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Good news for dash coin price today-Close to paypal trading level

New research from the Arizona State University (ASU) Blockchain Research Laboratory shows that the Dash network can easily scale to more than half of PayPal’s current transaction level in the chain. The study concluded that Dash can easily be extended to 10mb blocks with a 0.1% orphan rate. ASU’s paper on Dash block propagation shows the long-term viability of a chain extension approach to growing payment networks. Based on this research and preliminary investigation of future research, Dr. Tapp is optimistic that Dash can effectively expand beyond the research’s 10 mb block size. This is good news for dash, but dash coin price today has not risen.

DASH can handle transactions faster than Bitcoin or almost any other cryptocurrency. DASH transactions can be confirmed in one second or less, making DASH encryption an ideal choice for industries with cannabis payment needs, such as the marijuana industry. A large number of merchants have accepted DASH as a payment. In fact, there are many of them listed by category on the DASH website. Some categories include business services, gift cards, games, web hosting, online stores and VPN providers.

There is even a company called “Satoshi’s living room.” The company allows you to pay any Australian bill using DASH, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and some other cryptocurrency. Australia should be prepared for the influx of encryption enthusiasts.

DASH has one of the largest and fastest growing peer-to-peer networks in the world. With more than 4,100 master nodes, the DASH network will continue to be more secure and scalable, with a larger number of users.


At the current level, DASH tokens are clearly oversold. As of July 2018, DASH was at a one-year low in DASH/BTC. In the past 12 months, there is no better time to exchange BTC for DASH. You know Dash coin price today is $227.36

With a market capitalization of nearly $2 billion (once $12 billion), it is certain that DASH will continue to maintain the top 20 cryptocurrencies in the market.

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Will the Live Market of Bitcoin chart Show that bitcoin is going to bullish to $7000?
July 10, 2018

On July 8th, the cryptocurrency market rose across the board. The price of the top 100 cryptocurrencies almost increased by market value, and Bitcoin price was close to 7,000 US dollars. At present, the bitcoin price is $6,755 showed by the Live Market of Bitcoin chart, and Bitcoin is trying to start a third rebound in the week.


Since the bottom of the $5700, Bitcoin has started a small rebound, but because we are still in a bear market, and the transaction volume has not risen significantly, so unlike the bull market, there will be no sudden bursts of a few hours. But in a certain period of time, Bitcoin will definitely be bullish to $7000, and the time will not be too long. There are 3 reasons for that.


1.First, Coinbase just showed off its new service in the name of Coinbase Custody. This new service is aimed at institutional investors and high net worth individuals who need to securely store their digital assets. This means that billions of dollars from Wall Street will flow into the encryption market, and Coinbase provides a secure path to this.


2.The second reason for the bitcoin bullish is the ongoing regulatory progress on the encryption king. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that bitcoin is not a security. Therefore, this paves the way for institutional investors to buy it in the conventional encryption market.


3.The third reason is that the Chicago Board Options Exchange global market has applied to the US Securities and Exchange Commission for a new Bitcoin ETF license application. Although the US Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that they will not directly regulate BTC, ETFs are marketable securities that can track indices, commodities, bonds or a basket of assets. This means that the ETF can track the price of the encrypted index that contains the BTC.


Therefore, BTC will develop prosperously, and the breakthrough of the $ 7,000 mark is just around the corner. You will see the Live Market of Bitcoin chart goes up overall.

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We analyze the meaning of Live Market of Bitcoin?

Jack Ma has said more than once that in the next few years, people’s daily working hours will be shortened, because more work is done by robots. But what should the part of the workers who will be replaced by robots in the future?
If it is really at that time, maybe people’s wages can no longer be satisfied with people’s current life, then how to get higher income?
I think wages will definitely be part of it, but people should still not be satisfied, but look for more opportunities. Well, there should be no more appropriate than “investment.”
There are many investment products currently on the market, and people’s choices are multifaceted. And the remaining money of investors should not be a minority. If you need a good investment product recommendation, my suggestion is cryptocurrency. Especially bitcoin.
We can do an analysis of “Live Market of Bitcoin”:
We know that Bitcoin was released on January 3, 2009. Total: 21 million, It is expected that the excavation will end in 2140
From the expected time, the development of Bitcoin has gone through a short period of time. The initial issue price of Bitcoin was (in US dollars): 1 BTC ≈ 0.04 USD, because at that time someone bought a pizza worth $25 with 10,000 bitcoins. This event is the initial price for Bitcoin.
2011: 1 BTC ≈ 0.01 USD, the price of bitcoin at this stage has increased four times compared with the previous year.

