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Legendry love story of Prince saleem and anarkali
March 22, 2017

I was watching mugle e azam movie on tv.It is a bollywood movie.It was based on love story of Prince saleem and Anarkali.Prince saleem was son of Mughal emperor Akbar.The legendry love story of Salim & Anarkali is story that every lover knows. It is one of most tragic love stories known to people. The Mughal prince Salim falling for courtesan Anarkali is kind of stuff that legends are made of. The relationship of Salim & Anarkali outraged Mughal emperor Akbar to extent that both father & son decided to go on war. However, as all great love stories are associated with disastrous ending, love affair of Salim & Anarkali did blossom, only to meet tragic fate. It has been rightly said that only those love stories are remembered which end in catastrophe, and such has been fortune of Salim & Anarkali.

We have read and watch movies on so many lovers.Examples romeo juliat.Heena Ranji and many more but Anarkali and saleem story is also a famouse and sad story.Sad beacuse,they did not meet in the end.
In Mughal e azam Madhubala played the role of Anarkali,who was also beautiful actress of that time.And dilip kumar played the role of Prince saleem.Movies was blockbuster at box office.It was the movie which change the era of bollywood.

The son of great Mughal emperor Akbar, Salim, fell in love with ordinary, but most beautiful courtesan Anarkali. And Anarkali was known for her dancing skills, & as much as for her beauty. Salim was mesmerized by her beauty & fell in love as soon as he saw her. But, emperor could not digest fact that his son was in love with an ordinary courtesan. Then He started pressurizing Anarkali & devised all sorts of tactics to make her fall in eyes of the young, love smitten prince. When Salim came to know of this,then he declared a war against his own father.

But mighty emperor’s gigantic army proved too much for young prince to handle. He was defeated & sentenced to death.

Sharf Un Nissa or Nadira Begum was a slave girl who migrated to the Lahore from Iran with trader’s caravan. A servant in royal harem of Mughal Emperor Akbar, & she was skilled singer & graceful dancer. One day when empress ordered her to sing for Emperor, she mesmerized him completely. & He was so captivated with her voice as well as the beauty that he entitled her with a suitable name of Anarkali Bud of a Pomogrenate.

Prince Salim future Jahangir & his legendary illicit love Anarkali Anarkali Emperor Akbar’s Concubine & Prince Salim’s Lover

Akbar fell prey to her beauty & even made her his concubine. She was slave and so was made a concubine, I am sure if should have been of blue blood, & Anarkali would have been suitable to become Emperor’s next queen. With her intelligence & beauty, Anarkali soon became Akbar’s favorite concubine. And Not many in the royal harem were pleased with Akbar’s love for her & soon women got jealous of her. However, it was not just her beauty that the captivated Akbar, it was the Anarkali’s ability too.

And Anarkali was greatly talented when it came to fine arts & this delighted Emperor who was great connoisseur of art himself. She was also skilled miniaturist & even painted in Lahore Palace. Historic records reveal that she was mother of Prince Daniyal, and Akbar’s second son after Prince Salim.

It is not secret that Prince Salim, son of Akbar & Harkha Bai was rude spoilt boy who spent most of his time in wine & women. Then he Fed up of his bad habits, Akbar had sent Prince Salim to army so that he could learn how to be good ruler. Following which he was brought back to kingdom.
It was month of April, spring was in year when Lahore was celebrating the Akhri Charshumba, second month of Islamic calendar.

And The royal family male members were getting reading for function. Sadqua, offering of all kinds were getting ready in gold plate with silver jowls of mustard oil & before offering the cold coins male members were seeing their face.

Salim too was offered plate & while seeing his reflection, the he saw beautiful Anarkali. this is how passionate love affair started.

Soon two met covertly in gardens of Lahore, expressing their love to each other. However, true love like fire can not be hidden for long time & tales of their love soon started circulating. One of jealous concubines then confronted news to Emperor.

At first emperor could not believe his ears & so he ordered his loyal eunuch to keep watch on two. The two lovers, & however, were not aware of the watching spy & continued their romance. And The eunuch soon confirmed news to Shahenshah who was furious with both, betrayal of his concubine and the treachery of his son. And so he resolved to give her exemplary punishment by sending Salim to another mission & punishing Anarkali brutally.

There are two entirely different versions of end of this beautiful woman.

First, she was taken to region near current Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore by Akbar’s guard men & buried alive in large ditch after strapping her to board of wood.

