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The Next Step Will be!!!

There’s progress and oh my goodness how progress just surprises some folks. What will occur next? Have to wait and see I suppose. Oh what a journey there seems to be the ones without understanding oh my why aren’t they able to understand? Perhaps they don’t want to understand or their minds are weakened by their oddly thoughts. Some may wonder where I’m headed but only God really knows where I’ll end up. In the meantime there is lots to achieve, many goals, and there certainly will “be completions.” Yes there seems to be some wanting to slow down what’s to be achieved but they really shouldn’t.

There are many goals set and so many have tried to right me=tanikka paulk off. God is allowing the mission to continue. My mind is focused on what should and more than likely will occur. I’m thrilled that the protectors are along so that there can be further developments accomplished. Hooray! Some continue to play but are they sure what they’re doing? It doesn’t seem as though they’re sure at all. Anyway there will be moves made in which some are unable to see and are unaware of. I’m certainly aware that there are moves made in certain areas.

How many are along the way there are more than their “eyes” can view. Large numbers of People are working where the individuals are unable to see what they’re doing. Hidden where their visions are unable to visualize. Hidden in plain sight. That’s right! There has been the invasions but although some decided to invade on that mission there will be continued progress with this. Many hills to climb but with the help from the Lord there will be more accomplished, more succeeding, more abundance.

Some seem to think that to be rich meaning includes having plenty of money but rich can also include being rich at heart. I’m rich because I’m heart filled, blessed, grateful. On the journey to achieve what some probably are afraid to achieve. No words spoken will cause a decrease with my determination. No matter what’s projected as long as I’m here on earth there will be movements. I’ve been challenged many times but oh my Heavenly Father continues to walk on my journey with me=Tanikka Paulk.

Soon enough there will be the motions I’m still holding my titles. I’m titled and no man (meaning mankind) can take the titles away. Yes they’ve tried to wipe me=tanikka paulk out but they won’t defeat God. I’m truly blessed to have been chosen and to be able to proceed. “I’ve faced the many battles and have withstood the tests so how many can accomplish what I’ve accomplished?” by: Tanikka Paulk

The ones who’ve tried to sabotage I’ve said before that they aren’t welcomed. For there are some unfriendly. There are the mean ones trying to prevent what really should occur. The cynics will say whatever they feel they want to say but I’m refusing to be in tuned with their foolishness. Nope! Some think that I’m weak or have weakened but God has made me=Tanikka Paulk strong. He’s continuing to walk on my journey as well as Jesus Christ and always they’re the ones I’ll completely trust. Amen!

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There are Positive Ways to Handle the Competition

Oh what can one say about the competitors? There’s lots to say and they’ll be said right here. Competition has and will continue to occur as long as mankind is here on earth. Oh yes indeed some of the competitors seem to have lost their minds because they’re willing to get rid of their competitor and when I say get rid of their competition (meaning) they’re willing to cause their competition’s demise. “How can competitors think that they’re effective within their craft if they’re unable to compete effectively?” by: Tanikka Paulk. Some of my competition was and probably are stilling willing to through shade, attacks, and try to ruin my name.

I’m able to keep smiling and proceed because I’m confident driven and motivated to achieve more than I’ve achieved before. There are some competitors insanely trying to pull down my path why? Perhaps they’re lacking confidence or perhaps they’re envious of what I’ve achieved and what will be achieved in the near future. There are so many afraid to live their dreams because they’re afraid of what the critics will have to say. In order to prevent being criticized a person would have to be a hermit. As long as they’re seeing the shine then they will want to dim the light.

My focus isn’t on what the competitors will do or say but my focus is on helping and accomplishing my set goals. If any person focuses on what their competition is doing then they’ll achieve less. There should be focus on building but there are so many continuing to believe that there shouldn’t be any building. They’re wrong. My journey has been filled will adversities some wouldn’t dare to face. Annoying? Yes. Although there were and are many attacks my purpose was already declared so the individuals aren’t brain filled perhaps their actions would suggest that they’re brainless.

God chose me=Tanikka Paulk and mankind selected me=Tanikka Paulk. There will be some disagreeing but the disagreeable won’t cause “Tanikka Paulk” to turn away People. I’ve helped and will continue to help and although I need help myself I’m a firm believer in what had has said. God wants mankind to help one another and love one another. There are so many “demonstrating” hateful ways. No matter how many times I’m attacked I’m believing in what God said and will continue to seek as long as I’m here on earth. Yes they tried to destroy my path but I’ve prayed and will continue to pray for the individuals.

