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Continuation Moma and Patty Sue Talking
January 25, 2019

Patty Sue is holding the phone close to her ears and on the other end of the phone was the man of her dreams. He didn’t sound pleased though but Patty was focused because Patty looked directly at the receiver. She was listening to his voice and wanted to interrupt but didn’t. He seemed upset but whatever was the man on the other end of the phone upset about? Patty wanted to know but decided to listen further to what he had to say.

Patty Sue: “Spoke and said, Why such an angry voice? What happened?”

Fransco: “I’m a bit upset Patty Sue I’ve heard somethings and I ain’t pleased what I’ve heard.”

Patty Sue: “What’s been said they still saying mean things about me? They speaking nonsense they jealous that’s all.”

Fransco: “Patty Sue they’ve said the most upsetting things. I don’t know what to think.”

Patty Sue: “So ya believe what folks saying?”

Fransco: “They’re convincing Patty Sue. What they’ve tried to say could cause problems for so many.”

Patty Sue: “I ain’t tending to what the folks saying. They don’t dictate my “purpose.” Better listen to God.”

Fransco: “I sure do love ya but folks are saying some awful things and I ain’t satisfied about what’s said.” Nope!

Patty Sue: Fransco I have to attend to some business so I have to get off the phone now.”

Fransco: “Perhaps I’ll see ya soon Patty Sue.”

Patty Sue: “Perhaps.”

Moma: :What’s the matter dear child?” Ya sure do look distressed.”

Patty Sue: “Moma Fransco the man of my dreams was telling me that he heard folks saying awful things pertaining to me!”

Moma: “Patty Sue folks gone talk and they’ll lie perhaps they are jealous. Pray and keep moving forward.”

Patty Sue: “That’s what I’m going to do Moma. Yes indeed.”

Moma: “There’s tasks to complete and we’s got to finish.”

Patty Sue: “That’s right! We’s gone finish.”

The door opens and the neighbor Charles walks in.

Charles: “What ya’ll up to?”

Moma: “Charles we’s got some business to attend to. So we’s gone head into town.”

Patty Sue: “Yeah Charles coming?”

Charles: Nope! “I’s got to attend to some matters and I’m expecting company later.”

Patty Sue: “Okay Dokey”

Moma and Patty set off to head into town. Moma and Patty looked ahead there was a young man standing near the apple tree. Moma looked at the young man and wanted to ask him what he was doing standing next to the apple tree but decided to proceed to their “destination.” Finally both arrived and as Moma and Patty Sue walked into the shop a loud sound was heard nearby.

Moam: “Whatever happening in the store across the way?”

Patty Sue: “Don’t know Moma but sounds as though some troubles occurring there.”

Moma: “Anyway we’s have to move along because dark fall come fairly quickly.”

Patty Sue: “Indeed Moma we’s better gets to making things happen.”

Moma: “Yep!”

What else will occur while Moma and Patty Sue are into town? Have to stay tuned or perhaps wait to read what else happens while they’re away from home. It seems as though Patty Sue forgot what was said regarding Fransco. Doesn’t appear as though Patty Sue is worried what others are saying. Good! Moma and Patty Sue proceed to accomplish the goals.

Written by: Tanikka PaulkĀ 

Image Credited to Pixabay

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