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I Love to say no to Harassing Paparazzi

Imagine being followed and harassed. I’m referring to the paparazzi. It’s as if I’m a billionaire chased by the paparazzi. oh my goodness everyday it seems as though the crowd is trying to pull me=Tanikka Paulk down. Every moved “made” is seen by the aggressors. I’ve tried to escape but my only hope is keeping the “Full Armor of God on and Prayer.” They’ve tried to find my most intimate findings. Privacy seems to have vanished but I’ve found creative ways to conceal my privacy. “I’m able to work unseen meaning my works, projects, and agendas can be privately completed.

My movements are under an microscope every action seems to be watched. I’m grateful for the supporters but the harassment isn’t what’s appreciated. I’m advocating to maintain privacy are to say to regain some of my privacy. “Certainly I would love to navigate online or offline without the entire world watching my every move. What brought the so called paparazzi to my online doorstep? Perhaps offering free services or revenge. Whatever the reasons are I’m “understanding” exactly why celebrities would complain regarding the paparazzi.

Competition is another reason why so many are chasing “the writer.” Needs are one of the main reasons. Needing assistance from the founder. Wanting to lower their competition. The fighting to remain with my worthy name and my personal information. “Self” presently. To have followers on social media is exciting but when the followers become trolls oh what a pain. The complaints were sent but some platforms are having difficulties trying to lower the bullying rate.

No matter how I’m targeted I’m still continuing to move forward presenting what needs to be presented. oh what have I faced? I’ve faced so many challenges and the chatter between the paparazzi made me=Tanikka Paulk throw my hand up! There’s more competitors online than offline. It may seem as though the competition is coming to my doorstep but they’re online. Gosh they’ve really caused havoc online. Perhaps they’ll learn to be patient or to understand that they’re not welcomed to overstep my boundaries.

I’ve been quite patient and tried to reason but some aren’t able to reason at all. The adversities have taught me=Tanikka Paulk to become more patient. The lack of mindfulness seems to have caused me=Tanikka Paulk to shake my head. Sometimes I would perform a victory dance because they’ve thought that I was a pushover. Firmness is within because I’ve faced some of the rudest individuals. Social Media is great but when the trolling occurs being on social media can be a pain in the “neck.”

My competition have lost their marbles but I’m here to demonstrate my determination lessons are in stored.” *Tanikka Paulk)

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