By the time of November 2012, 1 BTC≈33 USD
2013: 1 BTC≈1200 USD
In 2014, the price fluctuation of Bitcoin was relatively large, 1 BTC≈700-1000 USD, which was lower than that of 2013.
December 2017: 1 BTC≈20000 USD
During this time, the price of Bitcoin was at its highest point in history.
However, after entering 2018, the price of Bitcoin is in a downward trend. It once fell below 6,000 US dollars. As of today, the price of Bitcoin is 6,780.44 USD, which is generally in an upward trend, but so far, it has not exceeded 7000 USD.
But as we have seen, bitcoin has a rising trend, and the current price is in a very low position. Now investing in bitcoin is feasible. I think some countries such as Japan are very concerned about cryptocurrency.
It has always been said that cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, is a bubble economy. I fully admit it, but this huge “bubble” will have many benefits in the process of formation, so that you have many reasons to invest in it. However, the most important thing is to control the investment time. If you want to invest in bitcoin with purpose, you have to do an analysis about “Live Market of Bitcoin”.
Because Bitcoin is forming a new round of bubbles, it may be an opportunity before this bubble breaks.

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See the future from the Ethereum classic living chart

After ETH announced Sharding technology, the price rose. ETC has been positively affected and has risen for several days. I was excited when I watched the Ethereum classic living price chart. Vitalik Buterin also supported ETC on Twitter, mentioning that there are many more similarities between the two.

ETC has been out of focus for too long. With this round of gains, we revisit the history of ETH and ETC.

A hacking event caused a fork

The DAO event in 2016 took place. This was a hacking incident involving the safety of 11.5 million Ethereum, which was worth $400 million. The DAO was the largest blockchain crowdfunding project at the time, raising $150 million. Hackers exploited the vulnerability of the Ethereum smart contract to attack it. Represented by Vitalik Buterin, he advocated a hard fork for Ethereum, a new chain, rolled back the DAO smart contract, and returned the lost Ethereum to the user. In this way, the attacker actually did not earn a penny. However, there are still some people who believe that the hard forks violate the contractual spirit of the blockchain, and past transactions should be recognized. As a result of the vote, the 80% node agreed to perform a hard fork. In this way, the etheric currency of the new chain that is forked out is ETH. But the old chain still exists, and many people stick to it. To distinguish between the two, the old Ethereum is called Ethereum Classic (ETC).

ETC’s unexpected survival

After the fork in Ethereum, almost everyone thought that ETC would soon be worthless. If the miners don’t have the benefits, then the disappearance of the old chain will only be a question of how long it takes. Fortunately, the people who have stayed behind have a firm belief. For the past two years, the ETC has survived stubbornly. In June, ETC prices rose sharply after Coinbase, the famous digital currency exchange in the United States, announced that it would be launched on ETC. Many other digital currency fans, such as Litecoin and Ripple, bought a lot of ETC after hearing the news of Coinbase’s online ETC. Some people think that the recent rise in ETC may have speculation. From a technical perspective, the potential of ETC should not be underestimated. Some people predict that ETC market value can enter the top ten.

Although there are very few projects using ETC, the development of ETH has entered a bottleneck period, and the projects using ETC will be more and more, and ETC is the real opponent of ETH.

The lastest ethereum classic living price chart


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Value-kept currency usdt to usd exchange rate remains at 1:1 in any case?
July 9, 2018

In the digital currency market, due to policy restrictions, most exchanges do not support direct transactions between fiat currencies and digital currencies, and the over-the-counter transaction process is cumbersome and high-priced, so USDT has become a connector for fiat currencies and digital currencies as usdt to usd exchange rate is 1:1.


However the USDT has always been controversial for a long time, particularly over the controvercy of “over-issued” and ” the lack of dollar reserves”.While Tether seems to have not been effected by those disputes. Since its release in 2015, USDT has been over-issued for 104 times in total, most of which are concentrated after September 2017. And since the beginning of this year, the USDT has been issued for 14 times, with a total number of 1.71 billion, accounting for 56.6% of the current total.