There are positive thoughts even when there appears to be persons wanting to see my decline. I’m able to smile at the individuals and proceed. Glory! There’s less in an area and more in areas. My confidence didn’t lower there is strength to proceed and achieve what I’ve desired to achieve. One can learn to communicate with the competition and counter acting by offering positive words when they dish out negatives. There are so many reasons why I’m continuing and I’ve made a difference and in fact I’ve made differences. “Obtaining abilities is a wise thing to do to be able to grow is a blessing but how many are appreciative?” by: Tanikka Paulk

To be positive when the storms reign in certainly can be difficult. There are endless possibilities and I’m willing to seek what my dreams have to offer. I understand that there will be competition and I also understand that there needs to be bravery in order to accomplish “the set goals.” Perhaps they’ve viewed me=Tanikka Paulk as an easy target. Some of my competition I’ve included on my journey due to the individuals trying to sabotage my purpose I’ve uninvited the individuals. They’ve tried to ruin my work, my expressiveness, every area I’ve created but I’m refusing to become what they individuals are.

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God said to “Seek and you Shall Find.” The you has found. Scripture will tell people about the you and God as well as Jesus Christ will provide the glorious words describing you. Mankind doesn’t seem to understand that they’re unable to overpower God. God is the Creator of mankind and He designed my purpose but mankind will try to destroy what God has ordained. Their efforts won’t incur what they’ve expected. My continuation probably surprises most. Glory to God I’m living faith filled. There is more to me=Tanikka Paulk than their eyes can see.

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How About Going in Peace

How many consider where they’ll go after they leave here? I’m planning on going to my Heavenly resting place. Oh yes indeed my goal is to make my way to heaven. Just think about how hell would be because there is so much humidity here and imagine hell. Oh no to burn for eternity, I’m not willing to go there go. “God said that Daughter is Eternal Life.” Amen! Although there are so many continuing to believe that they have the ability to decrease my faith. They are wrong. My faith continues to be strong.

Yes I’m aware that my progress here irritates so many but that’s their malfunction. There’s way too much to accomplish and I’m unwilling to be bothered with foolish behaviors. Continuing with the goal achievers. No matter how many times the individuals try to come at me=Tanikka Paulk. God is allowing my journey to continue. Amen to that! There is so much “focus” on  what can generate prosperous meaningful and gratifying abundance. Gosh. I’m so thrilled to be at peace although there are some cynical beings trying to cause disruptions.

My confidence hasn’t wavered and I’m joyous because there will be so many surprises. God has already ordained my path and I’m certainly not going to allow the human beings to ruin my journey. It’s funny how so many are in tuned with over competitiveness instead of focusing on their own elevation. “It’s my journey and I’m going to live my purpose God said so and it is so.” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to take credit for my work and tried to cause mounts of stress but glory to God Tanikka S. Paulk continues to live out her dreams.

Oh the competitors are probably strained because they’re confused about how I’m able to move forward when they’ve sent out their targets to cause a downfall. My dreams aren’t suppose to be every person’s dreams. I’m thrilled that the ones agreeing to unify are and there can be further building. How special. There’s some wanting to hang on to my rear. Why? Shouldn’t the individuals have their own dreams? There are chuckles because I’ve faced some of the toughest adversities.

I’ve overcome tragedies and God and Jesus Christ continues to walk with me=Tanikka Paulk. God has allowed the passing down of the “key.” What does the special key open? I’m sure continuing to seek will allow this visionary to find out. Although there has been some setbacks there is also continuous progress. There is peacefully movements in which some aren’t too thrilled about. They probably expected me=Tanikka Paulk to parish. God allows “Tanikka!” to still be here on earth doing God’s work.

I can wave my hands thanking God for all He’s done and continues to do for (Tanikka Paulk). My journey has been filled with what some wouldn’t dare to tackle. Oh my “goodness” the adversities have thought me=Tanikka Paulk so much. I’m continuing to advocate and continuing to experience the wonders. Glory! Where are the angelic folks? My faith, my determination, my motivation will continue. Smiling I’m free to be exactly who I am even if they want to pretend as if I’m a million People. I’m still you=Tanikka Paulk me=Tanikka Paulk.

