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What is the Investment Value of Bitshares
September 19, 2018

What is Bitshares

BitShares (bts cryptocurrency) is a global decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, and Bitcoin users in any country in the world can conduct cryptocurrency transactions in Bitcoin Wallet.

Bitshares is a global decentralized stock exchange and de-sinitized asset custody. It allow individuals and companies to issue their own assets in the BitShares system.

Bitcoin is a global cryptocurrency payment system with its own transfer function.

Bitcoin is a decentralized bank that can be borrowed by mortgage BTS tokens in the BitShares system.

Bitcoin is the infrastructure of blockchain finance and is dedicated to the use of innovative blocks of bitshares in every industry of the Internet, such as banks, stock exchanges, lotteries, music, auctions, etc.


Advantages of Bitshares

1.The transfer speed of Bitshares is fast

2.Bitcoin invented its own digital asset Smartcoin and solved the exchange rate risk of cross-border payment

3.Bitshares system can issue its own assets through smart contracts, the bitshares market is large

4.The BitShares system can recharge and withdraw RMB, USD, EUR, etc., but need to pass the acceptor.

5.Bitshares have the attributes of currency.

6.Bitshares will not go out of business, the BitShares system only needs 2 computers and the network can run automatically.

7.Bitshares account is a very important innovation


Disadvantage of Bitshares

There is no large-scale enterprise entry yet. This is an important direction for the BitShares community to make efforts to change in the future. As long as more enterprise-level applications can be realized, more users will join and continue to use the smart contracts and transfer of the BitShares system. The value of the BTS token will be reflected and the bitshares price will increase.


The Core Value of Bitshares

1.By pledge BTS tokens to anchor actual assets such as BITCNY, BIYEUR, BITUSD, etc. and can achieve 1:1 exchange, it can better solve the exchange rate risk of cross-border remittance.


2.Bitshares can issue assets in the bitshare system. For example, companies can issue shares of their own companies, and they can borrow from mortgage assets, such as borrowing digital assets BITCNY, BIYEUR, BITUSD, etc.


Bitshares transfer is fast, 3 seconds per transaction is confirmed, 100,000 transactions per second can be processed, commercial-grade applications can be realized, users have enough demand to complete more scene transactions in the system, and the anchor is strengthened. It can be said to be a better payment system, and it is no longer a simple payment system for small commodities, but a transaction management system for digital assets.

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