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Put more effort into online business


The current lockdown in many countries of the world creates a good opportunity to earn online. Many people have little to do at home in countries where the lockdown are. Many websites have experienced a huge increase of visitors during this period of the COVID-19 lockdown.


Many people have also resorted to online business. For those who rely on their salaries and wages, there has been a new realisation. Some companies have cut wages and salaries and others are not paying at all. In many countries, the informal sector is virtually on a standstill. This should give us a lesson.


It is best to supplement our incomes. It is not the best of a situation for one to depend on a salary or wage. There are many opportunities for people to earn money online. Personally, I rely on affiliate marketing and blogging. This generates good revenue for me.


Affiliate marketing


With affiliate marketing, a person advertises a company’s products and get paid. The amount you are paid is in direct proportion to the revenue you generate for the company. This is because many companies pay people, a percentage of the price of the product as a commission.


Let us say someone has advertised a product worth $100 and the commission is 10%. It means if a person buys the product, he/she gets $10 as a commission. So, the more that the people you refer to the company buy the products, the more you earn. The good thing is that you earn from more than one company.

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There are many platforms that pay people who contribute articles to them. Currently, many platforms are paying in their tokens or crypto coins.  A person will then sell the crypto coins and get fiat money. People who enjoy writing articles would better write for platforms that pay than writing for those that do not pay.

I write for more than 30 blogging sites that pay. I make it an objective to write at least three articles for each blogging site per week.

Click the link if you want to see the sites that pay to blog: Earnfromblogging.







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What effect will Fomo3D have on the price of Ethereum?

Recently, the attention of the crypto community has been attracted to the phenomenon-level dapp of fomo3D. Fomo3D is an obvious Ponzi scheme, but its sincerity makes people even more crazy. Participants are constantly bidding to buy the key issued by the platform. The time is up. Whoever is the last bidder can get the maximum benefit, that is, 48% of the Ethereum in the prize pool. The success of Fomo3D, fundamentally speaking, is to take advantage of the greedy side of human nature, and everyone has a chance to be lucky. In case you are the lucky one. In addition, Fomo3D has won the user’s good feelings and achieved excellent communication. Starting with the name Fomo (missing panic) is a satire, and then go to the website exitscam.me, which means “to escape the scam.” Even the button that invites friends to participate in the game says “BAD ADVICE.” The word “DO NOT PLAY” is also indicated in the code.

At present, Fomo3D has collected 21,495 Ethereum from users, which is about 9.88 million US dollars. This number is still rising.

Is Fomo3D really safe?

First of all, no one can guarantee the absolute security of smart contracts. Secondly, suppose the game is strictly in accordance with the rules. Those who participate in the game later may still have no income, and the game ends.

The impact of Fomo3D on the price of Ethereum

If Fomo 3D continues to accumulate ETH, it will raise the value of the remaining ETH. If the Ethereum in the Fomo3D contract reaches millions of orders, there are two problems: 1. In the end, someone wins the grand prize and immediately gets a lot of ETH, which affects the market stability; 2. The Fomo3D contract is broken and produces similar results.

Ethereum should not pin its hopes on gambling dapp

The ultimate goal of Ethereum is to become a distributed world computer network supported by thousands of nodes. However, the number of Dapps developed on Ethereum is small and the number of users is low. The DappRadar.com website lists 673 Dapps from the Ethereum network. The volume of transactions in the 24-hour period is 44,000 ETH, and the number of users is about 20,000. The ideal state of Ethereum Dapp should cover all aspects of economic development.

The future direction of Ethereum requires the constant efforts of developers such as vitalik buterin. After all, the network congestion that has plagued Ethereum for a long time has not been solved.

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Decentralized exchanges are safer than centralized exchanges

The exchange has been the number one player in the cryptocurrency market. Every move of the exchange can affect the price trend of crypto. People have always suspected that there may be undersell to hammering the market within a centralized exchange.

Why they do that? Of course, in order to buy back at a low price, it can be said that the exchange takes the user’s funds to earn the user’s money.

The news that the exchange was stolen since the bear market this year has come with a price drop.

I believe that people who have been in the crypto community for a long time should still remember that there was a security incident in Mt. Gox, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange in 2013, and stolen 850,000 bitcoins, equivalent to 4% of total bitcoin, while bitcoin prices Since then, it has also fallen into a bear market for three years.

However, the outcome of these security incidents is always the user. The awakened people gradually turned their attention to the decentralized exchange.

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin once said:

I definitely personally hope centralized exchanges burn in hell as much as possible!

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What is a decentralized exchange?