And in a second description of story illustrates that Emperor Akbar helped Anarkali run off from trench through series of secretive tunnels with her mother only with guarantee of Anarkali to disappear from Mughal Empire & never to return back. Thus it is not known whether Anarkali survived or nother. This was the version adopted for the famous bollywood movie Mughal e Azam

And Anarkali was 44 when she was having an affair with Prince Salim & he was 30. Prince Daniyal was 27 at that time, story however does not find any mention in Akbar Nama & Ain i Akbari for obvious reasons. And The name Anarkali has been immortalized in curious way in todays times.

And now Anarkali Salwar suits & dresses, popular as formal wear, owe their name to her.

How to know scam sale from legit sale
March 22, 2017

How to know scam sale from legit sale


real sale will have real good prices, do not to expect to pay lots of money for things on sale other wise it is not for sure sale, they are fooling you, they are bringing higher the old prices and give you another price as its sale price lots of shops here do that, they think that they thinking good and above us, but they are wrong sure.

we customers are wanted everywhere, in clotehs market, food market, restaurants, stores online and the world sure depend on us as clients.

to point out the real sale and fake sales, read more here and learn how to find it

first real sale will have low prices, good quality with lower prcies, the things that are on sale are the things that you saw before they start the sale; not that they bring new arrivals after the sale, that is false.

second, check the prices in more than three shops, the stores managers sometimes deal together to put same prices on the same products, so try to see more shops as for sure not all of them are going to agree on that deal, so you are going to benefit from it, as they say separate them to win

third do not agree on the price that is mentioned, try to talk them to have lower price, and be sure they are going to consider it, no shop will make and good selling if they do not earn from sale. these are few tips but it will help to save money on sale things and this economy do need that, try to rememeber the key to see more and more shops online or even in real

good luck with your shopping guys and gals too online and real virtual stores at the same times

Improper use of Social Networking Websites
March 21, 2017

We all are in some way addicted to Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Intagram, Whats app, Google plus and others like that. But these social networking websites does not do any good to us rather waste our time and that wasted time can be utilized effectively somewhere else. The virtual world is making our younger generation addicted and that detach them from the real world and also affecting their life as well. I was reading a quote somewhere and it says a person who has more than 1000 friends on facebook and many followers on Twitter, Instagram and Google plus died in hospital and at that time only its family was with him and no one other from any of social networking websites. We all devote our large amount of time on these social networking websites and this is not doing any good to us. People are so much busy on their social networking life that they don’t even know what’s happening in their neighborhood.

It helps in Socializing more but at the loss of time and that time can be spent somewhere else which can yield good returns as well. In case we spent that time with our family that will surely help us and make our parents and family more happy. And if we spent that time in websites like Literacy base then we can even learn many things and earn some dollars as well and which we can use for savings as well to buy something later in life as these small saving can help as well. Also by sharing our personal information on these social networking platforms we are at risk as this information can be easily misused by hackers and spammers and they can even hack our facebook or Instagram account and with that they can easily access our private pictures and videos as well which can den ten our social image as well and make our life miserable. We always get to see the articles in the news that this many accounts have been hacked or faebook or other social networking is selling its users information to other companies, so we should use these social networking services with utmost care.

Measures Should me made to Stop the Wastage of Water
March 21, 2017

Scarcity of natural resources is a very difficult situation and whole wide world is affected by that. Most of the countries in these times rather the world is affected by the scarcity of Water, so the need arises to put that into proper use and no wastage of it should be allowed. As water is so much essential for us and used in almost every activity of life, it should be used properly and efforts should be made to recycle the water as well.

I have seen many waste water a lot and that needs to be controlled and rectified as nuisance of some will need to be paid by many in the end as water level is going down day by day and it will surely going to affect us a lot. In India people are so casual in their approach as they always waste water by cleaning their personal vehicles like their Cars, bikes etc. and even cycle as well and they use the most worst method to clean and wash their vehicles which results in wasting a lot of water and these type of people and many others waste water a lot when they brush their teeth as well, they never bother to off the water tap and which results in wasting a lot of water and it will affect severely our coming generations as well.

Just imagine if we need to spend a day or half a day without water what would we feel like, I bet we will feel like a fish which cannot stay or we should say live without water as we are highly dependent on water. As India is in majority A Agriculture dominated economy so it requires a lot of water in Agriculture purposes and without water it’s the farmers and the whole country will face the consequences. It will cause an increase in the cost of production for farmers and will cause a blow and up in inflation which will raise the prices of the products and so on will affect our life from all ends and we will be left with less money than usual and decrease our purchasing power as well.