“Hope has faced so many adversities hope will continue to believe in building, achieving, and the receiving.” by: Tanikka Paulk. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a peacemaker and I’m very respectful of peacemakers. Rather live surrounded by peace then to live surrounded by war.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Mysterious to the Conquering Continues

They’re unaware of what’s really occurring and when individuals are unable to recognize what’s happening then they’ll become anxious. Wanting to know every move made. If there’s a need to make the most progress then the moves shouldn’t be revealed. “There’s more mysterious than the groups are aware of. There are so many believing that I Tanikka Paulk should engage in their war but there’s way too much to conquer. My abilities have surprised so many they thought that I was nothing but I’m everything Everything the same. “An African American female accomplishing what they wish they could.” I’m That African American female by the name of Tanikka Paulk.

They’ve challenges me=Tanikka Paulk and I’m refusing to give in to any persons trying to intimidate me=Tanikka Paulk. So the very ones which need to be included will and the others won’t know exactly what’s to occur. Coming to a destination where there is further growth and there’s the ability to achieve without the nonsense. The right eye continues my goodness has surprised so many and they’re trying to find out how just I am. My communications shall be deeply communicated without the invaders.

Secretive in some cases but there is more to what’s occurring right now. Perhaps fear is the reason why some feel that they can try to intimidate the path. My focus is on keeping what needs to” be kept” quietly. There could be motions in which they’ve perceived as actual but there will be the hidden in which doesn’t need to be revealed for many reasons. They’re watching every move but will they know what’s happening? Moving along here on my journey has taught me=Tanikka Pualk a lot. There are so many who I’m unable to trust.

That’s why there’s more mysteries involved. What they’ve failed to understand thus far is that “Love Conquers all.” Battling perhaps but will continue to keep my armor on. Haven’t forgotten about the head plate. There is also the word meditated without all to view. Have they invaded? Yes. What will I Tanikka Paulk do about their invasions? That too is a mystery. They’ve tried to use my gifts but there is more to me=Tanikka Paulk than their eyes can see. They’ve tried to compete and tried to intimidate but I’m refusing to back down.

Where will thie=Tanikka Paulk be headed to? There’s no reason to tell. They keep their visions on that=Tanikka Paulk. My purpose is to be fulfilled and although there are some wanting to prevent the movements there are some willing to assist with “the elevation.” Have I angered some? Yes. Am I concerned about their anger? No! They can project what they believe will destroy me=Tanikka Paulk but God has already ordained that=Tanikka Paulk. Mysterious with the continuation of. . .

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What’s Said can Either be or not but the What is Just is

Some haven’t figured out what is actually occurring and perhaps some never will figure out what’s happening right now. There’s so much to consider here. There are so many invaders and they’ve really tried to start a war but in order to continue their war they'[ll need “participants.” I’m unwilling to give the individuals what they’re looking for. I’ve faced many challenges and although there’s the projected adversities there is no way that I’m giving up on my dreams. There’s the struggles but every person will have to face problems and it’s really how individuals deal with the problems that makes the difference.

There seems to be the lack of thinking. There are way too many individuals focused on competing instead of trying to build. How can groups of People become powerful when they keep trying to pull down?” By: Tanikka Paulk. The line of thinking is what some should be focused on. “To think” in ways which will incur prosperity. Imagine a group of People trying to prevent their race from moving further and what group would try to do such things? So many are aware of the race of People I’m speaking about. Pulling down won’t solve the problems there should be rising up.

They’ve crossed the line and caused damages so what can an advocate do about the situations? Continue to be firm and focus on the areas which will make the differences. My journey has been challenged so many times but there isn’t a consideration to stop “my journey.” There are some insecure about the movements which need to occur. The ones continuing to disagree aren’t doing themselves any favors. They’ve tried to pull my progress down and yet they’re still dealing with me=Tanikka Paulk. I’ve vocalized many times how their actions aren’t creating unification but they’re causing division.

Just look into the “Word of God” and find out that it is so. The what is just is. No matter how many believe that they’re capable of changing what God has already “declared” they’re unable to do so. Some believe that they’re more powerful than God. They’re incorrect God will demonstrate His power. God the Father of Jesus Christ. They’ve made mistakes by continuously trying to challenge the called. The anointed is anointed even when others think that they’re isn’t any qualifications. God decides and mankind can try to disobey God but what will be the consequences?

I’m time and so many continue to try to disrupt what was already been ordained. They’ve faced their own challenges and yet they haven’t learned to be humble. In scripture the words from God state that is higher than I. It is that which is blessed and favored by God. Yes, this is also that. The chosen one, the appointed, the anointed. No matter what their views are it is what God says it is. There will be the confirmation and confirmations of such. Soon enough there will be the witnesses seeing what God has made so. In time, in time, in time!

