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7 Ways to Increase Your Focus and Get More Done


The modern way of life is full of distractions. We are surrounded by so many things which can be hindering our productivity and damage the potential. Most of the users are already so used to distractions that we start looking for one after a while.
If you can put a stop to things like distraction and multitasking, your productivity level will definitely skyrocket. In today’s post, I will share some working tips to increase your focus and reduce the distractions.

Planning ahead in the night before could be an excellent way to increase your focus on the following day. Identify the two most important tasks you have to do the next day and write them down. On the next day, do these two tasks before you do anything else and you will accomplish a lot already.

You also need to be careful about the potential sources of distraction and keep a safe distance from them. If possible, turn off the notifications on your mobile and computer. Another proven strategy is to limit your email checking frequency.

You will be more focused when you are comfortable with the environment. Therefore, it should be a priority to get comfortable with the atmosphere. Adjust things like your clothing, seating arrangement, music, temperature, furniture location, document management system etc. Find out which settings suit you best and keep them like that.

If you want more control over your wondering mind, you should practice some kind of meditation. While most people think meditation takes a lot of preparation, which is not true at all. Sitting still for five minutes could be a great meditation too. Start with the basics and gradually move towards the advanced techniques.

Another big step in increasing your focus is to set achievable goals. There is no problem with bigger goals. But you need to break the large goal into small, manageable chunks so that you can accomplish them one by one. Otherwise, you will keep thinking and make plans about the bigger goal, while not taking any actual step to achieve the target.

When it comes to increasing your focus, you can’t ignore the importance of sleep. Depending on your condition, you need 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Some people prefer to sleep less and work more. While that may work in the short-term, they will definitely face problems in the future. They are highly likely to lose the ability to focus completely on something.

Delaying gratifications could be another effective way to increase your focus. Instead of allowing that activity instantly, make it a reward for accomplishing something important. When you have a motivator ahead, you are more likely to be focused and engaged in your work.Bottom Line

So, these were the best ways to increase your focus and get more done. Try to follow as much of this advice as possible and you will be amazed with the result. Let me know how these tips work out for you.

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mining just got better, no investment no buying all you do is install the Crystotab extension and surf the internet to earn.


  • We are going to pay you 15% of your friends earnings from our own mining capacities as soon as they will install CryptoTab by your personal link.
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  • The more your friend’s network grows, more gain you have.
  • Get more than 1 BTC! Develop the network and get your rewards!
  • Advantages of Mining a Cryptocurrency

    Bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies have several advantages. Unlike traditional banks that can freeze your assets, you have full control over your Bitcoins at all times. This can be lost if you misplace your private key. Other highlights of cryptocurrency include:

    • Inability to counterfeit
    • Lower fees
      • Access by vveryone
      • Immediate settlement (third parties are eliminated when closing on a new home)
      • End to identity theft (credit uses a pull method to access funds while cryptocurrency pushes it through)

      With the use of cryptocurrency you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing the RFID information in your credit or debit card at the checkout! It will also completely put an end to identity theft. Bitcoin can’t be counterfeited, because it’s digital currency. This will ultimately lower the cost of goods and services globally as more and more people use it.use tthislink and start earning https://getcryptotab.com/890961

    • The Future of Bitcoin Mining

      Mining digital currency is still a very new concept and needs time to become accepted by a society where many individuals are used to using a tangible form of payment.

      However, when you think about it, most people do not even carry cash anymore, merely a plastic card. So the initial step toward a cashless society has already been taken.

      How fast that change happens globally is irrelevant. Mining Bitcoins has now become an accepted part of society as individuals continue to learn how to make real money and get tangible goods in return from their use.

  • https://getcryptotab.com/890961
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SON bursts electric cable cloning syndicate in Lagos
SON bursts electric cable cloning syndicate in Lagos

The Surveillance Investigation and Monitoring (SIM) Unit of the Standards Organisation  of Nigeria (SON) has busted an electric cable cloning and faking syndicate located at the Alaba International Market in Lagos.

A statement released yesterday by the SON revealed that the team swooped on the syndicate inside the market with the aid of security operatives and effected the arrest of three suspects: Okwudili Ezenwa, Uche Rufus and Nonso Udechukwu in the act of counterfeiting electric cables and appliances

The Head of the SIM Unit, Mr. Isa Suleiman, said initial revelations indicated that the suspects were part of a ring of counterfeiters and fakers of popular brands of electrical appliances such as cables, electric cut-outs, electric switches and other items classified as life-endangering within the popular Alaba International Market.

