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barting for service instead of cash

If you do not have the cash is there other way of getting what you need done? I say yes there can be other way of getting what you need done, for example barting what is barting trading service for service for example say you are a cook but you do not have time to clean your home So you cook for the cleaning person and that person will clean your home for the cooking the cleaning person still will have to buy the food for you to cook for them. Yes there are some barting complines that act like middle men and get a commison out of people who use this kind of barting service is this good or bad? it can good , it can be bad for example the good part is this company will have a list of business that might be albe to help you and they might need your service to .
this is one form of barting but I think the old fashion way trading service for service is the way to go. Say some one who does yard work need a cook just like the example before you now have some more ways to barter for service. As we know before today money exist most people barter for things they need I think there might be a craig list for bartering. When you have time check out craig list to see what they offer on barting and what other benefits can be done. with the middle men some times it easier to use them for one reason they might have a big membership this why is some time good to use a barting service.How to find the barting service group? Just do a search on line this will help you find what you are looking for.OK that it for this one.

How long takes to collect your first 10 dollars
March 22, 2017

How long takes to collect your first 10 dollars


It takes in short about 2 weeks, that is how much it takes if you spend 10 hours writing posts, reply to peoples comment in yor pos or their posts, and writing activities, im new here so not sure if there are more activites to do that make you earn money, but taht what i do, and its really exhausting staying about 10 hours a day to make only 10 dollars

so are you really able to collect that mount witin less than two weeks or with spending less hours than the hours tha t i am spending in literacy base site?

i usually write 3 topics about anything that happen around me with me or friends or scene i saw or review and i answer my posts when people comment on the post in any way they like, and also i write or commenting when i read a nice post that i can relate to

that is in short what i do, how about you, i mean those old emember in literacybase writing site, do you suggest any other way to earn more in here? is what im earning good or average or below what i should earn when i spend 10 hours a day here? you replies will assist us all in here to make mmoney and be more in here posting, sharing and replying

but about the sharing posts for you or others, i find it not helpful at all, i shared my posts many times and the view same as i did not share, so why to waste my time by sharing my posts or your post if its not goinng to do any view or more traffic? if you have other point view let us hear it

i think also due to the time i spend in here i will come occasionally and try to find other sites to earn more, if you know of good sites tel


It helps to have a visually creative office design these days
March 22, 2017
New_office (1)_Computers Have Taken Over Jobs of Secretaries.

As a lover of the big screen and even the little screen at home I can’t help but notice how different office setting are being represented these days. It seems almost apparent that any office in 2017 without at least a creative modern feel to it is likely to lead to a dull and boring job or career. When I saw the first matrix movie I couldn’t help but notice how awful the office looked, although I suppose it looked like that to make it look like he was further into the grid but I cannot imagine having to work in such a condition where I can’t momentarily escape my work to look at a painting or at least a poster that says “Just be calm and…”

I feel that an office can only look the way its management feels as employees don’t have control over the design of the office since it costs money and in the eyes of some employers is completely unnecessary. Although the look and feel of the office should represent the service or product being sold or provided since I wouldn’t expect a law firm to have the same feel as google. So its really about what a person does I guess but if what I do will lead to me only seeing the color of the wall that’s the same as the desk with everyone wearing a suit then I made a mistake.

I feel like working like that is likely to lead me to losing my mind considering how much graphics have become a big part of life in today’s world so if I ever do find myself going to an interview in an office without creativity or at least something that doesn’t make me feel like Ill trapped in a building for hours without a single pleasing thing to look at then I’m not likely going to look forward to working there and definitely wont work there for long one way or another.

This is happening in India only
March 22, 2017

This is frustrating to go to bank with so many people doing different transactions and every counter packed with customers waiting for their turn to complete formalities. This is not easy completing transaction of money whether this is depositing or withdrawal. The concept of ATM has made things easier as far as withdrawal is concerned but depositing cash is still a big problem.

So, E-transaction seems to be the future of shopping in a country that will have almost 1 billion internet users in very near future. In fact, we already have touched that figure in mobile sector but the way the internet is spreading its wings and the service provider are fighting to increase their database with cheaper internet services the possibility of touching 1 billion doesn’t look a farfetched idea.