“My glow is my light and I’m Continuing to Shine Amen!” By: Tanikka Paulk

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I’m Right Here Making the Continuous Moves

To move from here to there is a patient decision and decisions. There are so many People wanting to know what moves are actually being made. There’s some which need to know and others don’t need to know. Progress is made when there are the removals of People who aren’t offering the values needed to create progression. Some haven’t figured out that they’ve played way too long with the goal planning. They’ve tried to cause what could’ve incurred tumbles but thankfully there are “success” beings knowing exactly what to do. I’ve made and continue to make what some are afraid to do.

Here I am continuing to be productive and although there are still some trying to cause disruptions they’re unsuccessful. Alright! There’s the key and the keys. Which has the valued keys? There are many having the keys but do they have the right keys to open the treasured door? No. There is only one other with the special keys. They hold the value in which others wouldn’t ever qualify for. My vision was set long ago and yes there are others but right now there is focus on “a specific area.”

I*f they tried to cause a decline then there won’t be an invitation on the journey. The setbacks occurred but I was able to regroup and continue at a constant pace. Yes there are some disappointed because they expected to see failure. The key is to remain determined. There were troubles and there will continue to be troubles but I’ve learned how to deal with the troubles patiently. What I’ve made some are stunned about. There is the continued focus on the dreams in which some have tried to include themselves and they’re un-welcomed.

My journey has attracted a lot of People. Some believed that they have rights to my journey. My rights are my rights and I’m refusing to give my rights away. I’m a believer in People’s rights but refuse to allow my rights to be taken away. “I’m cleared headed and won’t tolerate the negatives vibes some continue to throw in my direction.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There are some insisting on trying to cause a setback. I’m continuing for many reasons and my mind is focused on what should occur.

Time will tell exactly how much progress is made. I’ve moving quicker but there seems to be some wanting to slow down my progress. Oh there is way too much motivation to continue on my journey. There are continuing to think that I’ve invited the individuals on my pathway. My decision to let the ones go is the best decision because there is more peacefulness. There are some refusing “to understand” why I’ve made such a decision but the decision has been made.

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Standing Firm on my Mission

No, no, no. They can’t have my mission, journey, path. No matter how they try to knock me-Tanikka Paulk down I’m going to stand firm. If they think for a minuet that they’ll be able to control my purpose. They’re mistaken. The proof is on paper. No matter what’s said there is the ability to shine. Have they expressed their disappointment with my “accomplishments.” Yes. Am I intimidated. No! No matter how the darts are projected. I’m saying this that is going to proceed. Alright Okay this that=Tanikka Paulk. There are some folks trying to define a person. Chica continues. That’s what’s stated. “Documentation says, “that continues.”

The original seems to have difficulties because so many are unable to accept the what is. Trying to chop me=Tanikka Paulk down won’t help their elevation. Yes, they’ve been trying to pull the dreams down for many years, and God is seeing that I Tanikka Paulk continue. My gifts don’t belong to every person. She believes in self and no matter how She is targeted she believes in her and she-her are the same person=(Tanikka Paulk). The naysayers will try to stop the glory but what they refuse to understand is that I don’t owe the individuals a thing. The framing won’t prevent that.

Perhaps their attitude should be unity but it seems as if the group is unable to unify. There are some inadequate feelings. I’m appreciative to be selected to be on the path I’m on. There is focus to continue to get ahead. The ones shall be left behind because they’re unable to offer goodness on my journey. Their actions demonstrate that they’re unable to “be good.” My abilities will continue to flourish. Some may have the idea that they’re trying to help in someway but they’re actually trying to pull down. The orders come from the same group causing slavery.

Fools will follow the orders but a true mind will refuse to become enslaved. My progress continues no matter how they try to move me=Tanikka Paulk in a backwards motion. I’ve faced many challenges and what’s occurring now is apart of the many challenges. There is no way to get around the adversities. They’ve caused their own declines by trying to take the visionary down. Lifting up is what should occur but the group of People aren’t focused on pushing up they can’t seem “to accept” my purpose.

To build is what’s needed and yes it’s amazing how so many refuse to build. The invasions in which they’ve incurred. The blame will go elsewhere but how many are willing to own up to their own doing? It continues. There is a statement saying “it should.” Tanikka Paulk is “it.” The fights to receive the attention from one. I’m one and I refuse to allow the individuals to steal my dreams. They’ll receive prayer and a smile and I’m going to proceed along.