Sex Education Should be Mandatory all over the Globe
March 21, 2017

I was reading an article somewhere and it was on the subject of the thing which is most discussed these days.

It elaborates us to educate our kids properly about sex education and help them in anything which they want to know. Actually I heard its quite common in other European countries and in the world to discuss about Sex Education and even kids have classes for it as well, so that they can be better citizens of the country but In India still this subject is not much discussed and still in many small towns and villages many small kids did not even know properly about the Sex education and most of the time they took the help of Internet and other Search Engines but Internet can never cure your problems. For Example: you can check and learn from Internet and Google on the subject of how to operate on some disease like Heart Attack etc. but you can never cure a person who is suffering from heart issues simply by assessing the information from the web.

Internet can provide us good information but it can never substitute the skills and experience of a Trained Medical Practitioner or a Doctor. And its crime to even try it and a person can lose his life as well by someone’s negligence.

Back to the main subject, I think it should be mandatory for schools to start classes for Sex Education or even seminars should be organized to help in the growth of children as it is said already said and rightly as well that “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, the kids may learn some things which are not right and may be incomplete as well and they can cause in ruining their as well as their parents life and causes a blow to the society and country at large. Parents can also play a very good and crucial role in life as they are the ones who are in contact with the kids for most part of the time and they should try to help their kids for the Betterment of the society at large.

We all Miss this Stage in life
March 21, 2017

We all miss the Golden days of our life, and I think the best and most golden part of our life is our childhood. In the Childhood stage we were taken care by our parents, our Mother and Father and also by our Elder Brothers and Sisters and even by our cousins and Neighbors. As I am from India, here we have such environment in which all love to play with the baby boy or Baby Girl, even the mother of the Kid don’t mind to have help of their Neighbors who are always ready to help and play with the little ones and actually honestly speaking I was loved by all in my childhood not sure about now LOL. Our Neighbors we call them Aunt or even Elder Sister and Brother they used to help my mother by playing with me and they help me roam here and there just try to make myself happy and good.

We all love and miss that stage and hope it came back but it won’t came back again but we can re live that stage by doing the same thing with our Neighbors kids or even with our kids. We all love to play with kids their cute smile and how they laugh and walk and run and even sit gives us immense pleasure. We have a small baby Girl in our house she’s my Brothers little daughter and of course my sweet Niece, she is so loving and cute that I love to play with her and enjoy most of my time playing with her. Actually she has helped in growing as a man as earlier I don’t like to play with small kids and never ever bother to pick them up and play and enjoy with them. If you haven’t tried that anytime, you should try it, it’s so much fun and loving as well. I truly enjoy my time after she came in our life. And my Sister in law and my Elder Brother also loves to play with her a lot.

Life in a big city
March 20, 2017

Fact is the essentially different from fiction. Fact is the reality of life and the fiction is the dream of life. And Fact makes us sad sometimes and fiction gives us the pleasure. And One should try to know the fact of life in order to judge the human life in time perspective.And In India, life in big city is not worth living. Perhaps life in hell would be better than life in a big city at present.

India is primarily land of villages.And The real India can be seen in villages & not in cities, much less in big cities. Two or three decades ago, and life in a big city like Delhi,and Allahabad, Bombay or Calcutta was happy one and those persons who lived in the villages always yearned for city life. But now conditions of living in cities or big cities have deteriorated so much that one is would like to go to the any ordinary village if he or she could have some income & the same work. And The reason of this deterioration is rising prices of commodities of daily life.

During last one or two decades the villagers have shifted from their the village homes to cities & have settled down there. Consequently, the population of cities has multiplied & they are overcrowded. And The problem of housing has become acute in the cities.

Life in a big city has some advantages. In a big city, and in india there is every kind of facility for education. And Any kind of education, liberal, vocational or technical is within reach of persons living in big cities. An ordinary man living in big city can afford for his children that education which rich man in village cannot afford easily.And Good and well equipped educational institutions are permanent assets of big cities boy or girl living in big city has better general knowledge than village boy or girl has and is well informed about affairs of the world.

Thus a child borne bred in the city is more enlightened than child born and brought up in rural atmosphere.

Life in big city is free from ailments & diseases because ample medical facilities are available there. Hospitals, well equipped with latest medical instruments are source of medical relief to every reason living in big city. In addition to Government hospitals, we find well qualified & highly competent private medi­cal practitioners in big cities. And Such facilities are not available in village.

