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Best and Sweet 16 Birthday Party Idea

The 16th Birthday for most young girls is a very special birthday. It is one that should be made memorable and there are many ways in which this can be accomplished. If you are like many moms and dads out there you might be a bit challenged is to exactly how to make that birthday stand out above and beyond the rest, especially in light of what seems to be competing and often escalating birthday celebrations. Keep reading for some excellent birthday party ideas to make your daughter’s day shine.

While there are many friends that your daughter will have and many Sweet 16 parties she will attend you want to make her birthday party a little bit unique. For this reason there are several party ideas that will be mentioned below. You can elaborate on one theme or mix and match a few themes that capture your attention. Regardless any of these themes should be a little something special to make the day, or evening, a special event full of fond memories for your teen.

Throw a masquerade ball. This allows everyone to dress in costumes, dance, drink punch, and have a ball, figuratively of course. This can be a lot of fun and you can even have those in attendence make their own masks for the grand event even if you choose not to use costumes and go a little less formal. Use plenty of balloons to set the stage and make the evening quite an event.

You can have a spa event for an all girls sweet 16. This event would include having facials, pedicures, makeovers, and a great chick flick for the evening, followed, of course by copious amounts of Haagen-Dazs(r). A great way to do this is by approaching your favorite home party plan representative from a company such as Mary Kay or Beauty Control for the spa portion of the party (be sure to invite parents and have friends bring money to buy their favorite products). It’s a great way to get a makeover inexpensively and learn about proper application of cosmetics and which colors suit your needs.

If these ideas aren’t appealing, how about a Surf’s Up Sweet 16? Even if you aren’t near a beach you may discover that you can bring the feeling of the beach to your own back yard. Be sure to have surfboards to set the theme and plenty of tikki types of decorations and some excellent surfing music. You could take the event one step further and make it a luau. Use your imagination and make it an event to remember.

Make your Sweet 16 a Red Carpet Event. This is a great idea for a birthday party. It allows all your friends to make a grand entrance, that you can record with a video or digital camera in their beautiful dresses (you can go semiformal if finances are a concern), and can make great scrapbooks that everyone can take home if you have a computer, scanner, and printer at home. Don’t forget to create Oscar worthy goodie bags with great little gifts from the local party supply store or Bath and Body works. It’s a lot of fun as far as parties go and may be a little something new and different among friends.

There really is no one way that is right or wrong for celebrating your daughter’s Sweet 16. The important thing is that you create a budget and plan your party theme to fit within the scope of your budget. Even with limited funds you can have an excellent birthday bash for your teen on her sixteenth. The ideas above are a great place to start. Hopefully you will take one of these ideas and make it your own or at the very least have jump-started a few new and different ideas to add to your growing list of hits, near hits, and misses. You may just have the one hit that will make your daughter’s eyes light up.

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Hollywood Birthday Party Theme for Teens

Hollywood is source of seemingly infinite fascination with teens. They are constantly looking to Hollywood for fashion tips, entertainment, and, far too often, advice and guidance when it comes to daily life. The good news is that while Hollywood may not be the theme you want your teens carrying around with them every day it makes for a great birthday party theme if you are inventive, creative, and can find the good in everything.

There are plenty of events in Hollywood that set the stage for elaborate and very fun birthday party events that will impress even the most cynical of teens and have their friends talking for weeks to come. Your teen’s birthday may even become the birthday event of the year if you plan carefully and put the full power of your creativity into play for the big event. Remember however, that whatever you plan must be somewhat flexible as teens are also notorious for putting bumps into what would otherwise be a smooth ride.

One great Hollywood theme that is often a joy for teen parties, especially among teen girls is the idea of an awards show. This includes the proverbial Red Carpet, plenty of photo ops, and a dress code that is quite formal (this should be noted in the invitations). It is all in good fun however and you do love your children right? Besides, the planning of an event such as this can prove a worthy challenge. You can use glittery star nameplates to indicate seating, have the “Oscar Room” decorated elegantly with a white table clothe and fine china, and have cameras flashing throughout the event to record important moments. Don’t forget the completely “Oscar worthy” goody bag. Great ideas to fill this bag include items for facials, manicures, pedicures, a photo frame for the fabulous photos you will be sending home, and an autograph “scrapbook” in which you can all work to create a scrapbook of the evening with photographs and autographs.

