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Prayer Removes the Troubles That Thee Face
December 17, 2018

There will be troubles but there are many positive ways to manage troubles. Problems arise but there’s meditation and the power of prayer. Praying has helped in so many ways. I’ve discovered just how much prayer is of benefit to the world. There is more than hope, more than gratefulness, there is prayer. God said to pray to pray for the enemies because they’re trying to get inside of your head. My mind is focused on the positives. Where they’ve said that I’ve failed God has proven that I’ve excelled. The gift of life oh what joyfulness.

Although there are many trying to disrupt what I’ve been purposed to accomplish. I’m continuing to move forward in scripture there’s backwards Biblical stories but the truth is written. “What will the tools create for thee and what will the tools create for the people?” No matter what storms roll in there is always victory. God said, “Love Conquers and conquers all.” Am I to defeat myself? No. The disruptive come behind me. They’ve decided that they would try to challenge me. Mercy is to thee.

My findings have shown what they’ve probably didn’t expect. What’s to come. Just have to wait and see what tomorrow will hold. Although I’ve voiced my beliefs there is still the ones unwilling to accept. I’m continuing to pray for the ones. So many have tried to go ahead of me but they’ve demonstrated that they’re coming behind me. When I’ve powered up the technology there is the waiting to see how they’re able to cause a rift. Glory! Although I’ve added so many there are still the complaints so therefore there is prayer my confidence remains within.

Movement occurs and shall be. “There seems to be some misunderstandings perhaps some unclear notion of what I’m willing to accept God has guided me thus far.” (Tanikka Paulk). Yes me is thee the word has said so. My spiritual needs have been provided. I’ve fallen on my knees and spoken to God and Jesus Christ. God said what the world will consist of. There will be so much to bare but God truly does care. There is the ability to cast are cares upon the Lord. God is Lord and God is a spirit the Father of Jesus Christ.

There are more than steps moving in the right direction. There is more than spoken words. There are goals, spiritually and abundantly, there is still hope and my faith hasn’t left me. I’ve been crossed many times but Thank God my mind is still in tact. There are many words spoken some good and some quite disrespectful but I’m still carrying on. There is so much proof of what I’ve said and there is documented evidence of where I’m to head. I’m grateful to be a friend. “I have a friend in Jesus.” (Tanikka Paulk).

My Poetic Dedication to Prayer

Prayer pray praying

When the rain drops fall on my window pane there will always be glorified names

I’ve prayed for so many and keeping the faith

There are many prayer which some have felt that they’ve been unheard

There is still time to go to the word

Prayers day in and day out

The many prayers about

Glory, glory, glory!

My prayers have been answered and some still to come

Victory because Tanikka (Tanikka Paulk) has done more than won

Poem written by: Tanikka Paulk

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God has Provided the Knowledge Within the Good Book
December 13, 2018

The words provided in the Bible are to be read and studied. God has instructed that spiritual leaders read and study the word. Persons wanting to be spiritually connected should read to see what God has said and expects. Although some have chosen to omit what the Bible has provided God continues “to love” His Children. What occurs today and yesterday has already been spoken about in the Bible. “To read and to understand will lower the worldly risks.” (Tanikka Paulk). God has spoken and what God has said is.

Mankind seems to continue to try to overpower God. Satan was punished because Satan tried to rule over God. Satan wanted to become more powerful than God. Impossible. No man nor woman can become God or Jesus Christ. Mankind can’t create the Universe. The ability to understand some decided to twist God’s words around. They’ve tried to overpower the said to be “powerful.” There are many Biblical stories and God entails what He wants His Children to know. “Knowledge is in the word.” By: Tanikka Paulk

What is perceived is believed and believing is faith. To believe that God will do what He said He would do. There are many tools provided to each and every person. There has to be the desire to want to learn to grow spiritually. “My faith is within thee no matter what occurs I’m refusing to allow my faith to leave me=Tanikka Paulk.” Knowledge is power. The word is is very important. In the Alpha the word is implies that it is and it is so. Concrete and although mankind will place if God has already said that it is so. Spoken.