Decentralized exchanges are trading venues that do not rely on third-party custody and people use peer-to-peer trading.

The decentralized exchange is known for not keeping the user’s private key. However, just a week ago, the decentralized exchange Bancor had an asset theft. In December last year, another decentralized exchange, EtherDelta, also had assets. Theft incident.

This has to be skeptical, is it really safe to decentralize the exchange? Let us review the theft of these two famous decentralized exchanges.


  1. In December 2017, the stolen event occurred at EtherDelta, the most decentralized exchange on Ethereum. EtherDelta’s domain name server was hijacked by malicious attacks. Domain Name Service (DNS) is a service that converts the website address (such as xxxxx.com) that people enter in the browser into the real IP address of the website server (such as But the DNS server parses it into a fake website that hackers do exactly the same as EtherDelta. If the user logs in on the fake website by importing the private key, the private key is exposed to the hacker (using a third-party wallet) Tools such as Meta Mask, Ledger Nano S, login users are still safe).

In this incident, the hacker stole at least 305 ETH at the time worth about $240,000.


  1. According to official information from Bancor, the security incident was due to the theft of a wallet used to upgrade smart contracts. The hacker used this wallet to transfer the 24984 ETH in the ETH reserve pool connected to BNT and transfer it through smart contract. gone 229356645 NPXS and 3200000 BNT, it was worth about $ 23 million. After that, the Bancor team urgently frozen the stolen BNT and actively positioned the stolen ETH and NPXS in the United States.


It can be seen that the DNS hijacking attack in the German incident is an attack against Internet vulnerabilities, and has nothing to do with the security of the German-based exchange itself based on smart contracts, and if the decentralized etheric name based on Ethereum is adopted, The service (ENS) system can also defend against such attacks.


In the Bancor incident, the user’s digital assets are naturally safe because they are not the user’s wallet.

When the Bancor exchange was down due to theft, the user’s operation of his wallet was completely unaffected. If the centralized exchange is stolen, the user often faces the suspension of withdrawal and recharge, and can only wait for the final processing result of the exchange.

In addition to security, decentralized exchanges are anonymous because they do not require registration certification. However, despite all the advantages of centralized trading, decentralized exchanges do not seem to be widely accepted by the people in the currency circle. Currently, the most decentralized exchanges with the largest volume of transactions are still ranked behind the 50 rankings.


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See the future from the Ethereum classic living chart

After ETH announced Sharding technology, the price rose. ETC has been positively affected and has risen for several days. I was excited when I watched the Ethereum classic living price chart. Vitalik Buterin also supported ETC on Twitter, mentioning that there are many more similarities between the two.

ETC has been out of focus for too long. With this round of gains, we revisit the history of ETH and ETC.

A hacking event caused a fork

The DAO event in 2016 took place. This was a hacking incident involving the safety of 11.5 million Ethereum, which was worth $400 million. The DAO was the largest blockchain crowdfunding project at the time, raising $150 million. Hackers exploited the vulnerability of the Ethereum smart contract to attack it. Represented by Vitalik Buterin, he advocated a hard fork for Ethereum, a new chain, rolled back the DAO smart contract, and returned the lost Ethereum to the user. In this way, the attacker actually did not earn a penny. However, there are still some people who believe that the hard forks violate the contractual spirit of the blockchain, and past transactions should be recognized. As a result of the vote, the 80% node agreed to perform a hard fork. In this way, the etheric currency of the new chain that is forked out is ETH. But the old chain still exists, and many people stick to it. To distinguish between the two, the old Ethereum is called Ethereum Classic (ETC).

ETC’s unexpected survival

After the fork in Ethereum, almost everyone thought that ETC would soon be worthless. If the miners don’t have the benefits, then the disappearance of the old chain will only be a question of how long it takes. Fortunately, the people who have stayed behind have a firm belief. For the past two years, the ETC has survived stubbornly. In June, ETC prices rose sharply after Coinbase, the famous digital currency exchange in the United States, announced that it would be launched on ETC. Many other digital currency fans, such as Litecoin and Ripple, bought a lot of ETC after hearing the news of Coinbase’s online ETC. Some people think that the recent rise in ETC may have speculation. From a technical perspective, the potential of ETC should not be underestimated. Some people predict that ETC market value can enter the top ten.

Although there are very few projects using ETC, the development of ETH has entered a bottleneck period, and the projects using ETC will be more and more, and ETC is the real opponent of ETH.

