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Reality is Where I Would Rather be

There’s the thoughts but there’s the reality some are way too focused within fantasy. The realities are what realities are. Thinking positively and remaining whole by actions and thoughts. To keep my mind focus on what some have probably viewed as fictional. My story is filled with truths. My cousins were gunned down, my great grandmother is deceased, my conditions are so. “Whatever to be perceived some have misjudged my path and what I’ve tried to express.” (Tanikka Paulk).

The reality is “movements.” There’s so much to accomplish and there are goals to meet. What they’ve perceived seems twisted. So many aren’t able to comprehend what’s “truly” occurring. No matter what the words describe there’s the dysfunctional line of thinking. At least some should consider trying to listen and trying to understand. The purpose was written and no matter how my moves are viewed my reality is still within me! Some seem to think that stories are fictional. No. All stories aren’t.

What’s said isn’t always what is. One think for sure “it is so.” So many believe whatever they hear or read. That’s why there’s research and investigative measures. The truth will present but the alertness should be. There could be a lot of why’s. All won’t know right now some won’t be able to understand what’s occurring. The factual is what some aren’t willing to accept. Truths are presented and what is to be said could either be accepted or not.

Perhaps the reason why some are unwilling to accept is because they would rather partake in fantasies. Reality has to have its place. “The many words spoken have the truth within there has to be the listeners and the audience.” By: Tanikka Paulk. “My journey isn’t easy at all so many adversities to even name. Too many to count.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Although some continue to project the altered words my purpose is to continue to move further to accomplish greater.

Where am I headed? Somewhere although it may appear as if the movements are slow but there’s still progress. To think of thinking what some haven’t though to think. My name is apart of the realities. So many disrupt by wanting to hold on to the fantasy but I’m more in tuned with the reality. The need to and the desire to get to where I should be. From here to a different place. “Newness!” Continued with my beliefs and my thoughts protected by thee.


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What’s to say About Good Competition

Ever witnessed groups trying to compete but seem to have difficulties trying to remove their competition from the competitive spectrum? There’s so many insisting that on competing and some have “demonstrated” they’re having difficulties trying to prove they’re number one. Too many chiefs too many wanting to gain the position wanting to become higher the best way to compete is to compete fairly. There’s too much to accomplish so therefore competing isn’t always on the agenda.

It seems as though I’m the most challenging competition. I’ve set to produce higher standards while showing my gifts others have confused my kindness. The more I’m challenged the more I’ll elevate. Sometimes there’s the fatigue and I’m in no mood to compete. Some competition will allow further accomplishments. There’s more growth incurred. “Some competitors project trickery and that’s why it’s important to be alert. Alertness is a very important key when the competition seems to be working very hard to disrupt their competition.” (Tanikka Paulk)

It’s so delightful that I’m able to proceed despite what the competitors are trying to cause. There’s room for elevation. Some I wouldn’t want to collaborate with or want on my team. It’s better that the proceeding continues in order to incur the finalization of “unified” solid effectiveness and progressive completeness. Too many seem to think that I’m their puppet. No. I was chosen my skills exist and can be proven. Proceeding is what I’m doing right now. To focus on the important objectives is what will occur.

Too may are involved in my purpose they’ve tried to disrupt but I’m simply moving ahead. “Effectiveness” is occurring because there’s productivity. Every movement demonstrates that achievements have occurred. The attitudes aren’t what I should be focusing on. My movements are continuing to be analyzed. What some have perceived they’re mistaken. Oh yes indeed I’ve allowed some corrections but I’m busy trying to accomplish my dreams.

So many have tried to take away my “vision.” I’m way too determined to allow the “individuals” to destroy my purpose. What some have tried to remove they’re unable to completely remove. My presence is still here. There’s the demonstrating, the showing of, the administrating. Goodness is what I’m about. No matter what’s said I’m going to continue to project what I’ve always projected and that’s love. I’m that=Tanikka Paulk and that’s stem from that. If they’re unable to understand then I’m unable to convince otherwise. There’s also the room to gain and regain more knowledge.

You you Good.