Diva dinner. This idea for a glamorous Hollywood themed birthday is a little more irreverent than the notion of an Oscar party, which might make it a little more entertaining. This is also the sort of party that is best left to girls rather than attempting to include girls and guys. When your guests arrive dressed to impress you will hand out feather boas and sunglasses that are worthy of Hollywood (be fun and think “Glam”). You will want to have plenty of photo ops throughout the evening so be sure to have cameras at the ready and create a backdrop for more formal photos of all the divas together or any diva to take with the birthday diva. You can all get together to make photo frames and bring your photo with the birthday girl or the group en masse home with you when the party ends.

Over the years Hollywood has brought many laughs, tears, sighs, and sobs into our homes. It makes perfect sense that teens are so fascinated with the comings and goings of people in this very unique city. Bringing the glitz and glam of a Hollywood birthday party into your home for a night, or even a weekend is a great way to make your teen a very happy teen but more importantly it is a while it’s fun on occasion to have all the attention that the lights of Hollywood can bring it’s even better to have friends and family who love you.

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A Casino Night to Remember Birthday Party
Vedic Math Trick- Predicting A Person’s Birthday Photo credit- https://pixabay.com/en/birthday-cake-candles-sweet-669973/

Life is a gamble. What better way to celebrate that gamble than by rolling the dice or playing cards all night? A great casino night is definitely a lot of fun to be had by all. You can choose. Of course you will not be able to use real money for this but can allow each guest their own set of chips or monopoly money to play with for the evening and have fun prizes for the winners and funny parting gifts for those who do not fare so well. The important thing is that you are celebrating the great gamble that life really is in the perfect style for doing so.

Whether you go for a grand James Bond Style Casino event complete with tuxedos and a full and flowing bar or go for a more tropical sort of casual casino theme it is important that the music and drinks flow freely and that everyone has the opportunity to have a great time. Great decorations for your casino night will differ according to the style of casino you are attempting to incorporate. Needless to say gaming tables, a roulette wheel, and lots of dice are sure to please your guests as great party décor. Otherwise go with the sub theme of your party.

Be sure to let your guests know if there is a dress code for the evening when sending out invitations. You may purchase your invitations online quite easily or print your own. Again you will want to go with the method that works best with the theme of the Casino birthday party you are throwing. If it’s an over the hill sort of birthday party you might want to make the invitations humorous with some sort of reference to the fact that lighting the candles on the cake may be a gamble in and of itself. Remember to let your invitations begin the party theme and work from there to build things up.

On the big night you can raid your local party supply store or an online party supply shop for all sorts of gambling related decorations. From fuzzy dice to oversized cardboard cards and hundreds of things in between you can go as elegant as you’d like with your casino night birthday party or go for some of the more ‘party’ themed casino settings that you will find as well. You are only limited by your imagination and personal tastes when it comes to properly decorating for your casino birthday party. With that in mind, make the decorations as fun or as elegant as you can stand.

As for the food, what sort of self respecting casino wouldn’t have a grand buffet prepared. Display your food buffet style and if possible have a catering staff circulating with drinks throughout the room. For your casino night birthday party finger foods are the best. Shrimp cocktail, crab puffs, petit fours, cocktail sausages, meatballs, sausage rolls, pigs in blankets, dips with appropriate bread and crackers, finger sandwiches, and any other great finger food you can think of. Another great addition to your buffet table would be a chocolate fountain with plenty of marshmallows, pretzels, and fruits to cover.

You will want to be sure to have appropriate casino sound effects. While it isn’t possible to have a wall full of slot machines, at least not in my neck of the woods, you can get the slot machine sound effect for a more realistic feeling in your casino or you could skip the slots and keep this a table games only section with great music overhead. The choice is yours and the sky is the limit.

Be sure to take plenty of photographs in order to create a scrapbook of the grand event. Not only will this help preserve your own memories of the evening but it also makes a great gift for the guests who have shared moments in your life and make the gamble worthwhile.

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April is My Mother’s Birth Month; I Miss Her

April is the birth month of my mother, and I missed her so much. She was gone, six years ago!

My mother was a very ideal woman, very loving and very industrious. She had raised us so well, though we were poor that time. She helped my father earned a living; at the same time,inculcated in us good virtues like love of work, being honest, loving and caring for those in need, and fear of God.