We’re optimistic but vigilant on economy – Adeosun

We’re optimistic but vigilant on economy - Adeosun

The Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun,  has expressed confidence that if the country  implements its  plans diligently, it can grow the economy to desirable levels.

Adeosun made the remark at a joint press conference by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) at the Nigerian office of the World Bank  (WB) in Washington D.C.

She said, “We have headroom to grow, so what we all need to do is to come together. I think that’s where NEC will be really important. All these roads and rails now are now translating to real projects and jobs for our people. Just a road doesn’t create jobs, what creates jobs is for people to open businesses and take advantage of opportunities and go the next mile. That’s why we need the state governments and tghe private sector to key into specific projects we are diversifying. We don’t want that anymore. Which project, where?

“We are confident that by 2019 the growth will be far more robust than what we have now if we can remain optimistic but vigilant.”

On debt rebalancing, Adeosun emphasised that at the take-off of this administration, 80 per cent of the country’s debt was short-dated with a tenure of two years or less.

“Interest was compounding on debt service to revenue. So what we did was to restructure, and we told the debt management office to stop issuing 90 days bill. Issue 180, 360 and bonds to reduce your interest cost,” she said.

She noted that most of what was owed was domestic and the interest rate was high as 19 to 20 per cent.  She said, “Today, what DMO is paying is around 13 per cent because we have restructured that portfolio, refined some into dollars.”

She noted that the Nigerian Government borrowing heavily and coming out of the domestic market was for the banks to be able to lend to the real sector.

“The real fiscal buffer is an economy that is growing strongly. That is the real shock absorber, and then we can weather the storm if there is a storm,” she said.

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Earning With TellWut: In Depth
April 23, 2018




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Lots of people spend their free time trying to make a little extra money online. One of the most common methods for this is PaidSurvey sites. Unfortunetly you could spend hours trying to qualify for surveys only to find out over and over again that you don’t match what they want. With TellWut you don’t have to deal with qualifing for the survey. While you won’t make it rich using TellWut you can earn enough to buy yourself something nice once and a while.

1. Sign Up: Head on over to TellWut and sign up for a free account. You will get 100 points for just creating the account and confirming your email. It would be a nice idea to use an email account you don’t mind having some spam in from time to time. This is a smart idea when signing up for any earn at home opportunity.

2. Fill out your information: You will get another 100 points for filling out your information. It’s pretty simple. They ask for an address and phone number, but you don’t have to supply this information if you’re not comfortable with it.

3. Check for Random Polls: The home page of the site will throw up random polls that you can earn 5 to 15 points for answering.

4. Answer Polls: Stroll on over to the side categories to check out current polls you can answer. Just click the answer to the poll and hit the vote button. You’re account will be rewarded instantly. At the top of each poll you will see “Previous Survey” “Random Survey” and “Next Survey”. Once you’ve voted and been accredited just hit the Next or Random button.

5. Create Polls: You can earn 10 to 15 points for creating polls for other’s to answer. There does not seem to be any requirements to these, but if you make a poll Public it will need to be approved by the website before people can start to answer it. You can also add pictures and videos to your polls to spruce them up.

6. Refer Friends: You can make 25 points for everyone who signs up to the site through you. There are no banners for you to use like other sites offer, but you can send emails or post a referral link to the site.

7. Cash out Points: TellWut offers rewards as gift cards. You can get a $10 Amazon gift card for 4,000 points. There are other cards offered that you can choose to trade your points for. While these seem like really high point values for gift cards in just ten minutes you can earn well over 100 points answering poll questions.

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How to Save Money: The Mama Way
April 23, 2018

Many people think that the economic state of things is really different than it has ever been, but that just isn’t true. For the everyday person working for the food put on their table the economy is very much the same as it has always been. We have ups and downs and sometimes a few inside outs. That’s why it is important to learn how to save money, and why not learn the mommy way.

1) Evaluate what your needs really are. Today a lot of people confuse their wants with their needs. As much as you may want that top TV package that offers the most channels do you really need it? Most people don’t and can get by on a cheaper TV package that offers fewer channels. Look into those other luxury costs too. Like the internet and phone bills.

