used to write from the year 2008 to 2012, miss squidoo for many reasons. I think that site was responsible for feeding many families with extra income. And it has managed to change the life of the people who wanted to do affiliate marketing. And that’s one reason many affiliate marketing people like myself miss the site. I think that was the only site in the revenue sharing world which used to allow the affiliate links from others. And they didn’t mind posting links on their property. This is very strange considering how many sites that don’t allow this these days. And though squidoo got penalized by the google, I still think that squidoo was one of the good website that was out there. And I used to usee the following techniques for the affiliate marketing.


Most of the article writers used to try the zazzle for the marketing from squidoo. I know there used to be many writers who manually used the zazzle artwork on the site. And the amount of efforts required here were minimal. For example, zazzle was a good site showing you plenty of good products and it tempted many people to buy stuff. And that’s the best part about the squidoo. It used to have sales with less efforts. And just maintaining one lens alone could make it easier for many people to make some sales here and there. And that sort of thing is harder to come by these days.

Amazon and Ebay

The site used to share the revenue earned from amazon and ebay. Also there used to be people using their own links. This made it very good for the site to earn in time. I have seen people using such tricks. But these days it never works on any other site. It just wastes your time and money. I hope in future they find some ways to manage the amazon and ebay networks on sites like this.

But squidoo is dead now. And there is no way you can have affiliate marketing the same way anymore.

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6 Things To Know About Starting A Business
April 19, 2017

Entrepreneurs have their rose colored glasses on sometimes when they go about starting a new business. It is good to be positive but make sound decisions. The risks are many if you are not prepared. Having a business plan is very important and keeps you focused. Here are some tips to keep in mind when first starting out:

1. Knowing your priorities. Make sure you are the expert you think you are. Be up-to-date and get some experience so you know you like what you are doing. Start with just a few products and don’t think that you can do it all right away.

2. Knowing the legal rules and regulations. Besure you know the way in which government expects you to run your business. Not knowing ahead of time what is expected of you in this regard can cause a lot of headaches down the road.

3. Remember the other aspect of the business. You need to have a presence both in real time and online. A good, workable website with all that is needed to bring in and keep customers is paramount. Don’t focus on one side of the business and let the ball drop in another area.

4. Managing your cash flow effectively. Have a plan and stand by it. Have a realistic budget. Don’t try to do too much too soon. Be prepared for frugality the first six months or so.

5. Being able to adapt. This is very important in the fresh, new business. You can’t know what your external pressures will be and so you need to be able to adapt to backward events that might come up.

6. Time Away. Always a good idea to get some time away from the draining and strain of owning and running a new business. This needs to happen periodically so you have a fresh and well focused attitude when you return.