Due to the relatively stable price, when the market fluctuates, many investors will convert the digital currency into USDT for value preservation, they view USDT as a safe haven. Therefore, many investors, especially those who have just entered the community, can easily think that the USDT and the US dollar equal, they believe that the usdt to usd exchange rate will remain at 1:1 in any case.


But in fact, USDT is essentially a token. When the capital flow is large, the USDT will also have a premium or depreciation. For example, in January of this year, Bitcoin fell sharply. The currency holders exchanged a large amount of digital currency into USDT for risk aversion, which led to tighter supply of USDT. The over-the-counter premium rose and the premium reached 19.7%.


That is to say, usdt price can not always remains at 1 US dollars at any times. It is not 100% safe as a value-kept cryptocurrency. However, compared to similar products, such as TrueUSD, DAI, usdt’s status is still difficult to shake.

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Russian miner coin-the bitcoin miner power

The whole world knows that China is an important contributor to Bitcoin miners. At the end of June, a large number of mining machines were flooded in Sichuan due to continuous heavy rain, and the computing power of Bitcoin fell by 30%. Not everyone wants China to play such an important role. RMC is to help Russian miners challenge China in bitcoin mining.

Next, we will explore what is a Russian miner coin.

The target of the Russian Miners Coin (RMC) ICO is $100 million. $10 million will be used to develop processors for cryptocurrency mining, and the rest will be used to produce mining equipment with security chips. This will help establish a joint mining fund to distribute profits.

The ICO is scheduled for August 28, 2017 to September 20, 2017. During the RMC ICO, an RMC token can be used for rates ranging from $4,100 to $4,900.

Purpose of Russian miners coins

The goal of the Russian Miners Coin, as it is spent on its website, is to provide everyone with the opportunity to become the next generation mining technology owner to enter the closed mining club of the Russian mining company.

Mining bitcoin is a very expensive process in major countries of the world. Not only is it time consuming, it also consumes a lot of resources. The main resource it consumes is electricity. In addition, miners joined the mining pool due to the large amount of computing power required. In the pool, you can jointly mine bitcoin and share mined bitcoin.

Russia has a lower electricity price than China, with electricity prices as low as 80 cbits or 1.3 cents per kWh. Russia’s surplus power exceeds 15 gigawatts.

RMC price

The highest price of RMC has reached $50,798, which far exceeds the highest price of Bitcoin. This is really amazing price. As of July 7, 2018, the RMC price was $4,875.56.

How&where to Buy Russian Miner Coin (RMC)

Buying a Russian Miner Coin (RMC) from your bank requires two steps. You will purchase some BTC or ETH from an exchange that accepts debit or bank account deposits, and then you will transfer the newly purchased encryption to the sales RMC in exchange for the Bitcoin or Ethereum market. Bittrex and BitFlip exchanges support RMC transactions

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Is ICO a Scam or a Real Business?
July 7, 2018

ICO has been widely developed in 2017. Various industries and projects have been invested in this emerging fundraising model. However, in just one year, the enthusiasm for digital cryptocurrencies has cooled down.


According to data from the Dead Coins website, there are currently about 800 inactive tokens in the digital cryptocurrency industry, and the Coinopsy website directly predicts that more than 1,000 projects will eventually die.


Well-known investor Aaron Brown said in an email: There is indeed a lot of fraud in the ICO market. I think 80% of ICO financing cases are purely fraudulent, and 10% lack substantial operations, and they quickly fail after financing. The last 10% of projects will end in other reasons.


According to an analysis conducted by ICO consulting firm Satis Group in March: less than 4% of ICO projects with financing between $50 million and $100 million can be successful.


The Coinopsy website, which predicts the deaths of thousands of blockchain projects, said: We will see more and more ICO projects fail and will not get to the exchange. So what influenced the ICO economy in 2018?


1.The ICO project itself has problems

As Aaron Brown said, many ICO projects have fraud in themselves, such as the waykichain (wicc) that wants to take the advantages of World Cup’s population. After being exposed to various frauds, waykichian is very dangerous now.


2.ICO Global Common Regulations

ICO has achieved good results, but fraud in the name of ICO is not uncommon. Therfore, countries are actively discussing the development of cryptocurrency transactions and ICO regulations. The suppression of ICO financial irregularities by regulators around the world has also accelerated the deaths of many projects.


