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Latest Bitcoin News for Analyzing Bitcoin Development
September 29, 2018

At the end of 2017, bitcoin prices soared to $20,000, followed by a plunging trend. The current bitcoin price usd has been hovering around $6,500. Many people want to know if bitcoin prices are likely to return to $20,000. Whether bitcoin is a bubble or not. There are various sayings on the Internet, and I personally have doubts, so I want to find answers by long-term analysis of some authoritative news or Information about Bitcoin. So for the next period of time, I will focus on Bitcoin news.


1.Bitcoin’s monthly trading volume has surpassed Germany’s largest exchange

On Friday this week, according to Crypto Times, Bitcoin trading volume in a single month has surpassed Germany’s largest stock exchange-Deutsche Borse’s monthly trading volume, you can check the bitcoin trading price if you are interested. Ethereum trading volume in a single month is at the same level as Australia’s largest stock exchange. And the trading volume of Tether (USDT) is a single month has exceeded Switzerland’s largest stock exchange. In addition, the total amount of cryptocurrency transactions in a single month reached $386 billion, far exceeding the London Stock Exchange’s $140 billion and surpassing the single-month trading volume of the two largest stock exchanges in Europe.


This is not only a good news for Bitcoin, but also a good news for the entire cryptocurrency market. The encryption market has been in a bear market for a long time. This good bitcoin news seems to have made investors who have long been in a bear market see glimmers of hope.


2.American authoritative dictionary publishing agency added the word bitcoin to SCRABBLE

According to the news on Tuesday this week, Globe Swire, the US authoritative book publisher Merriam-Webster launched The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary, the sixth edition of this dictionary, and there are 300 new words were added into it, one of them is “Bitcoin”.


Although this news does not involve information directly related to the rise in bitcoin prices, this news is sufficient to show that the popularity of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is going to be higher and higher in the future, and even become an indispensable element of everyone’s daily life, which reflects the potential value of Bitcoin.


3.Goldman Sachs and Google raise $25 million for a bitcoin payment company

Bitcoin payment network startup Veem claimed on Thursday this week that Goldman Sachs and GV became the main investors in its $25 million new round of financing, and other people involved in the investment also include Kleiner, Perkins, Silicon Valley Bank, Trend Forward Capital and Pantera Capital.


In the process of talking to the teacher Forbes, Veem CEO Marwan Forzley confirmed that it has successfully completed a new round of financing-$25 million, the most attractive since the company first started financing in May 2015. At a time.

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