If we’re expected to receive the abundance then there has to be the decision to become more spiritually connected. To forget about what the world has to say meaning the worldly words the dysfunctional actions and to receive the words spoken by the Almighty God Lord. The challenges can be conquered by love, understanding, and seeking spiritual knowledge. “To be declared anointed is to be just be automatically.” BY: Tanikka Paulk. Mankind seems to believe that their actions will cause a person to turn away from God. The actions could and has caused closeness a closer bond with the Almighty.

So many have misjudged they’ve mocked the words addressed. There are the movements in which will provide the necessities God’s words are valuable and Jesus words are very important. Note that the words are written in red. Red symbolizes the blood, Jesus’s blood, the words are true and of truth. The worldly thoughts has caused the disrespectful  words projected by mankind. “My words are valued and it is valuable God has said.” (T. Paulk) Look inside Genesis and see what is inside.

I’ve been said to be different and will read and understand differently. There seems to be a lot of spiritual competition but my focus is on the words in which God has provided to thee (Daughter). The disruptions in which mankind tried to project has caused more focusing on the word. They’ve tried to shake me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to break me=Tanikka Paulk. I’ve weeped but I’ve remained whole. Isn’t that what Jesus said about daughter? Whole and to go in peace meaning to be at peace.

The challenges in which mankind continues to throw my way aren’t going to cause my patience to leave me=Tanikka Paulk. There seems to be so many unwilling to accept that my positions which include being chosen by mankind and God. Amen! They’ve tried to remove my presence but I’m still continuing because God has allowed me to do so. So it is written and it is said to be. Why have they tried to force the words spoken by the Almighty out? Perhaps they’re intimidated. There is the rise and there will be the continuing of the rises. too focused on what I’m suppose to accomplish and won’t fret because I’m aware of what God expects.

My journey isn’t complete. Read and see what is expected but there is choice and some have decided that they would rather remove words the valuable words. God’s words. God isn’t to be a spirit which mankind should deny. It’s proven to be the Alpha has it, that, so. Light is good that is good. Reading has helped to lower stress and to incur more understanding. There are many advances when reading also scriptures are properly studied by writing. What God has said is written and was written on stone.

Without the white paper the words wouldn’t be in the Bible and all need the words. The words need to be heard and seen. My faith is within and no matter what’s said my faith will remain. There are the unbelievers they have tried to convince me that I’m  wasting my time by getting closer to the knowledge. God’s knowledge. “Seek and you shall find.” Found, founded, finding. “As they watch me write and watch me post my writings they’ve witnessed what God has provided to me which is thee.” BY: Tanikka Paulk.

There are many reasons why I’m continuing. There are the invaders they shouldn’t disrupt my journey. There is no invitation to the sabotagers. They’ve tried to disconnect my spiritual connected and I’m refusing to accept what they’ve had to say. The tools provided to me (Tanikka Paulk) are worn everyday. “The Full Armor of God.” Read and see the description of Daughter daughter which are the same and no matter how they’ve tried to deny my titles they’re so. The Alpha and the Omega. Front and Back. Up and down. Side to side. Beginning to the ending.

What I’ve gained some wouldn’t consider to be much. I’ve received abundantly because I’m still here. I’ve angered some folks and I’m in no way remorseful about their feelings. You are powerful, you are valuable, YOU are said to be great. I’ve supplied what God has instructed and God said to recognize others. How many have? Read and see what “God said about helping others and recognizing others” “Provided.” My purpose has been declared and although there are some who’ve tried to omit what God has already ordained they’ve observed that their actions have caused upwards motions.

I’ve been lowered but I am rising. My place is already set and I’ve read the how. If is printed on my documentation but God said it is so. Meaning  it is concrete. God provides the protection for daughter. Mankind tries to shake daughter but God said in Hos own words that He won’t forsake. Jesus won’t forsake mankind challenges because they’re afraid. No matter how the words are directed I’m the chosen. Although some won’t admit to so it is. To be, to being. to become and God said to transform the mind. Think differently.