3.More options for ICO projects besides Ethereum

At present, most ICOs are based on Ethereum. Tokens usually refer to the ERC-20 standard. However, in addition to Ethereum, other blockchains can be selected for ICO fundraising, such as Stellar and Qtum. By the way ,the current qtum market cap is $813,602,445 USD and ranks 21.


4.The belief in the token economy will be tested

For the user, a very important reason is needed to attract them to hold a certain amount of tokens, otherwise the value of the token will eventually return to zero. Moreover, with the public’s understanding of the token economy, the cryptocurrency industry has become more complex. Most of the discussions about ICO revolve around practicality and security—that is, issues related to regulators.


5.The direction of traditional technology companies

Although large technology companies do have ICOs, they don’t necessarily have decentralized actual needs. In contrast, in many cases, crypto tokens are more often opposed to their existing business models.


As a whole, the current situation of ICO is not very optimistic. If you want to invest in an ICO project, you must carefully examine all aspects of the project. Otherwise, you will fall into a scam.

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crypto Players still full of confidence under the Stressful policy

With the Indian central bank’s order, the cryptocurrency industry has been severely impacted, and banks have closed all accounts related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, including investor accounts. This has led to a sharp drop in the volume of cryptocurrency, which is good for the Indian government to rectify the macroeconomic market; but it is a heavy blow for most players who hold cryptocurrencies and exchanges.
The release of this policy has led to an overall depreciation of the encryption market. The most important thing is that the intended customers or new users are afraid to enter the cryptocurrency line because there are too many concerns.
However, even under such high pressure, the exchange of Indian cryptocurrencies quickly adapts and reacts. Since the bank no longer provides transactions related to cryptocurrency, it even freezes the account. The exchange has begun to look for new trading methods to make a good response to the policies issued by the current central bank.
After the central bank’s policy was promulgated, it was reported that the Supreme Court (fc) would provide corresponding relief. But the exchange of cryptocurrencies is denied by the player. After this, actively explore new trading methods for new trading methods and operations. This is the point-to-point payment method. According to this statement, this method will break the previous restrictions on trading by banking institutions and get rid of the restrictions of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Specific operational philosophy:
This peer-to-peer trading model does not require a bank account. Instead, a cash transaction between the buyer and the seller is carried out, and the exchange is responsible for transferring the cryptocurrency industry of the buyer and the seller. Use the sophisticated payment interface (FT UPI) to transfer cash directly to the seller. Once the buyer completes the cash transfer and the seller does receive it, the exchange also receives the buyer’s money, then the cryptocurrency exchange transfers the cryptocurrency to the buyer’s WazirX wallet. This is also the responsibility of the secret currency exchange.
There is also a transaction method in which the buyer and the seller do not need to pay cash, but realize the currency transaction, that is, use one cryptocurrency to trade another cryptocurrency.
These two trading methods are still very useful for the current macro environment, but the transaction time is not as good as the bank.
Although an alternative approach has been found, in this environment, transactions that are not conducted through formal banking procedures may result in fraudulent disclosure of the wallet password, which in turn leads to user losses.
In view of the current attitude of the Indian government, the exchange will also appear to be overwhelmed. When the government does not give a clear attitude, the exchange will not be closed for the time being. And the exchange will have an expectation for the Indian government’s attitude toward cryptocurrencies in the future.
According to the exchange, the cryptocurrency is only an initial stage. Once this stage is passed, the cryptocurrency will achieve greater scale and higher growth.
But the value of cryptocurrencies in India has reached hundreds of millions. The exchange believes that the government should not ignore hundreds of millions of assets and is already part of the economy. If this situation is ignored in India, it will develop in other regions. Whether it is developed in a legal or illegal manner. If this economic situation is banned, it may appear in other situations, so the best attitude is: the government should face it squarely.
Once the government does not pay attention to it, it may be encrypted and used by criminals. And the emphasis on cryptocurrencies can also bring good fiscal revenue to the government.
Therefore, the attitude of the Indian government and the central bank to the cryptocurrency is only temporary and severe, and there may be unlimited possibilities in the later period.
More cryptocurrency details, attention: citicoin.com
Below is the transaction details of some of the website’s cryptocurrencies today (Eastern Time: 5/7/2018, 23:23):
Elastic token is the XEL, and its ranking in the cryptocurrency is 392. As of now, the price has decline by 6.07%. The current market value is: 12,684,605 USD, the XEL to USD is: 0.138363USD, the redemption price for the BTC is: 0.00002160, and the transaction volume in the 24 hours is:220,367USD.
CasinoCoin token is the CSC, and its ranking in the cryptocurrency is 362. As of now, the price has decline by 23.31%. The current market value is: 14,848,395 USD, the CSC to USD is: 0.000413 USD, the CasinoCoin price is: 0.00000006BTC, and the transaction volume in the 24 hours is:9,176USD.
Bankex token is the BKX, and its ranking in the cryptocurrency is 373. As of now, the price has decline by 2.99%. The current market value is: 13,927,285 USD, the BKX to USD is: 0.188291 USD, the Bankex to BTC is: 0.00002893, and the transaction volume in the 24 hours is:531,606USD.
PotCoin token is the POT, and its ranking in the cryptocurrency is 410. As of now, the price has decline by 8.24%. The current market value is: 11,333,596 USD, the POT to USD is: 0.051464 USD, the PotCoin BTC price is: 0.00000791, and the transaction volume in the 24 hours is:25,254USD.