My accomplishments generate joy and to be able to continue to accomplish is a blessing. There certainly has to be some advocating because there are a lot of injustices occurring. Perhaps there’s too much good right here. Handing over my work is a no no. The battles continue within the race of People and I’m continuing to keep on The Full Armor of God. The lies told haven’y caused a detour. I’ve been violated. How many are peeking? Wanted! Obviously.

It’s as if I’m gold. Are they demonstrating that I’m in the category as being the best? Yes. Each day they continue to work towards the demonstration. There is the stand firm. I’ve sat, stood, and stand. They will tell many lies in order to get out of the hole they’ve dug themselves. God chose “Tanikka Shajuan Wilson (Paulk). No matter how they feel about my titles and position there isn’t a desire to give up. The journey has been difficult but is worth continuing.

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Say Said Saying With a Powerful Voice

There’s the vocalized expressions occurring now. Occurred then too. Some may perceive the voice of power as underneath but God has already ordained the voice to project “powerful messages.” Mankind seems yo think that they’re capable of changing what God has declared. There’s confusion because they’re unwilling to accept what has already been spoken by God. How are some going to get to another stage if they’re focused on trying to tear down instead of trying to build up. “Powerful” words spoken even when there are few listeners. No man (meaning mankind) can do what God can do.

Yes they’ve tried to prevent the movements from occurring perhaps they’re afraid of what the developments. Some could be feeling inadequate. Surpassing the majority can cause some to behave oddly. There’s the battle to take away want a person has truly earned. God gave me-Tanikka Paulk my purposed and it’s destined. No matter what words are projected I’m aware of what God has said and what He’s declared. Troubles were promised by God. No person will be without troubles there are some who will have to face long sufferings mainly due to their actions.

I’m continuing to speak “word” whether there are listeners or not but I’m aware that they’re listening. Being viewed across the globe there are many countries agreeing to listen and to follow which means that they’re being obedient. There are some choosing to be disobedient because of their overly competitive nature. “The words of love will cause a room to become peaceful. Love conquers all.” By: Tanikka Paulk. What some have perceived they were wrong. The judgments continue to enter but what is decided is that there will be the continuous movement.

To have to deal with so many challenging beings can be tiring but to progress isn’t impossible. There are two which continue to walk with me-Tanikka Paulk God and Jesus Christ. There is peace knowing that they’ll never forsake me-Tanikka Paulk. What has mankind caused they have caused destruction. God can rectify the problems in which mankind has caused. “The Bible has plenty of words in which so many should read. There’s a lot of knowledge within scripture.” (Tanikka Paulk)

The ones trying to remove what God has ordained are placing themselves towards the pit. There are some thinking that their actions will stop a purpose from continuing. God said and it’s so amazing to know that any time, moment, moments I Tanikka Paulk can speak to God. Yes there will have to be the going through Jesus Christ in order to get to God and I’m so “grateful” that Jesus died for all of mankind’s sins. I’m able to smile knowing that there will be a place for me-Tanikka Paulk in the Heavenly Residence. Amen! Oh the challenges seem rough but God is always in control. God the Father of Jesus Christ.

I’ve been heard, seen, and so many have witnessed the works the good deeds. No matter what’s said  about “you” God has a place for you! Mankind has tried to destroy what God built but they’re unable to remove the creations. Yes they’ll continue to try to do so. They’re making mistakes by coming up against the anointed. Satan tried to defeat God and was unsuccessful. “God is too powerful and it seems as mankind refuse to accept how powerful God is.” (Tanikka Paulk) What will they come up with next?

Eternal Life is Daughter=Tanikka Paulk “Confirmed”

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Hidden in all the Right Areas

All things aren’t seem by the eyes. It can be quite surprising when there’s the revealing of. There are persons hidden where the eyes are unable to view. Sometimes individuals think that they’re capable of knocking down what God has created. No man meaning mankind can overpower God. It’s funny how so many seem to think so. There are some continuing “to believe” that tearing down is an answer. It’s the building up which will help and create the necessary changes. “Togetherness, unity, unification is what’s occurring right now.” (Tanikka Paulk). To think clearly and observe in order to find the correct answers is what so many should consider.

I’ve faced many adversities but there is no defeat. Yes. they’ve tried to remove my purpose, but God didn’t allow their antics to stop what He already declared. Some refused to listen and they’ve refused to do their research so that they’ll have better understanding. Every person has been ignorant at some point but there are some continuing to remain in darkness instead of searching for the “light.” They’ve caused problems in which could have been avoided. Yes some are angered because of truths being revealed and because of the progression.