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God Knows Exactly When and how
December 10, 2018

god knows when the final hour will come. God knows what the enemies will do. God knows what we’ll say before it’s said. No matter what is perceived God already knows what will occur. I’m able to bypass what’s said because I’ve followed what God has spoken about. “Transformation of the mind.” When there is fear then there will be the actions in which can cause trembling. Jesus has spoken the red words are coming from Jesus Christ and He said that Daughter healed thy self by faith. There is faith and there is also the protection.To believe is what I’m continuing to do. The rages projected towards my path won’t cause my turning.

What is amongst me=Tanikka Paulk hasn’t caused my purpose to fade. There is a need to pray and a desire to do so. God knows and says what the enemies will do. Pray, pray, pray. That’s what I’m continuing to do. On my knees praying, praying with an open Bible when time, praying while there is silence. God said to pray for your enemies. There has to “be” for because of the forming. The enemies will flee. What has and continues to occur God has already spoken about. The mouths in which fools speak I’m able to block out.

There isn’t any defeat. There is so much joyfulness because I’m aware what is set by the Almighty. I’ve been through many storms and have faced uphill battles. There’s the tools to battle and the best way to battle is by spiritually battling. If there was nothing at all then there wouldn’t be any fight. My fight isn’t with the fist but with prayer and keeping the Armor of God on. Words can pierce the heart but when the mind is transformed then the words aren’t effective. “Love always conquers.” (Paulk) What does the haters say when perhaps they’ll said what tehy may regret they’ve said.

Anger could cause chaotic situations but a calming spirit will cause melodies. There isn’t always a need to speak. Proceeding will demonstrate how “effective” a person truly is. When there are the negatives God has supplied the positives. Reacting to every word spoken won’t create solutions which are needed. If enemies want to bring down their competition then they’ll have to come get it. Cowards won’t face but the bravest will climb higher and see their competition fret. There is peace and the peace was told by Jesus Christ. “Peace is who I  They rage, they are afraid, they can’t compete.

God already knew what they would do. Counteract what is spoken by the unwise mouths. Their verbal attacks are thrown away by praying faithfully. What’s said isn’t what is unless what’s said is. God already said that it is so. I’m still living because of the Lord God. He’s provided what some haven’t appreciated. Just think about the actions. Their desire to try to prevent what God has declared and to try to pull great down. Most would probably want to stop but there is way too much determination. “Here I am and I’m at peace.” (Tanikka Paulk).

She Her is myself. If I’m only she then my grammar wouldn’t be fitting. Myself, self, that’s how my purposed walk is. I’ve haven’t invaded another to alongside me=Tanikka Paulk. If they’re trying to sabotage then I’m unwilling to send the invitation. I’m my own friend and I’ve allowed Jesus Christ to become one of my closest friends. The word of God has helped to continue when the foolish speak hatefulness towards me=Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps they too should go to God. “Praying” is what I’m going to continue to do. Prayer certainly is effective.

The ones along are but there isn’t any desire to have a woman beside my path. I’m woman and I’ve been chosen. I’m firm and won’t accept the  disrespect in which God has seen. They already know that I’m powerful mediocre wouldn’t gain their attention. I’m my own person there isn’t any desire to become another. Myself because none have really demonstrated that they’re friends but they’ve demonstrated the enemy qualities. God loves and always will but God also disciplines. God isn’t pleased when His children come up against the anointed and Daughter daughter is anointed.

God and Jesus Christ are my friends. God nor Jesus won’t forsake. If they’ve demonstrated they’re enemies then why would I want to connect? “Don’t want to. Won’t. I Tanikka Paulk don’t need a lot of friends it’s better to be “surrounded by” visionaries then to be surrounded by the foolish minds and hearts. My armor remains on my body. My own body. Hatefulness won’t overpower love. Love conquers what I’ve declared was removed. God and Jesus has described my truth. The nights continue to come after me=Tanikka Paulk meaning that they are behind me=Tanikka Paulk.

