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The Good Prosper in Ways Unimaginable

Difficulties arise but what and how a person handles to trials is what really makes the difference. The adversities can either generate upwards motions or downwards motions. Performing good deeds is what God wants His children to do. Some aren’t aware of the importance of good deeds. There’s some continuing to believe their actions aren’t recognized but somewhere there’s the recognition. “Goodness will flourish no matter if persons try to prevent excelling eventually the movements will connect.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Good may seem distance because some aren’t in tuned with doing good. Just observe the many ways in which some behave. The actions are observed worldly. How many are performing good deeds or are considered good? It seems as though less are recognized as being good. “Prosperous deeds deeds which are considered to be glorious in “The Eyes of the Lord.” Meaning God is Lord the Father of Jesus Christ and God sees all things. Sees what every person does or will do.” By: Tanikka Paulk

The misconceptions as to the proper way to perform good deeds exist. Some think they’re entitled to receive what is of the chosen. The fight is to achieve what’s Godly. At least make some attempts to be good. If the expressions involve that a person is good then perhaps some should observe. Analyze recognize the difference. Competition is one of the reasons why some refrain from performing good deeds. They’re unable to manage their identities unable to become good because of their line of thinking.

Prospering which stems from prosperity some haven’t understood what true prosperity is. The way, light, and the goodness. The combination which help incur real abundance. Elevating towards good and stabilized areas. What truly defines goodness. To want to perform “good deeds,” to give, to love. Love conquers and love can demonstrate what persons should do in order to make their way into the “Heavenly Gates.” Smile because there’s a place where there’s no troubles.

The word good has crossed many minds but how many are willing to perform the good deeds? Less are and why? Perhaps they’ve performed good deeds in the past but were betrayed and aren’t performing good deeds anymore. When mentioning prosperity I’m not speaking about an athlete I’m speaking about the gifts in which God gives His children. Reality is there’s a place to rest when the body dies. “The closing of eyes and the renewing of what is good, righteous, and wholesome.

My journey entails so many trials but my faith continues to remain with me=Tanikka Paulk. The competitors should really consider the way they project hatefulness. Love conquers and love is what God wants His children to project. Some behave as if they’re incapable of “love.” A special greeting, a hello, and gratefulness towards mankind. Are ones performing good deeds by trying to harass their competition? No. Perhaps they should consider the rewarding gifts in which they’ll receive just by doing good.

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The Mission Isn’t Impossible at att

Some have viewed their goals or dreams as impossible but there are many possibilities. To think positively will help reach the goals desired. There’s the setbacks but once person’s understand that adversities will occur there will be effective ways to conquer. “Wait and see how this sunshine blossoms.” by: Tanikka Paulk. When trying to achieve there will need to be removals. Removing the negative thoughts and proceeding with confidence. Confidently accomplishing the necessary “objectives.” Adding, multiplying, supplying. Why have some decided to invade? Perhaps they’ve recognized that there is strength and indeed there is strength in numbers.

Building teams and seeing where we’ll excel to next. The matters really do matter. Although there were and some will probably try to distract the mission we’re proceeding. There are rules to follow but there should be enjoyment while trying to get there. Headed in the right direction. The fulfillment to the ‘majestic. “Encouragement is welcome and there are some willing to project “encouragement.” (Tanikka Paulk). No matter how the negatives are directed there are the great ways to manage time, money, and justices.

The walk isn’t for everyone there are some demonstrating that they’re not on the same page. what has already been accomplished is greatly appreciated. The newness is what some refused to understand. There will be more to gain and what I’ve stated here is that the abundance is to come. Going where? To a place where there are more understanding People. The very ones trying to advance instead of trying to hinder. oh no there shouldn’t be the ridiculous persons trying to sabotage the journey. Smile because some haven’t seen the capabilities yet.

Mission to continue to conquer to rise beyond the knowings. The cares are and will continue to voice how important it is to get to the levels. Climbing further up the ladders. Paying close attention to the “activists.” Advocacy and activism are hand to hand. “Prosperous attitudes will generate the goodness in which will help the economy and help society become full of wholeness.” (Tanikka Paulk). What’s been said about my purpose isn’t my concern and what will be said tomorrow won’t force this woman to cease. I’ve set on my mission to help others reach areas they’ve refused to reach before.