Since the access of internet coming within easy reach of most people in our country, this has become comparatively easy to transfer funds easily from one account to other although this attracted a fixed amount as transaction charges although government has just announced to forgo it in certain cases and decrease it from the existing rates. Our central government has instructed reserve bank of India to withdraw such charges as soon as possible.

There are certain risk factors in online transfers but with modern security checks, these have been reduced up to minimum level although, these are comparatively lesser while it comes to carrying cash from one place to other for different transactions including depositing in a bank. This sounds a big relief that we can deposit cash and transact without paying any extra charges in other bank accounts as well.

No tension – no frills- yes that seems to be the mantra of success to bring the new business for startups in India for time being as the entrepreneurs are doing their best even if they have to take more risks. However, some of them suffered a setback during the recent phase of demonetization although most of them are back on track.

There is only one bank to date that allows transaction of INR 100,000 without any transaction charges on any electronic transfers but most other banks are charging at different rates. Generally, the bank charges applicable on NEFT (National electronic money transfer) and RTGS (Real time gross settlement) differ from Rupees 5 to 55 depending on amount transferred. This charge was too high until a few years back when transferring even a sum of Rupees was higher than 150 in most cases. Thanks God the charges have been reduced now.

What I think is that if Reserve bank Of India develops a system that would allow customers to transact without any charges on it then the public of this country would feel a lot safer by doing so. Online transaction is free from risks involved of handling cash with increased criminal incidents while doing so.

We can move ahead with use of technology only as they say “There is no gain if you have no capacity to take risk”.  We are pleased to see that more and more businessmen coming forward from higher educated background and doing well.

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Sales Strategy: Sell Yourself in Teaching Online
March 22, 2017

Some freelancer who is in the field of teaching forgets the most strategic way to have virtual students. That is, to sell yourself while having classes with them. It is not easy but the skills can be enhanced while doing it again and again. Having soft skill is not enough, we need to incorporate the selling strategy in terms of business context is a concern.

In sales, there are only two things that can be offered to target market: tangible and intangible things. Products are considered tangible where customers will be availing of certain companies and services are intangible that customers avail in acquiring soft skills. One thing for sure, sales strategy is needed to gain profit from company’s target market. Selling yourself is the best tool to persuade the customers.

In the Philippines, it cannot be denied that online teaching is becoming the leading industry in providing virtual teachers to non-native speakers. A soft skill whereby the company will not need a huge amount of capital, they just need marketers in certain non-native countries such as China, Japan, Vietnam, etc. The company needs to avail computers, headset, and the internet if planning to put an office-based teaching online. At some point, they outsource the services by hiring virtual teachers to work at home. Take note of this, if you are aspiring to teach online; it would be better to work at home because you can earn more than working in an office-based teaching facility.

A successful online virtual teacher can able to cope up the changes happening in the company and follow the rules by the book. Things will work smoothly and continued to work on having loyal virtual students. It will take a lot of time, the worth of self-improvement is worth it. Patience is the key to dealing with non-native speaker students. Despite the bad feedback coming from the virtual students, it will serve as the basis on how to deal with them with the enhancement of selling oneself.

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Amazon.in and Aliexpress which one is good at delhi
March 21, 2017

I like to shop online alot and that is meaning is that i know lote of many stores that are good and not good, there are scam and legit sites to buy from. Today I will review two new sites that I tried few months ago, they are Aliexpreess and Amazon india

aliexpress is chinese online shopping site, they are having lots of everything, nothing you can not find it in that site, food are there, blothes are there. toys,, furnitures, parites things like cups plates, decorations, garden tools, like grass flower, treees, snad, seed, clay, all is there, even babies tools and beauty and make up productws are there, but thats not all, you will find also the prices mabye too low at one store and very priecy at the other store, because aliexpress are for people like us to sell also there, so when you go to find sommething you need to search for some time or put the price that you like at the price areas.

I tried aliexpress, its good online shopping site, but you need to deal only with those with high good feedback and with good price too, the too low is little suspecious and the high are greedy, also look for the seller to chat with and do barging, some are so nice and do give you good price.

I bought few times from Aliexpress.com and they got nice things, one time 2 ordered didnt arrive, and i made complain for the site managers or service, and one time they refund the money but the other time they didnt, good thing it was not high price, but yet you will not like to not have refund for something you did not get.