The lastest ethereum classic living price chart


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Russian miner coin-the bitcoin miner power

The whole world knows that China is an important contributor to Bitcoin miners. At the end of June, a large number of mining machines were flooded in Sichuan due to continuous heavy rain, and the computing power of Bitcoin fell by 30%. Not everyone wants China to play such an important role. RMC is to help Russian miners challenge China in bitcoin mining.

Next, we will explore what is a Russian miner coin.

The target of the Russian Miners Coin (RMC) ICO is $100 million. $10 million will be used to develop processors for cryptocurrency mining, and the rest will be used to produce mining equipment with security chips. This will help establish a joint mining fund to distribute profits.

The ICO is scheduled for August 28, 2017 to September 20, 2017. During the RMC ICO, an RMC token can be used for rates ranging from $4,100 to $4,900.

Purpose of Russian miners coins

The goal of the Russian Miners Coin, as it is spent on its website, is to provide everyone with the opportunity to become the next generation mining technology owner to enter the closed mining club of the Russian mining company.

Mining bitcoin is a very expensive process in major countries of the world. Not only is it time consuming, it also consumes a lot of resources. The main resource it consumes is electricity. In addition, miners joined the mining pool due to the large amount of computing power required. In the pool, you can jointly mine bitcoin and share mined bitcoin.

Russia has a lower electricity price than China, with electricity prices as low as 80 cbits or 1.3 cents per kWh. Russia’s surplus power exceeds 15 gigawatts.

RMC price

The highest price of RMC has reached $50,798, which far exceeds the highest price of Bitcoin. This is really amazing price. As of July 7, 2018, the RMC price was $4,875.56.

How&where to Buy Russian Miner Coin (RMC)

Buying a Russian Miner Coin (RMC) from your bank requires two steps. You will purchase some BTC or ETH from an exchange that accepts debit or bank account deposits, and then you will transfer the newly purchased encryption to the sales RMC in exchange for the Bitcoin or Ethereum market. Bittrex and BitFlip exchanges support RMC transactions

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U Network solves content creation with blockchain, UUU rewards premium content creators

In the age of the Internet, people who can create interesting or useful knowledge have already made great returns. However, the most profitable is the content platform. These platforms get huge attention through good content, then earn a high price for advertising, and then distribute a small part of it to the head author. Is there any way for users to directly benefit from creating quality content?

The content platform combined with the blockchain is exactly what these people need.

Let’s take a look at the application of blockchain in content creation, analyzing three projects – Steem, U Network, YOYOW.

The emergence of the Internet has reduced the cost of information acquisition, making information creation more convenient and spreading faster and wider. Where are the current Internet giants getting a lot of information, what is the source?

Most of them are created by users and spontaneously spread. We produce content for the platform, and Twitter, Facebook and other companies have earned a lot of money, which has made the Internet rich, but what are our interests? The products we produce are advertised on the platform to sell money, but we do not enjoy the benefits we deserve. Our content has been reviewed by the platform and deleted without any reason, and we can’t do anything about it.

These blockchain projects in the UUG field are all trying to build an economic incentive system based on the Crypto Token model to encourage users to create and discover high-quality content and obtain fair and equitable income. There is no middleman to make a difference, the more you contribute to the community/ecology, the more you get.

Steem:appear out of the blue


The first project to apply the blockchain to the UUG field was Steem, whose founder and bitcoin, the founder of EOS, was one person – Daniel Larimer.

Daniel Larimer believes in the free market and supports his struggle with the power of finding a free market solution that guarantees people’s lives, freedom and property.

Steem pioneered the use of Crypto Token to motivate users to produce content, summing up three main points:

  1. Considering the cognitive and financial costs, users who read content do not pay directly to users who create content.
  2. Discover premium content or likes, or show users get rewards
  3. Naturally, the quality content creators found are rewarded.

In a nutshell, by motivating users to discover high-quality content, it solves the problem of discovering high-quality content and rewards high-quality content creators.

Steem has been in business for two years since January 2016. The current average position of Steemit is about 2 million PV per day. It can be said that it has a blockchain project with large-scale users.

But I think steem has two big problems:

  1. Steem’s mechanism is designed to be cumbersome and complicated. Users can’t read the white paper or the long FAQ to use the system. The products of geeks are often well-designed, but they greatly increase the cognitive cost of users.
  2. People with a large number of ‘Steem Power’have too much power and influence, and the community that is oriented to the taste of the big family is not centralized and not fair enough.

Emerging Challenger U Network


U Network for the issue of Steem, U Network brought their solutions, made innovations and improvements.

U Network cancels the mechanism of Steem power (similar to company options), ensuring that everyone’s praise/voting utility is the same and everyone is equal.

