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Bitcoin.com Will Launch an Exchange Based on BCH?
October 16, 2018

Here is the BCH news¬†about that Roger Ver said in an interview: “Bitcoin.com plans to launch its own exchange.” He also said that Bitcoin cash will become the base currency of the exchange. He hopes to increase the adoption rate of BCH in this way.


Regarding the cryptocurrency trading platform, Roger Ver said that he is still in the early stages of the plan because he has not yet decided whether to build it internally or to seek a platform that is already running. And he revealed that Bitcoin wallet users can use Bitcoin cash payments in every major US business in the future, such as Walgreens, Walmart, and other major businesses. So what impact does Bitcoin.com launch on the BCH-based trading platform for BCH cryptocurrency?


  1. Increase the number of BCH users

Bitcoin.com, as an older and longer-term cryptocurrency website in the cryptocurrency industry, has accumulated a large number of users. If its trading platform is based on BCH, it will cause more people to py attention to BCH. At the same time, this move also provides a lot of convenience for BCH holders, strengthening the confidence of BCH supporters in BCH.


  1. Improve the Liquidity of BCH

The trading platform itself is a very large traffic area, and the support of more trading platforms will also help to improve the liquidity of bitcoin cash trading. For cryptocurrencies, liquidity is a major reference for market support. The increase in BCH liquidity will drive it to occupy more market share, and the increase in market share will promote BCH to survive and develop better.


  1. Easy to use

At present, although BCH has obtained support from many trading platforms, it is mainly a trading platform based on fiat currency transactions and BTC transactions. The number of trading platforms based on BCH is still in the minority. If Bitcoin.com really launches a trading platform based on BCH, this will reduce the user’s dependence on BTC. Users can bypass BTC to obtain BCH and use BCH, which is helpful for the long-term development of BCH and bitcoin cash value.


  1. Improve the status of BCH

At present, the transactions supported by major trading platforms are mainly based on fiat currency transactions pairs or bitcoin transaction pairs. If the number of trading platforms based on BCH is increased, it will cause the market to pay attention to BCH, there will be more trading platforms to support BCH trading pairs, and BCH’s position in many cryptocurrencies will also be improved.


For Bitcoin cash, what is most needed to do with BTC and ETH is to expand its ecology and attract more users and businesses. Improvements in these basic services are also a means of attracting users. When the infrastructure supporting BCH is increasing, providing users with enough convenience to use BCH, the number of users supporting BCH will gradually increase. Merchants and enterprises will also choose to support BCH in order to obtain more users, thus promoting the gradual growth of the bitcoin cash ecology.


Roger Ver is an early supporter of Bitcoin. When many people have never heard of Bitcoin, he uses his own actions to support Bitcoin, which is enough to prove his business vision. Now he is fully committed to supporting BCH, which also shows that the potential of BCH is endless. So as BCH gains more support, I think BCH will have a bright future.

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