Life in big city is not dull & drab because there are count­less means of recreation there. AndThe picture halls, theaters, beautifully illuminated markets, the well furnished & well maintained hotels & restaurants, the charming parks & gardens and good looking and heart captivating towns of new styled the buildings give immense pleasure to everybody living in big city. From time to time exhibitions conferences, and functions, seminars, symposia, sports meet & test matches are held in big cities which lead color & variety to the city life.

Life in big city is more secured because there are considerable avenues of employment there. In village people depend on agriculture for livelihood, but in big city, one can find employ­ment in factories, and mills, private shops, & Government offices and the educational institutions. If person has tact & push, big city is full of employment for him or her.

Life in big city has many disadvantages too & particularly in the modern India. The remark of English poet Cowpen, “God made country & man made the town” is very apt. Life in a big city is the artificial & sophisticated because man is divorced from nature. He lives, & grows and dies in the lap of artificial agents & machines. And He does not come to know how waterfall dances, & how a river glides smoothly, how cow hird drive his catties & how Nature herself nourishes her countless children through various agencies. In big city, man is cut off nursing, & educative & for­mative aspects of Nature.

Life in big city is exceedingly unhealthy. And Here men live like pigeons in holes. And The filthy and nasty atmosphere of dirt, smoke & trains makes life poisoned at the root. The smoke emitted by chimneys pollutes natural purity of environment day & night.

And Fresh air, & golden sun light and clean water are rare in big city. And Here men live on tinned food, refrigerated water & conditioned air with the result that their body & soul become hollow from within & are polluted since their infancy.

Life in big city during recent past has gone from bad to worse.and Here, there is tasteless American wheat to eat, and dirty smoke to inhale, and contaminated water to drink, showy clothes to be worn & fraudulent persons to deal with.

An Artificiality, sophistication also, and vulgarity verging on obscenity these are hall marks of life in big city.

And the Rising prices have created many problems for middle class man in big city.

For him now it is a question of existence. And Besides rising prices, everybody in big city is groaning under wheat’s of tax and sex. In big city is majority, so of persons have empty pockets and vain show.

And They, therefore, do not enjoy the real peace of mind. And There is too much rush in life here. So Form morning till evening person is required to work like machine. Owing to this rush of life, heart attacks & nervous exhaustion have become very common in cities.

Despite material advantages of city life, I would prefer small, neat & unsophisticated, village to big city. Man is always happier in lap of nature than he is under artificial shadow of modern amenities. Wordsworth was greatest exponent of a quiet life in country side.

And pollution is the biggest problem in a big city.It is very diffucult to find fresh air in the city.

Life become fast.vehicles are running,even people and time is also running.We can not control our life.our key of control handles someone else.

We have to rent a car to go everywhere.We can not go without vehicle.

NOTHING Is Nothing In A Critical Case
March 19, 2017

NOTHING Is Nothing

Sometimes one can hear another say there is nothing in this thing you are doing. Another will say I see nothing in that which you are doing that is what doing at all. One at another place will be curious to know if what he is doing will let him get what is nothing. I am just asking; what is nothing in a sense? What is actually this nothing?  Because it seems no one has ever revealed what is nothing. Where is it found? Where can one actually find it? Should someone know where nothing is staying such an one should tell me. I am waiting to know this nothing. And when I get to see nothing hope it will be worth the work of getting to find it?

Nothing is what you make it to be. Hope you are not confused with my write-up? I am trying to see nothing from another perspective different from what I was told nothing is. I just said I was told what nothing is, no I was not told what it is but rather I was told what it is not. Can I then know what it is by knowing what it is not? The answer to that is partially a big No. I believe nothing is actually what it is. It does not exist but it can be considered as a part of what exists.

To me nothing is something that is actually nothing on it on. It can be in something which when in it can make the thing become more noticeable. Something cannot be in nothing but nothing can be in something. Make something out of nothing by seeing different aspect of the nothingness of a thing and you will know how to combine the different part of a thing which is nothing to produce a something which cannot be considered as nothing was made to become that thing people want.

Scrapbooking Is Best To Display Your Recollections

Gone are the days while gluing photographs, postcards and memorabilia in a plain paper scrapbook collection are the main alternatives for displaying your recollections.

Presently, like never before, scrapbooking is a standout amongst the most famous interests for a large number individuals. Art and interest stores and many chain stores convey a wide choice of each believable thing for making proficient looking scrapbooks. Scrapbooking is not only a leisure activity any longer, but rather is a fine art.

