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My Journey Isn’t yet Complete
December 18, 2018

The adversities occurred but there is still the hopefulness within me! I’m so thrilled and I’m really excited about the next stages of my ventures. It’s so nice to be able to witness the many explorations. Oh my “goodness” what a time what a time. I’ve often chuckled at how so many seemed to believe that I’m not suppose to continue on my journey but God has a plan for Me! Yes indeed there have been so many challenges which are to be expected. Some probably have observed just how difficult my journey has been. Oh but oh there is so much clarity.

Freely discovered just what is needed on that journey. My path is filled with all sorts of mysterious hidden discoveries. Some have thought that I’ve been defeated in someway. There is victory I say, victory in day, victory by the way!? BY: Tanikka Paulk. My name has been proven to hold value and although there have been many challenges there is the desire to continue. The day remains in tact glory to that! There should be the completion of this journey yes there should be. “Continuous movements are to be. Be, be. be that’s me!” (T. Paulk)

I’ve resided here where I am now for many years. I’ve been out of state but hope to travel to far away lands. Although some may perceive my time as short God truly knows when my time will completely stop. Until then I’m continuing to make the necessary moves. I’ve obtained my schooling, I’ve received the degrees, I’ve also obtained the skills. So therefore it’s so that she her continues to move in the set “direction.” So many have dared to face what I’ve faced. They’ve projected the many challenges but there are many reasons why I’m still continuing.

My faith has brought me thus far. Oh glory to thee. My love of life and my true identity has lead me in the many positions. My mind is truly free from the havoc’s in which so many have tried to distribute. What a day hooray what a day! The sun still shines in order to see the daylight. The average transforms into the advanced. There is still so much to learn. What will be in the months to come? Just have to wait and see what will be coming or perhaps going. The distractions haven’t caused me to fret. I’m still continuing oh how excited I am.

Almost like reading the book “Green Eggs and Ham.” Dr. Seuss. There is knowledge upon my light. There is also the movements into the midnight. God addressed how the troubles will “arise” but with my faithfulness my eyes are focused with the expressiveness to complete the dreams. Yes, I’ve dealt with persons trying to cause ceases but they’ve seen just how determined I am. What they’ve perceived they have been proven to have projected the wrongs. Right, right, right is right here.

My documents will say Dear, Tanikka or Tanikka Paulk rather the first name or first and last they’ve introduced her. So many seemed to think that they’ve received an open invitation but they’re incorrect. All persons shouldn’t travel on the journey however there should be many connections along the way. My pathway is paved with silver and gold there are still many stories left untold. To be is what some haven’t yet to become. How many love? I do, I do, I certainly do. “Completeness will occur but patience is welcomed have to keep moving along I’m with my strength yes indeed I am.” by: Tanikka Paulk

She is here right now and good is her.

“Discover the Natural Light.” by: Tanikka PaulkĀ 

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