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Already Proven What Needed to be Proven
November 21, 2018

The proof has been supplied but some are in denial about the what is. What has already been declared seems to confuse the others. They’re behaving as if they haven’t got a clue. There is more to what’s seen by the naked eye. There is the inner in which some are unable to get a hold of. “Time and time again the troubling ones continue to mock the creations of The Almighty.” (Tanikka Paulk). The name is what some have misunderstood. Whether above or below there seems to be the desire to want to remove my existence.

The truth has been revealed although there seems to be some game playing there is still the seriousness which should occur. The motives of so many aren’t reasons to stop the movement. There is still room to excel and when the crowd behave erratic then there are ways to incur the calmness which is necessary in order to grow. Perhaps some haven’t considered how important growth is. There is the reaching of abundance and there will be achievable motions. The agreeable will continue to move in the swift direction. There will be the left and the right.

The misjudgments have caused some to cause confusions but the ones having the ability to think will find the ways to move accurately. There has to be acceptance perhaps some haven’t considered their own existence. They’ve troubled themselves by wanting to invade where there shouldn’t be any invading. There is room to go upwards and although some of what has taken place seems to appear backwards. There is understanding but there has to be a decision to understand.

There are many groups wanting to build Nations and there are some refusing to build at all. There tearing down of walls when there should be more unification. My purpose was already ordained despite what mankind tried to do to my journey there is the continuous travels. They’ve watched my every move to see what will occur next. What some expect could only be their thoughts. The thoughts, the pondering of what shall be, and the thinking in which some have refused to allow in.

My positions have been proven to be so. The evidence is in reach. There are the continued visions to become what some haven’t dared to consider. “Greatness is within but some refuse to allow their own greatness to be apart of their daily living.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Oh there are some who’ve tried to mimic my purpose and I’m continuing to be in pursuit. But of what? Building! Oh yes there appears to be just one willing to build they haven’t figured out yet how to participate. The connecting of groups which will and should push up instead of trying to pull down.

They’ve set my position where they’re unable to reach. There is no way that my thoughts will include defeat. My mind has is set on victory. No matter what’s said there will be the thoughts of prosperity. If there is only one dime I’m wealthy but how? The  wealth of love, accomplishments, and of gratitude. What belongs will remain what has caused declines won’t remain but there will be the fleeing. There seems to be some unwilling to continue to battle which can waste one’s time. On to the next levels. If there is slowed movements then there are ways to produce faster speeds. Moving up higher and higher and in some areas there will be a lowering but room to produce excelling.” by: Tanikka Paulk

“My journey desires the attention foolishness isn’t what I’m focused on.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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Continuous Movement is a Plus
November 20, 2018

T0o be able to move in the set direction in which will incur abundance is a plus and what is the meaning of plus. Addition, positivity, building. There is the aspiration to fulfill what some have desired. “To build and continue to seek growth so that there can be a stronger nation is what some visionaries have visioned.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’ve tried and will continue to try to build although there is still some resistance. I’m in no way discouraged by the actions in which mankind has demonstrated. My movement from one destination to another was and is declared no matter what’s perceived I’m going to continue to proceed and achieve.

Motions in actions there is success and there will be continuous achievements. My views include helping others, youth direction, building. Some have demonstrated that they’re out of tune they’re disconnected and refusing to connect “The People.” The questions remain from people wanting to know what will be the next move.Oh yes they’ve tried to disrupt my process and my progress but there is so much determination to advance to the many levels. Irritated? Perhaps but in peace meaning I’m at peace isn’t that what Jesus Christ proclaimed?

Functioning in order to incur higher, the heights, the reaching the top of the mountain. There is hope some have viewed their situations as hopeless. They’ve underestimated my “achievements” as well as others. There has to be motivation in order to continue developing better societies. There is constant prayer that I’m able to achieve what I’ve set out to achieve. The time is now and I’ve heard what the crowd has to say but I’m refusing to turn in the direction in which they want me=Tanikka Paulk to go.

Oh the critics will have their say. They’ll want to know where visionaries are headed. The voices of glorious, positives, and speeches which hold value are greatly appreciated. The interruptions could have caused declines but there are some in agreement they’re wanting and needing to be apart of rising. Although it may appear as though there is little movement there is movement. There is “greatness” perhaps they should consider changing their line of thinking so that there can be further progress. Perhaps they’ve viewed the progression as slowed. Slowing of progress isn’t the same as no progress.