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The Journey of Completeness and Readiness

Ready? Yes indeed. There’s the continued process of finalizing the “mission.” Some aren’t quite prepared to adjust to what has and will occur. Unable to convince but have to keep proceeding. The disagreeable or perhaps the misunderstood should know that I’m unwilling to tolerate the mistreatment. There’s so much misunderstandings, the confusion, and the desires “to obtain” what has already been declared to be. “When it is time to be in the set place then it will be there. Until then there’s the continuous motions to complete.” (Tanikka Paulk).

I’ve searched for the right methods and corrective strategies in which will assist with obtaining what’s necessary. What’s necessary is to build to build in ways which can help establish a more stabilized society. Communities need to be have wholeness. There’s the many changes in which individuals will have to face. Some aren’t prepared to handle the many changes but changes are to occur. Where are most headed to? Perhaps unknown. To “be determined” in sometime or in somewhere.

There’s chuckles because some continue to think that their actions are justified. The line of thinking seems to have caused so many to pull themselves back. The cost in which some are willing to pay is extreme. No matter how it’s explained there will be the ones refusing to accept. Acceptance seems far and between. Too many are thinking that they’re able to alter my perceptions. Why? Perhaps they need to in order to obtain whatever they’re looking for. There’s the movements because the movements will achieve what really needs to be achieved.

The goals may seem as if the goals aren’t met. Although it may appear as though there’s little movement there’s still the progress. There’s still room to climb to climb in other areas. One step at a time the elevating continues and although some may think that there’s less there is more in certain areas. I’ve operated in one area and is headed to the other areas. Some movements aren’t and shouldn’t be revealed. So many are anxious to know what will occur next.

The unpredictable moves, the advances, the connections. There’s still room to grow. The invasiveness and the attitudes towards my purpose has caused some to become puzzled. At least I’m aware of where I’m to head to. Some have tried to control my every move. The closed doors allows the “productivity” to occur without the entire world aware of what’s occurring. What have I faced thus far? I’ve faced the many adversities the challenges in which some probably would break. I’ve been made whole.

The wonders and the many questions continue to arise. Some would give up because of the challenges. My strength continues to be with me=Tanikka Paulk. There’s the time to sit back and meditate on what will need to occur and what has. My purpose was already set long ago. mankind may want to try to disconnect what was already declared but they’re having difficulties. “Mankind cannot define who I am and I’m too determined to stray from what God has given to me=Tanikka Paulk.” (Tanikka Paulk).

In due time the ones who shall have what is to be given will. The others are trying to gain what isn’t meant for the individuals. An extended invitation was given. Some misconceptions are placed. What they’ve perceived they’re wrong. My perception of what has occurred hasn’t seemed to be welcomed by some. Although some aren’t accepting I shall continue on my path. There’s the exploring, the findings. the discoveries. The continuous “observations” and the future. Unaware of what the future holds. The movements will continue as well as the movements should.

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What is it That I Believe
December 27, 2018

My faith remains no matter how many times words are projected. I’m my faith in God and Jesus Christ. There’s so much to adhere to but oh my “goodness ” I’m so blessed. No matter what is said my gladness is here within me! Ever wonder why some folks constantly battle between what is right and what they have perceived is right? Perhaps some really need a reality check. I’m proceeding no matter what’s said. A lot of words have been projected towards me=Tanikka Paulk. My confidence continues to shine.

If they have to constantly bother a person then they’re lacking the confidence and perhaps they’re unhappy. There is no need to intake wjat is said my belief stands true. No person can change what I believe. The crowds may come and try to attack my joyfulness. I’m in no way alone. There is always God and Jesus Christ. I’ve thought  of the many movements which shall occur. The distractions haven’t caused my faith to decline. Do I have to do what the rest are doing? No!

I’ve marched to my own beat. My feet remain to move swiftly. My movement occurs because God has allowed my movement. There is prosperous moves although the moves aren’t always visual to the others. “I’m God’s child and God has never forsake you!” (Tanikka Paulk). I’m able to love the world may try to break me=Tanikka Paulk but my faith allows me=Tanikka Paulk “to continue” on my journey. God has already stated that it is so and it is concrete. Yes indeed it is.

Moving along and keeping “The Word of God.” My Bible isn’t far away from me! I’m able to  find meaning to seek and that’s what you do. Believing in self, what I’ve always believed in, and will continue to believe whatever it is that I want to believe in. Prayers continue and “God knows “I’ve prayed many times. Sometimes I would chuckle at what God has said because I’m amazed at what is said has already occurred. God said what mankind would do and what to do when the weapons are formed.

