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List of writing sites that pay you
April 1, 2017

List of legit writing sites to make money

Here is the list of writing sites that paid lots of members for year


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Expertscolumn.com is writing site, that pay you through payza and paypal. You choose which one you like

you need to write a post of  300, post about anything; food, school, university art, health, cooking, recipes, list of how to, diy things, and anythings that comes you think of.

Though the sites good but the earning is so low, they take most of the revenue, though its revenue sharing, but its not really sharing and they take more than you take though you write the post and share it and post it, invite friends to like and share in any social media usch as facebook and more.

literacybase.com is the good and best than the above site, this site depend on your writing more than the view, write nice post and post it, then share, they pay you when you reach $10 which you can reach it in week time if you work nicely daily.

literacybase is not old site for me, but heard lots of good things about it and heard many members got apid in here, so I do encourage all the people to join here and soon I will tell my self if its pays or no as I will get my payment in a month maybe. but you need to write really as nothing for free, make money online writing, earn money with posts

I wrote in the past for many sites and some got close and took the money with them, its so annoying to make money and then the site take it

Write for these two sites and you will be getting your payment on time, for literacybase not sure I did not got my payment yet, but expertscolumn you are going to need to spend 4 months or more if you write daily for hours.

    1. Hello you mention Expertscolumn.com takes 4 months? Have you been paid there then?

    2. Hi, yes I was paid years ago, but I stop it now since it takes long time to get paid

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