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Interesting facts about Nibiru, Planet X and Annunaki

What are the Planet X, or Nibiru, and the ancient alien race called Annunaki? Do they really exist? Is this a work of fiction or a true human history?

I read this online website about both of these things. I also found and read the original book on the same topic. The original book is a plain fiction story, it has nothing with reality. The original writer found this really cool and fantastic myth from the Sumerian mythology and decided to plaster it with his own imagination creating a cosmogony of false events and filled it with the creatures which are on more than one thing closer to the Greek and Egyptian mythology than anything else. But from that point onward, the internet exploded with the fake news, fake videos and fake articles corresponding to the imaginary ‘facts’ in the original fictional book. People got hooked up to it. No wonder. It is ‘the first human history’ thing. And everybody likes a good tale.
But, what is also the strangest thing of all, they started to believe that a massive planet, called Planet x, will be returning in a sooner future in our solar system causing catastrophes, earthquakes, re-scheduling moons on the sky and the whole set of the trouble including change of the Earth polarity. Now, that is just too much over the edge. For some reason, NASA has felt that they had to reply to these wild theories before some fool causes a panic of a mass scale.
This Planet X was about to encounter us in a few years time, but when that failed to happen, the eager believers started to move that date further in the future, until that date became something like someday in future and nobody knows when.
At that point, many eager followers of this crazy idea got suddenly sober up and return to their earthly worries or adjusted their religious zeal to ideas like conspiracy theories or flat earth theory. The last one is as wild as a crazy cabbage.
Needless to say there is absolutely nothing new in our beloved solar system unless you don’t want to count in all the space garbage or panels fell off some old canister we launched up there by ourselves. By us, I mean to say humankind, respectively.
And if you try searching through the YouTube these days, you will probably find thousand of videos about Nibiru, Planet X, and Annunaki – either for and against that wild berry theory.
Most of the videos on the YouTube but also you can find some in Dailymotion as well, are nothing but nice elaborated lies and an entertaining content for the gullible masses. There is no mysterious planet flying our direction. Still, people will rather doubt and believe this, some only for the sake of a good laugh, then observe all the scientific evidence that testify against this crazy theory.
Many of the videos are even graphics only, animated videos or some poorly manipulated images made by the amateurs.
The best you will find, and I can guarantee you will are the images of the Sun reflection through the Earth’s own atmosphere that forms circular shiny objects that are mistaken for the planet X being ‘dangerously near the Sun’.

Would you like a dog like Cerberus?
April 20, 2017

The modernization had created so many things that can be useful to people’s lives. Modern gadgets are spreading like fire to the people across the globe. Power plants had been created to serve as the source of energy. The disadvantages had been debatable up to this date. There are some cases that power plants can leak and mutate the living things. It is simply mutant in the form of abnormalities to human body parts and even animal can be affected by the same course of defects.

In Greek mythology, there are some creatures that resemble to be mutant. For instance, the dog with three heads called Cerberus. It was a pet dog of Hades in the underworld. It seems that Greek authors are so aware of mutants. “Is it possible that abnormalities of animals do exist during their time?” Perhaps the creation of Cerberus is due to the existence of such human or animal body parts’ defects.

At present, there are so many animals have such mutation of its appearance. If surfing the internet, you will find some animals that are two-headed such as snakes, pigs, etc. Thus, it appears that mutant animals do exist in the ancient times. But then, there is no proof of its existence during the Greek period of creating mythological stories. It still exists for the readers to know the moral lessons and let the people think at present days.

For the government, this will serve as awareness that some power plants should be secured and secure the safety of the local people. The impact of side-effects happened from the previous years. It doesn’t affect humans but also, it definitely affects the animals. It is still a manmade creation and there is always bad effects and can lead to the destruction of the environment. Thus, the issues or concerns are still in the limelight for debates.

Image Credit: pixabay.com



Can we Support this person

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Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – XIV

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and any resemblance to any events or characters is purely coincidental.
Continued from : Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – XIII

Operation Whitewater Phase B starts : 06-Jan-2016:
03:30 A.M Local Time

“Ranbir, give him the LO93 antidote and some water. Fast.” Shyam said loudly.
Shyam did as asked.
By that time, their Hotel Manager and a few staff members had gathered.
Vir took them aside and said something in local dialect.
Within a few minutes, the matter was settled, albeit taking some flesh out of the Greenbacks in Vir’s pockets.
Yet Vir was not disturbed by that as he was sufficiently funded.
What was more important was to know how Kshitij was killed and what else will Hardeep tell them.