To tolerate nonsense could cause Nations to crumble. My “Nation” shall continue to prosper. The ones causing havoc are unaware of the consequences they could face. God is love meaning having the emotion but God also discipline His children because they’re disobedient. There are the “hidden” ones they’re observing what’s occurring. Some have chosen to project unruly behavior and what shall they face. There’s the reaping and coming up against the anointed will certainly generate the reaping. “I’m convinced that there are some thinking that they’re so powerful that they can overturn decisions made by power groups. They are wrong.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Fear has caused some to overreact. They’ve behaved oddly abnormal and now must face whatever consequences there are. The challenges have actually produced more determination. There will be battles and how a person chooses to deal with the battles will make the difference. “There are causes which need my attention and I’m going to continue to advocate and believe that there will be the solutions.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Movements continue shouldn’t there be progress? What’s for me=Tanikka Paulk is for me=Tanikka Paulk.

What’s been perceived they’ll find that they’re thinking was wrong. I’m pleased that the hidden ones continue to observe so that when there is a need to reveal there will be. There should be others willing to use their voices of change. That’s right. There are directions in which a person may want to travel but the right direction is the better choice. What are they thinking. Hello I’m “one” although there are so many unwilling to accept what is it’s been proven and confirmed. One light, day, life. They’ve caused the problems in which need to be rectified.

There’s troubles and there are some willing to assist with trying to remove or lower the troubles. What has occurred shouldn’t have occurred. They’ve heckled but I’ve continued. I’ve been called out of my name and yet I’m continuing. Where will “Tanikka Paulk” be headed?  There are some who’ve appreciated what I’ve tried to accomplish. The transformations will occur there will be changes in which some misunderstand but the changes need to occur anyway. There could be separations in order to accomplish the greatness which so many have instilled within.

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Being Poetically Expressive Right Here

They tried to take away my dignity but I’m free

I’ve accomplished what some have never imagined

My purpose is my own and they are unaware of where i’m headed

God ordained ‘this” that’s right

No matter what some think my journey will continue

It’s on the move it’s headed in the right direction

My focus is so invisioned

Some will listen and some will understand

There will be some unwilling to see what I’ve invisioned

There could be new beginnings and there will be endings

Are they prepared for what will eventually occur?

There will be the proceeding anyway

Hello I’m day and I’m going about my way! (Tanikka Paulk)


One Time Headed Somewhere

Perhaps some have decided to leave me_Tanikka Paulk out

Alright Okay I’m so in tuned with my pathway

The noisemakers certainly aren’t disturbing the journey

Here I am continuing to make this path happen

Moving ahead moving towards the upmost greatness

They’ve tried to write me-Tanikka Paulk off

Pushed me-Tanikka Paulk to the wall but there wasn’t a complete fall

I’m truly blessed in deed

My mind is and has been free

I’ve walked, I’ve drove, and I’ve

No matter how the travel occurs I’m going to get there

Time keeps moving forward


Hello my name is Tanikka Paulk and I’ve accomplished what some wished they’ve accomplished. Yes, I’m a poet, a writer, blogger. Founder Business Woman and much more! I’m on my journey and I’m going to continue to make headway. “It’s difficult to even imagine what will be the next step. There certainly was and is the adversity but I’m so determined to create my true greatness.” By: Tanikka Paulk. What’s the next step? There will have to be the patience in order to find out what the next step will be. My mission continues and there are some really pleased with the movements. It’s time to elevate. “There is one and although there are so many refusing to accept that it is so. Scripture will confirm.

I’ve decided to block out what the others are saying. If what is being said doesn’t offer any value then what’s being said doesn’t matter. The cynics can read my poetic expressions and know that there is positivity right here. Right on my path. i’m freely proceeding to the next stages of my vision. I’m true and although there were and are so many thinking that they could have prevented the continuation of my vision they were and are wrong. I’m continuing to seek the right direction and directions. My path is meant to be. Perhaps they’re without the understanding. “I’ve understood and will continue to  understand.” (Tanikka Paulk)

It’s in my Name

My name is valued, appreciated, and dedicated

It’s within me=Tanikka Paulk and it’s surrounded by me=Tanikka Paulk

I’m going and they may want to know where

There is so much care right here

There will be the togetherness

I’m a winner and true believers are winners too

Movements which some are surprised occurred

Happily moving in my own direction

My choices are from my own mind

Time time time!

I’m mine and I’m doing just fine


Poetic Pieces are Written by: Tanikka Paulk

Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

“I’m Heart Filled Smiling.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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