2) Check out bargains on clothing. You may need nice clothes for work and/or school, but you don’t need them for the rest of your everyday life. Try checking out clearance and outlet stores. You can also find great deals on clothes at consignment shops. This is a really great idea for the kids. They can have their nicer clothes, which can also be found on sale, and then they have their play clothes.

3) Start a “happy day fund.” A happy day fund in my home is a big glass jar filled with change and random dollar bills that get stuffed in there during the week. Sometimes I do have to dig into it, but it’s a nice way to save a little extra and have a backup fund in case you need it. Once the jar or box gets full, count it out and drop it into a savings account.

4) Budget your food expenses. Most people do this to some extent, but you can always push it a little further if you really need to. The best tip to save on food expenses is to write out a list of what you need, and stick with it while you are at the store. Lots of people spend way more money than they meant to because they buy things they don’t really need or wasn’t on their list. Sticking to your list can save a lot of money and time spent in the grocery store.

5) Stash away a little from each paycheck. If you are working the number one fastest way to save money is to take it directly from your paycheck to your savings account. If could be as little as five dollars a week or as much as you feel you can afford to stash away, but over time it will add up.

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Daily Do: Lil Online Earners (Part 3)
April 19, 2018


This one is fun. It’s not your normal survey site. Not at all. There are lots of surveys that you don’t have to qualify for!

Take Surveys

You get to click through user created surveys and get paid 5, 10, 15 and more points just for answering the surveys. No qualifying!

Create Surveys

That’s right. You get to make surveys too. You earn 20 points for putting together a survey that other users take. Plus, you don’t pay out points for users to take your survey. Once you’ve earned it you keep it. A great way to survey for business projects or just general interest.


Okay, this site doesn’t pay out through PayPal, but it does offer a number of gift cards you can exchange points for. You can also exchange 13,000 points for a $25 Visa Gift Card.



Please use code NMKF0GC when signing up

This site was ZoomBucks when I started using it. Like SwagBucks (almost identical to SwagBucks) you can earn points by filling out offers, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and search.


Like before, sign up for the ones that work for you and skip past the ones that don’t really benefit you.


Like most sites you have to qualify for these surveys. It can be time consuming to go through all the surveys just a find one or two that you qualify for, but they do offer a nice payout.


You get points for playing games. I always love this feature. It’s a great way to kill a little time in between jobs and it’s very stress relieving.


Watch so many videos and you’ll earn so many points. GrabPoints has a large selection of videos you can watch to earn points. Points range from as little as 5 up to 10 points for watching 9 videos.


You can earn points for downloading apps. Often these apps are worth hundreds of points. It’s a great way to discover new games, shopping outlets and what not.

The downside is you may end up installing and uninstalling apps pretty often. This can take a toll on your device.


GrabPoints have codes that offer a range of points. These code pop up in videos, on Facebook and a few other places. (Even I haven’t found them all!) A daily check on Facebook and the Notifications can provide a few handful of points a day.


There are a lot of gift cards you can chose to cash out with. They also offer PayPal. Through PayPal 5000 points = $5 and 10000 = $10 and finally 20000 = $20.




Please use code: WHRFU2

(you get extra points when signing up with an invitation code)

This is a site I just started using a few months ago and I’ve already gotten a payout. The site is nearly identical to GrabPoints in it’s layout and like most other sites it offers much the same things.


Short and sweet. Take what benefits and leave behind what doesn’t.


Like all surveys that you have to qualify for these surveys can take time to go through, but also like others you’ll enjoy a boost in points when a survey is completed.


There are two video watching options. One opens up a second window and times how long you watch. After 30 seconds you can skip to the next video and after 10 videos you get 10 points. The other has you watch the complete video and points rewarded vary.


Again, I love the games. You get to play something fun and you get to kill a bit of time. There is a nice selection of games here that make earning points really fun.


Most sites have them, but iRazoo is the master. There is a daily code you can find on their Facebook page and a weekly code sent to your email. The daily code is 15 points and the weekly is 60 points. I love ‘em!


iRazoo has a number of gift cards available and a PayPal payout. 3000 points = $5 and they pay within 30 days of cash out.


Money Making Tips

Alright, now we’re heading into the real meat of what you want to know.


How to make the money.

Making money with these little earners may seem like a waste of time and for some people it very well may be. If you just don’t have the extra time in the day to visit the sites then you just don’t have the time. If you’ve got a project that pays out sooner and more that you could and should be doing it.

