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The Great Confidence is Here
December 23, 2018

I’ve been called many names but what I am is what I am. My name is written in many places. What is said doesn’t exactly mean what is said is concrete. What it is it is so. “The games played and the noises which cause ears to ring haven’t caused decline within me!” (Tanikka Paulk). There are so many words formed but what is very important is that the “valued information” is obtained. What they have to say shouldn’t be placed in my memory bank. Confidence is here and right now. I’ve encountered some of the toughest adversities. Overcame and am victorious.

The mind is powerful and that’s why it’s important that the mind rests. When surrounded by environments which are stressful there has to be time aside to just incur peacefulness. There is confidence building and if there are no persons offering encouragement it is important to encourage self. Sometimes there are none to project the “peacefulness” at least one can accomplish what is needed. My perception about what occurs hasn’t caused my mind to fade. I’m blessed in ways some haven’t imagined.

What I’m able to do is to think positively although there seems to be some disturbances. There is the continuing of getting closer to way I should be. There still is movement upwards. The battle to overcome is and has. If there are many groups trying to cause declines then there are what some could possibly view as troubles. They can’t understand what, when, the where. “The imagining of what hasn’t occurred at all some have displaced their realities and have mixed up their minds.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Confidence can be obtained by peace. To incur peace and to be peaceful. To set boundaries in peacefulness. There are some trying to test the mind trying to figure out how far they’re able to go. Thinking allows the mindfulness to be freed. To think on levels in which some aren’t willing to think. To be free of the mind. There ar many ways to obtain clarity. To face the battles, to be what is “to be, to think.” Thinking also helps with the confidence.

If a person pays close attention to what’s said then the mind will break. Sometimes there has to be a decision to spend less time where there are the disruptions. A strong mind will be able to withstand. Withstanding is confidence, determination, and the drive to get from one area to another. I’ve overcame so many obstacles. Although there are so many wanting to attack my mind. Prayer has helped to “keep” my mind in tact. Meditation has offered my peace.

Continuing is what is best. No matter what’s said it’s going to be about what’s perceived. “I’m still a student learning, reading, an adult student. There is still more to learn there is the “Bible teachings” and there is the instruction.” (Tanikka Paulk). A confident student and instructor. What is said isn’t and hasn’t caused the fret. Reasons why some have chosen to attack is because they’ve lacked the confidence. The gaining of my confidence can’t leave unless I want my confidence to leave.

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