U Network’s solution is to make the cost of voting, which ensures that users are rationally thinking about throwing a vote/point. Solved the problem that everyone praised in order to reward

The basic unit of community motivation is called “Sugar”, similar to Steem Power in Steem, which means that everyone finds valuable content like bees collecting pollen and nectar. The consensus mechanism also depends on Sugar. According to the proportion of Sugar, users can vote. Election verification node.

Community operations and content promotion, this is what the U Network team is good at, the matching genes do the corresponding things, things generally progress relatively smoothly.

In terms of technology, Steem uses graphene technology as the bottom layer, and U Network is ready to develop a high-performance bottom-level public chain, which is said to achieve 3000 pen/s processing capacity.

To better implement decentralization, U Network will support IPFS (InterPlanetary File System, a network transport protocol designed to create persistent and distributed storage and shared files) and decentralized file storage such as Genaro Network. Agreements and applications.

Just out of the project, Github already has more than 600 submissions, 20 code contributors, it seems that the development strength can not be underestimated.

YOYOW – Pursuit of distributed autonomy

YOYOW is also optimized and optimized for Steem’s solution. The bottom layer uses graphene technology similar to Steem.

Based on the team’s genes, influenced by the bit stocks, YOYOW emphasizes the distributed autonomy of the community. In terms of system maintenance, YOYOW will follow the DPOS authorization rights adopted by the bit stocks to prove the consensus mechanism.

The shareholder is the holder of the original token (YOYO). The shareholder’s YOYO balance can be voted on, and the board members are elected to form the basis of community autonomy. The goal is to make the YOYOW system a truly distributed autonomous company (DAC).

It can be seen that YOYOW pays more attention to management. Maybe, any system and regulation in the world is not perfect, and timely manual intervention is necessary.

It is foreseeable that in the future, which UUG public chain can provide developer-friendly SDK/plug-in, cultivate a wide range of ecology, and incubate more platforms, which will have a greater chance of winning.

U Network is the world’s first decentralized content valuation and publishing platform. It uses economic principles to introduce predictive markets into content platforms, and solves the problem of “quality content being buried”, so that high-quality content can be highlighted.

Blockchain may solve some problems, but user operations, content quality, copyright protection and other issues are the real problem of social media. Blockchain wants to shine on social media and needs more people to work hard.

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Can XinFin Network contribute to international trade?

As we all know, global trade relies too much on manual processes and is therefore inefficient. Blockchain technology has brought a new solution to the problem of global trade. Not only is the immutability of recorded data less trade friction, but its global peer-to-peer network also promotes data sharing. Bringing greater security and efficiency to global trade. But given the current complexity, implementing this technology for trade compliance requires significant changes to the status quo. However, there is still a long way to go to truly implement this technology in international trade.

According to statistics, the total value of goods transported each year is as high as 4 trillion US dollars, of which 80% of daily necessities are transported by sea. If the international supply chain is optimized, global trade will increase by nearly 15%, thereby promoting economic growth and increasing employment opportunities.

The XDCE protocol is an initiative of XinFin.org to build a hybrid blockchain architecture. The agreement aims to eliminate inefficiencies in global trade, finance and enable financial institutions to provide real-time settlement and cross-border smart contracts. The potential of this technology for cross-border payments also prevents money laundering and tax evasion.

At present, the blockchain has become synonymous with hype, and the huge bubble has caused the blockchain to go out of control. But overall, there is an embarrassing situation of inability to supervise. Even some countries, such as South Korea, may close digital currency exchanges to ‘handle’ crazy blockchain speculation. In this case, we should pay more attention to the value of the blockchain itself, and to transform the industry because of the inefficiency of centralized cooperation.After all, the blockchain industry is an industry that will not be outdated after decades. Planning for long-term development is more conducive to the future of the blockchain. Let us continue to look forward to the progress of the blockchain while contributing our strength.

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Refereum: Earn income while playing games

In theory, blockchain is not a very innovative technology. It is more inclined to a new application mode that combines distributed data storage, peer to peer transmission, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm and other computer technologies. So I think technology will never be its focus, the application model is!

From the existing solutions or applications, the combination of game and blockchain technology is mainly at two points: asset circulation and platform.

Asset circulation

The virtual assets such as tokens in the game are distributed as digital assets based on the blockchain. The advantage is that the circulation is more convenient and the cost is lower.