But if you do have a bit of free time each day then you’ll want to know a few tricks and tips on how to make the most of it. After years of coffee time spent surfing these sites and others I’ve learned a few things and I want you to learn them too.

  • Referrals
  • Making Time Count
  • Patience



All of these sites reward you for getting other people to sign up. That’s right. I love you and I want you to make money, but this eBook could help me make some too.

Now, the sites all differ on how you get referrals and how many points/bucks/credits you get per referral. Some sites offer a onetime bonus per person that signs up and other offer a percentage of what the person earns on their site. At least one of these sites has a cap on how much you can even earn from referrals.

Getting referrals doesn’t have to take up all your time. Share a link on Facebook, Twitter or whichever social media site you use and let your friends know about one of the sites. This method is always best done spread out over time and only after you’ve gotten yourself use to the site. Friends and family may ask you questions and you should be able to help answer those questions. You may also want to wait until you’ve gotten a payout to say “Hay, I just got $X from –enter site name here-!”

If you really want to invest time into getting referrals you can start a blog or website. You don’t have to get fancy with a paid hosting service if you don’t want to. Blogger and WordPress both let you setup a blog without paying and you can link to whatever you want.

You can write a post or each site you use and have a link back. Or you could just list all the sites in one swoop and be done with it. How you set it up is totally up to you. If you already have a personal blog consider adding a banner towards the bottom or on the side bar. Every little bit helps.

eBooks are a nice way to get the word out about little earners. In fact it’s what I’m doing with this eBook. It takes a bit of knowhow, but anyone can do it. Really, you can with a little research and time. It does take time. I’ve spent days on this eBook alone. You can upload an eBook to your blog or onto free ebook sites. The key is to offer the book for free. No one wants to pay for information they can find for free online.


Make Time Count

Don’t invest more time than the payout is worth. I can’t say this enough. Make time count for you. Work the sites that payout the best for you. That means looking at how long you spend on the site and how much you earn during that time.

This doesn’t mean cross the other sites off your list completely. It just means prioritizing the sites that payout the best for you. Make a list and go from top to bottom.


  • iRazoo – 65 points in 10 mins.
  • MintVine – 5 points in 1 min. ( just the poll if you don’t have time for surveys)
  • TellWut – 30 points in 10 mins. (50 if you create a survey that day)
  • PaidViewPoint – 20 cents in 5 mins.
  • GrabPoints – 20 points in 15 mins.
  • SwagBucks – 10 points in 15 mins.


Using this example I would first go to iRazoo and then MintVine and continue down the list, ending with SwagBucks. This lets you hit the more profitable sites first. That way if you run out of time for the Daily Do then you won’t be losing as much profit.

This process takes time but is well worth doing. You’ll see your payouts more often once you’ve gotten your list worked out. I promise.



They tried to teach it to us when we were kids and we in turn try to teach it to our children. Patience is a big factor in little online earners. You may not see a payout for a while with some of these sites. That’s okay. It’s just side money, not bill or food money.

If you don’t have patience then the Daily Do isn’t for you.

However if you can look at these sites and the earnings as a reward then you may be able to hold up to the test of time. Look at the building of points/bucks/credits as a savings account. It’s there and it’s going to be money in your virtual hand once you reach that payout.

Don’t put an important purpose to this money. That’s just going to drive you crazy. This is extra money and takes time to build up.

Good Luck!

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Daily Do: Lil Earners Online (Part 2)
April 19, 2018



This is a long lasting and very trusted website that has a quality history of payouts. I’ve been with this site for years and it was the first site to make it to my daily do list. SwagBucks offers a few ways for you to make money.


The first thing you’ll see after signing up is the very large offer wall. The front page of the site once you’ve signed in is filled with offers that let you earn points for signing up to other sites or for taking free and paid offers. These offers come in almost every flavor and if you do choose to take any of the offers you’ll be paid your bucks for completing it.

The down side to these offers is pretty clear. You’re not always going to want to sign up to a lot of other websites and if you’re trying to make money chances are you’re not looking to spend money. So be picky about the offers. If you see an offer than you honest are interested in or need go for it. If not then pass it by.


Most little earning sites offer surveys as a way to earn points. You can earn SwagBucks right from the start by filling out personal surveys about yourself, family and likes/dislikes. After those surveys are complete you can start taking surveys for as little as 15 SwagBucks upwards to 120 SwagBucks. All the surveys range in topic and payout.