Small steps can reach heights there are additions and yes in some areas there have been subtractions. There is advancement despite what so many have tried to project. My projected path continues. The untruths told aren’t reasons to cease the journey. Perhaps some have believed that their actions would cause a push back. They’ve probably perceived that I’m behind but there is evidence that I’m ahead. The hecklers will heckle but my confidence hasn’t faded. The more confidence incurred the better the person will become. If they’re unsettled about movement and movements then perhaps they’ve viewed their own accomplishments as failures.

“Strive to be the best be confident about the craft and know that there is hopefulness somewhere. Building!” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are so many who’ve tried to prevent what should occur. God and Jesus continues to be at my side and prayer is certainly on my agenda. There is a smile because I’m aware that I’ve been chosen and the are declarations of such. What they’ve perceived isn’t my perception at all. My mindset is to proceed rightfully, abundantly, with a positive attitude and yes my attitude may not always be positive but my confidence will be within and outer.

The declines are caused by the actions of others. They’ve wanted to place blame on one but refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Dreams are made to come true and a dreamer is a visionary and conquers when they’ve demonstrated that there is love. Mankind has misjudged in which happens quite often. I’ve been insulted but the insults won’t cause my visions to vanish. My focus is to make differences. I’ve already achieved what some have’t dared to achieve. There is more to accomplish and that’s what I’m focusing on. Transformations have occurred and will continue to occur. “The movement is what some have refused to accept and they have :demonstrated: that they’re without understanding.” (Tanikka Paulk). The strongest fo People are the ones which try to understand. There are supporters although right now there seems to be so many refusing to be supportive.


“Hated Because of Being you. Criticized Because You’re able to Achieve What They’ve Feared.” Continuing.by: Tanikka Paulk

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“Be Cautious With the Moves Know When to Leave the Area and Areas.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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War Peace and Love is in the Bible
November 11, 2018

There is a battle in which one can and will be victorious. Love will conquer and love has conquered many battles. God knew and knows that we’ll have to endure trials and what shall God’s children do about trials? “Overcome.” Prayer is what will help and will develop “peacefulness” wars aren’t going to remain there is peace. Chaos occurs but a peacemaker will know how to eliminate or decrease the disruptions. Peacemakers are historical. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a peacemaker. Dr. King wasn’t loved by every person because Dr. King was assassinated. Mankind is destructive and there are many who would want to control but oh there is glory.

Prayer and my love will continue despite the weapons formed. No matter how many negative words are released. I’m going to demonstrate love. God loves every person but yet He will administer discipline. What should one do about the hateful words projected? Pray and keep on the Full Armor of God. A person is able to withstand the attacks by having faith, praying, and keeping on the Armor. “My faith won’t be removed I’m going to keep my faith close to my “heart.” Job’s faith allowed Job to receive more abundance than he had before.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Meditating and asking God to remain alongside me=Tanikka Paulk will allow the continuing of my journey. There is abundance but there has to be adversity in order to receive. There are many who’ve fought against you=Tanikka Paulk. The Bible states that your enemies will try to send out attacks and what to do about the enemies. What needs to occur is constant prayer. I’m able to transform my line of thinking in order to continue to move further. Faith can heal and transform situations. Read scriptures and find out exactly what God has said and the red words which come from Jesus Christ. There are hills and mountains to climb. There is peace within and no matter how I’m hated. Tanikka Paulk will love. ” by: Tanikka Paulk

Love resides in Miami, Florida. Love every person. God said to love one another. There is hope. Some have lost hopefulness because of their situations. They’ve lost their faith because they’ve suffered. Troubles are in the world meaning the Universe. Oh but there is a gleaner of hope. The everlasting wonders of my traveling from here to the designated home. I’ve achieved what some seem to desire and I’m continuing to believe that God will do what He said He will do. God is almighty. When Job was attacked did Job lose his faith? No. Job became stronger and wiser. So therefore I’m going to keep moving and believing mankind won’t cause me=Tanikka Paulk to turn my back on God and Jesus Christ.