There has to be some pushing in order to grow in ways which will cause prosperity. The movement continues and there is sunshine when the storms arrive. There is hope when there doesn’t seem to be any hope at all. There is gladness after the sadness. There is time continuing to move with the hands some are set at 12. What have they decided to do about the society issues? Perhaps they’re waiting to see what a strong leader will do. In order to lead “productively” there has to be decisions made strong decisions the best decisions to be made.

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Continuous Movement is a Plus
November 20, 2018

T0o be able to move in the set direction in which will incur abundance is a plus and what is the meaning of plus. Addition, positivity, building. There is the aspiration to fulfill what some have desired. “To build and continue to seek growth so that there can be a stronger nation is what some visionaries have visioned.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’ve tried and will continue to try to build although there is still some resistance. I’m in no way discouraged by the actions in which mankind has demonstrated. My movement from one destination to another was and is declared no matter what’s perceived I’m going to continue to proceed and achieve.

Motions in actions there is success and there will be continuous achievements. My views include helping others, youth direction, building. Some have demonstrated that they’re out of tune they’re disconnected and refusing to connect “The People.” The questions remain from people wanting to know what will be the next move.Oh yes they’ve tried to disrupt my process and my progress but there is so much determination to advance to the many levels. Irritated? Perhaps but in peace meaning I’m at peace isn’t that what Jesus Christ proclaimed?

Functioning in order to incur higher, the heights, the reaching the top of the mountain. There is hope some have viewed their situations as hopeless. They’ve underestimated my “achievements” as well as others. There has to be motivation in order to continue developing better societies. There is constant prayer that I’m able to achieve what I’ve set out to achieve. The time is now and I’ve heard what the crowd has to say but I’m refusing to turn in the direction in which they want me=Tanikka Paulk to go.

Oh the critics will have their say. They’ll want to know where visionaries are headed. The voices of glorious, positives, and speeches which hold value are greatly appreciated. The interruptions could have caused declines but there are some in agreement they’re wanting and needing to be apart of rising. Although it may appear as though there is little movement there is movement. There is “greatness” perhaps they should consider changing their line of thinking so that there can be further progress. Perhaps they’ve viewed the progression as slowed. Slowing of progress isn’t the same as no progress.

Small steps can reach heights there are additions and yes in some areas there have been subtractions. There is advancement despite what so many have tried to project. My projected path continues. The untruths told aren’t reasons to cease the journey. Perhaps some have believed that their actions would cause a push back. They’ve probably perceived that I’m behind but there is evidence that I’m ahead. The hecklers will heckle but my confidence hasn’t faded. The more confidence incurred the better the person will become. If they’re unsettled about movement and movements then perhaps they’ve viewed their own accomplishments as failures.

“Strive to be the best be confident about the craft and know that there is hopefulness somewhere. Building!” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are so many who’ve tried to prevent what should occur. God and Jesus continues to be at my side and prayer is certainly on my agenda. There is a smile because I’m aware that I’ve been chosen and the are declarations of such. What they’ve perceived isn’t my perception at all. My mindset is to proceed rightfully, abundantly, with a positive attitude and yes my attitude may not always be positive but my confidence will be within and outer.

The declines are caused by the actions of others. They’ve wanted to place blame on one but refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Dreams are made to come true and a dreamer is a visionary and conquers when they’ve demonstrated that there is love. Mankind has misjudged in which happens quite often. I’ve been insulted but the insults won’t cause my visions to vanish. My focus is to make differences. I’ve already achieved what some have’t dared to achieve. There is more to accomplish and that’s what I’m focusing on. Transformations have occurred and will continue to occur. “The movement is what some have refused to accept and they have :demonstrated: that they’re without understanding.” (Tanikka Paulk). The strongest fo People are the ones which try to understand. There are supporters although right now there seems to be so many refusing to be supportive.


“Hated Because of Being you. Criticized Because You’re able to Achieve What They’ve Feared.” Continuing.by: Tanikka Paulk

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“Be Cautious With the Moves Know When to Leave the Area and Areas.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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War Peace and Love is in the Bible
November 11, 2018

There is a battle in which one can and will be victorious. Love will conquer and love has conquered many battles. God knew and knows that we’ll have to endure trials and what shall God’s children do about trials? “Overcome.” Prayer is what will help and will develop “peacefulness” wars aren’t going to remain there is peace. Chaos occurs but a peacemaker will know how to eliminate or decrease the disruptions. Peacemakers are historical. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a peacemaker. Dr. King wasn’t loved by every person because Dr. King was assassinated. Mankind is destructive and there are many who would want to control but oh there is glory.