The down side to surveys are they take time. If you have the time and are quick going through all the questions it’s well worth a little extra time, but if you’re crunched for time this might not be the best choice to earn the majority of your SwagBucks.


You can earn 1 to 4 SwagBucks for watching videos in one sitting. I have seen lists that payout 6 SwagBucks. All you have to do is watch a video until the timer runs out, click go to next page/video and repeat. You’ll have to sit through as few as 3 videos or as many as 12+ videos before you can your SwagBucks.

If you don’t have a lot of data or if keeping an eye on the timer is tricky this might not be the best option for you.

There is also an app you can download called SwagBucks TV. This app will play through videos and after so many you earn a couple of SwagBucks. Not a bad deal if you’re just sitting in the doctor’s office or a waiting room somewhere that has free WiFi.

Daily Poll

It’s only worth a single SwagBuck, but that’s a SwagBuck. If you head over to SwagBucks go ahead and claim that puppy.

Web Search

By using SwagBucks’s search engine you can win Bucks at random it seems, but if you do a lot of surfing online it’s an easy way to mix earning with pleasure.


Almost every holiday and season SwagBucks puts on a site wide challenge. Users are split into two groups and the group that earns the most SwagBucks during a given time wins extra SwagBucks. To earn those extra SwagBucks you do have to earn a set number of points or your team. If you’re on the site anyway why not join in the fun for a chance to earn a little extra.


Play and earn! One of my favorite ways to earn points/bucks/credits is by playing browser games. If you’re anything like me you can get caught up in simple games for hours just to blow time or fend off boredom. Play a few rounds, earn SwagBucks. It’s that simple.


You earn bucks through the site which are then exchanged for gift cards or a payout through PayPal. The gift cards range from Amazon and WalMart to restaurants. For a PayPal payout of $25 you’ll need to have 2,500 SwagBucks. This means a 1000 SwagBucks is worth $10.




I really like this site. It’s simple and has a payout of just $10. There are only three ways to earn points on MintVine, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to earn.


Just like other sites MintVine has an offer wall. You can sign up for the offers if they interest you or you can pass them by.


This is the big money maker on MintVine. You head over to Survey Street and start trying to qualify for surveys. If you qualify you get paid your points after completing the survey. The points will be pending for a few weeks. However you still earn at least 5 points for just trying to qualify. You’ll sometimes earn 30 points for being an Ace.

Daily Polls

Once you’re signed in you’ll see the daily poll on the bottom right corner. Complete that poll every day for 5 points. If you complete a poll streak of 10 polls in 10 days you’ll earn an extra 25 points. I won’t lie. The poll streaks are how I make most of my points on this site. I don’t always have time to do the surveys, but I still manage to earn a payout once a month or so.


You’ll need PayPal for this one (or you can go for a gift card for Tango and participating retailers.) They also offer a payout through Dwolla, but I know nothing about this site/company. Once you reach 1000 points you’ll see a button below your earnings offering to Redeem. Just click the redeem button and follow the instructions. 1000 points = $10.




PaidViewpoint is another proven payout that I’ve been using for years. There are only two ways to earn on this site and it can take some time to build up to your payout. A big plus to this site is there aren’t a lot of pages you have to click through to find your stuff.

Trait Survey

This is an almost daily survey that adds 10 cents to your balance. It also increases your Trait score. The trait score goes up to 10,000 and the higher that score is the more likely you are to get other surveys.


The trait score is used to assign surveys to your account. Surveys range in payout from 50 cents to a few dollars. When you sign in you’ll see instantly if there is a survey waiting for you.


You can get a payout as soon as you get $15. It pays out to PayPal only and you’ll have to confirm the payout through your phone. This means if you change your phone number you’ll have to change it on the site. There is a waiting period for payout after you change your phone number.


That’s it for this part. Stay tuned for 3 more lil earning sites in Part 3

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InboxDollars A Great Site to Earn
April 19, 2018

Inbox Dollars is a popular earning site. It is a proven paying site and has a great reputation with its users. Through their site you’ll find a number of ways for you to earn. With just a few minutes a day the cash adds up, but putting more time into the site will increase your earnings.

Ways to earn on Inbox Dollars

I suggest mixing up the different ways to earn. For me the emails, videos and surveys are my main way of earning, but give it all a try and find what’s most profitable for you.