There seems to be fear and God knew that we’ll be afraid. What to do about fear? Meditate on the Lord God and pray. My ability to function is because of God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve moved upwards and I’ve moved backwards. My proving has been proven. I’m able to clap with joyfulness because I’m aware of hwo good God has and continues to be. He has allowed what has occurred to occur but God can intervene at any time and He rewards. To know that there is a place in Heaven for Daughter is what keeps me=Tanikka Paulk motivated.

To read scripture is to discover. God promised and God doesn’t break promises. To excel when there  are destructive environments demonstrates that there is “strong leadership.” i’m refusing to fret because I’m hated but I’m going to continue to love. Thank God I’m able to clap my hands and I’m able “to proceed” in order to achieve helping mankind. To help others pleases God. Amen! they’ve tried numerous times to pull down my positions. One a position from mankind and another position by God. Peace can be obtained wars are won. There is more learning to do and that’s what I’m planning on doing. Great is here and has shown how determined she is.

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The Great Escape to the Calming
November 8, 2018

There can be solitude when it appears as though the storms make their way in. There will be sunshine after the rain. There is hope no matter how situations appear to be there is always hope. To discover near or far to be encouraged the words could either cause inspiration to occur or words could cause doubt to enter. Escape to “peaceful” thoughts to think on levels in which some desire to think upon. There is light and the “day” turns to evening. There are moments in which the thoughts will go to places where some have dared to dream. “Peacefulness can occur when there is prayer, hope, and actions to obtain the peace.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Joyfulness occurs one should decide to allow joyfulness or perhaps happiness into their lives. God has supplied every person with the words which can soothe the mind. The calmness which some have difficulties obtaining. There are the peacemakers willing to administer peace and there are the war folks so therefore if there is the wanting to obtain peace then there will need to be the actions to “obtain the peace.” In order for there to be the actions in which cause disorder there will need to be the participants.

Peacefulness, calmness, solitude should be obtained and although there are some trying to disrupt peacefulness there is also “The Word of God.” Amen! The Bible has the answers. There are many scriptures to read and there is so many ways to obtain the joyfulness in order to live productive lives. Escaping negative thoughts and allowing the positive thoughts to enter. Obtaining rest in order to produce better moods. Disruptions could occur but there are “so many ways to calm” incur the calming within environments.

The peace is what some are willing to fight for. To be able to live in safer neighborhoods and communities. To build in ways others are unwilling to build. “There are the sweetest melodies there should be the ears to listen and the appreciation of the music is which God allows Hos children to hear.” (Tanikka Paulk). The invasion can be eliminated and there can be elevating of greatness. To obtain, to incur, to receive. There is no ability to remove the worry. Thinking on higher levels preparing for what God has declared as the “abundance.”

To live abundantly. War has occurred but peace has entered there will be the solutions to problem solve. Hopefulness has helped generate confidence. To proceed confidently progressively to other ventures. There are some restless because they’ve refused to allow peacefulness into their minds and into their environments. There are many “views” of God’s Creations. The blue sky in which the birds glide about. The trees which offer shade. Plants are placed so that they’re viewed by the passing by. Oh what glorious viewership’s People have.

There are songs sung and recordings of memories. The gatherings of family members and close friends. the laughter coming from the joyful ones. The travels in which so many prepare for. Movements continue to occur. Escape to the beautiful scenery across the globe. There is so much to visualize. The memories stored within the memory banks. “The competitors can witness the calming occur and they could be shocked by the actions because they’ve expected to see backlash but oh there is the “Great” and there is the sunshine after the rain.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Justly was and is Purposed
October 28, 2018

There’s a purpose and the fulfillment of my purpose is what needs to occur. There are the unappreciative ones without understanding. “God already prepared my way and I’m continuing to try to reach the level in which was designed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’re mistaken what have they caused by their actions? If they are willing to read “scripture” then they’ll find out what God has said. God is specific about His instructions. Some will try to battle for positions they’re not “qualified” for. If they’re chosen then they wouldn’t need to battle. There is no need for Tanikka!-Tanikka Paulk to battle because I’ve been “chosen” by God and mankind.

