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Poetic Expressions Written by: Tanikka Paulk My Poetry 

You a Good Chick

A magnitude of a good chick

Savory sounds tuning rounds fit to be a glorious “Queen”

Majestic waves hidden caves the “day” is here bravely cheers

God gave me my designed rear no whispers in my ear

The foolish ways of mankind’s days forfeited actions no my last name isn’t Jackson

My name is valued although seemed to be dismissed my attitude has been sealed with a kiss

Complicated expressiveness yes I’ve been dramatically dissed

The cool breezes brushed my face no my accomplishments haven’t been misplaced

Awaiting what is to come my way yes it’s said that I’m day!

Too many woes have played the field but there is more in the righteous deal

Coming of blessings from above haven’t they seen the solitude dove?

Songs written near and far some have been written inside a wreckless bar

Cautions lurking right on top did some say that I was placed on the spot?

Chills in some countries yes indeed my golds seem to be excited by my wondrous freed

Wonders singing and looking up at clouds no I’m not sings get down

Rapping and tapping to the harmonious beats I’ve been cautioned to use my feet

Some have misunderstood the expressions from the hood but I’m good

A good chick who incurred five by a body part which went inside

Outer appearances oh yes indeed do they really know Me?

Motions some have tried to figure out but here I am and yes I did shout

Tomorrow is what it is and today goes but what is it in which some truly don’t know?

Comings to the new and newness ahead no my lyrics aren’t from the dead

My song sung with dignity my mind is as it shall be did God create a two me?

Callings some left unanswered the rings of the creations to be free

There is love within Me!

Rhymes to the paper grouped together my work won’t be forgotten and they have called me Weather

Ghetto perhaps but learned more than some or most the others seemed to go coast to coast

My lyrical poetic expressiveness. Inspirational, inspired, without the harshest diss


The Lyrics to a Beat Boxer

Beat box on the top

Soulfulness with the wind

Studios sounds coming down

Because they’re gifted perhaps with the wisdom

The choosier with a microphone

The producer isn’t wrong

Rightfully in tune with the joyfulness of the moon

Boldness of the “Battle D’J’s” on the floored stage

Surround sound and blasting beats

The forming of the collective heats

Nicely placed on paper some “lyrically” saying without the notations

Oh how they’ve complicated you!!

What are some to do?

Battling to be the winner some of the rappers look quite thinner

Lyricists calling Whoa similar to Busta Rhymes speed lyrics

Talented are the lyricists some have tried to compare to the most “accomplished” rapper there

What is his name?

“Tupac Shakur”


The Lyricists Express What?

Some have tried to reproduce the similar lyrics of who?

Project Windows to The Message what rapper put the lyrics to work?

Named Nasir Jones pictured alone

L.L. Cool J “said” he needed a Round Away Girl

Prince said Diamonds and Pearls

The gold and the silver can deliver the sparkling tones the word said so

A lyricists writes lyrics expressing in ways in which some have dared to produce

No lyricist lose


If they’ve wrote a song or two then they’ve produced

Studio airplay some placing the R&B with the rapping

In the studios constantly tapping

Perhaps a My, My, My performed By Johnny Gill

The Can You Stand the Rain sung by New Edition

Nona Gaye singing love filled tunes but there is only one moon

The shinning of the star some wonder why is one mentioned

It’s my stage and the others have chosen to be my audience

They’re performing at their best

Some from the East and some from the West

Lauryn Hill did perform on stage where did the lyrics go?

There is certainly more to show

Singing birds that’s what they’ve been described to be

I’ve performed perhaps so many didn’t see

Lyrics are so dear there are more written right here


Some Music to Capture the Ears


Image result for jay z and beyonce

Beyonce and Jay Z Image Credited to Free Advanced Google Images

Jay Z and Beyonce oh what a couple

Performing on the stage building up the rays

Jay Z could possibly love OJ

Listening to some of the rapping tunes connected in some kind of way

Formations produced awesomely written freely

What’s to be expected from now on?

Perhaps Beyonce will perform one of her favorite songs

Rapping and singing formed together more than one mic checked to listen to the sounds

More rappers will be rapping and more singers will sing

There are some who’ve received the extra shine of the diamond rings

But it is the gold and silver which will glitter

Rappers Delight that’s how some of the rappers became “Successful”

There’s more than the wealth more to gain could Jay Z and Beyonce reproduce “Singing in the Rain?”

Image result for Busta Rhymes

Image Credited to Google

Featured Image Credited to Free Advanced Google Images


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