Hardeep started, though with some difficulty in breathing

“I am sorry. I had asked the assailants to just injure your boss(Kshitij). However, they surrounded him and started firing at him. Your boss was however, very brave and hit back.
He shot a few, and punched two of the men really hard. However, one of the Savi-X person hit him from behind and that was the end of Kshitij.
That killing made me think that even I am not safe, but I had already committed such a big crime, that I had no option but going with them.”

Vir “Any ideas about their plans, or the rebel army plans?”

Hardeep “Yes, I made friends with a few of these guys and a airforce and an army officer. They were very fond of Single Malt and Red Wine, and did share a few things with me- though not in detail.
I have learnt that they will launch an air attack at Colt-I and III island to flatten the Indian Air force bases and a few naval frigates.
There they will send their Army’s rebel division Division South-West 14 aided by some highly trained Savi-X Militia which is a secret force of Savi-X underworld, and have earned (notorious)name even as far as Lebanon, Turkey, Indonesia and even some Indian North-Eastern states, where they aided some terror groups.
Some more water please.”

After having some water, Hardeeep resumed, though with still some difficulty
“They could be having some additional forces, but I could not find out more.
By the end I had realized that they were not to create a little trouble in some parts of Andaman Nicobar islands, but almost start a war.
And war was something I never supported nor had expected.
If I had not lost my family members in battlefield, my life had been better.”

Ranbir added “Yes your father was a jawan in the army for so many years and laid life for the country, and so did your cousin brother Mahesh.
Its deplorable that since you had some troubles in your life and could not fulfill your ambitions that you choose the path of violence over some peaceful occupation. But perhaps your sins will go away with your life.
Hardeep Hardeep…”
Hardeep gave no reply. Shyam checked his pulse and declared “No more.”
There was a silence.
They could not save Kshitij which was bad for all of them personally. Yet from their mission’s perspective, they needed to save

Yet the action was not over.

Shyam “Just a few hours more for our plane to arrive, and we must fax Col. Zakir with updates. Let us hurry.”
They managed to send the fax and at 11:00 local time, the plane came as planned and they started their trip back to India.

The Testing Times await

Colt-III islands, somewhere in Andaman and Nicobar Islands chain on the South-Eastern edge of India.
06-Jan-2016 14:10 Hours

Area commander Vikram Singh went very carefully over the fax he had received from the central command. If true, it was very disturbing.
He pressed his button on his table in his cabin and asked the operator “Send in Captain Lokesh and Bhaskaran”
As soon as Lokesh and Bhaskaran had entered his room, Vikram Singh stood up and said
“Gentlemen, the Testing times await us.”
He showed the fax to them. They all turned almost as grave as could be humanly possible.

++++++++++++++++ The Operation Whitewaters proceeds ahead +++++++++++++++++++++++


Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/balls-animation-material-test-1785681/
CC0 Public Domain
Free for commercial use
No attribution required

There is more joy in giving than receiving
April 18, 2017
m n photos 799

It all began in the year 1998 when I thought the best way to bring joy to those deprived faces was to give them a party every Christmas.  With the exception of a few years in between I have successfully organised many parties at different locations.santa1




The first was at Solitaire our residence. There were around 30 of them mostly orphans who were being taken care of by the nuns belonging to  the order under whom I had done my studies.

We invited some neighbours and a few friends. There was Santa to give a touch of Christmas flavour, lots of gifts, singing of carols, special dancing shows by the kids and many games which were thoroughly enjoyed.


It was at this event that we picked up a girl who we had plans to sponsor her education and take care of her until she settled down.

She was with us for 9 years and today she is happily married with two kids. We built a house for her and took care of her marriage expenses.

This girl got her education and also she learnt the art of making soft toys which we hoped would stand her in good stead whenever she felt the need to stand on her own two feet.

I strongly believe in providing the fishing tackle than the fish which in the long run will add dignity rather than  be under one’s obligation for all times.

This event was not the best one in terms of its planning but with experience it became better each time we organised these parties every year from then on.



Each year there have been different groups as some would leave the premises seeking greener pastures as per their capability or join their parents to move on in life. It is now 18 years since this first Christmas party and I have no clue where these children are today. Hope all are doing well in their life.


Are Classical Books Still Relevant In The Computer Age?

   There are hundreds of classical books that one could read in one’s life time. But for the modern generation of readers living in the modern word—in the cyber world, one may ask if all these classical books are still relevant and a good read?

One may also asked if all of these classical books are indeed obsolete. Take for example these epic: The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer, or the Aenied of Virgil or the work of Shakespeare. Are these works still makes sense in the modern world?