  • Paid to read Emails – Paying out .02 per email you read these emails just require a click to verify. I average from 4 to 6 emails a day.
  • Paid Surveys – These vary in earnings  but I have bagged surveys worth .75 and seen others that pay $2
  • Paid to Watch Videos – Here you can earn up to .02 for each videos watched  You can watch up to 20 videos a day.
  • Win with Scratch and Earn – You can win up to a $100 with their new scratch off style game.
  • Earn with Referrals – Have your friends join and you can earn 10% of their earnings. For every dollar they earn you get a bonus .10!
  • Earn with the Blog – This new feature is a mystery to me, but the site said you could pocket up to $30 dollars with their blog option. (Gonna have to look into this one more)

Cash Out : Its all about the money

Inbox Dollars pays out through check only. You can request a payout once you reach $30 and  and you earn $3 once you have cashed out!

They have many more ways to earn. I love it and I am sure you will too. Give it a try today at InboxDollars.com


Disclaimer: I’ve been with this site for years and earn 6 checks or so a year. The more time you put into the site the more you’ll earn.






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The Daily Do: Lil Earners Online (Part 1)
April 19, 2018


Okay, first off; you’re not going to make anywhere near a living wage off these websites. These sites really are “Little Online Earners” and you can start a nice Holiday fund or a rainy day fun with them. However, you’re not going to get rich using these sites and you shouldn’t put in full time hours trying to.

You CAN find online jobs that do provide a living wage. Getting those jobs depends on your skills and abilities, but this eBook isn’t about that. We’re here to talk about little earners that only take up a few minutes of your day at a time.

The benefits of these little earners are numerous. Like I said above you can start a rainy day fund, but really the money can be used for anything. Tuck the money away for a special treat from time to time. You could also save th

e money to go on that long overdue vacation. That’s the joy of these little earners.

It’s Extra Money.

Through the following chapters I’ll give a brief rundown of each site, money making tips and a few must do’s for prep work before you get started.

So let’s get started!


Prep Work Must Do’s


You are going to be using your email to sign up for these online earning sites. That means these sites will have your email address to send you notifications and offers. That’s okay. It’s just part of the business. This does mean that your inbox could easily get flooded, making it hard to spot more important emails from work, family and friends.

To avoid all the inbox chaos all you have to do is create an email address just for your online earning sites. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Most free email hosting sites will work. Below is a list of free email sites you can sign up for.

  • Gmail.com
  • Yahoo.com
  • Inbox.com



Almost every site in this eBook offers payouts through PayPal. Those that don’t offer a check or Visa Gift Card. Through PayPal you’ll have the most options to use the money you earn. PayPal offers bank linking so you can transfer money to your account. There is also a PayPal app that allows you to pay in store with your phone directly from your PayPal account.

Sign up for PayPal account using the same email address you use to sign up for the online earning sites. This will make it easier to keep up with everything and keep your personal email address more private. If you already have a PayPal account go ahead and setup a second one. You can always transfer money from the new account into your primary account. Plus, transferring money from one account to another is free if you choose the “Send Money to Family and Friends” option.


Profile Picture

It might not seem that important but it really is. The cyber world has grown attached to profile pictures. It offers the user an identity and gives other users an image to place with someone. While these earning sites don’t really have a big community, if they have one at all, it’s important to have a profile picture uploaded. Some sites payout credits or points just for uploading the profile image.

It’s a good idea not to put up an actual picture of yourself on these sites. I haven’t heard of anyone being targeted or recognized because of profile pictures, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

Instead find a free image online and make it yours. It could be a picture of a cute cat or a spying wolf or even just a funny little image of whatever. You can pick one at random or give it some thought so that it shows a bit of your personality. It’s up to you.

Here are a few free image sites you can find free images:

  • Pixabay.com
  • Free Stock Photos.com
  • Stock Free Images.com


Log It

Yep, I recommend logging the work you do on these sites. This may seem like more work than you’re willing to do for little online earners, but it helps. Believe me.

It really doesn’t matter how you do this. Use a notebook, Excel or some other spread sheet program. As long as you have the sites you sign up for wrote down somewhere.

Spend a few weeks or a month working on these sites. When you get a payout log it. If you find a new site and sign up for it log it. If you have trouble remembering emails and passwords log them too. This will help you keep track of everything in one place.

