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Anxious About the Permitted Goals

There are goals which need attention,. It’s important that I’m very attentive when it comes to the goals. Projects which deserve to be completed, objectives, and the very important “project” I’ve received advice from Tyler Perry to avoid working on too many projects all at once. Understandable but when one is anxious and aren’t sure about the permitted “time” then one will want to move anxiously. There is the thoughts of what areas to work on first. Sometimes there will need to be refocusing because there were setbacks. Discouraged? No.

The Goals are Meant to be Completed

I’ve worked on many tasks at once but I’m also aware that too much work can cause stresses which can be avoided. My journey is at “one” although there are some agreeing to be along I’ve been said to be a “self builder.” “Focusing, concentrating, and allowing my mind to be at ease in order to adhere to completeness is what I’m seeking.” (Tanikka Paulk). There will be the advice whether to work on certain projects but I’m determined to complete all or at least most of the desired projects. Soon enough there will “be completeness” of the most important projects.

The person giving the advice is highly successful so I’ve listened but am still anxious to move forward and complete the movie and the story. I’ve already accomplished more than I’ve realized before that I would accomplish. I’m thrilled that some of the adversities have decreased. There’s more to the projects than just writing. Before the actions are to occur there will need to be some pondering. Oh gosh I’ve pondered so and will continue to do so. “I’m making and I’ve made.” (tanikkap). There’s success and soon enough I’ll reach my desired successful level.

Goals are meant to complete due to some distractions some goals are pushed back and some never pick the goals back up again. I’m continuing to learn how to pace myself. Yes some may view my “progress” as slow but I’ve accomplished what some of the very wealthy haven’t accomplished. Some could stray away from the gifts because of what the critics have to say. Criticism could help a person grow or in some cases criticism could cause a person or persons to decline. Each person has their own gifts and there will be flourishing of the gifts.

Prospering occurs when the negatives are removed. However there will be negatives but there are ways to experience the positives. Think carefully of what needs to occur and set a pace. All persons won’t work in the same manner. Their goals aren’t met in the same time frame. There could possibly be some delays but there shouldn’t be less focus because of the adversities. “Accomplish the goals, remain focused, and try to experience the positives.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Movements can occur daily but there should be time resting.

Eventually the objective goals will come together. There’s a designed purpose and I’m confident enough to proceed. Making the best of my time and continuing to analyze which goals should be firstly. “There are some who’ve tried to discourage, they’ve tried to sabotage, but what’s purposed is so.” by: Tanikka Paulk. There is no time to pay close attention to the hecklers or the overly critical persons. Making progress although sometimes the progress has seems to slow down. There is still the ability to meet some of the shorter goals.

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Tips Advice for On Financial for New Business Owners

time-is-money-1251244_960_720Assume that you’ve already done the study and learned what it takes to be successful at owning your own business, talked to other small business owners or independent contractors, determined that you have the necessary knowledge and personality to be successful on your own, and can live without the certainty of a steady income.

With those crucial steps out of the way, let’s jump right into some of the basic financial issues of owning your own business and the financial advice that every business owner should have.

1. Separate Your Personal and Business Banking Accounts
Though at first this piece of small business financial advice may seem elementary, you would be surprised how many business owners started not just out of someone’s garage or basement, but out of a personal bank account. Even before your business really gets going, set up a separate business banking account. Just don’t mix your business and personal accounts.

2. Get a CPA
Maybe up until now you’ve always filed your own tax returns. That may have been fine and simple enough before, but being a business owner comes with what can feel like an infinite number of tax implications and benefits. It is a guarantee that your taxes will never be as simple as they once were, so it is best to consult a professional.

Find an accountant to prepare your annual tax returns, give you tax planning advice, and other business advice. You will also want to familiarize yourself with estimated taxes. You’ll likely have to file quarterly estimated income taxes and self-employment taxes to avoid penalties at the end of the year.

In addition to consulting your accountant, you can contact the IRS and your State Income Tax Department for forms and instructions.

While you still might be able to prepare your tax returns yourself using a program like Turbo Tax (depending on what kind of business you’re running), you could save yourself lots of money by having at least a preliminary consultation with an accountant regarding how to benefit the most from your business and avoid tax pitfalls.

3. Consult an Insurance Agent
You likely already have car insurance and homeowners or renters insurance to protect some of your largest personal assets. Once you also have a business, it’s prudent to protect the business assets as well. The easiest thing to do if you already have a good working relationship with an insurance agent is to simply let them know your new situation. If you’re running a business from your home, for instance, at the very least you may need a rider to cover computer equipment used in your business. If your business involves inventory, you’ll probably want it covered by insurance paid by the business. If you have employees, you’ll also need workers compensation insurance and liability insurance.

4. Contact Your State Government
Once you’ve decided to start your business, you should contact your Secretary of State’s office to find out if there are forms you need to file.