There is prosperity and no money doesn’t define prosperity or abundance. I’m rich at heart. No matter what the cynics are saying my purpose was declared and man didn’t declare my purpose. “Jesus said that Daughter has declared her healing from the trembling and falling down my her faith. She is faith filled.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Amen! They’ve tried to get rid of me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to destroy me=Tanikka Paulk. Glory to God I’m still moving along.

I’m able to continue on my path because of my faith. The adversities I’ve faced God has allowed. My strength has increased although there may appear to  be some decreases. what is taken away God can and will restore. Yes there has to be some work put into my pathway but oh Glory. I’m so blessed. There is already a place set in the Heavenly gates for Tanikka Paulk. I’m able to withstand the worldly attacks because God has made me=Tanikka Paulk strong.

My goals  are set and although there were some setbacks. I’m determined to continue. “They’ve tried to intimidate me=Tanikka Paulk but they haven’t at all.” (Tanikka Paulk). Tested? Yes but there are many reasons why I still carry on. “The key is” to look pass what’s said and to think positively. Every word doesn’t need my undivided attention. What’s perceived about me=Tanikka Paulk isn’t what I’ve placed within my memory bank.

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The Great Confidence is Here
December 23, 2018

I’ve been called many names but what I am is what I am. My name is written in many places. What is said doesn’t exactly mean what is said is concrete. What it is it is so. “The games played and the noises which cause ears to ring haven’t caused decline within me!” (Tanikka Paulk). There are so many words formed but what is very important is that the “valued information” is obtained. What they have to say shouldn’t be placed in my memory bank. Confidence is here and right now. I’ve encountered some of the toughest adversities. Overcame and am victorious.

The mind is powerful and that’s why it’s important that the mind rests. When surrounded by environments which are stressful there has to be time aside to just incur peacefulness. There is confidence building and if there are no persons offering encouragement it is important to encourage self. Sometimes there are none to project the “peacefulness” at least one can accomplish what is needed. My perception about what occurs hasn’t caused my mind to fade. I’m blessed in ways some haven’t imagined.

What I’m able to do is to think positively although there seems to be some disturbances. There is the continuing of getting closer to way I should be. There still is movement upwards. The battle to overcome is and has. If there are many groups trying to cause declines then there are what some could possibly view as troubles. They can’t understand what, when, the where. “The imagining of what hasn’t occurred at all some have displaced their realities and have mixed up their minds.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Confidence can be obtained by peace. To incur peace and to be peaceful. To set boundaries in peacefulness. There are some trying to test the mind trying to figure out how far they’re able to go. Thinking allows the mindfulness to be freed. To think on levels in which some aren’t willing to think. To be free of the mind. There ar many ways to obtain clarity. To face the battles, to be what is “to be, to think.” Thinking also helps with the confidence.

If a person pays close attention to what’s said then the mind will break. Sometimes there has to be a decision to spend less time where there are the disruptions. A strong mind will be able to withstand. Withstanding is confidence, determination, and the drive to get from one area to another. I’ve overcame so many obstacles. Although there are so many wanting to attack my mind. Prayer has helped to “keep” my mind in tact. Meditation has offered my peace.

Continuing is what is best. No matter what’s said it’s going to be about what’s perceived. “I’m still a student learning, reading, an adult student. There is still more to learn there is the “Bible teachings” and there is the instruction.” (Tanikka Paulk). A confident student and instructor. What is said isn’t and hasn’t caused the fret. Reasons why some have chosen to attack is because they’ve lacked the confidence. The gaining of my confidence can’t leave unless I want my confidence to leave.

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Peaceful Is a Decision and I’m Giving Peace
December 22, 2018

I would rather be peaceful than to create wars. I’ve been invaded upon but no matter how many times they try to break me.I’m so strong and god has provided me with the tools to continues with a presence of greatness. Oh what joyfulness it is to see where I’ve came from and where I’m headed to. “Love and peace will cause the proper unity.” (T. Paulk). God knows all things what occurs and will occur. I’ve faced many battles and conquered some of the most challenging situations. “My description is written in the good book and I’ve claimed my title in which God has given to me.” (Tanikka Paulk). Oh great is me because God said so and me=Tanikka Paulk.

