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The Painful Realities of The Music Industry
The Painful Realities of The Music Industry
“Some will and have paid the cost the poisonous industry” by: Tanikka Paulk
The Industry certainly isn’t peaches and cream. One must develop a tough skin in order to be in the industry. So many have sold their souls. Learning how to read contracts is very important. Just observe the “behaviors” the cynical natures the business has caused some to do what they probably taught they would never do. What is truly to be said about such a complex business?
My experiences with the industry is part madness and belated experiences but II’ve seen the decline within so many artists,I’m sure the record labels are frustrated with how the business ethics have gone down the drain. They’ve challenged me=Tanikka Paulk in the industry but I’m moving along. I’ve forfeited a contract because I’m aware of how the business can eat “one” alive.
There seems to be the misconceptions of the ins and outs of the business, Some proper while others end up living hellish lives.There are some artist one would probably want to avoid. Producers have difficulties with some of the artists. If a person isn’t “prepared” to deal with the complexities of the industry then perhaps there should be some reconsideration before making the decision to enter into the industry.
The constant battle seems to have rubbed me=Tanikka Paulk in away in which I’d rather avoid some of the musical talents. Some have projected their frustrations on the hand or hands in which could possibly help elevate their career. Perhaps some should consider learning more about the industry. They’ve tried many times to alter my focus but I’m strong enough to proceed and will incur what I’ve set out to incur.
There is no regret not signing the contract. The audition is so vivid in my head. Remembering the walk on stage and giving my all but declined the signing. Some have stated that I Tanikka Paulk was too young anyway. Did model for the producer and manager. I’m quite aware about the business. The unethical practices are certainly a pain. The artist should develop more patience. ‘The should be growth within the industry and there certainly should be professional actions occurring.” By: Tanikka Paulk
The unsettled behaviors could possibly have to do with the numerous needs. That’s what rapper Tupac Shakur reveled, “needs,” they’ve behaved out of order.
A few Artists on Interscope Records
Image result for Dr. Dre
Lil Jon
Image result for Lil Jon
Selena Gomez
Image result for Selena Gomez
Image result for Eminem
The artists are familiar with how the industry operates. There’s so much in which some of the artists are unaware of. Is the music industry declining? Possibly but there can be the rebuilding of a troubling industry. The beats must go on. The “music” doesn’t stop because there’s disagreements or malfunctions. The buck doesn’t stop here. Some artists will discover that they will need to put in the extra work in order to reach their desired success level. “Promote and continue to learn the industry has chewed up and bit out some of the most talented artists.” (Tanikka Paulk)
Article Written by: Tanikka Paulk
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