Prayer and my love will continue despite the weapons formed. No matter how many negative words are released. I’m going to demonstrate love. God loves every person but yet He will administer discipline. What should one do about the hateful words projected? Pray and keep on the Full Armor of God. A person is able to withstand the attacks by having faith, praying, and keeping on the Armor. “My faith won’t be removed I’m going to keep my faith close to my “heart.” Job’s faith allowed Job to receive more abundance than he had before.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Meditating and asking God to remain alongside me=Tanikka Paulk will allow the continuing of my journey. There is abundance but there has to be adversity in order to receive. There are many who’ve fought against you=Tanikka Paulk. The Bible states that your enemies will try to send out attacks and what to do about the enemies. What needs to occur is constant prayer. I’m able to transform my line of thinking in order to continue to move further. Faith can heal and transform situations. Read scriptures and find out exactly what God has said and the red words which come from Jesus Christ. There are hills and mountains to climb. There is peace within and no matter how I’m hated. Tanikka Paulk will love. ” by: Tanikka Paulk

Love resides in Miami, Florida. Love every person. God said to love one another. There is hope. Some have lost hopefulness because of their situations. They’ve lost their faith because they’ve suffered. Troubles are in the world meaning the Universe. Oh but there is a gleaner of hope. The everlasting wonders of my traveling from here to the designated home. I’ve achieved what some seem to desire and I’m continuing to believe that God will do what He said He will do. God is almighty. When Job was attacked did Job lose his faith? No. Job became stronger and wiser. So therefore I’m going to keep moving and believing mankind won’t cause me=Tanikka Paulk to turn my back on God and Jesus Christ.

There seems to be fear and God knew that we’ll be afraid. What to do about fear? Meditate on the Lord God and pray. My ability to function is because of God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve moved upwards and I’ve moved backwards. My proving has been proven. I’m able to clap with joyfulness because I’m aware of hwo good God has and continues to be. He has allowed what has occurred to occur but God can intervene at any time and He rewards. To know that there is a place in Heaven for Daughter is what keeps me=Tanikka Paulk motivated.

To read scripture is to discover. God promised and God doesn’t break promises. To excel when there  are destructive environments demonstrates that there is “strong leadership.” i’m refusing to fret because I’m hated but I’m going to continue to love. Thank God I’m able to clap my hands and I’m able “to proceed” in order to achieve helping mankind. To help others pleases God. Amen! they’ve tried numerous times to pull down my positions. One a position from mankind and another position by God. Peace can be obtained wars are won. There is more learning to do and that’s what I’m planning on doing. Great is here and has shown how determined she is.

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The Great Escape to the Calming
November 8, 2018

There can be solitude when it appears as though the storms make their way in. There will be sunshine after the rain. There is hope no matter how situations appear to be there is always hope. To discover near or far to be encouraged the words could either cause inspiration to occur or words could cause doubt to enter. Escape to “peaceful” thoughts to think on levels in which some desire to think upon. There is light and the “day” turns to evening. There are moments in which the thoughts will go to places where some have dared to dream. “Peacefulness can occur when there is prayer, hope, and actions to obtain the peace.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Joyfulness occurs one should decide to allow joyfulness or perhaps happiness into their lives. God has supplied every person with the words which can soothe the mind. The calmness which some have difficulties obtaining. There are the peacemakers willing to administer peace and there are the war folks so therefore if there is the wanting to obtain peace then there will need to be the actions to “obtain the peace.” In order for there to be the actions in which cause disorder there will need to be the participants.

Peacefulness, calmness, solitude should be obtained and although there are some trying to disrupt peacefulness there is also “The Word of God.” Amen! The Bible has the answers. There are many scriptures to read and there is so many ways to obtain the joyfulness in order to live productive lives. Escaping negative thoughts and allowing the positive thoughts to enter. Obtaining rest in order to produce better moods. Disruptions could occur but there are “so many ways to calm” incur the calming within environments.

The peace is what some are willing to fight for. To be able to live in safer neighborhoods and communities. To build in ways others are unwilling to build. “There are the sweetest melodies there should be the ears to listen and the appreciation of the music is which God allows Hos children to hear.” (Tanikka Paulk). The invasion can be eliminated and there can be elevating of greatness. To obtain, to incur, to receive. There is no ability to remove the worry. Thinking on higher levels preparing for what God has declared as the “abundance.”