Where they’ve tried to ruin my journey God has provided what they are unable to see. My hopefulness remains and although so many try to disrupt my goals, my objectives, my dreams there is continuing because there are many reasons why. Greatness lives and will continue to live for eternity. “Eternal Life is thee.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are glitters of gold and silver connected together some unseen which is good. All doesn’t need to be revealed and what they’ve perceived they really have no clue.

Peace is what is so glorious. God said to pray. The watches aren’t going to stop watching “your” every move. The ticking of the hand on a clock shows how to unwinding occurs. There is a time when tears are shed but when peace is near there is gladness. The ability to be at peace when there seems to be noises is a blessing. Some haven’t considered how to generate peace. To “be peaceful” when others try to create war is a God given gift.

My attitude towards the individuals is pity. They’re lost and need to achieve their own sense of security. Insecure ones will challenges every often hoping to take down their prey. There is glory in knowing that God has favored me. The injustices which have presented themselves can receive their just. Justice is here and will continue because God said so and mankind always wants and needs it to proceed. “I’ve traveled many, many, hours away from where I am now and have seen great scenery. God allowed.”” BY: Tanikka Paulk.

You are important haven’t they proved such? Yes indeed the continuous movements behind thee. The disagreements in which some are unaware as to why. They’ve demonstrated that they are vulnerable. Human beings looking to obtain their attentions. They want credit for what I Tanikka Paulk has achieved. NO! I’m able to be peaceful but the warheads aren’t on my friends list. God said to pray for the enemies. To pray for your enemies. You=Tanikka Paulk are you=Tanikka Paulk and God has favored you!

Jesus wanted to has proclaimed that peace be with you. Peace is inside of me. I’ve been told how to move, where to move, and why to move but I’m my own person. I’m refusing to give my peace to any person. I won’t. No matter how the arrows are projected and when they’re projected. My “advocacy” includes “Daughter.” Thee has obtained peace and will project peace the upper hand is here. Right!

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My Journey Isn’t yet Complete
December 18, 2018

The adversities occurred but there is still the hopefulness within me! I’m so thrilled and I’m really excited about the next stages of my ventures. It’s so nice to be able to witness the many explorations. Oh my “goodness” what a time what a time. I’ve often chuckled at how so many seemed to believe that I’m not suppose to continue on my journey but God has a plan for Me! Yes indeed there have been so many challenges which are to be expected. Some probably have observed just how difficult my journey has been. Oh but oh there is so much clarity.

Freely discovered just what is needed on that journey. My path is filled with all sorts of mysterious hidden discoveries. Some have thought that I’ve been defeated in someway. There is victory I say, victory in day, victory by the way!? BY: Tanikka Paulk. My name has been proven to hold value and although there have been many challenges there is the desire to continue. The day remains in tact glory to that! There should be the completion of this journey yes there should be. “Continuous movements are to be. Be, be. be that’s me!” (T. Paulk)

I’ve resided here where I am now for many years. I’ve been out of state but hope to travel to far away lands. Although some may perceive my time as short God truly knows when my time will completely stop. Until then I’m continuing to make the necessary moves. I’ve obtained my schooling, I’ve received the degrees, I’ve also obtained the skills. So therefore it’s so that she her continues to move in the set “direction.” So many have dared to face what I’ve faced. They’ve projected the many challenges but there are many reasons why I’m still continuing.

My faith has brought me thus far. Oh glory to thee. My love of life and my true identity has lead me in the many positions. My mind is truly free from the havoc’s in which so many have tried to distribute. What a day hooray what a day! The sun still shines in order to see the daylight. The average transforms into the advanced. There is still so much to learn. What will be in the months to come? Just have to wait and see what will be coming or perhaps going. The distractions haven’t caused me to fret. I’m still continuing oh how excited I am.

Almost like reading the book “Green Eggs and Ham.” Dr. Seuss. There is knowledge upon my light. There is also the movements into the midnight. God addressed how the troubles will “arise” but with my faithfulness my eyes are focused with the expressiveness to complete the dreams. Yes, I’ve dealt with persons trying to cause ceases but they’ve seen just how determined I am. What they’ve perceived they have been proven to have projected the wrongs. Right, right, right is right here.