Getting the entire family required in scrapbooking undertakings is incredible for those stormy winter days or hot summer evenings when outside movement is constrained. What better approach to get nearer to each other than to think back about every one of the experiences you’ve had previously.

New procedures and exceptional apparatuses are peopling spare all their loved tokens alluringly. You don’t need to be a craftsman or amazingly innovative to make a pleasant scrapbook. Instant materials, for example, embellishments, extraordinary paper, and paste spots might be acquired to make a remarkable and first rate scrapbook collection.

One fortunate thing about scrapbooking is that any remaining material you have from different tasks can be joined in your format, for example, texture, paper, strip and different materials. This is exceptionally practical and surely makes your collection individual and extraordinary. Likewise, utilizing a computerized altering programming program anybody can without much of a stretch cut, trim and resize their photographs for position in their own particular scrapbook collection. With a tick of a catch the capacity to print out photographs and alter them to our loving has made scrapbook introduction more expert looking.

There are some imperative things to realize when setting out on your first scrapbook extend. Simply putting together photographs and tokens in a collection isn’t an ideal approach to exhibiting every one of your recollections. Before you begin, take a stab at perusing about the subject. With every one of the decisions out there, this will help get the innovative energies pumping, and spare time and cash over the long haul.


Everybody has a hobby or the like – and many people have numerous of it. There are individuals who gather stamps; individuals who make scrapbooks or make realistic outlines or photos with their advanced photography; individuals who adore horseback riding, climbing or bicycling. Perhaps you accomplish something that you don’t know is viewed as a “hobby”. In fact, anything that you take part in for the sake of entertainment that is outside of your word related exercises is viewed as a hobby-so chance are you have bunches of pastimes!

Have you at any point considered transforming one of your side interests into a business? You might be amazed at how basically any hobby can be changed over to benefits and without enormous overhead or ludicrously high start-up expenses. What’s far better, you aren’t required to have a particular item to offer! Truth be told, you can make your insight your item to offer.

On the off chance that you partake consistently in some kind of hobby, you will undoubtedly know a considerable amount about it. On the off chance that you make scrapbooks of your family and companions, then you likely have broad information about where to get the best arrangements on your scrapbooking supplies, and how to make enhancements on your photograph collection pages. Perhaps you have magazines and sites that you allude to all the ideal opportunity for motivation. You have the individual information of what it took to begin in the hobby. For instance, scrapbooking requires that you have entry to provisions like paper, stickers, stick, photograph collections and scrapbooking apparatuses. Somebody who has quite recently found out about scrapbooking and supposes they need to begin the hobby should make sense of what they have to begin. You could offer this information as your item to offer. Think individuals won’t get it? Reconsider.

In the event that you’ve at any point utilized a web crawler to look into data, you realize that now is the ideal time to devour to deal with every one of the information to discover precisely what you’re searching for. Frequently, you’re given huge amounts of data that doesn’t appear to be all that solid, and you need to figure out what you can utilize and what you have to keep away from! When you make your own insight into a hobby your item to offer you’re helping everybody who needs to find that data without investing hours hunting down it!

You don’t need a physical item to offer to keep in mind the end goal to make a benefit. Truth be told, having a stock or creating physical things from materials offers a lower overall revenue than offering data.

Data items are among the top things to offer for an assortment of reasons. They offer an ease to begin, which means you begin winning a benefit after only a few deals. Educational items incorporate eBooks, online courses or email courses, programming, sound records, sites essentially anything that can be downloaded from the web. You aren’t required to have a stock and you can set up your plan of action to permit you to gain cash by the work other individuals accomplish for you.

So now, perhaps you’re suspecting this is fine and dandy however regardless you don’t have an item to offer! You haven’t composed an eBook, and perhaps you’re composing abilities leave little to be sought. Making on the web or email courses are tedious, and to make programming you require extraordinary preparing. You can, in any case, offer your insight. Make a “bundle” of things that somebody would require keeping in mind the end goal to begin in a specific hobby, and advance it as the “all that you have to know” about beginning the hobby. Contact somebody who has composed an educational eBook on the point; discover another person who has made an online video or radio show with respect to it, and demands consent to offer the things in your bundle. In the event that they have member programs, you can most likely agree to accept the offshoot programs and acquire commission that way. Incorporate your rundown of incredible suppliers for provisions or data that you allude to frequently, and whatever else you know a man needs with a specific end goal to begin in the hobby. This is an item to offer: offering your insight.

Once you’ve earned cash from this kind of data item business, you can put resources into the making of your own items in the event that you need, or begin offering more instructive items that permit you to offer your insight!