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He was Born April Fool’s Day

Photo shows my grandchild, the son of my niece who gave birth on April Fool’s Day. Today is the son’s first birthday. He is the youngest member of our big, big family.
He was born with pneumonia, and we were so worried during that time because he could hardly breath and he had to be given some oxygen treatment, and nebulizer.

I pitied the child, because his face would darken whenever he cries, apparently he had a hard time breathing. Even during the first few months, till he was about six months old, we could hear his hard breathing especially when he cries. He had intermittent sleep because of that condition.

The pediatrician also recommended a special kind of infant milk, one that does not cause allergy because of his asthmatic condition. It was a precious baby milk, and because his parents are not rich, they could hardly meet the needs of their three children. It was good my sister is helping them financially from her monthly pension, being a retired teacher.

April Fool’s Day Birthday

April Fool’s Day is considered by many as a “joke day!” Though it is not so famous in our country unlike in the European or western countries, it is recognized here as a day of “jokes.”

Locally, it can be compared to our observance of “Ninos Inocentes” or “Holy Innocent’s Day,” which is celebrated every December 28, three days after Christmas Day. People used to crack jokes on their friends, or play tricks on them.

But today, April 1, our family is happy because our grandson turned one year old, and he succeeded over that health problem when he was born. It was no joke for parents to bear the brunt of having a sickly child, more so if they are not financially well -off.

Now the grandson is so healthy, and he apparently outgrew that asthmatic condition. Thanks God, he is very healthy and very active boy. For this, his parents will not worry about April Fool’s Day, but they will always welcome it.

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    1. What a beautiful grandchild! You are so blessed! 🙂

    2. Thanks, Treathyl FOX. Yes he is such a cute little boy now!

    3. Birth of a child is a thing which should be a natural processes according unless of course for medical reasons. I am happy that the child is now healthy and it a big relief for the child and and the family. It is a great battle with health condition which the family has fought and overcame. Wish him many such Happy Birthday’s. If the same child when he grows up and becomes a big shot then no one will make any fun about the child or the date on which he was born.

      As my take on this there are 365 days in a year and each day is unique and has its own significance. So all days have to be respected equally. So should be people born on those days. I am happy he is healthy and having a great day. At the end of the day that is the most important thing which one wants in life. Don’t you agree?

      • Thank you Krishna Kumar. Yes, any day of the year is important, and it only so happened that there is such a date people of the West considered as a “joke” day.

    4. happy that your baby have a healthy child now, fool april things is not something that we like, we used to when we were kids but now we dont bother about it. hope he grow happy and find your happiness in him too, that is the most important in east or west and bless him how nice he look sleepy like that

    5. Congrats for having a healthy grandson this time that he is one year old.That was so crucial to your family having always seen the boy in bad health. It is not all the time clouds appear in our lives, most of the time bright sun with colored rainbows to delight our days all year round.


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