My documents will say Dear, Tanikka or Tanikka Paulk rather the first name or first and last they’ve introduced her. So many seemed to think that they’ve received an open invitation but they’re incorrect. All persons shouldn’t travel on the journey however there should be many connections along the way. My pathway is paved with silver and gold there are still many stories left untold. To be is what some haven’t yet to become. How many love? I do, I do, I certainly do. “Completeness will occur but patience is welcomed have to keep moving along I’m with my strength yes indeed I am.” by: Tanikka Paulk

She is here right now and good is her.

“Discover the Natural Light.” by: Tanikka Paulk 

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Prayer Removes the Troubles That Thee Face
December 17, 2018

There will be troubles but there are many positive ways to manage troubles. Problems arise but there’s meditation and the power of prayer. Praying has helped in so many ways. I’ve discovered just how much prayer is of benefit to the world. There is more than hope, more than gratefulness, there is prayer. God said to pray to pray for the enemies because they’re trying to get inside of your head. My mind is focused on the positives. Where they’ve said that I’ve failed God has proven that I’ve excelled. The gift of life oh what joyfulness.

Although there are many trying to disrupt what I’ve been purposed to accomplish. I’m continuing to move forward in scripture there’s backwards Biblical stories but the truth is written. “What will the tools create for thee and what will the tools create for the people?” No matter what storms roll in there is always victory. God said, “Love Conquers and conquers all.” Am I to defeat myself? No. The disruptive come behind me. They’ve decided that they would try to challenge me. Mercy is to thee.

My findings have shown what they’ve probably didn’t expect. What’s to come. Just have to wait and see what tomorrow will hold. Although I’ve voiced my beliefs there is still the ones unwilling to accept. I’m continuing to pray for the ones. So many have tried to go ahead of me but they’ve demonstrated that they’re coming behind me. When I’ve powered up the technology there is the waiting to see how they’re able to cause a rift. Glory! Although I’ve added so many there are still the complaints so therefore there is prayer my confidence remains within.

Movement occurs and shall be. “There seems to be some misunderstandings perhaps some unclear notion of what I’m willing to accept God has guided me thus far.” (Tanikka Paulk). Yes me is thee the word has said so. My spiritual needs have been provided. I’ve fallen on my knees and spoken to God and Jesus Christ. God said what the world will consist of. There will be so much to bare but God truly does care. There is the ability to cast are cares upon the Lord. God is Lord and God is a spirit the Father of Jesus Christ.

There are more than steps moving in the right direction. There is more than spoken words. There are goals, spiritually and abundantly, there is still hope and my faith hasn’t left me. I’ve been crossed many times but Thank God my mind is still in tact. There are many words spoken some good and some quite disrespectful but I’m still carrying on. There is so much proof of what I’ve said and there is documented evidence of where I’m to head. I’m grateful to be a friend. “I have a friend in Jesus.” (Tanikka Paulk).

My Poetic Dedication to Prayer

Prayer pray praying

When the rain drops fall on my window pane there will always be glorified names

I’ve prayed for so many and keeping the faith

There are many prayer which some have felt that they’ve been unheard

There is still time to go to the word

Prayers day in and day out

The many prayers about

Glory, glory, glory!

My prayers have been answered and some still to come

Victory because Tanikka (Tanikka Paulk) has done more than won

Poem written by: Tanikka Paulk

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God has Provided the Knowledge Within the Good Book
December 13, 2018

The words provided in the Bible are to be read and studied. God has instructed that spiritual leaders read and study the word. Persons wanting to be spiritually connected should read to see what God has said and expects. Although some have chosen to omit what the Bible has provided God continues “to love” His Children. What occurs today and yesterday has already been spoken about in the Bible. “To read and to understand will lower the worldly risks.” (Tanikka Paulk). God has spoken and what God has said is.