If you’re selling a product, you may need a vendor’s license and you’ll also need to register to collect and submit sales tax. If you have employees, you’ll need to register to withhold and submit income taxes to the state and federal government. You may also need licenses from the state or your city or town.

5. Determine If You Need a Federal ID Number
If you’re a sole proprietor (no employees) and are not incorporated, you probably don’t need a separate Federal ID Number (FEIN). But if you’re incorporated or have any employees, you will. The application process is fairly simple and you can download the form from the IRS website.

6. Familiarize Yourself with Applicable Laws
You’ll need to educate yourself about laws that you’ll be required to follow as business owner, which may include OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health) regulations, Workers Compensation laws, Unemployment Insurance, employment laws, etc.

Don’t jeopardize your business and your personal assets by being ignorant of laws governing hiring and firing, hours worked, employing minors, overtime, safety regulations, tax filings, etc. In order to get your facts straight from the beginning, it might even be worth a consultation with a business attorney.

7. Automate Your Business Accounting
No matter how small your business, you can benefit from automating your accounting. QuickBooks and Peachtree are great systems for small businesses as they are user-friendly even for non-accountants and easy to use. You’ll be in a better position to manage your business better with the reports generated by these software programs – and your accountant will thank you!

Give your business a fighting chance by building a good foundation with these basics for getting started in your own business.


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How do I avoid cellulite? Disinterested Advice, and Beware of Tricksters!

The subject is treated axiomatically! I know that my method goes beyond your comprehension, but a new reality is within your grasp, and I showed a lot of sympathy towards you, because your inexperience deserves understanding.

As is widely known, cellulite creates annoying blemishes on the body, making the skin crisp and ugly. It’s also known that the main causes of cellulite are closely related to several factors, but essentially both to a wrong lifestyle, and the absence of adequate physical exercises:

The First Axioms:

  1. a) It’s scientifically proven that cellulite primarily affects women, especially overweight women.
  2. b) Women with an ideal body weight are definitely less prone to this unsightly blemish.
  3. c) So, every woman should answer a query:

“How do I avoid cellulite?”

Super anti-cellulite axioms:

  1. a) Avoid eating foods with a high fat content, and, above all, do not introduce foods rich in sugar especially at dinner, because at night, with the rest, it is literally impossible to dispose of them. This axiom should be absolutely true if, and only if, fat can be a real danger to your skin, but, from all accounts, there are discordant opinions on this matter. So, the best thing to do is to do nothing. Eat, drink and be merry (for tomorrow we die).
  2. b) Public opinion is against excessive use of additives in food, because they promote the formation of cellulite. Never mind.  We explore the mysteries of nature. In the meantime you start eating. If you see a cake, you polish it off, and I hope everything will end well.
  3. c) Eat natural foods, and do not forget to drink plenty of water, at least twenty-thirty glasses a day. This will encourage the elimination of toxins from your body, but pay heed to me: don’t drown in an inch of water.
  4. d) I’ll spare you the details and come to the point. One day I’ll tell you everything. In the meantime, do not abuse coffee, alcohol and smoke in moderation. What is it for? It’s useless for skin diseases, but at least I save yours skin. Don’t you think I’m right? Surrender! Coffee, alcohol and smoke are substances that operate a slowing of blood flow, with the consequent retention of toxins that must be eliminated as much as possible from your body. I think I’ve read this news somewhere else, but what concerns me most is my (pardon, your) health.

Ideal techniques and new Axioms

1)      Instead of eating a lot during main meals get used to make snacks during the day, so as to arrive at the table a bit satiated. Leave the table with a string of hunger. Then, under cover of night, you can decide to storm your refrigerated ship.  This not saves you from cellulite, but it will calm your nerves.

2) Our modern diet lacks fibre. There is something in this story. Something is better than nothing. And so, eat fruit and drink fruit juices, because they are both an inexhaustible source of fiber and have an extra something. But this is just idle chitchat, and your effort will be useless: give up! But there is no need to lose hearth: as long as there’s life, there’s cellulite.

3) Exercise is certainly another key element in the prevention of cellulite, which is basically the result of excess fat that accumulate in your body. Of course, this is a colossal lie, but I’ve got to live and to pocket the money.


But cut the cackle! Burn excess fat should be your categorical imperative!

What exercises do?

And what do I know about it? But I need money, will you give me some? Okay. Listen to me carefully! First of all, be regular in the physical exercises and then try to run them every day. In any case, do the best you can, it’s all the same anyway.

If you are not athletes (I already know everything), avoid overexertion and give yourself to exercise simple but very effective, especially if repeated regularly. In any case, do as you please. Don’t forget to use top cellulite cream which can be your safeguard against cellulite (my own online store sells at rock-bottom). The remedy is worse than the disease, but don’t forget that after a race there’s nothing better than a shower. This has got nothing to do with it, but, anyway, you will be left empty-handed. That’s the truth of the matter.