Classical book are indeed old and antique in terms of age but its message never grows old: its message was relevant in the bygone days and its message is still relevant in our times.

You may ask why? Classical book possess enduring truth that transcends or goes beyond times and places. Truth about the place of human beings in this world and the human condition is well-reflected in the classical books.

Also human nature is explored, exposed and is greatly expounded in the stories and tales contained in whatever classical books that you’ve read or may read.

Take for example the Holy Scriptures or the Holy Bible—its message is timeless and enduring.

Another characteristics or feature of classical books is that it could withstand the test of time. The moral lesson or the wisdom one can get from reading all the classical books is inexhaustible. Generation upon generation of readers always find some delight, fascination, enjoyment, inspiration and wisdom from reading classical books.

Classical book set a bar or precedent for the following generation to imitate, consider or follow as a model, as a standard or as a canon if you will. Every classical book possess this enduring value and quality that succeeding generation has look upon as the best product of human heart and mind or the best product of the human spirit in that particular time or epoch of human history.

Among the other virtue in reading classical book is its social redeeming value. All classical books uphold human dignity, its uplift and renew the human spirit as well as an instrument for anyone’s moral regeneration.

When we read classical books, our heart, mind and spirit are constantly being polish and sharpen through the great minds of the author of any classical book.

One thing that one notice when reading a classical book is the unique style of the author on how he or she present his or her subject or topic in such a way that goes beyond the ordinary, the vulgar, and the shallow.

We can indeed learn so many things from the classical books which are the repository of all ancient knowledge and wisdom, and of what is the best in human civilization during those by gone days.

It is not sufficient that one has diploma or college degree if his or her heart, mind and spirit is not exposed to the gems and jewels of the laudable and salutary experience that one could derive and benefit from reading the classical book.

So if you are not yet starting to read any classical book, then you could perhaps start with the Holy Scripture so as to sharpen your mind, touch your heart and renew your spirit.


Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – XIII

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and any resemblance to any events or characters is purely coincidental.  

Continued from : Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – XII 

Operation Whitewater Phase B starts : 05-Jan-2016:
18:00 Evening Time

Kshitij had decided that since most of the probable action in Xanade had ended, they can go back to calling each other by their real names. So Rajesh was back to his real name Vir Goel and Hari to Shyam.
The four of them got two rooms at a local Hotel- one was shared by Shyam and Kshitij and one by Rajesh and Ranbir, albeit with arranged names. Their capture Hardeep was a patient suffering from acute fever and shivering and one who needed much rest, so the Hotel staff would not get suspicious.
Well, they had some fun in the form of some good food at the Restaurant of that Hotel, which cheered them before another arduous journey.
By 9 o’ clock however they all started feeling very sleepy. Yet since they had to keep a man under watch, they decided to rotate and sleep.

Ominous road ahead

20 Kms away from where Kshitij and team had put up was just another shanty suburban area full of dilipated buildings and some brick and mud small two room houses.
It was 8 in the night, and while most of the activities in this sleepy area had come to an end,
one of the houses with a 1.5 Tonne AC and some fancy lights, an anomaly in the area.
A tall and bald man with a rugged face and a muscular body sat with two mobiles in front of him, relishing Oily chicken with rice and a bottle of white wine, which was perhaps his prize from a previous “assignment”.
He had been on a call on of his mobiles and for 2 minutes after listening intently and patiently, he spoke.
“Sir, if we attack the Eagles now, they could call up vultures and it might be difficult to get the rat from their hold. It is way too risky.”
“Whatever be the risk, carry out The Night Prey. Period.”
“Yes sir.”

For the bald man, named Richard Zangi, such a directive from his boss was nothing less than an order from God. In fact, in some ways, he was more than God for him, for under his patronage he had earned all the luxuries in life, which he could not even had imagined in his poverty ridden childhood.

He dialed another number and in low tone said “10 Ammo units 2 vehicles and smoke bombs”
Something truly ominous was ahead……

Mayhem in the night
At around 2 in the night, Shyam heard a noise. He suddenly woke up, and found bathroom lights on.
“Kshitij might be feeling very stressed, so he is probably getting freshened up”, he thought and went back to sleep.
He took a look around, and their catch Hardeep was also sleeping comfortably on a mat, hands and legs bound, and the injection still working fine.
He went back to sleep.