Mankind seems to continue to try to overpower God. Satan was punished because Satan tried to rule over God. Satan wanted to become more powerful than God. Impossible. No man nor woman can become God or Jesus Christ. Mankind can’t create the Universe. The ability to understand some decided to twist God’s words around. They’ve tried to overpower the said to be “powerful.” There are many Biblical stories and God entails what He wants His Children to know. “Knowledge is in the word.” By: Tanikka Paulk

What is perceived is believed and believing is faith. To believe that God will do what He said He would do. There are many tools provided to each and every person. There has to be the desire to want to learn to grow spiritually. “My faith is within thee no matter what occurs I’m refusing to allow my faith to leave me=Tanikka Paulk.” Knowledge is power. The word is is very important. In the Alpha the word is implies that it is and it is so. Concrete and although mankind will place if God has already said that it is so. Spoken.

If we’re expected to receive the abundance then there has to be the decision to become more spiritually connected. To forget about what the world has to say meaning the worldly words the dysfunctional actions and to receive the words spoken by the Almighty God Lord. The challenges can be conquered by love, understanding, and seeking spiritual knowledge. “To be declared anointed is to be just be automatically.” BY: Tanikka Paulk. Mankind seems to believe that their actions will cause a person to turn away from God. The actions could and has caused closeness a closer bond with the Almighty.

So many have misjudged they’ve mocked the words addressed. There are the movements in which will provide the necessities God’s words are valuable and Jesus words are very important. Note that the words are written in red. Red symbolizes the blood, Jesus’s blood, the words are true and of truth. The worldly thoughts has caused the disrespectful  words projected by mankind. “My words are valued and it is valuable God has said.” (T. Paulk) Look inside Genesis and see what is inside.

I’ve been said to be different and will read and understand differently. There seems to be a lot of spiritual competition but my focus is on the words in which God has provided to thee (Daughter). The disruptions in which mankind tried to project has caused more focusing on the word. They’ve tried to shake me=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to break me=Tanikka Paulk. I’ve weeped but I’ve remained whole. Isn’t that what Jesus said about daughter? Whole and to go in peace meaning to be at peace.

The challenges in which mankind continues to throw my way aren’t going to cause my patience to leave me=Tanikka Paulk. There seems to be so many unwilling to accept that my positions which include being chosen by mankind and God. Amen! They’ve tried to remove my presence but I’m still continuing because God has allowed me to do so. So it is written and it is said to be. Why have they tried to force the words spoken by the Almighty out? Perhaps they’re intimidated. There is the rise and there will be the continuing of the rises. too focused on what I’m suppose to accomplish and won’t fret because I’m aware of what God expects.

My journey isn’t complete. Read and see what is expected but there is choice and some have decided that they would rather remove words the valuable words. God’s words. God isn’t to be a spirit which mankind should deny. It’s proven to be the Alpha has it, that, so. Light is good that is good. Reading has helped to lower stress and to incur more understanding. There are many advances when reading also scriptures are properly studied by writing. What God has said is written and was written on stone.

Without the white paper the words wouldn’t be in the Bible and all need the words. The words need to be heard and seen. My faith is within and no matter what’s said my faith will remain. There are the unbelievers they have tried to convince me that I’m  wasting my time by getting closer to the knowledge. God’s knowledge. “Seek and you shall find.” Found, founded, finding. “As they watch me write and watch me post my writings they’ve witnessed what God has provided to me which is thee.” BY: Tanikka Paulk.

There are many reasons why I’m continuing. There are the invaders they shouldn’t disrupt my journey. There is no invitation to the sabotagers. They’ve tried to disconnect my spiritual connected and I’m refusing to accept what they’ve had to say. The tools provided to me (Tanikka Paulk) are worn everyday. “The Full Armor of God.” Read and see the description of Daughter daughter which are the same and no matter how they’ve tried to deny my titles they’re so. The Alpha and the Omega. Front and Back. Up and down. Side to side. Beginning to the ending.

What I’ve gained some wouldn’t consider to be much. I’ve received abundantly because I’m still here. I’ve angered some folks and I’m in no way remorseful about their feelings. You are powerful, you are valuable, YOU are said to be great. I’ve supplied what God has instructed and God said to recognize others. How many have? Read and see what “God said about helping others and recognizing others” “Provided.” My purpose has been declared and although there are some who’ve tried to omit what God has already ordained they’ve observed that their actions have caused upwards motions.