ECC token is the ECC, and its ranking in the cryptocurrency is 341. As of now, the price has decline by -0.44%. The current market value is: 16,277,550 USD, the ECC to USD is: 0.000651 USD, the redemption price for the BTC is: 0.00000010, and the transaction volume in the 24 hours is:2,842USD.

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What are crypto tokens in blockchain?
July 6, 2018

A token is an encrypted cryptocurrency. In the cryptocurrency community, BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum) are all recognized as the leading tokens. Due to the population of ICO in the past, there are more and more tokens issued in the market, and now there are thousands of different kinds of tokens, such as waves token, golem token,wicc,etc.,


Tokens can be divided into equity tokens, application tokens, and debt tokens depending on their type.


1.Appication Tokens

Application tokens are the real core part of the blockchain. The blockchain will not work Without them. They are often a part of an incentive program that motivates people to help the system validate transactions and create blocks. Both BTC and ETH belong to the application tokens, and the application token generally adopts the POW mechanism.


2.Equity Tokens

Equity token, similar to a company’s shares. Equity tokens do not decrease as users use the application. Instead, the holder of the equity token will also receive a dividend from the application. Therefore, equity tokens are similar to holding shares in this blockchain application. Because the holder of the equity token is the owner of this application.


Therefore, holders of equity tokens also have voting rights for transactions in this application to determine the future development of this application. Equity tokens generally use a POS mechanism.


3.Debt Tokens

The emergence of debt tokens is mainly used to solve the problem of insufficient liquidity in blockchain applications. It is similar to providing a short-term loan for an application. While for the holder of the debt token, it is similar to a kind of saving behavior, because generally a certain interest return can be obtained.


What is the role of tokens in the blockchain?

The blockchain project is actually an open source program; It requires the drive of commercial interests to let it develop for a long time. Specifically, each project and each token is based on an underlying blockchain; whether it is a Bitcoin blockchain, an Ethereum blockchain, or a fork or new blockchain based on these networks, they have different price incentive models or economic models to ensure that participants are able to comply with relevant rules.


Let’s take ethereum as an example, when the project is released, the founding team will clearly have a part of ethereum token. If they want to add value to the project, they must constantly improve and optimize the relevant technology; and each user who using the blockchain network service will need to pay a certain fee to the Ethereum miners to encourage them to continue to participate in the maintenance of the entire network.


The basis for the effective formation of the token system is the value consensus of the participants; the element of digital currency formation is the value consensus between people, and the basis of tokens is the value consensus of the participants.


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U Network solves content creation with blockchain, UUU rewards premium content creators

In the age of the Internet, people who can create interesting or useful knowledge have already made great returns. However, the most profitable is the content platform. These platforms get huge attention through good content, then earn a high price for advertising, and then distribute a small part of it to the head author. Is there any way for users to directly benefit from creating quality content?

The content platform combined with the blockchain is exactly what these people need.

Let’s take a look at the application of blockchain in content creation, analyzing three projects – Steem, U Network, YOYOW.

The emergence of the Internet has reduced the cost of information acquisition, making information creation more convenient and spreading faster and wider. Where are the current Internet giants getting a lot of information, what is the source?