Very Religious Woman

I remembered during that time everyday after dinner, she will tell all of us to gather in front of our small altar at home, and we prayed the Holy Rosary. It was not merely praying, all of us were told to kneel with utmost respect, as we say the prayers.

After the Rosary, we will put the right hand of our father, and then our mother, in our foreheads as if we were asking for their blessings.

Every Sunday, she and my father always go to church to attend the Sunday Mass. Sometimes we were told to come along.

There were so many virtues that our mother showed and taught us. One is living simply within our means. I remembered she did not have to ask our richer relatives to help us, even from her mother, my grandmother, who was at that time have money from our grandfather’s pension as a World War II veteran.

My mother did not ask her mother to give her or to give her some inheritance like a piece of lot where we could had built a house. It was good my father was given a piece of land by his father (my grandfather).

Before she died, my mother lamented that her mother did not give her an inheritance, but it was given only to one of my uncles. But she did not raised that issue to my grandmother until she (grandmother) died.

A Very Industrious Woman

My mother was a very industrious woman. She wakes up at dawn to cook for us as we prepared to go to school. She would always made sure that our school clothes or uniforms were clean and well ironed. She was very neat woman. She did not waste time chatting or gossiping with neighbors. But she was very friendly, even to beggars who passed by our home to ask for food or alms.

Though we were also poor, she always have a caring attitude to other people who are poorer than us. She would give them spare food, sometimes used clothing to help them. Maybe that was her way of thanking God for the blessings for our family.

She Enjoyed Doing Crafts

I remembered my mother who do a lot of crafts during her spare time usually in the afternoon. She would do a lot of embroidery, so almost all of our pillows and blankets have embroidered flowers, usually a gumamela flower, like the avatar I am using for my writing sites now. At times, it would be a flock of ducks, some grasses, along with the flowers. She did all these even without a pattern, she embroidered straight without drawing the outline first.

Before she died, she gave me some of the pillowcases with ducks embroidered on it, and I was thinking of having it framed because it is something very valuable for me. Maybe I will just cut the embroidered portion and have it framed.

Now I realised maybe I inherited that genes, the love for crafting from her. This could be the reason I love to knit or to crochet. For me it is a work of art, just like my mother, whom I considered to be a good artist too. Her canvas was the clothes she embroidered on. She also loved to sew and darn clothes using our manual sewing machine.

At times she would recycle pieces of cloth and have it sewn together in a plastic sack or used sack to make a simple rug. It was so beautiful and colorful because she loved to use happy colors for her works. Her embroidered flowers were usually red, and green for the leaves.

I remembered, I had a big black umbrella which I was using in going to school, especially during rainy days, and she embroidered one panel of it with a red gumamela flower (hibiscus flower). It was bad, we have no camera that time, unlike today, so if I should had the photo of that embroidered umbrella!

Passing on the Good Virtues

These days, when I remember my mother, I always tell my children and my relatives about the nice virtues of my mother. It is through telling them her nice deeds that I want them to follow the good deeds she had done; her good principle in life of living honestly and living within her means.

It is a good virtue; the love of work, and nurturing one’s potentials, using time wisely like doing crafts during spare time. And the most important of it, is the love of God and caring for those in need.

Parents as Good Models

I am proud to say that my father and mother had been good role models for us, their children. Though they were poor, they urged all of us to finish our studies to have a better future ahead of us. We enrolled in public schools, and in college, many of us had scholarships from the government.

Children today are more fortunate. They do not have to walk to school, whether it is raining or the sun is shining hot. Our parents told us that education is the only inheritance they could give us. (Though they gave small lots to have our respected houses built).

And the most important inheritance they gave us were the good deeds, the good example they had shown us. They had no enemies, but so many friends. Until now, when we meet some of their acquaintances during that time, they had nothing but beautiful memories they had about my parents.

I am so happy to hear such good words about my mother, and also about my father, who were good role models when they were still alive.

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He was Born April Fool’s Day

Photo shows my grandchild, the son of my niece who gave birth on April Fool’s Day. Today is the son’s first birthday. He is the youngest member of our big, big family.
He was born with pneumonia, and we were so worried during that time because he could hardly breath and he had to be given some oxygen treatment, and nebulizer.

I pitied the child, because his face would darken whenever he cries, apparently he had a hard time breathing. Even during the first few months, till he was about six months old, we could hear his hard breathing especially when he cries. He had intermittent sleep because of that condition.