However, after around 1 hour, he heard a loud sound of a few gunshots and woke up with a jerk.
Both Hardeep and Kshitij were absent from the room. He put on his shoes, and loaded his pistol and ran out of the room. Ranbir and Vir too ran fully loaded from the adjoining room. They were on the first floor, and the noise seemed to come from the garden on the ground floor.
They saw two cars’ lights flashing from a distance. They suddenly got on to the garden and ran towards the back gate.
At a short distance, they saw something and it shocked them.
The body of Kshitij was lying in a pool of blood and they saw a slip of paper alongside.
Ranbir took the slip of paper and read:”This man did not knew that the wrath of the commander is much more than the wrath of God, and saw his end.”

They were shocked but suddenly knew what to do. Vir heard noise of a car about to start. They all jumped from the gate, and ran towards the two cars they had seen at a distance.
The cars had started.
Shyam took out a torch from his back pocket and switched it on and directed at the tyres of the car which was a little behind.
The laser that he pointed was enough to destabilise and melt a part of one of the tyres. The assailants had to stop the car and start running.
However, there were a few gunshots from behind and all the four men who had started running fell down to the ground.
One of them was Hardeep, the man whom the assailants had came to get out.
Vir and Shyam got hold of Hardeep.
Suddenly, the other car turned and aimed at the 3.
Ranbir shouted “Get away.”
Vir and Shyam dived along with Hardeep and the car missed them.
However, Ranbir aimed his pistol at the car and fired a few shots in quick succession.

The shots damaged the front and side window panes. The driver lost control and hit a side wall.
Ranbir ran towards the car. However, he saw one of the persons in the car aiming a grenade towards him.
He dived and missed by a few yards.

There were two men in the car, who started running. But they could not escape the shots of Vir and Ranbir.

Vir, Shyam and Ranbir now had to take out Hardeep towards another location. Hardeep was shot in his leg but was still alive.

However, suddenly a shot came out from nowhere and hit Hardeep in his back.

Vir took a look and saw a biker turning away. He ran and fired a few shots but the biker sped away.

Shyam shouted and asked Vir to came:”This man is dying but he is saying something.. let us listen; it could be important.”

Vir ran towards Shyam……
+++++++++++++ To be continued +++++++++++++

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CC0 Public Domain
Free for commercial use
No attribution required

Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – XII
fireworks_PNP Chief Dela Rosa Watching Pacquiao Fight In Vegas

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction and any resemblance to any events or characters is purely coincidental.
Continued from : Operation Whitewaters: The Wrath of the Unknown Enemy – XI


09:20 Morning Local Time

Hari shouted to Rajesh- you take care of this guy Toni and I will try to capture Hardeep alive.
Toni had fell down from the shock of sudden explosions and firing, but recomposed himself.
He took hold of Hardeep and started running with him to one of the cars.
However, Rajesh came running and kicked him from behind.
He started kicking and punching Toni.
Hari grabbed Hardeep from behind and hit with the butt of a pistol on Hardeep’s head and made him lose consciousness.
Two men came out from the car towards which Rajesh and Hari were running to, and started firing with their guns.
However, D (Agent Kshitij) aimed at both the men and they went down in no time.

F(Captain Ranbir)ran along with a commando from local Xanade force towards the third vehicle – the SUV with the bald man. They fired a lot, but the SUV speed up and they lost sight of it in no time.
Finally, Toni was held by the local commandos and the Indian team got hold of Hardeep.
D then signaled something to the local commandos and they left with their helicopter.

11:30 Morning Local Time

All 4 of the team members had a much wanted break- of course they alternated to take care of Hardeep, who had also been administered a dose of an injection to keep him unconscious for at least 20 hours.
They got something to eat from a local eatery and had a cup of coffee each.
Rajesh:”Kshitij sir, how did you manage to get the local commando support.”
Kshitij:”I had been in touch with Xanade Intelligence Area commander, and they too wanted to get a check on the Savi-X men who apart from their routine operations were indulging in some big drug dealings and arms smuggling.
This had the potential to cause local trouble as well.
I was aware that the Savi-X men could be dangerous and had a lot of armed support, so asked for Helicopter support, after we came to know that you two were on the trail of those documents, and had been surrounded with a lot of their men.”
Hari:”But still the question is where are the documents?”
Ranbir held out the documents and said “Well here are they- Rajesh had reached the right spot- but the documents were buried near the hut and inside a steel casing underground.

Rajesh:”Did this guy Hardeep managed to pass on some information?”
Kshitij “From what we know, he himself was unable to decipher much of the information, but perhaps some of the army formations in and near Atacaq islands. We have suitably informed the defence people, and they will take pare with the plans. Now, we need to take back this guy safely to India, and I am sure these guys along with some disgruntled Xanade Military guys will try to block our way.
We have to spend time somewhere in this area today, and by tomorrow 11 A.M, a private plane will come to take us back to India.
Situation is better, but we need to be very very careful.”