On the other hand Amazon.in. its good site too and the prices are not as good as aliexpress, though almost the same things, i wounder if the sellers there get there products from china and sell it in amazon, i guess they do  that


Amazon.in review, Aliexpress review

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What About Your Credit Scores?
March 21, 2017

A credit score of 850 is perfect and one over 700 is good. Most of these have no delinquencies in their payment histories and a perfect payment history. On the higher tiers there are usually no public records on their reports. Late payments or even collections can drop off after seven years.

Creators of the FICO credit score, Fair Isaac Corporation, know well the habits of people with the highest FICO scores. It is actually rather easy for the average American to achieve high scores without much effort. Common sense is the one thing needed in most cases.

Paying all of your bills on time consistently is 35% of your total score.

Some may think that carrying no credit card balance at all is important to a good credit score but, this is not true. Using less of your available credit is good but no balance can actually hurt your credit score. Using 10% of ones total credit line is best. Paying off a credit card can bring your score down.

A habit that is synonymous with high credit scores is keeping credit lines open and having long standing accounts. About 15% of your credit score is the length you have had a credit history. The average age of all of them and age of the oldest and individual accounts. The average 800+ scorers have had account for 25 years and the average revolving was taking out 12 years ago. Opening a new credit account can actually make your score take a hit.

Opening new accounts can both lower your all round average and can hurt the length of your credit history. Ten percent of your score is for new credit and it includes occasions where you have applied for credit as well as accounts opened recently. This scoring formula only includes the last year and usually the higher FICO achievers have opened acounts 15 months or so on the average.

Higher achievers usually have several types of credit. This is good because it shows what lenders want to see. That the person is responsible in paying different types such as a loan, mortgage, credit cards and store credit lines. So having several different types of accounts can help with about 10% of your credit score.

why cafe and resturnats do not allow out side food in their place

Why can you not bring out side food in some else restaurant? Well the first reason it rude. Now I know some people who go to the book store cafe or a fast food restaurant is a super store. Here why the cafe and restruants will not let you bring your own food in beside being rude it all so a board of health rule. Most restaurant even if they did not cook the food there always a possible of food contamions like Salmonella bacteria this is a form of food poisoning . Say some bought out side food in and ate it then got the food poisoning that cafe still can get sue no joke this why most restaurants, cafes will not let food in yes some time the restruant and cafe is to busy to notice that some is eating out side food.How ski lodges cafe since the cafe is kind of a separate eating area the food business has nothing to worry about. Now let for get about the board of health rule. If you own a restaurant would you want people to bring out side food and drinks in to your place? I say no If I had my own building of a restruant I would want people to buy from me that how the restaurant and cafe make money. This why I starting with a food cart first then work my way to a deli one step at a time. So if you plan to go out to eat here what you and your date should do look on line of the restaurant that you are going to eat make sure they sell food you like by looking on the on line menu plus this can save time this way the lady will have more time to make up her mind we know how long that takes lol ok that it for now.

next time I will be using a human to save time

My review on Turbotax is not that good.
when I started to do my tax papers the the
turbotax was making me happy. Because it was telling me my tax refund and kept getting bigger, Here my problem I was having at the end when I was ready to e file the IRS now want the last AGI which mean
Adjusted gross income. I did use the free version of Turbo tax last year but now it does not exist but they have 2014. I had to mail some thing to IRS to get a number so I can find last year Adjusted gross income but as usual the site is not working.So I have to now mail by fed real tax return. Number two problem is New York state requires people now madtory e file their tax refund , now other problem pop up since I have not e file my federal tax I can not e file my state taxes but I have to file my state taxes. This no joke New York state has one of the worst web sites I ever had to deal with.This is why next year I will go back to a human. If I have to pay over a $100.us to get my taxes done . They should be doing all the work .Like putting all the information on line to . This turbo tax thing is rally driving me crazy. So this year I will keep track of my business expense so next year I have a easier time. do my taxes in 2018 . one good thing turbo tax gave a quick book to use I think for a year that will help me But like I said before I going back to using a human not on line any more kind of the human cpa some one like that will do something for me.No more stress last year I enjoy doing my taxes . Now with a on line business and a food cart business I need to rally watch what I do so a human will do more to help me and save time This why I will not use turbo tax next year.