If they’re unwilling to accept then they will have the troubles. There are the many difficulties but with prayer I’m able to overcome. The words spoken aren’t adding the value that’s needed. I’ve chosen to proceed with the most dignified. The persons in which will assist with the “building up.” My eyes will look away from the irritants. I’m uninterested in their antics. The disruptions aren’t bothering me=Tanikka Paulk because there’s the protection. What? Yes there’s the protection from God and mankind has also chosen to add their protection. The noisemakers aren’t apart of the fulfillment.

The needs are what causes the persons to display out of control behavior. They’ve lied and caused their own declines. Perhaps they should consider what “Word” entails. I’m continuing for many reasons. There is way too many objectives to meet. There will continue to be the additions. Yes some seem to be angered but I’m apart of the glorious actions. No matter what’s been said about you=Tanikka Paulk. “The Bible” speaks a lot about you your. God has stated about the enemies and how to handle enemies. Foes is what some have decided to become.

The birds continue to sing their melodies are welcomed. There is peacefulness in my area. The communities seem to have settled. Perhaps more should join the peacefulness. I’m focused on what can offer prosperity. There certainly needs to be some uplifting. Yes I’m in tune with self motivation. My purpose was designed by God and why should I Tanikka Paulk allow mankind to disrupt my purpose. The attitudes only cause the individuals to disrupt their own minds. “Proceed we’re headed in the right direction. There will be the solutions isn’t that what’s appreciated?” (Tanikka Paulk)

How many are watching? It seems as though the entire world watches my every move. The leadership continues to rise they’re unaware of how their actions affect society. There is the effectiveness although there are the disrespectful ones trying to make their way in. The door is shut to the agitated folks. They’re confused about spirituality. They’re also confused about the political realm. The mixture can cause troubles that’s why they’re separated. Actions. Purposely headed from here to there.

There’s the firmness and although there are some who’ve disagreed with my methods. I’ve strategized in ways in which there’s difficulties figuring out what will occur next. They’ve tried to take my place but they’re unable. The name will remain after leaving earth. “Defeat? No there is too much “faith” to think of the actions in which so many seem to project in order to surpass.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There’s a lot to be said in the Bible. The Word of God is filled with the truth. Jesus continues to walk with “thee.”

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There has to be Absolute Focusing on the Achievements and More
October 19, 2018

There is still more to achieve and there are the cooperative ones wanting to achieve further “success.” Yes there are the ones wanting to play around but there should be the concentration so that the goals are met. I Tanikka Paulk encourage dream makers to focus on the aspirations be dedicated to what can help incur prosperity. Elevation is certainly necessary. What has been “discovered” thus far? Progress, abilities, and searches. I’ve searched in ways some won’t dare to search. There has been more than managing. To be equipped is what some refrain from achieving.

The abilities are desired, the crafts are observed, and the skills have been obtained. There are some desiring to cause distractions but there are many ways to get back on track. There’s the steady motions and even if there’s little movements there are movements. One should be careful when dealing with certain individuals because there are some so determined to cause delays, to try and stop what has already been purposed, there should be the focusing on their own goals. “There seems to be more focus on what I’m trying to accomplish and less focusing on what persons need to accomplish.” by: Tanikka Paulk

I’m certainly dedicated to my dreams it seems as though there are so many dedicated to other’s dreams instead of their own. The followers pretend as if their not followers. They’ll reveal in someway that they are. No matter what’s displayed, said, or perceived it is always about the what is. That’s right! I’ve conquered when there has been extreme adversity. I’ve learned how to handle situations better. Thankfully I’m continuing to head in the direction which will incur what is needed and what “can create” further developments. “Conquering has lead to the conquered.” (Tanikka Paulk)