To live abundantly. War has occurred but peace has entered there will be the solutions to problem solve. Hopefulness has helped generate confidence. To proceed confidently progressively to other ventures. There are some restless because they’ve refused to allow peacefulness into their minds and into their environments. There are many “views” of God’s Creations. The blue sky in which the birds glide about. The trees which offer shade. Plants are placed so that they’re viewed by the passing by. Oh what glorious viewership’s People have.

There are songs sung and recordings of memories. The gatherings of family members and close friends. the laughter coming from the joyful ones. The travels in which so many prepare for. Movements continue to occur. Escape to the beautiful scenery across the globe. There is so much to visualize. The memories stored within the memory banks. “The competitors can witness the calming occur and they could be shocked by the actions because they’ve expected to see backlash but oh there is the “Great” and there is the sunshine after the rain.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Just a Life Continuing to Make Strides

Hello I’m called just life. Some are expressing that they’re unable to understand exactly what’s occurring at this time. Perhaps it’s the need to know and the need not to know. I’m continuing to proceed to where the goals are to meet. That’s right. Life is to be lived no matter what’s occurring around me=Tanikka Paulk there will be living. My life was laid and there is more “life to live” after my passing. Right now I’m moving along to the different stages and yes there has been the difficulties but I Tanikka Paulk must face the battles.

There is joy because I’m aware that there are some willing to be supportive and that’s why I’m refusing to be focused on the ones trying to separate me=Tanikka Paulk from my purpose. The interruptions could cause the distractions but why should I Tanikka Paulk allow such things to occur? To be able to continue with the movements is truly a blessing. “Here I am continuing to write in which I enjoy although there are some who’ve tried to disrupt my writing journey and my goals.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There’s still room for more success and to have a change in attitude helps with the continuation of such. There are positive to focus upon. So there will be “the focusing” of my movements and to help build what so many refuse to do. “There is life right here and right now and there is also the powerful words to project.” by: Tanikka Paulk. To some I’ve waved expressing that there should be more progress so that there is better living for People, The People, people all People. “I’ve looked to my right and had to look to my left I’ve discovered and yes there is more to discover.’ By: Tanikka Paulk

What are some awaiting? It seems as though there are more trying to eliminate instead of appreciating the blessings in which they’ve received. It’s my time to receive whatever it is to receive. Although there were the continuous setbacks now there seems to be greater movement. Giving thanks. The birds are still heard and there’s still the sounds of the rain on the window panes. I’ve expressed my desires “to reach” a level in which the ones wanting to also experience the glory shall. Grace within me=Tanikka Paulk. Glory to the Father my Creator and the Creator of mankind. Glory!

My mind is so focused on what tomorrow shall bring. I’m simply trying to live my life my moment of time. Who is the person who’ve faced the toughest battles and yes any person can be a who but the specific who I’m speaking about is myself. If I focus on what the others have to say then I’ll miss out on the progression. To build upward and to connect more than before. How many have tried to take away my dreams? Too many to count. The determined will fair better because they’ll want to continue and achieve more. I’m appreciative of what God has already given me=Tanikka Paulk you=Tanikka Paulk You=Tanikka Paulk.


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There are Positive Ways to Handle the Competition

Oh what can one say about the competitors? There’s lots to say and they’ll be said right here. Competition has and will continue to occur as long as mankind is here on earth. Oh yes indeed some of the competitors seem to have lost their minds because they’re willing to get rid of their competitor and when I say get rid of their competition (meaning) they’re willing to cause their competition’s demise. “How can competitors think that they’re effective within their craft if they’re unable to compete effectively?” by: Tanikka Paulk. Some of my competition was and probably are stilling willing to through shade, attacks, and try to ruin my name.

I’m able to keep smiling and proceed because I’m confident driven and motivated to achieve more than I’ve achieved before. There are some competitors insanely trying to pull down my path why? Perhaps they’re lacking confidence or perhaps they’re envious of what I’ve achieved and what will be achieved in the near future. There are so many afraid to live their dreams because they’re afraid of what the critics will have to say. In order to prevent being criticized a person would have to be a hermit. As long as they’re seeing the shine then they will want to dim the light.