Logging your payouts will also help you keep track of which sites work best for you. Not everyone is going to earn the same amounts on these sites. You may prefer making the extra money watching videos or you may do more surveys. The earnings are going to differ and if a site just isn’t worth your time you shouldn’t put more time into it.


Little Earning Sites

  • SwagBucks
  • MintVine
  • PaidViewPoint
  • TellWut
  • GrabBucks
  • iRazoo


That’s a list of six sites you can sign up for and earn extra money. I use every one of these sites to differing degrees. They have all played a part in my rainy day fund. I’ve also used them as a Holiday Fund too. I managed to tuck away a little more than $200 in less than three months for gifts one year while I was still working my full time job. (Note: That took a good bit more time than my current hour a day)

Each one is different and offers several ways to make pocket money.

I’ll include a reference link or code with each site. That code or link means that when you sign up I sent you to the site. Those will be explained a bit later, but I do ask that you use my code or link if you do sign up for these sites. It puts a little more money in my pocket without taking any from you. Some of the sites even reward you for using a reference code.

So thanks in advance! 🙂

Tune in later for Pt 2!

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House to Probe $17m Payment to Abacha Loot Recovery Lawyers

• Says Buhari yet to seek appropriation for $1bn withdrawal for security equipment

James Emejo in Abuja

The House of Representatives thursday passed a resolution requesting President Muhammadu Buhari to suspend the payment of $17 million or any part thereof to some Nigerian lawyers for the recovery of the funds from the late military Head of State, General Sani Abacha, from the Swiss Government pending investigation on the matter.

The House also said it was yet to receive any communication from the president requesting approval to spend the sum of $1 billion, which he recently approved for the purchase of weapons to fight insurgency in the country from the Excess Crude Account (ECA).

It further okayed the setting up of an Ad-hoc Committee to investigate the circumstances surrounding the engagement of some Nigerian lawyers, namely: Oladipo Okpeseyi (SAN) and Temitope Adebayo, for a fee of $16.9 million (about N6 billion), when the actual work had been concluded by Mr. Enrico Monfrini, who was paid by the Nigerian Government for the recovery of the sum of $321 million part of the Abacha loot from Luxembourg.

It said the proposed committee should determine whether due process was followed and report back within six weeks for further legislative action.

The resolution of the House followed a motion sponsored by Hon. Mark Gbillah (APC, Benue) on the need to investigate the proposed payment of $17 million to lawyers by the Attorney General of the Federation for the recovery of ‘Abacha Loot’.

Essentially, the lawmaker said one Enrico Monfrini, a Swiss lawyer was engaged by the Nigerian Government since 1999 to work on recovering the Abacha loot for which the sum of $321 million was a part of the job and had finished the Luxembourg leg of the job since 2014 when Mohammed Bello Adoke was the Attorney-General of the Federation.
He said: “Mofrini had since been paid by the federal government for his legal services for the recovery of the money which was then domiciled with the Attorney-General of Switzerland pending the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Nigeria to avoid the issues of accountability around previous recoveries.”

Gbillah said: “All that was left was the signing of the MoU which is a government-to- government communication for the money to be repatriated to Nigeria.

“The Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami (SAN), had curiously engaged the services of another set of Nigerian lawyers in 2016, namely: Oladipo Okpeseyi(SAN) and Temitope Adebayo, for a fee of $16.9 million (about N6 billion), without due process.”

According to him, “Both lawyers had worked for President Buhari’s Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), a legacy party of the All Progressives Congress (APC) when Malami was the legal adviser of CPC.
“The terms of the agreement reached with Mofrini for the recovery clearly spelt out that no other lawyer would be engaged for the return of the money to Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, the House yesterday said it was yet to receive any communication from President Buhari requesting approval to spend the sum $1 billion, which he recently approved for the purchase of weapons to fight insurgency in the country.

The spokesman of the House, Hon. Abdulrasaq Namdas, told journalists at the weekly briefing that the money must be appropriated by the National Assembly before it is spent.

He said the fund would be accommodated in the 2018 budget if parliamentary approval is sought on good time before the budget is passed, else it could be captured in next year’s budget.

He said: “At the moment, there’s no communication in respect to that.”
Namdas also assured that the resolve of the House to pass the 2018 budget this month remained sacrosanct as efforts are in top gear.

He said: “We will do everything humanly possible to ensure we pass it in April. We’ve reached an advanced stage and we’ll lay it and approve it.”

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