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$9 Million worth of MonetaryUnit,you maybe want to know it

About monetaryunit

MonetaryUnit (MUE) is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency that was separated from Quark in July 2014. The key feature of the monetaryunit project is a special 8-way random hashing algorithm that can be used against highly specialized ASIC systems to maintain the ability of coins to be mined with standard home computers.

The company hopes to enable everyone to access cryptocurrencies such as MonetaryUnit Coin.

The MonetaryUnit coin is constructed based on the master node model.

A business model in which the community has management rights and voting rights. The Master Nodes network also manages a pool of funds for long-term financing projects.

Ten percent of all newly created currency units will be reinvested in the project. Future decisions will vote in a democratic manner.

MonetaryUnit users can send money to each other via the InstantSend function. Anyone who cares about data security can do this through the encrypted PrivateSend feature. For miners, the currency is also increasingly profitable. Because monetaryunit integrates DASH-based X11 code, and provides additional security and higher hash rates.

why choose mue

Within the crypto currency industry MUE is a well established and respected brand with a mature ecosystem and progress is driven by a dedicated team. The rate of growth since launch and the potential to continue this trend shows MUE is only heading in one direction.

Recent migration to the X11 code base (based on Dash codebase) allows us to reach a larger market of miners and brings added security with a likely rise of hash rate. The MasterNode network manages a pool of funds which is set aside to fund the project moving forward. Proposals put before MasterNodes allows for a democratic process over future decisions unlike other currencies in the Crypto space.

Join the Community

At MUE we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent in everything we do. Keep in touch with all the news and chat to the team via our social channels, communication tools and open source developer networks.

In conclusion

With a special business model, MonetaryUnit managed to be completely decentralized and democratic.

The entire project is self-financing and runs from communities and communities.

MonetaryUnit coins have an inflation rate of only 3% per year.

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