I’ve been lowered but I am rising. My place is already set and I’ve read the how. If is printed on my documentation but God said it is so. Meaning  it is concrete. God provides the protection for daughter. Mankind tries to shake daughter but God said in Hos own words that He won’t forsake. Jesus won’t forsake mankind challenges because they’re afraid. No matter how the words are directed I’m the chosen. Although some won’t admit to so it is. To be, to being. to become and God said to transform the mind. Think differently.

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God Knows Exactly When and how
December 10, 2018

god knows when the final hour will come. God knows what the enemies will do. God knows what we’ll say before it’s said. No matter what is perceived God already knows what will occur. I’m able to bypass what’s said because I’ve followed what God has spoken about. “Transformation of the mind.” When there is fear then there will be the actions in which can cause trembling. Jesus has spoken the red words are coming from Jesus Christ and He said that Daughter healed thy self by faith. There is faith and there is also the protection.To believe is what I’m continuing to do. The rages projected towards my path won’t cause my turning.

What is amongst me=Tanikka Paulk hasn’t caused my purpose to fade. There is a need to pray and a desire to do so. God knows and says what the enemies will do. Pray, pray, pray. That’s what I’m continuing to do. On my knees praying, praying with an open Bible when time, praying while there is silence. God said to pray for your enemies. There has to “be” for because of the forming. The enemies will flee. What has and continues to occur God has already spoken about. The mouths in which fools speak I’m able to block out.

There isn’t any defeat. There is so much joyfulness because I’m aware what is set by the Almighty. I’ve been through many storms and have faced uphill battles. There’s the tools to battle and the best way to battle is by spiritually battling. If there was nothing at all then there wouldn’t be any fight. My fight isn’t with the fist but with prayer and keeping the Armor of God on. Words can pierce the heart but when the mind is transformed then the words aren’t effective. “Love always conquers.” (Paulk) What does the haters say when perhaps they’ll said what tehy may regret they’ve said.

Anger could cause chaotic situations but a calming spirit will cause melodies. There isn’t always a need to speak. Proceeding will demonstrate how “effective” a person truly is. When there are the negatives God has supplied the positives. Reacting to every word spoken won’t create solutions which are needed. If enemies want to bring down their competition then they’ll have to come get it. Cowards won’t face but the bravest will climb higher and see their competition fret. There is peace and the peace was told by Jesus Christ. “Peace is who I  They rage, they are afraid, they can’t compete.

God already knew what they would do. Counteract what is spoken by the unwise mouths. Their verbal attacks are thrown away by praying faithfully. What’s said isn’t what is unless what’s said is. God already said that it is so. I’m still living because of the Lord God. He’s provided what some haven’t appreciated. Just think about the actions. Their desire to try to prevent what God has declared and to try to pull great down. Most would probably want to stop but there is way too much determination. “Here I am and I’m at peace.” (Tanikka Paulk).

She Her is myself. If I’m only she then my grammar wouldn’t be fitting. Myself, self, that’s how my purposed walk is. I’ve haven’t invaded another to alongside me=Tanikka Paulk. If they’re trying to sabotage then I’m unwilling to send the invitation. I’m my own friend and I’ve allowed Jesus Christ to become one of my closest friends. The word of God has helped to continue when the foolish speak hatefulness towards me=Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps they too should go to God. “Praying” is what I’m going to continue to do. Prayer certainly is effective.

The ones along are but there isn’t any desire to have a woman beside my path. I’m woman and I’ve been chosen. I’m firm and won’t accept the  disrespect in which God has seen. They already know that I’m powerful mediocre wouldn’t gain their attention. I’m my own person there isn’t any desire to become another. Myself because none have really demonstrated that they’re friends but they’ve demonstrated the enemy qualities. God loves and always will but God also disciplines. God isn’t pleased when His children come up against the anointed and Daughter daughter is anointed.

God and Jesus Christ are my friends. God nor Jesus won’t forsake. If they’ve demonstrated they’re enemies then why would I want to connect? “Don’t want to. Won’t. I Tanikka Paulk don’t need a lot of friends it’s better to be “surrounded by” visionaries then to be surrounded by the foolish minds and hearts. My armor remains on my body. My own body. Hatefulness won’t overpower love. Love conquers what I’ve declared was removed. God and Jesus has described my truth. The nights continue to come after me=Tanikka Paulk meaning that they are behind me=Tanikka Paulk.

Image Credited to Pixabay

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