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There are some businesses which display proper tactics when conducting business and there are some businesses who are so unethical. The unethical businesses will not flourish because they’re not using the proper tactics in order to assist with business elevation. The ones who continue t”o conduct business” in such a manner will notice that there will continuously be a decline within their business. Some businesses may think that they’re getting away with using such tactics but they’re being monitored in someway.

The BBB should be contacted when a business “continues” to offer deceptive methods in order to get over on customers, business partners, and others. Some business owners may think that they’re too smart for the consumers and will try to find ways to get over on the consumers but eventually they’ll suffer a decline. No business can rise up when they’re conducting unethical practices. There should be complaints when a business continues to treat their customers poorly.

Some may be afraid to make reports because they’re afraid of what will occur after the reporting. No person should allow any business to continue to project mistreatment. Of course there’s so many which try to do so just to see how far they’re able to go. Customers “must fight against such injustices.” Not allowing such injustices to continue can help other customers and businesses as well. Too many allow misbehavior and deceptiveness to continue and when they’re allowing these things. They’re placing the business and brand at risk.

We all should pay attention to how business owners are conducting their business. If they’re not willing to treat customers right then they’re not concerned about PeopleĀ  and “The People” and they’re doing an injustice to all businesses. Some may not know “the proper ways to conduct business” but not knowing isn’t an issue to treat consumers unfairly. There are a lot of business owners who continue to bully their customers and potential customers. Some have noticed that the businesses which continue to behave in such a manner end up becoming apart of the failed business category.

There are a lot of business owners who feel the need to harass other business owners in order to try and excel over their competition. Not a good approach at all. The end result can be a bleak one. Not producing what is needed to advance is a mistake. Businesses “need to grow” in order to create a stronger economy. We all should feel the need to prosper and be apart of advancement. The competitors are out to destroy a business. Not thinking that the growth can assist more people than anyone can imagine. “Business Owners are making a Mistake Treating so Many Unfairly. Costly Mistakes Continue to Occur.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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