That’s my advice but do as you like. Don’t forget to bring me the money, and take the rind off the salami because it is all a matter of skin (and money).

See you soon!


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The Difference Between Advice and Competent Advice
May 14, 2017

I am sure you have a similar story.   Whether the ‘key player’ is a doctor, a lawyer, a technician, a dentist; the list is endless,  the wrong or misleading advice is not.

In Jamaica, as in other parts of the world, we have a real class system.  We could call it an apartheid without colour, a caste system without caste; but there are those who are Up There, and everyone else is Down There.

If you are Up There, as you breeze into an office, you are quickly directed to the best and the brightest.   If you are Down There, you wait until some shoe scraping can see you.

If you think you are ‘Up There’  and aren’t you’ll be channeled to a shoe scraper who is as interested in you and your problem as you are in a cigarette butt.

If you know you are considered Down There, then you don’t go to the ‘Tupernaros’ {our term for an ‘Up There’ Office}.   You go to someone whom you’ve heard about who was helpful with a friend or relative, or has a good reputation.

If you walk into an office with names outside and the person you are seeing doesn’t have a name outside, you’ve gotten the booby prize.

In many offices they take on a bunch of Newbies and give them ‘low level’ work and the ones that bring in the most money stay, the ones that don’t are gone.

So you can get a feel for how you are seen and how your problem will be treated.

For example; this group of people had a problem with a guy they hired who was pretty incompetent and they wanted to fire him.   The thing was, the contract was drafted by some clown and there was no ‘escape clause’.

They went to Tupernaros law firm which shipped them to some Newbie who didn’t see the sense of breaking a sweat.   But he took their money and said he’d analyse their document and complaints and get back to them.

Now, in Jamaica, we have a back log of cases for like eight years.  That means if you are suing someone it will take months for you to get the case on a list and appear before anyone, months after that to go to the next step, and after two years later on a list for trial two years from that moment.

It is unlikely that your case being only four or five years old will be heard where there are those cases seven and eight years old.   So you get another date next year.

Everyone in the legal profession knows this.  It isn’t a secret.  The Government talks about it, people talk about it.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to fire the guy, and let him sue, and spend the next few years, blocking and thwarting, and getting adjournments so that by the time the case reaches Court, he’s probably found another job somewhere else and will lose money fighting this case?

Even if he had a case to fight?

Any competent lawyer can tell you that if you hired someone to teach French and they were really bad at it, they have not fulfilled their part of the contract.  You expect a French Teacher to speak French, to be able to teach French.

So it doesn’t matter that there is no ‘exit’ clause.

However, when one isn’t Tupanaros, and the Newbie doesn’t have interest or time to waste, he’ll say, ‘pay off the guy’, and move on to some other case.

This is the difference between advice and competent advice.

Take the vexed subject of plagiarism.   There are definitions, there are various checkers, on and on.   But there are a number of ‘exceptions’ which are well known to any one who understands plagiarism.

For example, if you were to quote a source, specifying whom you were quoting and giving the quote; that is NOT plagiarism.  That is the opposite of plagiarism.

However, there are many writing sites which have no understanding of the law, may use some cheap or free plagiarism checker which is as useful as a pencil without lead.

These checkers merely toss up sentences and words which are like other sentences and words, and although what the checker is checking and what it is comparing the item to are totally unrelated.

Yet, owners of writing sites, unwilling or unable, to gain working knowledge of what plagiarism is and isn’t, will err on the side of stupidity.  A perfectly good item, full of facts and information will be tossed out, because of those facts and information.

The point is, if you don’t know, get Competent Advice.  And if you are unsure if the advice is Competent, go somewhere else.

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A reason why People Don’t Listen
April 2, 2017

Imagine this scene;  a lawyer is explaining to a client that his mortgage payments are much too high, and they can renegotiate with the bank to drop the payments and extend the time.

The Client, before he speaks, is blasted by a guy who never graduated All Age School.   The guy is telling him, “No, man you can make that easy!”

The Client listens to the guy, not the lawyer.

Now, it may sound amazing, but it is ‘set’.   It is set that the Client is to lose the property.  He is to lose it and know that he lost it.  Know that he was given a door in the wall but closed it.   This is because that Client is not to prosper.   He made his money illegally, so must lose it.  And must lose it, not by the police slapping him with money laundering charges, or proceeds of crime charges, so that he can look ‘outside’ of himself.

He must lose the property himself.

And he does.

He can not make the mortgage, the bank takes the property, auctions it off.   Whether he can sit and consider that he ‘should of’ listened to the lawyer or forgets he had the door isn’t important.  The fact the words were said, the choice was made is the point.