My focus isn’t on what the competitors will do or say but my focus is on helping and accomplishing my set goals. If any person focuses on what their competition is doing then they’ll achieve less. There should be focus on building but there are so many continuing to believe that there shouldn’t be any building. They’re wrong. My journey has been filled will adversities some wouldn’t dare to face. Annoying? Yes. Although there were and are many attacks my purpose was already declared so the individuals aren’t brain filled perhaps their actions would suggest that they’re brainless.

God chose me=Tanikka Paulk and mankind selected me=Tanikka Paulk. There will be some disagreeing but the disagreeable won’t cause “Tanikka Paulk” to turn away People. I’ve helped and will continue to help and although I need help myself I’m a firm believer in what had has said. God wants mankind to help one another and love one another. There are so many “demonstrating” hateful ways. No matter how many times I’m attacked I’m believing in what God said and will continue to seek as long as I’m here on earth. Yes they tried to destroy my path but I’ve prayed and will continue to pray for the individuals.

There are positive thoughts even when there appears to be persons wanting to see my decline. I’m able to smile at the individuals and proceed. Glory! There’s less in an area and more in areas. My confidence didn’t lower there is strength to proceed and achieve what I’ve desired to achieve. One can learn to communicate with the competition and counter acting by offering positive words when they dish out negatives. There are so many reasons why I’m continuing and I’ve made a difference and in fact I’ve made differences. “Obtaining abilities is a wise thing to do to be able to grow is a blessing but how many are appreciative?” by: Tanikka Paulk

To be positive when the storms reign in certainly can be difficult. There are endless possibilities and I’m willing to seek what my dreams have to offer. I understand that there will be competition and I also understand that there needs to be bravery in order to accomplish “the set goals.” Perhaps they’ve viewed me=Tanikka Paulk as an easy target. Some of my competition I’ve included on my journey due to the individuals trying to sabotage my purpose I’ve uninvited the individuals. They’ve tried to ruin my work, my expressiveness, every area I’ve created but I’m refusing to become what they individuals are.

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God said to “Seek and you Shall Find.” The you has found. Scripture will tell people about the you and God as well as Jesus Christ will provide the glorious words describing you. Mankind doesn’t seem to understand that they’re unable to overpower God. God is the Creator of mankind and He designed my purpose but mankind will try to destroy what God has ordained. Their efforts won’t incur what they’ve expected. My continuation probably surprises most. Glory to God I’m living faith filled. There is more to me=Tanikka Paulk than their eyes can see.

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My Composure and so Much More!

When they’re saying less I’m saying “abundance.” That’s right. To think positively even when the storms are near. What some must face could be the toughest battle ever. i’ve chosen to keep on the armor and proceed. God is the reason why I’m continuing. “There is joy and there is hope.” By: Tanikka Paulk I’m truly blessed.It’s amazing how far some are willing to go. There must be constant prayer one could come across some very angry individuals. Just take a look at the expressions on their faces. “What God has in store let no man take away.” (Tanikka Paulk).

“The Destination s so Very Important.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The challenges entered but refusing to be defeated. Time continues the journey. In order to proceed there has to be discipline. Yes, to be able to face the challenges and stay calm is truly a blessing, there are some willing to take my patience. The day is here and soon enough what shall be shall be. There are thoughts of where I’m headed. Some may want to know. it’s better to just continue with the goals and movements. Although there are some wanting to take away God will restore. “There are some individuals wanting to control what God already declared.’ By: Tanikka Paulk.

There shall be movements and why shouldn’t there be any movements? The journey has been filled with all sorts of adversities. There are some thinking that they’re so powerful that they’re able to best God. No! God created mankind and how can mankind think that they’re above God? The ability to continue is such a joy. Yes indeed. To look where I’m headed has really caused further growth. There is more determination, more knowledge has been gained, more gratefulness. Amen!

I’m continuing to stand firm and believe that God will do what He said He would do. My brother Jesus Christ continues to walk with me=Tanikka Paulk on my journey. Thanking God for my brother Jesus. What a wonderful feeling to think that there will be movement from one place to another. “Where shall this that head?” Perhaps in a more stable environment where there is lots of love. I’m love but I’m speaking about the emotion. Every person needs love.

“Love is Love right?” (Tanikka Paulk). Look! What are some really viewing? There is thankfulness at this house. Soon there will be the greatest transformation. I’m continuing to seek the abundantly path. There will be blessings so that others can live in prosperity. Hope is here and what is she going to do next? They’ll have to wait and see. Let there be more movements so that others can experience what so many desire to experience. “Bravery is a choice and some refuse to allow themselves to experience bravery because of their thoughts.(Tanikka Paulk).