A Hunter readies his trap
05-Jan-2016: 13:45 Local Time Xanade country
Location:: A coastal area, 100 Kms west of Magorx Phi Beach and at a distance of around 55 Kms from the nearest Indian Islands chain of Andaman and Nicobar Island
Camp:: 122 South-West Squadron of Xanade

Camp Commander Xorge Sibor pressed the buzz at his desk and called his subordinate Dorx Han.
Han came with a pen drive and Xorge inserted the pen drive in his laptop.
Then Xorge called deputy commander Hobiz San.
Hobiz came inside and saw his commander looking out of the window.
“Commander are you thinking something?”
“Hobiz, come here. Look at the fighter planes we have outside.
Do you know what- tomorrow at 9 in the night, 20 of these planes will take off and hit Targets A and B.”
“Yes commander I have detailed the plan with Captain Tamzer and Hennicks Dong.”
“But Hobiz what you do not know is that history will probably be rewritten if our plans go through.
We will be much stronger in the Xanade Military establishment.
Let the enemies face the full wrath of commander Han.”
“Commander, what if the Central command comes to know of our plans?”
“Well, I have full faith in our agents and Commander Zheng’s network.”
“What a man this Commander Zheng is- he survived so many blasts and that big fire.
How did he survive?”
“Well, Hobiz it is a long tale, but first let us get moving with our plans.”

“Sure commander, and our enemies will be left wondering about the Unknown enemy whose full wrath they will be facing!”

+++++++++++++ To be continued +++++++++++++



My Digital Drawings That I Want To Share

Discovering my passion in creating an art is actually enjoyable and is interesting. I love the outcome of every digital drawing I made. It is good to do artworks and share it with other people. Doing artwork is truly a way of expressing oneself and it awakens your creativity skill. It slowly guides you to the world of art. It makes you appreciate more the artist’s talent in doing such work.

Below, I am going to share my digital drawing of different kinds of flowers. Even they are simple and not as beautiful as the professional artists do, I am still proud of it. I found my work astounding for me. 🙂




Rose flower is one of my favorite flowers. That is why it is my first subject in my drawings. I love rose because they depict love. Aside from that, they are lovely and one of the most beautiful flowers.


Art By Nemzie

Art By Nemzie Bayawa

In creating this digital drawing of carnation flowers, I used digital colors in making it and it’s amazing. They are beautiful. I like the stripes on each petal.


Art By Nemzie

Art By Nemzie Bayawa

Crocus flowers usually bloom during spring time. They come in different colors like purple, white, orange, and pale pink.

A Sunflower

Art By Nemzie

Art By Nemzie Bayawa

Sunflower- this is the only flower that is easy for me to draw when I was in my Elementary grade. They are common in our place and they usually bloom in the month of October to November. I like their color when they shine with the sun at day time. The seeds of sunflower are one of my favorite past time foods.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artworks. Try enhancing your skills in creating beautiful and amazing arts like painting, drawing or sketch.

Doing An Artwork Is Possible Through Digital Tools
FotoSketcher - lb1

Do you love art? Do you draw or can paint? Me, I can do a drawing but not very good at it especially painting. Thanks to technology because I can be able to do arts through digital painting.

Just a while ago, I was browsing some tools on the internet that I can use in painting and I found one, the FotoSketcher. It is free, easy to use and very helpful. Even those who do not paint can afford to do it.  Below are my artworks using the said application and I am proud to show them to you.

An Oil Painting Of A Cat

FotoSketcher - Lb

A Queen FotoSketcher - lb1These two digital paintings are worth to post. It was fun doing it. The first artwork is a painting of a cat and the second is a queen. I love the black and white color used.  I used a photo from pixabay, I downloaded it and used as my subject in my digital painting. The outputs are good and are like an original painting.

Doing artwork is a very good stress reliever and can relax our mind. It can be used to free our mind from the problems around us. The only thing I don’t like about it is that there is no challenge in doing it. With the digital tools or applications, it is possible for us to enjoy and experience the goodness of creating an art. We can do an art within a couple of minutes or three that is why I made my two artwork in less than 15 minutes because I take time in searching for a good subject. I will surely do more of it and post here in Literacybase.

Can you do your digital paintings or drawings too? Try to use the same tool I used or search the internet for other free applications that you can utilize in making your art.