This is the decentralized e-sports platform on Ethereum – based on the decentralization of blockchain technology to solve the trust problem of the central platform, and use smart contracts to solve the problem of bounty payment. A bit like the nature of gambling, compared with the current gaming platform, the rules are more open and transparent, and there is no problem of platform fraud. And with smart contracts, the process is much simpler. Therefore, gambling and competitive games can be considered for cooperation with the blockchain platform.


It is a collection of the above two methods. It implements content distribution, copyright crowdfunding, IP transactions, etc. through blockchain technology. It is a community platform that covers the development, operation and distribution of game projects. The token rfr on the platform is used as a platform. The lubricants of this process, whether it is the release of games, or IP transactions, including investment, are priced by platform tokens, and tokens are derived from digging pits and users’ contribution to the whole ecology, so it is a very complete game ecosystem. .

Solving the common platform monopoly problem by means of token incentives can promote the enthusiasm of game developers and players. The traditional game platform may be replaced by this decentralized blockchain platform, and more returns to Providing the service itself, rather than relying on monopolistic traffic to gain benefits.



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Bitcoin prices have fallen by more than 70%, and there is still a future for cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin prices have fallen by more than 70%, and there is still a future for cryptocurrencies

As of June 30, 2018, Bitcoin has fallen more than 70% compared to the highest price, and people are pessimistic. However, Bitcoin still belongs to the better investment target in cryptocurrency, because more than 800 cryptocurrencies have died, and the price is not even 1 cent.

With the blockchain boom in 2017, cryptocurrency projects continue to emerge. The new digital tokens are created through a process called Initial Coin Issuance (ICO), in which initial token issuing investors can purchase new tokens. ICO’s information is untrue and the founder’s deliberate deception has caused people to lose a lot when they participate in ICO. The bubble in the cryptocurrency market is already comparable to the 2000 Internet bubble.

According to data provided by cryptocurrency research firm CoinSchedule, start-ups in early 2017 raised about $3.8 billion through ICO, but by 2018, this number has soared to $11.9 billion.

The cryptocurrency research website Dead Coins lists all cryptocurrencies that fall into the category category. So far, the site has identified more than 800 digital currencies that it believes have died out. These currencies are worthless and the transaction price is less than 1 cent. For example: freicoin

ICO is a very risky investment and there are many frauds in this area. Earlier this year, CNBC reported a scam called ICO, ICO. The fake startup eventually disappeared after defrauding $2 million in funding. Despite this, many advocates believe that the future of ICO is an alternative to initial public offerings and venture capital financing.

The cryptocurrency has been under a lot of pressure, but people are still optimistic that regulators may pay more attention to them, which may promote market participation.Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX, a cryptocurrency exchange, told CNBC on Friday that bitcoin could climb to $50,000 by the end of the year.


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What is the expected performance of matchpool in 2018?

Matchpool’s vision is to create and empower everyone to pair the tools, inspiring positive connections between people around the world.

Matchepool strives to build its own ecosystem for a wide variety of scenarios.

For example, these include dating, membership clubs, leisure, recruitment, education, and healthcare.

Matchpool’s hedge fund

The hedge fund industry has had great success in the past decade, from short selling to the US real estate bubble to gambling (and winning) technology stocks. Matchpool can change this by allowing smaller investors to bring their money together and launch their own funds. In Matchpool, users can chat, contact, and match with users in their pool, and thus have the opportunity to meet newcomers to the financial industry or other new investors.

You can use matchpool to recruit people.

Matchpool is in a unique position to develop talent markets for companies and organizations in order to shop for talent and business relationships. It can be implemented by providing users with a community-based ecosystem. Anybody can build, deploy and promote pools for specific niches and talents. This niche community and exclusivity model based on request pools access and paywalls makes the talent market viable. When users self-categorize according to their own skills, it makes it easier to find employees with specific talents than more traditional headhunting and recruiting methods. The pool owner can validate the pool members’ credentials and review them to make sure they are legitimate and can indeed provide what they claim. This not only makes it easier for startups to find original, honest people, but Matchmakers can also make huge profits.

Matchpool coin price

Matchpool (GUP) fell 0.48% against the US dollar. Matchpool’s total market capitalization at this time is $8,607,450, and its 24-hour sales are about $436,393. During the past seven days, Matchpool’s exchange rate against the U.S. dollar was -9.76%, with a change of -0.28% over the past hour.


Image courtesy of citicoins.com

Matchpool ico price

Matchpool conducted ico on April 2, 2017, raising a total of $5.7 billion, ico price is $0.10, and the top five addresses of GUP are 64%.

Matchpool’s shared ecosystem allows many different usage scenarios. Those who want to invest can go to their website https://www.matchpool.com/

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