The pediatrician also recommended a special kind of infant milk, one that does not cause allergy because of his asthmatic condition. It was a precious baby milk, and because his parents are not rich, they could hardly meet the needs of their three children. It was good my sister is helping them financially from her monthly pension, being a retired teacher.

April Fool’s Day Birthday

April Fool’s Day is considered by many as a “joke day!” Though it is not so famous in our country unlike in the European or western countries, it is recognized here as a day of “jokes.”

Locally, it can be compared to our observance of “Ninos Inocentes” or “Holy Innocent’s Day,” which is celebrated every December 28, three days after Christmas Day. People used to crack jokes on their friends, or play tricks on them.

But today, April 1, our family is happy because our grandson turned one year old, and he succeeded over that health problem when he was born. It was no joke for parents to bear the brunt of having a sickly child, more so if they are not financially well -off.

Now the grandson is so healthy, and he apparently outgrew that asthmatic condition. Thanks God, he is very healthy and very active boy. For this, his parents will not worry about April Fool’s Day, but they will always welcome it.

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How to turn the children’s birthday into a memorable and meaningful event?
February 25, 2017

The children are so happy when their birthday is approaching, as this is one of the most important of the year to them.

As a parent, how to turn the children’s birthday to a memorable and meaning event, and mark another new milestone in the growing path of the child?

Here are some thoughts and sharing on the preparation and essential steps:

  1. Birthday cake. It is not necessary to have a birthday cake, it just depends on the custom or culture of the family. Some family might cook some long noodles for the children for birthday celebration and mark the milestone.


And, for some Chinese, the parent will cook two or one pair of eggs and colouring them in the red, symbolize to have a happy life forever. Two is a good sign too, meant won’t be alone in life.


However, for the modern parent, go and purchase a birthday cake is the one of the simple way for celebrating the children’s party.


But, the children need more than this.


  1. A gift. A gift that not only to fulfil the children’s desire or need, but it’s for his/her improvement and growing purpose. I will prefer to give the children some books that suits his/her age and able to help to learn more about the life.


  1. A birthday story. The parent should prepare the birthday story for the children. The children love to know more how and when they were given birth and the story when they were just a little kid, how they learnt to walk, what they like to eat when they were a baby.


They will know more about themselves via this opportunity. And, this helps to enhance the touching relationship between the child and parent.


  1. A birthday card. Tell the child how good is him/her, what are his/her strengths, and what are our expectation on him/her and what can be improved for the coming year.


Birthday is the big day for the children, but the parent should turn it into a memorable and meaning event!

Image: pixabay

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I Am Angry , Please Don’t Talk To Me !
January 31, 2017

This is again actually a throwback. I just would like to share this and get your insights on this.

That’s how I felt one time, when I got so angry at what my officemate did.

She didn’t tell me that in her monitoring sheet of all my paid leaves in her computer, she has already included the one-day birthday leave and applied an absent of mine to it.

Thus , I thought by December when my birthday comes , I still have that to enjoy .

I just came to know about it when I told her as we were sharing stories that on my birthday on December , I shall just spend it at home, to which she said I will be on no work, no pay already as I already consumed it.

“What !”, I burst! I told her that a birthday leave should only be consumed on the month of your birthday. And it’s what I always do and that is what boss wants all of us to do. Besides, when I file a leave I always state what kind of leave it will be and I know I haven’t stated that I am availing of my birthday leave since I know it’s not yet due.

Our boss doesn’t want anyone spending the birthday leave ahead of the month of one’s birthday. So how come she made it like that in our records.

I walked out and texted her to please don’t talk to me yet , which she did.

I got myself a glassful of cold water and drank it slowly. In a little while , I felt okay.

Then , I went to the sea deck and watched the calm sea and pacified myself.

When I went back to the office room, my officemate apologized and we talked about it. She promised not to practice it anymore and be more strict in implementing the birthday leave.

I made her understand that a birthday leave is only earned on the day of the birthday of the employee. This should be availed of on or after the birthday but within the month of it.

It’s so sad, though, that I have to take a leave on that birthday without pay, because it was already given to me without her telling me that I have no more paid leaves anymore.

So since then, she never let anyone avail of the birthday leave before the actual day of the birthday. She also informed everyone that if they don’t have paid leaves anymore, they cannot use the birthday leave yet unless it falls due already.

How would you react, if you were in my stead? Have I over-reacted?

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