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Oh yes too Determined to Turn Back
July 17, 2017

No matter how many try to discourage a person from living their dreams. It’s up the person whether to stop or not. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who may become envious of others trying to live their dreams. Some may not want to see others “rise up” and a lot of their thinking comes from being competitive. Not wanting others to surpass their success. There are some who will constantly try to sabotage others. They may not be happy within because if there was happiness then they wouldn’t try to rain on a person’s parade.

So many have stopped supplying ideas and stop trying to put their dream into reality because of the criticism. There will be critics everywhere a person goes. There is no way any person can avoid criticism unless they’re in hiding somewhere. As long as individuals are seeing others shine and trying to get ahead then they’ll try to stop the persons from doing so. The key is to be brave, “filled with courage”, and be very determined. Do not become discouraged when there are crowds of people who are trying to hinder what is taking place.

For some they’re reasons have to do with their own selfishness. There are motives why some choose to go after others who are only try to prosper. “Some are trying to live better lives.” Don’t have a defeated attitude. Believe in the victory and be victorious. It’s no fun having to deal with difficult individuals but there is no way that any person will completely avoid the difficult ones. Some may seek out persons in order to just try to get the individuals down.

While on a Journey

When on a journey it’s important to have a positive mindset and of course no person will always be positive but for the most part. One should “discover positive outlets” to engage in. All of the chatter should go in one ear and out the other. There’s a reason why some are chose to walk certain journeys. There is always hope. Remain hopeful even when it appears as if they’re throwing rocks. The ones who work harder to get others down aren’t filled with joy and there are some no matter what. They’ll continue to try and sabotage whatever some are doing.

So many have expressed how they’ve faced many troubles while trying to get ahead. Some have discovered that the very ones who they’ve perceived as being supporters end up being apart of the sabotage group.  If persons aren’t climbing higher then there’s a possibility that they may not want to see others trying to excel. Although there may be so many who try to hinder “a process.” The person shouldn’t give up. There should be some progress even when there’s very little. Eventually all what needs to come together will.

“The sun Comes out After the Rain. The Storm Ceases and There is Rebuilding.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Allow Peacefulness to Take Place
July 3, 2017

There’s so many issues on earth which can generate lots of stress. If we’re not careful the mind can go to places the mind simply isn’t suppose to go. It’s best to avoid long periods of time with toxic individuals and to quickly find positive words to replace the negative words which can be viewed often. It’s better to engage in healthy communications and to engage in activities which are loved. Reading “informative” and positive material can help reduce any stress which may arise.

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There will always be some who will try to cause disruptions within the mind. Some may not be pleased with the way things are and are trying to create a change not so easily able to be created. That’s why it’s so important to take sometime to “relax, to ease the mind.” to experience solitude. For some vacationing is a great way to reduce stress. There has to be some outlets in order to remain in tact. If we’re busy trying to please every person in the world then we’ll certainly become burnt out.

No matter what’s said there is no person who should have the power to breakdown the mind. Some will continue to use words to try and alter perceptions. There is certainly evilness here on earth. “Some of the best ways to be at peace is to pray, praise, and continue engaging in a vision or whatever causing joy.” Positivty is important and of course we’ll also come across negativity but there are so many ways to be engaged in peacefulness.

There can be a lot of interruptions and disruptions online. That’s why some have chosen to spend less time online. There are some areas online in which there is nothing but negativity going on. Chaotic environments. Some trying to cause upsets because they’re not accepting a position or just not accepting anything at all. Not a lot of happy people or at least appears that way. Some wasting time, “valuable” time, some not minding their own business and continuing to cause their own misfortunes.

shutting down all devices and computers can help relieve any tension felt while being online. That’s the thing. One can easily turn their devices off and engage in another activity. Sometimes there will be thoughts of where humanity is headed. Some are in so deep perhaps not knowing just how to come out of their runt. If any person has a desire “to elevate” in someway then there can be no time to bother with the disruptions which so many try to continuously supply.

My smile will continue despite the present circumstances. I’m still hopeful and will continue but know when it’s time to take a break. I’m no robot and shouldn’t feel the need to want to please every person in the world. There are some who just son’t comprehend or at least not wanting to comprehend. No matter how disruptive a crowd becomes. The efforts projected will not discourage a disconnection from “the vision.” Too determined to stop now and the words are quickly replaced by the word of God.

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