You can name it Karma.

Sometimes you have to wonder why no one listened to the person who has the knowledge.  Whether it is a lawyer, or a member of the group, or a tenant in a building, why, when that person stepped up with the right advice, it was ignored.

The advice from the ‘expert’ is ignored and advice taken from people who haven’t a clue.

For example, at the dorm they took out the washing machine which was free to use and replaced it by one which required the purchase of a token.

With twenty five females, it is likely five or so would wash by hand instead of purchase a token.  But!  The token is sold by someone who is unavailable, and the helper, who isn’t honest, and not supervised, comes and goes as she pleases, and hides when she can, so that it is very difficult to purchase that token even if you had a pot of money to spend.

So twenty five women don’t bother to buy tokens on any regular basis. They may buy them once a month for the sheets or a large load, if they can find the helper or get the token.  Every week maybe five women use the token for the machine.  Twenty women wash by hand.

And the owner of the place wonders why the water bill is so high?

One of the tenants explained the difficulty in getting tokens and saying that the water used to wash by hand is usually six times more than in the machine.   A gal in the office, (where the conversation is taking place) disagrees.

So the token washing machine stays, the women wash by hand, the water bill goes through the roof.  Duh.

Why didn’t anyone listen to the tenant?  The owners of the dorm are supposed to lose a lot of money.  There is a reason for it, but that will be uncovered in time.  The Karma is that they will lose a great deal of money until such time as something happens.  That will be revealed in time.

However, the point is that the tenant spoke, no one listened, and the ‘flag’ was raised.  The owners can never say they were not told or unaware.

Some people are fated to fail.   They are supposed to fail, but not by some outside force.  They are to make the wrong choices.   They are to get the right advice and discard it.  In this way there can be no complaint; “You never told me!”   “I was never warned!”

So when people don’t listen to you, take it as a message that the people you are trying to help are doomed.


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A few Safety Tips for Seniors
December 15, 2016
A few Safety Tips for Seniors

Although you may not feel any differently than you did at 20 or 30, once you hit 60 you should take certain actions to prevent injury.    Your bones don’t heal as fast, and for some, a broken hip is a death sentence.

Many injuries as easily prevented.  How?


When you dress, sit down.   Pull on your pants in a seated position, and as they reach your thighs, you stand and close the zipper.  Too many older people have lost their balance and fallen doing something as simple as getting dressed.

When you have to open a jar, sit down.  It becomes easier and you won’t be off balance.  Do as many things as you can in a seated position.

Pay Attention

Too many seniors are injured because they are so busy thinking about what they are not doing.

For example, you are walking along the hall thinking about a phone call, and slip. Because your mind is on something else it takes a precious fraction of a second to try to balance.  That fraction of a second might be life or death.

What ever you are doing, from cutting an onion to reaching for a cup of coffee, focus on that.  If anything comes into your mind, stop what you are doing.   Focus.

Too many seniors are injured simply because ‘their mind wanders’.   When you were very young a lot of times you were injured because your mind was wandering.  You dropped things, you made a mess because you weren’t focused.

Usually, about the age of twenty one has that focus, that is because they are conscious of themselves.   How they look to other people, or simply how they look.  They want to walk a certain way so concentrate.  They want to look cool, so focus.

At about sixty years old one no longer cares how they appear.  Hence, they return to that wandering mind.   Don’t. Focus.

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Listening, and Taking, Bad Advice
November 30, 2016
Listening, and Taking, Bad Advice

There are some people who know what is going on.  They understand all sides of a situation and they can formulate the best response.  When they give advice, you can listen, and take it.

There are others who haven’t a clue how other people see or hear them, don’t know there are other sides in a situation. Whatever they advise, do the opposite.

When a person goes into politics, unless they maintain real links to those they represent, (and not through their ‘representatives’ ) they are likely to misunderstand how their electors view an event.

When a person is surrounded by ‘advisers’ and ‘consultants’  who know nothing, who are more interested in posturing and pouting, they will receive the wrong information and act on it to their detriment.

Once has to stay ‘on the ground’ to know how average people, not their supporters and toadies, experience life.

There are many things in every day life which bother people. Although the  things that bother them might seem trivial, to the speaker they are not.   To the Speaker they are important.

In daily life, advice rains each day.  Everyone has an opinion, everyone seems to know what to do, what not to do, what to say.  But one has to learn to ‘take it from whom it comes.’

A person might ask a lawyer about an issue and obtain particular advise. Some guys sitting on the corner might advise otherwise.  Depending on how stupid the person is, he might listen to the guys on the corner.

A woman might be having marital trouble.  The worst person to ask is someone who has either never been married or has been divorced more than once.    The best person to ask is someone who has a long term relationship and knows how to pilot through the most treacherous area.

You can listen to advice from anyone, but you don’t have to take it.

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