Most of them are created by users and spontaneously spread. We produce content for the platform, and Twitter, Facebook and other companies have earned a lot of money, which has made the Internet rich, but what are our interests? The products we produce are advertised on the platform to sell money, but we do not enjoy the benefits we deserve. Our content has been reviewed by the platform and deleted without any reason, and we can’t do anything about it.

These blockchain projects in the UUG field are all trying to build an economic incentive system based on the Crypto Token model to encourage users to create and discover high-quality content and obtain fair and equitable income. There is no middleman to make a difference, the more you contribute to the community/ecology, the more you get.

Steem:appear out of the blue


The first project to apply the blockchain to the UUG field was Steem, whose founder and bitcoin, the founder of EOS, was one person – Daniel Larimer.

Daniel Larimer believes in the free market and supports his struggle with the power of finding a free market solution that guarantees people’s lives, freedom and property.

Steem pioneered the use of Crypto Token to motivate users to produce content, summing up three main points:

  1. Considering the cognitive and financial costs, users who read content do not pay directly to users who create content.
  2. Discover premium content or likes, or show users get rewards
  3. Naturally, the quality content creators found are rewarded.

In a nutshell, by motivating users to discover high-quality content, it solves the problem of discovering high-quality content and rewards high-quality content creators.

Steem has been in business for two years since January 2016. The current average position of Steemit is about 2 million PV per day. It can be said that it has a blockchain project with large-scale users.

But I think steem has two big problems:

  1. Steem’s mechanism is designed to be cumbersome and complicated. Users can’t read the white paper or the long FAQ to use the system. The products of geeks are often well-designed, but they greatly increase the cognitive cost of users.
  2. People with a large number of ‘Steem Power’have too much power and influence, and the community that is oriented to the taste of the big family is not centralized and not fair enough.

Emerging Challenger U Network


U Network for the issue of Steem, U Network brought their solutions, made innovations and improvements.

U Network cancels the mechanism of Steem power (similar to company options), ensuring that everyone’s praise/voting utility is the same and everyone is equal.

U Network’s solution is to make the cost of voting, which ensures that users are rationally thinking about throwing a vote/point. Solved the problem that everyone praised in order to reward

The basic unit of community motivation is called “Sugar”, similar to Steem Power in Steem, which means that everyone finds valuable content like bees collecting pollen and nectar. The consensus mechanism also depends on Sugar. According to the proportion of Sugar, users can vote. Election verification node.

Community operations and content promotion, this is what the U Network team is good at, the matching genes do the corresponding things, things generally progress relatively smoothly.

In terms of technology, Steem uses graphene technology as the bottom layer, and U Network is ready to develop a high-performance bottom-level public chain, which is said to achieve 3000 pen/s processing capacity.

To better implement decentralization, U Network will support IPFS (InterPlanetary File System, a network transport protocol designed to create persistent and distributed storage and shared files) and decentralized file storage such as Genaro Network. Agreements and applications.

Just out of the project, Github already has more than 600 submissions, 20 code contributors, it seems that the development strength can not be underestimated.

YOYOW – Pursuit of distributed autonomy

YOYOW is also optimized and optimized for Steem’s solution. The bottom layer uses graphene technology similar to Steem.

Based on the team’s genes, influenced by the bit stocks, YOYOW emphasizes the distributed autonomy of the community. In terms of system maintenance, YOYOW will follow the DPOS authorization rights adopted by the bit stocks to prove the consensus mechanism.

The shareholder is the holder of the original token (YOYO). The shareholder’s YOYO balance can be voted on, and the board members are elected to form the basis of community autonomy. The goal is to make the YOYOW system a truly distributed autonomous company (DAC).

It can be seen that YOYOW pays more attention to management. Maybe, any system and regulation in the world is not perfect, and timely manual intervention is necessary.

It is foreseeable that in the future, which UUG public chain can provide developer-friendly SDK/plug-in, cultivate a wide range of ecology, and incubate more platforms, which will have a greater chance of winning.

U Network is the world’s first decentralized content valuation and publishing platform. It uses economic principles to introduce predictive markets into content platforms, and solves the problem of “quality content being buried”, so that high-quality content can be highlighted.

Blockchain may solve some problems, but user operations, content quality, copyright protection and other issues are the real problem of social media. Blockchain wants to shine on social media and needs more people to work hard.

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