No matter what darts are projected I’m continuing if they’re wanting to cause distractions then perhaps their afraid of where I’m headed. There is no time to stop and pay close attention to noisemakers. The show continues isn’t that what God has addressed in the “Good Book.” They’re worrying about what I’m going to do when there should be attention on what they need to do. Chuckles because I’ve been moving along for quite sometime now! Motivated there is sunshine and although there will be rainy times there will also be brighter times. “If they want to know where I’m headed then they will have to wait and see.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Some ask the question:  Are you coming or going? Could be either or. My main focus is to reach the goals in which I’ve supplied to self. Perhaps there are many misunderstanding what is to occur. Fear seems to be the reason why some would prefer to remove the journey. My place has already been set so therefore they’re out of order. What is it that they should achieve? I’ve seen the words in which would probably cause some to break completely but I’m aware of what God has stored up and what will occur after my leaving here.


“There is More Than one Reason why I’m Continuing and one of the Reasons is Because of God.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Want to Know Just Have to Wait and See
October 11, 2018

There are so many anxious to know exactly what’s going on. Why? Shouldn’t a person be allowed to live their lives privately? We’re headed where some aren’t “qualified” to join. There’s more than the eyes can see. The moves should be secretly conducted. There are the watchers wanting to see if every action will be revealed to the public eyes. There are some who’ve expressed that they are along. That’s good that they’ve decided to partake in this travel. The journey continues and why should the “chosen” cease? Elevation occurs with the concentration, motivation, and extreme determination.

They’ve tried to instill fear the rattle of the snakes but there is way too much determination so therefore their tactics aren’t welcomed. I’m freely and confidently proceeding. God and Jesus Christ is always with me=Tanikka Paulk. The “Good Book” continues to remain close to me=Tanikka Paulk. The Book is ‘Gold and Black” The words are filled with boldness. Oh how important are the words which come from God. Jesus words are in red and the words are extremely important. “Muy Importante.” Si. (Very Important Yes). I’ve carefully reviewed the details in which they’re unaware of.

When there’s the sensitivity then there has to be ways to keep the information safe. There are many reasons why I’ve been chosen for the “Positions.” The competitors are focused on trying to pull down while I’m focused on the “rise up.” In order to remain whole which Jesus has stated that Daughter is there has to be constant prayer. I’m dedicated to get there. One direction to another. One location to another. Where am I now? I’m in Miami, Florida. There are some unwilling to try to follow their dreams, they’ve been discouraged in someway, no matter what’s said the confidence remains within me=Tanikka Paulk

I’ve chosen to dismiss the words from the hecklers, the haters, the competitors. Some won’t add any value to what’s to be accomplished. There are some not receiving an invitation. They may want to get back in the boat. No! My journey isn’t complete but there are the many attempts to incur the completeness. My faith is too strong to allow the folks who’ve tried to sabotage back in. There appears to be the enemies and they’re continuously trying to cause distractions. There is the “meditation” and I’m prayed up!

Along, along, along yes indeed. I’m pleased because there’s is so much to accomplish but yet there is so much that’s already been accomplished. Haven’t they learned that their tactics aren’t effective? Appears as though they’re desperate enough to continue to try to remove what God has already ordained. Brush my shoulders off. Looking to the right, looking up, looking around. I’ve seeking and I’m finding. What will the disruptions find? Perhaps what they’re not prepared to receive.

I’m called time notated, updated, and documented. I’m furnished with what some aren’t able to comprehend. The ability to proceed confidently really does come from God. I’ve attempted to add the security to secure there’s so many wanting. That’s right. They want and they need. Their desire to obtain is so deep. Their expressions are deeply demonstrated but there will always be ‘love.” To be remembered some are unforgettable. I’m passionately driven and there could be the crowds waiting to see if there will be the crumbling.

Magnifying my purpose. There are the supporters and although it may appear as though there’s little to no support I’m aware that the supporters are hidden in plain sight. Reading what God has said that His children should study. God’s promises, words, and His love. In out and about. They’ve said that “about you” Perhaps. There are some without the understanding. To understand offers “greater” rewards. Achievements shall continue. I’m ready but for what? Perhaps there has to be the awaiting in order to know.

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